Odd Couple

Walking up the golden beach watching the seagulls swooping and diving in the ocean, while some of them scurried up the sand on the beach. They seemed to be watching me as I watched them, waiting on me to throw bread or some other kind of food to them as most of the tourist do when they come to see the ocean. Sighing wondering if I were a tourist and where that might be in the months to come if I might throw them food too on some other beach far from here. Staying here with Cole would be enough for me, smiling at the thought of him. The sun seemed to warm me on the outside as the love I felt warmed me on the inside. The smell of the ocean filled my lungs as I took in a long breath and exhaled slowly. The sand curved to my feet as I walked, somehow massaging my feet as I moved. Stopping to stare out at the horizon my heart filled with joy and radiated out to my fingers and toes. Tonight Cole and I would be bonded by our love, our blood, under the Amethyst Moon.

Chapter 1


"Leo! How could you!" Jen screamed, with droplets of water rolling over her forehead down into her eyes, on to her cheeks. Jen's eyes were locked on Leo standing across the kitchen in front of her. Leo's face was red as he chocked on his laughter, he rose his right hand clutching his face trying to hold it in, moving his hand Leo took a deep breath and busted out in a hysteric fit of laughter. Clutching his sides afraid that his rib cage might burst from his laughing at Jen's face. "Answer me! You jerk!" Jen snarled, wiping her face with her hands to get the water from her eyes, shaking herself like a wet dog Leo howled with laughter even more. "I...I....thought you needed a bath!" Leo howled. Reaching toward the sink he grabbed a bottle of dish soap that was resting on the back of the sink and pointed it toward Jen. "Don't you dare!" her eyes grew large as she watched Leo pointing the bottle of dish soap right at her, Jen moved her arms out in front of her to stop the spray of soap that she knew he was going to spray on her. "Awe, Jen it's green apple. What girl don't like the smell of that!" Squeezing the bottle with his thumb and forefingers. The squeeze shot the soap the distance of the kitchen to land on Jen. Swinging her arms and turning her body to get away from the spray of soap she feel to the floor. "Damn you Leo!" she bellowed as she hit the tile under her. Leo dropped the bottle and did a victory dance almost falling from the dish soap that had fallen in front of him when he released his grip of the bottle, flinging his arms out he steadied himself glancing at Jen he lend over the counter to hold himself up from the laughter. Walking through the front room Tess heard Leo in the kitchen and Jen cursing at him, now what in the world are those two doing to each other she thought. Turning around the corner into the kitchen I stopped with my mouth open seeing Jen on the floor sopping wet frantically trying to stand, but falling from the liquid beneath her. Leo was holding himself in a big bear hug, face red from laughing so much. "What did you do Leo?" Leo taking in my face which was full of shock set him in another state of hysterics. "He poured two bowls of water over my head! Then took the dish soap and sprayed me with it!" Jen yelled. Eying the counter I saw two giant bowls and a empty bottle of dish soap laying on the floor in front of him. Jen looked awful, her brown hair was matted to her head, the mascara she had on was smeared down her cheeks, a line of where the soap had fallen on her clothes in a zig zag pattern.Shaking my head I moved in next to Jen to try and help her up. Grabbing a hold of Jen's arm and pulling she made it to her knees, Jen grabbed a hold of me with her other hand kneeling in front of me, my hands under her arms with her hands clutched to the top of my arms. I lifted on her as she placed one foot under herself. Her foot came flying out from under her as soon as she placed it under herself, falling back to the floor taking me with her. slipping all over the floor falling and trying to lift myself up all at the same time "Leo!" I snarled "Get me off this floor!" whistling Leo moved to stand beside Jen and I. "You two look like you are mud wrestling, without the mud!" chuckling, he reached down quicker than I could see snatching me up straight, grinning ear to ear. Shoving off of him backing toward the door "Now get Jen up" I didn't want to be in the middle of the kitchen, afraid I'd slip on the soap again. Again quicker than I could see Jen was standing next to me. Wheeling herself around she glared at Leo fists clenched into balls at her side. If someone could actually steam there would be steam rolling out of her ears, she was so mad. Stomping her foot whirling around she raised her arms in frustration and screamed. "I'm going to get a shower to get this stickiness off me." stomping the whole way to the bathroom slamming the door behind her. Turning my head back to Leo I crossed my arms in front of my chest, staring at Leo with a stern look. "What? That was my goal to begin with, she stinks Tess. You know that wolf stink." Raising his arms in self defense. "Ugh men! Clean this up." Pointing to the green bubbly wet mess in the middle of the kitchen.He moved to grab some dish towels and started scrubbing the floor. Watching Leo scrubbing the kitchen floor a smile pulled at my lips. Waltzing to the bathroom knocking lightly, because I knew she could hear the knock being a werewolf, "Who is it?"
"It's Tess." shifting weight from one leg to the other as my hand rested on the door. "Come in" pushing open the door looking at the floor Jen's clothes were thrown over, clearing my throat "Are you ok?"
"Yea I am fine, Leo's just a big jerk." she sounded fine, she didn't have any ounce of anger left in her voice. Raising my eyebrows "So you aren't mad at Leo then?" giggling she peeked her head out around the shower curtain to look at me "I never said that."
"Well you know when a guy picks on you, that means that he likes you." smiling at her, her eyes became large as she thought about what I said to her. "Do you really think he likes me? I mean he's a vamp and I am a werewolf, those things are just not heard of." Pulling the shower curtain back closed she disappeared and I was left staring at the green and blue stripes of the shower curtain. "Well that don't mean things can't change." urging her to think about it. My hands on my hip sighing "Give him a chance at least." the shower stopped. Jen's arm popped out the side of the shower curtain "Hand me a towel." Picking up the towel off the toilet lid where she had placed it I offered her the towel, snatching it out of my hand I waited on her to come out. Jen pulled the shower curtain open and stared at me, with the towel wrapped around her slender body. "Oh come on don't look at me like that." She glared at me for a second longer as a sheepish smile curled her lips up. "Well I might find out if the saying is true that way." crossing her arms in front of her. "What saying?"
"If vamps are really good in the sack like everyone says they are." My eyes popped open my mouth flew open as I gawked at her. "Jen! My goodness is that all you think about!" Laughing she stepped out of the shower in front of the mirror wiping under her eyes to remove the left over mascara she missed in the shower. "Well I am part DOG!" I couldn't help myself I busted out in a roar of laughter. Turning and resting up against the sink she laughed. "I'll go get you some of my clothes since the ones you had are covered in soap and bubbles." Picking up the brush Jen started moving it through her hair. "Thanks, Tess" Nodding and smiling at her I turned the knob to the door and walked out shutting it behind me.

