Chapter 1

Beep, beep, beep. My alarm clock rang, I aimlessly tried to hit the snooze button, and failed to do so only to let myself fall out of bed on to the hard wooden floor. I got up and walked to my wardrobe. I grabbed a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, and a red and black top that said in big bold letters "Haters Gonna Hate" I laid my clothes down on my bed, and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped all my clothes, and got into the shower, for the first five minutes I let the little warm water drops glide down my body, then I grabbed my shampoo bottle and squeezed some out, then the soap and washed my body. After I stepped out of the shower, I got two cotton towels and wrapped one over my hair, and another over my body.

I plugged my straightening iron in and started to get dress. When I was done, I sat at my little table and started to straighten my long blond hair. Next I moved on to make up. I grabbed my cherry scented lip gloss and rubbed it all over my pink lips, then I put a thin layer of eye shadow on my eyes. Next I used a touch of mascara. I grabbed my sexy red vans and marched downstairs.

My mom was in the kitchen making breakfast, when she saw me she said "Hey honey, come eat before you leave for school" I ran to the table and looked at my yummy breakfast my mom has prepared for me. She was one of the best cookers in my life. It was eggs, with a side of bacon. My favorite. After I left in my smokin' hot new Mercedes Benz. (I was a rich kid, but don't get me wrong