Is it time Yet?

Chapter 2


"we still have six hours till it is time to leave, Tess" Cole said smiling at me. We was perched out in two chairs sitting next to each other holding hands on the back deck, looking out over the ocean admiring the the sun setting. It was beautiful the sky was changing colors where the sun seemed to touch the ocean. Red to a brilliant orange shone. It looked like the sun itself decided to take a dip in the deep blue ocean for a swim. Settling in for the swim the sun disappeared under the ocean. The moon seemed to follow coming out of the ocean from it's swim to rise up in the sky. Taking the red from the sun the moon rose a very deep red, shining for everyone to look at. I gasped at the very sight of the full blood colored moon rising above us. "It's beautiful." I whispered. "Not as beautiful as you are." Facing Cole smiling, his eyes caught me in there gaze. His emerald eyes glistening in the moonlight, every time I looked into his eye I was memorized. Nothing else mattered, the earth could fall apart by a earthquake and I wouldn't even notice while he held me in his gaze. Blinking he smiled softly and let me regain my sight. Blinking a few more times my self to gather the thoughts in my head shaking my head to get them to come together. "Wow will that always happen? Will I always be memorized by your eyes?" Cole chuckled "When you rise tonight you will be able to do the same thing, not to me and I won't be able to do it to no more either. It does come in handy when we hunt though." resting back in my chair I shut my eyes, I didn't want to think about that part of my new future that was before me. I really couldn't imagine killing people and drinking their blood. Shuttering just thinking about killing someone. "It really isn't that bad, once you do it once you will see that your instincts takes over and you don't think of them as people." Repulsed by the idea of not thinking that anyone could be a person and just food, was absurd. "So, what am I supposed to think about, a very large Slurpee?" Cole sighed "Let's not talk about this right now." smiling at me "I want to give you something for tonight if that is alright." standing pulling me up with him. "How can I not think about it, Cole? I will want to kill people." squeezing my hand pulling me into him, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. "My sweet Tess, don't burden yourself with this now. We have to be extra careful so that you will have the burden. The trackers done know where we are. The boys are watching the grounds, they will let me know if any of the wolves are close." Squeezing him back I rested my head on his chest, I had almost forgot about the trackers. With everything else that happened today, specially between Leo and Jen. "Is it possible for a vampire and werewolf to fall in love?" I murmured into his chest. "It's never been heard of before, but I guess anything is possible." Thinking back over the episode in the kitchen, Cole laughed hearing my thoughts. I moved onto the conversation that Jen and I had in the bathroom too. "Wow, Jen is a wild one isn't she." chuckling I pulled back to look at him. "You have no idea." He laughed and let go of me still grasping my hand he jerked his head to the patio door. "Come on I have something for you." I squinted my eyes and pruned my lips. Smiling from ear to ear "It isn't bad." my eyebrow shot up above my eye as he pulled me throw the door. "Well you two lovebirds have a nice chat on the patio?" Jen said perched with her legs under her, on the long couch centered in the middle of the room. "I need to know where you are taking her Cole for the transition, if you haven't noticed the moon is full and I won't be in this form for much longer. The longer I hold off the more tense I get." She was visibly tense as I watched her, not paying attention before. She was wringing her hands together, she was bouncing slightly on the cushion of the couch. Jen's speech was like someone had just drank two monsters in a roll, or someone on speed. The atmosphere around her seemed to stir and buzz as well, waiting for her to turn into the monster that was begging to come out. "I don't know Jen if I should tell you right now." Twitching Jen streaked up faster then I could see it was a blur as she stood right in front of us."And why not!? I am not going to hurt her. I just want to know so I can go change, to release this tension." Her voice didn't seem like hers anymore, she was still speeding through her speech, but it was more of growls instead of words. "I haven't told anyone yet where we are going to go. Jen calm down I will have one of the boys find you when we leave." standing back in defensive stance, pulling me behind him. "Go ahead and go you are losing yourself Jen. Let's not do this we are on the same side remember." twitching, Jen seemed to gather some self control back. Moving her head back and forth a growl ripped up throw her throat "Make sure you find me." A blur moved out the patio door, as I spun around to see Jen running toward the beach. Walking to the door to shut it a howl pierced through the night sky. Trembling I fought with the lock to the door."It's alright Tess, she isn't going to hurt you. She is gone running now she will be fine." Squinting to stare out the patio door trying to make out where she had gone. Cole moved up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist."Come on love, I have something for you in the bedroom." Hesitating by the door I took one last glance out the patio door to see if I could spot Jen. He was right she was gone, I didn't see anything moving except for the ocean moving effortlessly against the beach. Breathing a heavy sigh turning to meet Cole's eyes I smiled. "Okay, show me what it is." Grinning as he took my hand and maneuvered us through the front room down the hall way to the bedroom. Entering the room I could smell roses, as I passed through the door. A single candle lit on the nightstand with a vase that held two roses. laying on the bed was a black dress. Moving over to the bed I examined the dress, it was satin with a shimmer that ran through the dress, picking it up the dress shined to the light of the candle. It reminded me of diamonds, the way it glistened. The thin spaghetti straps hung between my index finger and thumb. Speechless by the sight of the gown I smiled."Do you like it?" Cole asked moving next to me staring at me as I stared at the dress."Yes. I love it!" Blushing he reached up and rubbed the side of my cheek with his fingers, the touch shoot a shiver down my spine.Closing my eyes breathing in a deep breath I sighed letting the air out slowly. "I have one more gift for you tonight, my love." In a blur he was gone and back before I realized he had moved, holding a deep red cloak in his hand."This is for you to put over yourself so you don't get cold." Half smiling he raised the cloak up to me to take. Reaching out for the cloak, taken it in my hands. So soft I thought, deep red velvet with lace strings to tie around my shoulders. The hood was deep red as well as the rest. The color of the cloak reminded me of the color of the moon that shone bright outside. Breathlessly saying "Thank you." lifting my head from the fabric to his to say it again, he kissed me. Pulling me close and holding me, felt like he was never going to let me go and I didn't want him too, I could stand like this with him forever not wanting him to let go. Placing both of his hands on my face he held me resting his forehead against mine, breathing hard from the kiss we just shared "Is it time to go yet?" I asked grinning.

Chapter 3


Standing amongst about twenty wolves, Chase grinned, breathing in the cold night air lifting his face and shutting his eyes to the blood moon he could feel the beast within him begging to be let lose. Shivering with the adrenaline pumping through his veins this was he chance, his chance to become immortal, the chance to be able to set the beast free at will. Lowering his head to stare out at the wolves that gathered to help him,"Tonight, my brothers! We shall steel from the vampires like they have us for centuries! We shall take the life of a poor girl that is going to be condemned to hell, we shall set her free from these parasites.With the girls blood we will set her soul free and I shall be your leader for all eternity, and lead your families from today and here after!" A chorus of howls shattered through the night sky in agreement. "Be quick and fast and destroy every vampire that steps in your paths tonight, we are fearless, we are better than the vampires! Because we are werewolves!" The chorus of howls rang higher and higher through the sky as the wolves were working themselves up for the fight.


"They're here!" Mieka ran in Cole's house shouting."Where at, how many are there?" Cole asked standing from the couch. Mieka opened his mouth and instantly shut it looking toward the bedroom. Frowning Cole looked at Mieka "What, What's wrong Mieka?" Lifting his hand pointing his index finger Cole followed where he pointed. He realized right away why Mieka was speechless, it was Tess. She was absolutely stunning, the black dress hugged ever corner of her gracious body like someone sewed it to her body. Sparkling like a diamond with the little jewels sewn into the satin material.The v-shape in the front dipped just low enough to show her cleavage where a perfect bow tie was set by lace. The dark blood cloak swung with her as she walked, Tess let her strawberry blond hair fall lose down her back in curls. Her blue eyes glowed from under her eyelashes. Blushing I realized that both vampires were staring at me, not saying a word I had stunned them silent. Leo came bursting through the patio door panting "Cole, Mieka we gotta go, they are coming. They are about two to three miles out, but heading this way." Turning Leo spotted Tess standing in the hallway. "Oh, hey Tess. You are looking good." Given me a broad smile. Blushing, looking down to my feet for half a second "Let's go" I said and walked up to Cole. Reaching out for his hand "Shall we?" I asked,he was staring at me with his mouth slightly open he reached out and took my hand. Blinking "You are mouth watering." growling at me through his teeth. The way he said the words made my heart race and the blood in my veins felt like they was on fire. My mind spun, looped and whirled as he gently kissed my lips.Not caring who was around,I didn't sense them at that moment and even if I had I wouldn't have cared. I loved the way he kissed me and held me close. Breaking free from the kiss Cole smiled a breath taken smile, Feeling like I was in the clouds trying to steady my racing heart beat and slow my breathing, I noticed all the vampires were staring at us. Reid was gently smiling lounging against the wall with his head inverted toward the floor. Leo had an arrogant smile, (like always)as broad as his face. Lohan and Keegan wore the same expression, blank not paying attention to anyone as they stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the patio door. Austin was blushing, with his dimples showing proud in his face, shifting his feet standing in the corner with a grin. Feeling the heat streak over my cheeks, I blushed looking down at Cole's chest. I hadn't noticed they were all staring at Cole and I,hell I didn't even know they was all in here with us. Clearing his throat stepping away from me a little, but not letting go of my arm "I believe it is time to go."


I followed Cole holding his hand as we ascended up the mountain side, to the cliff that looked out over the Atlantic Ocean. I had asked Cole why we was going to the cliff. why couldn't we just do this anywhere. Smiling like he always did giving me that breath taken smile, cupping my face looking me in the eyes. He replied, because it is the closest to the moon, you will be able to see the comet moving in and it will be brilliant and captivating, you will truly be amazed by the amethyst moon.Smiling to myself, breathing in a deep breath of of cool night air, feeling the dew on my skin as we all moved up the mountain side. It was peaceful here in the woods, I could hear the crickets singing in the distance, hear an owl every few moments. I could smell the sap that seeped out of the pine trees, the salt of the ocean that lye in front of us as we maze though the forest. Breaking through the maze of trees onto the cliff, the moon was high in the sky, the most magnificent red that I had ever seen, the blood red moon. The stars shown down from the heavens and seemed to twinkle down at us. The cliff itself moved out into a point over the ocean below, I could hear the waves pounding up against the base of the cliff. The wind turning and blowing pushed my cloak back behind me as I stood on the cliff taking in my destination. Cole moving to the very tip of the point he stood, with his face up at the moon. He was beautiful, his hair whipping in the breeze, I could see his muscles dance along his shoulders. Standing taken in the moon that would join him and I together. Turning my head from where Cole stood captive by the moon, all the other vampires stood at the base of the point, they themselves looking toward the moon and amongst them, a lone werewolf. This was the first time I had ever seen a werewolf, chuckling to myself, just a week ago I didn't know any of this was real. Still astonished by her, the way her brown fur moved and fell with wind. Jen in this form was very intimidating, if she stood on her hind legs she would tower over Cole, reaching probably about 7" tall. But her eyes were the same, as she looked over at me then. I smiled at her, she opened her mouth to look like a smile, kind of. It was kind of unnerving coming from that massive creature that could tear me apart in seconds. Looking from me to Leo her tongue came out. Really Jen, even though we are here that is all she can thing about, but Leo didn't seem to mind smiling a sheepish smile back at the werewolf that was the same size as he was. Gees, rolling my eyes at the two, turning my head back to where Cole was poised. He was in front of me then not at the point like before, yelping stumbling back a step he grabbed my hands. "It is time Tess." His eyes glowed brilliant emerald green with a gentle smile resting on his face. Taking a deep breath to calm myself I nodded smiling back at him. We moved up the tip to the point of the cliff hand in hand, stopping mid way Cole turned to me, still grasping my hands. "Are you ready my love." Shaking from my nerves getting the better of me, my heart rate accelerated in high gear. I am ready, I made this choice to be with him, I want to be with him forever. Why was I freaking out now? Closing my eyes taking about three calming breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth steadying my self in front of him, opening my eyes."Yes, I am ready." I was proud of myself, my voice wasn't full of fear, but it was full of revaluation and certainty . Smiling from ear to ear Cole turned me to place me in front of him with my back to him. With one arm wrapping itself around my waist pulling me as close as he could without breaking me to him. He stared nuzzling and kissing my neck, heat assumed my body with love I let out a little moan, closing my eyes from the pleasure of his kisses. Then he bit my neck. A gasp of pain shoot through my body as I shuttered from the pain, my eyes flew open. Before me was Cole's wrist with a slit dripping blood. He moved his wrist closer to my mouth wanting me to drink the blood that was oozing from the hole. Panic filled me as realizing that he did really want me drink from his wrist, struggling to move away, his other arm pinned me to him holding my arms to my side. "Drink" it was a whisper coming from behind me. Reid stepped up into my view, his eyes glowing from the site of blood. "Drink, my lady." gesturing for me to drink from Cole's wrist. Eying him with uncertainty, he smiled a reassuring smile. Swallowing hard reaching out with my mouth as Cole moved his arm closer to me. Opening my mouth up and wrapping my lips onto the wound, I began to suck at the opening. Gagging a bit from the warmth of the fluid that was moving down my throat. I Have always heard that blood had a metallic taste to it but, Cole's tasted sweet like syrup and it had about the same consistence of it. My body started to go numb, first feeling my arms then no longer able to tell that they was there. It moved up my back to my neck than my head. Than moving down my legs as my legs gave away Cole held me in the air. I could still move my eyes like Reid said that I would and I could smell and hear what was going on around me, but that was it I couldn't move. Cole moving me down to the earth laying me on my back looking me in my eyes. Moving next to my ear he whispered "It won't be long love and you will be released and be able to move." Sitting back on his chins he watched me. It wasn't a very great feeling not being able to move any of my limbs. I have always been claustrophobic to a degree, but this made my heart race and the sweat pop out from my forehead. I was panicking, I knew that I shouldn't but I could not stand not being able to move. Closing my eyes concentrating on my breathing and my heart to calm myself down. Taking deep breaths in though my nose and out through my mouth that was open slightly, my heart started falling at a more rhythmically speed. The panic subsided and I was left looking at the moon. In a distance I could finally see the comet coming toward it. If I was able to move I would have held my thumb up to the comet like I do to the moon at times to block it out and move my thumb back over to still see it hanging in the sky. Silly I know but it is just something that I like to do. The moon is huge and the thought that I can block it by my thumb is amazing to me. The comet that was racing toward the moon was about half the size of the moon. As I lay there watching the comet's rapid approach to the moon I could make out the fire that burned on the comet and the debris that made up the tail. I blinked because I shouldn't be able to make out that much of the comet from here. Only using a telescope would I be able to see half that. My mind raced and I could hold so much information it was like I could think about one thing while I was analyzing something else. I was doing just that. and still no believing it with another part of my brain. Then below I could hear the ocean hitting the cliff at the base I could make out the little drips the splashes that misted out after the wave hit the base. I could hear the vampires breathing behind me and I could make out soft paws of the werewolf that stood behind me anxiously waiting for the comet to pass. I could smell Cole sitting next to me his sweet smell a mixture of lilac, leather and I could smell the wild on him. The other vampires had about the smell,but slightly different extremes of the lilac smell all wild smells you could identify that smell off of any predator. Curiously I wondered why they all had a flower smell to them. "It is our way of being able to recognize that we are vampires." Cole smiled down at me answering my question that he heard me speak in my mind. Oh I thought I guess that makes sense. Then a smell that wrinkled my nose came creeping up. Smelled like a wet dog! Laughing Cole turned to look at Jen, whining she moved forward a few steps to make sure that I was okay. "Oh she's fine, but she just realized why Leo wanted you to get a bath." She let out a low growl and huffed and laid down on the earth behind me. All the vampires let out a little laugh over my thoughts that they could not hear that Cole was telling them, I was getting annoyed with him telling my thoughts to everyone around us. "Sorry,Love. I won't do it again." Thank you I thought, I won't be worried about the others knowing what I am thinking. it was frustrating enough with Cole knowing everything. Cole's head turned toward the entrance to the point and I could hear what he could. Sounded like a stampede running through the forest straight for us.Cole let out a low hiss through his teeth and his fangs ran long out of his mouth.It was the wolves they was coming I could feel the vibration under my body, I could make out their paws of them as they hit the ground, counting to myself I made a rough estimate of about 15 wolves. Running as hard as they could toward us. Cole jumped over me laying on the cliff still not able to move in a protective crouch. I could barely make out the forest beside me, but I noticed that all the vampires eyes glowing red and fangs extended from my peripheral view. All crouched in their attack stances and Jen growling saliva dripping down her jaws as they waited for them to make it to them. The hair rose on my arms and the back of my neck as I heard the wolves growls and paws hitting the ground as they covered the distance to us. Glancing back to the comet with my eyes, it was right next to the moon and the color started to change from blood red to amethyst before my eyes.

Amethyst Moon

Chapter 3

Amethyst Moon

Hearing the paws from the wolves slow to a steady gallop my eyes fixed on the forest. Hearing them panting and the growls as they stopped just outside of the entrance to the cliff still out of view. What was they waiting on, why didn't they bust out of the forest? Concentrating on the sounds coming from the forest I heard a man walking steadily through the trees making his way toward us. Why would a man be amongst the wolves? Did the guy have a death wish for some off reason? Why wasn't he scared of the monster wolves that he was now in the middle of. I couldn't understand why he was with the wolves, when the wolves exploded from the trees, snapping and snarling at the waiting vampires. Before it was a blur when the vampires fought, but now I could make out every move. They seemed to be moving in slow motion. Reid was very graceful, he had with him a long sword and moved just a fraction of a inch as a wolf came at him head on and moving the sword blade down and decapitating the wolf in one swift move of his arm. Lohan and Keegan were standing back to back moving with each other taking down each wolf that lunged at them. Mieka and Austin had moved up the entrance to the point of the cliff fighting with two enormous wolves. The smell of blood made me want to gag laying there helpless to do anything paralyzed till the comet moved by. Jen was fighting farthest from me with a giant dirty looking brown wolf. He was bigger than her and was getting the upper hand, it sounding like thunder when the two rammed each other as the jaws were snapping trying to grab a hold of the other. Jen fell from jumping at the dirty brown wolf and before she could get back to her feet the other wolf was on her with his jaws sealed on the back of her neck. No! I screamed, well I tried but nothing came out. someone help her! Don't let him kill her. I felt a tear slid down my cheek as I watched helplessly as my friend was going to die before me. Leo jumped up and brought a sword down in the middle of the dirty brown wolf's back falling aimlessly to the side of Jen. Closing my eyes letting out a breath that I didn't know I was holding smiling to myself thanking Leo from the bottom of my heart even though he couldn't hear me. Cole growled above me not moving. I spotted a man moving with lighting speed to where Cole and I was, this wasn't a man he must be a werewolf, but why is he in his human form. All makes sense now why he would be amongst them if he is a werewolf, but why isn't he changed to wolf form like the rest. Stopping in front of Cole and I. He let out a howl. "I am the Alpha! I come to claim the girl!" With a low menacing hiss escaping Coles throat, eyes glowing red, and fangs extended,he was terrifying. "Over my dead body, wolf!" Lunging himself at the man. Colliding sending a shutter to the cliff I was laying on. I watched in horror and realized that it was Chase. The one that killed Kiethan. Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched the two fighting, Cole got a hold of Chases' arm and broke it and it dangled to his side with a howl of pain I could see his muscles rippling from forcing the beast down that wanted to come to surface. Cole hissed and leaped at Chases throat, rolling chase fell to his side missing the force of the impact that was coming his way. Chase's arm that was dangling came back to life and grabbed a knife from his boot and another from his other boot and Cole hissed through his teeth with his lips curling over his long fangs. Chase turned in a 60 degree circle flinging the knife at Cole. Hitting him in the chest, NO! I screamed in my head as Cole fell off the side of the cliff. Tears rolled from my eyes, watching the place where my love had fallen. Looking up at the moon the comet was in front of the moon completely now and it was absolutely amazing, but I could no longer tell that it was amethyst all I seen was red, burning with fury. I watched Chase stand and move toward me with a victory smile across his face. He howled at the moon closing his eyes to take in the full grace of the moon as he now stood right above me. Raising his hands up with the other dagger in between his hands with his smile expanding larger on his face. "I now shall be immortal." he whispered as he brought down the dagger with great force stabbing it deep into the cliff. Howling staring at the rock he just jabbed his knife into he stared growling with fury as his skin started to twitch and the bones in his body moved to change into the wolf that was begging to come out. Snarling Chase stood his skin was steaming as he snarled up at the amethyst moon watching the comet spiraling past the moon as the color started to change back to blood. Chase saw nothing but the rage boiling up through his veins. He whirled to find the girl, he was still going to kill her as soon as he got his hands on her. Stopping as he turned. Tess was in front of him smiling eyes glowing red fangs fully extended staring at him. Surprise filled his eyes as Tess removed her hand from his chest holding his still beating heart in her hand. Tess watched as his eyes glassed over still with the surprise of seeing her in front of him holding his heart. Lifting Chases heart in front of his face she lifted it even higher and let him watch as she drank all the blood from his heart. Smiling back at Chase with his blood flowing down her chin she throw the heart out in the ocean. Turning her smile into a deep snarl with her lips curving up over her red blood stained teeth she grabbed a hold of his hair on the back of his neck and drank the rest of his blood left in his body dropping him at her feet.All the wolves that remained watched their Alpha die at Tess's hand. Slinking back into the woods and disappeared out of sight with little or no noise at all.After watching the wolves depart, turning her gaze up to the blood moon new blood fell over Tess's face, her tears as she wept for Cole. Hearing paws walking toward her she spun to she Jen walking up to her relaxing her stance since it was Jen. She turned to look back up at the moon. Jen rested her big head against Tess's shoulder and let out one little whine. My life is over, how can I remain living with Cole gone. My heart feels like it is in a million pieces flaking away where it should be into nothingness. I crumbled to my knees spilling blood all over my hands as I sobbed for him. My heart is no more just like Chase's is glancing at his body that lay in front of me now, he killed me first he just didn't know it. The only thing that kept me from laying down and letting Chase kill me was the rage that fueled my veins. Now nothing, I feel nothing, and see nothing more. Jen nudged my shoulder "What Jen, what is there? He's gone what else is there to live for?" Looking her in her big yellowish wolf eyes, a tear fell over the rim. I could see my self in her eyes as that single tear fell. I was caked in blood and I didn't look myself at all. My hair was a mess blood caked to my face and clothes. I was filthy from head to toe, but I didn't care what I looked like. He was gone. Whining more she nudged me again. "What! What do you want, why can't you just let me be!" Jen growled at me and her fur stood on her back. Anger spilled through me I could feel the power in my limbs, the energy that coursed through my veins. I hissed back at her standing up in front of her growling at me, I didn't know what her deal was did she really want to fight with me? Why would she want to fight now, she was out numbered, liked I cared though I should just let her rip my throat out and end my suffering, I thought with one little part of my brain as the other part was ready and itching for her to make a move, I could hear her heart racing and the blood zooming through her veins. I wanted to fight her it made me feel alive. This is crazy she is my friend I could never hurt her, I thought I loved her she was all that I had left in this world of the night. I could never hurt her. Then she jumped at me, moving out of her path spinning to face her, she collided with another wolf. The force sent them rolling one one top of the other then rolled again. They was coming close to the edge, they was going to fall, I sprinted jumped and reached out for her as they went over the ledge. What I seen shocked me, Jen hadn't fell to the cold unforgiving ocean below she was being held onto by her tail howling from the pain. It was Cole he had her keeping her from falling. New tears sprang to my eyes as I reached down to grab a hold of Cole. "Reid, Leo, Mieka! Help me!" I screamed in an instant I had six more hands helping me lift Cole and Jen from the edge of the cliff. Pulling them up I fell on my my back with Cole falling on top of me, relief flooded through me and my heart seemed to glue itself back together as I stared at him in his emerald eyes. "I thought that I lost you, I thought that you was gone. I thought that Chase had killed you." Rubbing my hands frantically all over his face making sure that it was really him."He missed my heart, love. I am sorry I could not protect you, but it took me a minute to heal so I could climb the cliff to get to you." New bloody tears flowed as I listened to him as he moved his hands frantically over my body to make sure that I was not hurt. My heart filled with so much joy I thought that it was going to burst. "I am sorry love, so sorry for not protecting you." tears started to flow out of his eyes as he spoke. "would you just shut up and kiss me." He stopped and stared at me for a second and kissed me with all the force that he could kiss me with. My mind spun my heart raced as he kissed me, thank god that he was okay I never felt so much joy in all my life, I never wanted to let him go. I don't want to every think that I lost him again I know what it would do to me if I did lose him. Wrapping my arms tighter and tighter around him as he kissed me. He was my life and we will never be separated for ever.Someone cleared their throat from behind us and I hissed I didn't want them to interrupt us yet I didn't want to stop kissing him. Cole reluctantly released my lips and looked up at whoever it was that cleared their throat. Sitting up Cole helped me up with him. The vampires and Jen stood in front of us with smiles. "Now that our sister has joined us, we will be returning home." Lohan said shocked that he actually spoke he moved to me and gave me a slight kiss on the cheek. Pulling away he bowed his head. Then Keegan followed suit and did the same. Shock was writing all over my face from Lohan speaking. Cole laughed at my face and placed his arm over my shoulders. "Thank you Lohan, Keegan. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to call me for anything. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and Tess." Reaching his hand out toward the brothers Cole shook each of their hands. Standing in front of us they waited on Mieka. Mieka moved forward and gave me and Cole a hug resting his hand on Cole's shoulders staring at him."I am so glad that you are fine, if we need anything at all I will call you. Don't be a stranger though, even if we don't need help in fighting something or someone you can still drop in for a visit." Reaching up and placing his hand up Mieka's arm and smiling at him. "We will stop by and visit with you sometime Mieka. Thank you." Backing away Mieka bowed to the both of us turned and was gone out of sight with Lohan and Keegan on his heels. Watching were they had ran into the forest, I smiled in the air. It would be awesome to go to Egypt and visit them maybe we could go there soon. I haven't been anywhere, but North Carolina. It would be so great to see the world. "We can go anywhere you like love, we have all eternity to go anywhere you want."
"Really!" not hiding any ounce of the enthusiasm that I wore on my face."Of course love we can travel anywhere." Wrapping my arms around his neck, he laughed at me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me back. "Let's go home" Cole said as he pulled back to look me in the face,smiling I nodded my head yes and he took my hand. Turning to face the remaining vampires I seen Reid and Austin, but I didn't see Leo and Jen anywhere. "Where's Jen and Leo at?" Looking around the cliff for the two Austin started to giggle as he covered his mouth with his hand. "What? Did I miss something?" furrowing my eyebrows as I glared at Austin. Looking toward Reid for an answer. He looked like he was sort of upset by the giggles that were coming from Austin. "Come on guys where are they at."
"I'm not really sure to be honest." Reid said looking at me "When we helped you pull Cole and Jen up, Jen transformed back to her original form and as you and Cole had your little moment I spotted them taking off into the woods together." Frowning as he spoke the last part of his sentence. I couldn't help myself and I started to giggle like Austin was. Reid huffed as he turned to walk into the forest. Well I bet she is finding out right now what all the hype is about I laughed to myself. Cole looked down at me eying me suspiciously, I blushed "I'll show you when we get home." letting my mind go as I thought about what Jen had said about what all the fuss was about being with a vampire. Cole growled as he understood what I meant and grabbed my hand. We raced though the forest to our home.

Love Will Make You Do Weird Things

Chapter 4

Love will make you do weird things.

My eyes popped open laying in bed, and I could hear the ocean moving outside easily with out a care in the world and the slight breeze that blew off of the coast. The seagulls seemed to be singing to each other in the glorious morning light. Stretching my arms and my legs, letting out a little sigh moving my right arm down to find Cole. Finding his hand grabbing a hold smiling in the morning light, rolling toward to him to place my arms around him and to wake him with my kisses.
"Good morning love." my heart fluttered by the way he said love.
"Good morning." wiggling myself the rest of the way in his arms hugging him tighter.
"Did you sleep well? How are you feeling?" he looked at me with suspension in his eyes.
The look kind of puzzled me. Pulling back a little to see his face all the way.
"Why wouldn't I be feeling okay?"
Cole let out a soft sigh and looked at me again.
"Well are you hungry at all? Does your body ache in any way?"
Okay I got the hungry part, I wasn't feeling hungry per say but I was really thirsty. But why would my body hurt?
"Why would my body hurt?" Sitting straight up in bed looking down at him, doing it so fast that it startled me that I could move that quick. I mean I know that I could as doing it last night, but I really was not used to this.
Smiling Cole sat up next to me taking my hand in his.
"Sometimes, when the change is made the new vampires body aches from the organs dieing the rest of the way off. It feels like a flu, I guess that is what you could call it. The aches and pains of a flu.
His black hair was a ruffled mess and looked amazing. His eyes were glowing and were stunning in the morning light. Made me sick that he looked that good after sleeping all night.
"Tess, did you hear me?"
Shaking myself realizing that I was staring like a child with a crush.
Blushing, closing my eyes looking away from him, " So I will feel like I am sick then huh. How long will it last if I do start feeling like that? Cause right now I feel fine and I am not hungry, but I am thirsty."
"You might not feel like that, some do and some don't so the symptoms might not come on at all. I will be right back with you something to drink."
With a sheepish smile he jumped out of bed and was gone out of the bedroom in a flash. The weird thing was is that I could see every movement. Sitting on the bed with my mouth open staring out the bedroom door.
Wow I don't know if I will ever get used to that. Laughing stepping out of the bed, grabbing my robe wrapping it around me. Moving out of the bedroom through the hallway passing the kitchen I saw Cole making me something to drink. Smiling walking passed through the front room to the patio taking the chair.
The morning was beautiful.
The sun seemed brighter than I have ever noticed before, the colors were richer and the warmth seemed to warm me all the way through, to my very soul. Closing my eyes I could smell the salt from the ocean, I could even smell the fish that were in the ocean. Wrinkling my nose a bit from that smell, trying to see what else that I could pick up from just using my sense of smell. I could smell Cole's fabulous scent from in the house a smile crept on my face, because I could picture what he was doing in the kitchen.
The lilac scent mixed with wild. That his body throw off. My whole mind was wrapped around the way Cole smelled. Then another lilac scent a bit stronger blew my way. Automatically my eyes flew open looking for the other vampire that I could smell. Ew what is that wet dog smell? Not just wet dog but a wild dangerous wet smell. Standing on the patio I gazed out on the beach looking for what ever this smell was and where it was coming from.
Taking a few steps to the edge of the patio I could hear foot steps coming toward me from the beach, Crouching in a attack position all my senses were on full alert. My mind was racing I could hear the footsteps, but I couldn't see anything or anyone.
"What are you doing?" nearly falling off the patio I turned to see Cole standing in front of the door with a glass of something for me to drink.
"You scared me to death! Why didn't you make noise or something, to let me know that you were coming out!" I spat at him holding my chest.
"Sorry love, I thought that you would be able to sense that was coming." He was looking at me like I had lost my mind.
"Do you hear that and do you smell that what in Gods name is that smell!" Handing me the glass laughing, wrapping his arm around my waist kissing my cheek.
Turning me to the beach he pointed to the sand dune that was maybe 20 yards from us. "The smell that you smell is coming from there. Listen hard and you should be able to figure out who and what is there."
Furrowing my eye brows at him turning my head back to the sand dune listening to whatever it was that was behind there.
Making out what sounded like footsteps, listening harder to see if I could hear anything else."Jen." It was Leo's voice! Jen and Leo was there. What were they doing down on the beach? Then it hit me and my eyes popped open on what the footstep sound was. Instantly my cheeks were red.
Cole wrapped both arms around me and laughed "You figured out who and what was there didn't you."
"Yea, Jen and Leo are down there."
Laughing kissing my forehead leading me into the house.
"So let's try this, tell me what all is in the drink that I gave you." Settling down on the couch in the front room next to Cole.
Sitting crosslegged facing him he held the drink up to me so I could smell all the different aromas coming from the cup.
Breathing in slowly closing me eyes I could smell nutmeg, milk and then another flavor that was like a rusty smell. Instantly I knew that it was blood mixed in with the milk and nutmeg.
"So it is milk, nutmeg, and blood." making a disgusted face up at him. He beamed at me.
"You are right. Now take it and drink it and you will feel better."
"But why did you mix it with milk? Is it supposed to be like a bloody milkshake or something?"
Chuckling he shook his head,"No I just want to ease the blood on you. Would you rather me have gotten you a full cup of blood warmed in the microwave and said here Tess, drink this."
Well after he put it that way I could see his reasoning behind the milk.
"No I guess not." reaching out I took the cup and started sipping on it. To my surprise it was absolutely amazing. I drank it down in two huge gulps. Breathing heavily, I wiped my mouth with the back of my palm and sat the cup down on the coffee table.
"I guess I did forget that you drank the were dry, I guess maybe a whole cup wouldn't have hurt to give you."
Looking back at Cole with his eyes wide, the memories of that night with Chase. My heart went into over drive as I thought of losing Cole all over again and the pain that coursed through me as it hit like a ton of bricks. I never want to feel that again. The part of ripping Chase's heart out and drinking the blood well that was just the anger that moved through me so powerfully I acted before I thought and realized about what I was doing.
Tears formed in my eyes and slowly feel over my cheeks to be caught by Cole.
"Oh my love, you don't ever have to feel like that again I am never going to go anywhere."
Pulling me tightly to his chest and hugging me.I melted into him, I loved the way he smelt and the way we molded to each other.
"Well what we having for breakfast!"
Jumping nearly out of my skin Leo and Jen came through the door.
Stopping in mid step Leo smiled, "Oh are we interrupting, cause we could go back out side and do something. Like maybe some exercising."
With a broad smile with all his perfect teeth gleaming and winked at Jen.
"Oh move out of my way Leo." elbowing him as she passed she came to my side.
"Are you okay?" Worry written all over her face she took my hand as she sat down next to me.
"Yea I am fine Jen, just thinking about last night." wiping the remainder of my tears off my cheeks and sniffling a few times.
" Don't be mad at yourself Tess. Don't you dare! Don't you cry for that ass."
Jen turned two shades darker as she thought of her late Alpha.
"He was an ass that didn't deserve to walk this Earth. You are a good person that never asked for any of this stupid shit to happen to you and I do not want you to beat yourself over him. You hear me?"
"I mean it Tess."
"I said that I got it and that isn't why I was upset anyways. I was thinking about almost losing Cole."
Now my face darkened I was didn't like being talked to like I was five. She might be my friend but, damn-it she isn't going to talk to me like that either.
"Oh." Realization hit her then and Jen's face went from being ticked to sympathy. "I'm sorry Tess. I thought that you was beating yourself up over Chase." shaking her head chuckling a bit."I understand now. No I know before you say anything it isn't funny that he almost died of well we thought that he did. But your face when I was talking to you. You was getting ticked." A smile was plastered to her face like a stupid clown.
"Maybe you won't let people push you around anymore now that you are a vampire." Still smiling like a freaking clown.
"Yea the main person meaning you." I was so ready to knock that clown smile right off her face. She still beaming like a clown as she stood up off the couch and took a couple steps back from me.
"Well bring it you big bad blood sucker!"
What! I am not a blood sucker, I didn't suck any ones blood, well take that back Chase but that was cause I was mad. I am not like Dracula or anything.
Standing at that thought."Well bring it you big over sized dog!"
That did it the clown face was gone, Jen was mad and glaring at me like a parasite that climbed into her shoe and was giving her a blister that had to be removed.
"What did you call me?"
Now I was the one wearing the clown smile at the thought of getting under her skin.
Taunting with the clown smile "DOG! Woof Woof!"
I was on the floor in a second flat with Jen on top of me "I can't believe you just barked at me!"
"Well you shouldn't have called me a blood sucker!"
Rolling over and over both of us trying to get the advantage over the other I heard in the background Leo laughing and Cole yelling at us to stop. It was great I could listen to them and keep full attention on what I was doing at the same time.
"Hey man, you have any popcorn cause this is awesome!" Leo laughed
"Shut up Leo they are going to kill each other help me tear them apart."
"Oh no man I am not getting in between them too. They are out for blood."
"Chicken." Cole breathed out as he went outside the doors. I guess he is the bigger chicken he won't even stay in the house with us.
In the next second from ripping a handful of Jen's hair out ice cold water hit us. Screaming we both jumped up and was trying to get away from the spray of ice cold water hitting us in the face.
"That's it man keep it up they are letting go of each other!" Leo cheered in the background.
"Okay!!! Cole stop we are done I promise quit!" screaming at him at the top of my lungs.
"You swear it?"
"No keep it up Cole as soon as you stop they are going to go right back at it."
"Shut up Leo or I swear I am going to bite you when the moon is full and take a chunk out of you!" Jen yelled through the water.
"Okay Cole maybe they have had enough with the water." Leo was backtracking and putting his foot in his mouth now.
"That's what I thought." Jen breathed as she stood up looking down at me rolling her eyes. "Men I swear can't kill them, though I wish that we could sometimes." glaring at Cole and Leo at the opposite of the room.
Looking from her death glare to the guys, Leo seemed to wilt under her gaze as Cole just stood there looking care free. She huffed one good time and went down the hall.
"Well that was interesting" standing up facing Cole as Leo smiled and took off after Jen.
"I think that I would leave her alone for a while Leo, cause I don't think that she wants to talk to any of us right now."
"Awe she'll get over it" With a big smile and wink he vanished down the hall after her.
Rolling my eyes I flopped on the couch putting my arm over my eyes letting out a deep breath.


That was one of the best baths I think that I have ever experienced in my whole life. Well it was the very first as a vampire, but still it was awesome. I could have stayed in the tub for hours if Cole hadn't came and knocked on the door wanting to know if he was going to see my today or not. With a heavy sigh I climbed out of the tub.
I still couldn't get used to how everything was heightened, my smell, touch, taste, every sense that I knew that I had has been multiplied by 100 maybe even more. It was marvelous! Hearing people in the other room that was just whispering, I knew that Jen and Leo had made up even though they were outside. I could hear there conversation and then I could hear Cole in the bedroom flipping through T.V channels. The beach sounded like I was standing with my feet in the surf watching the tides roll in and out. The smells. OMG the smells, I could smell everything! The strawberry scent of the shampoo that I washed my hair with the salt from the ocean, the fish that swam close to shore I could smell and knew what they were.
It was all just amazing.


Publication Date: 03-20-2011

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This is for my daughter, without her I would have never attempted to do this.

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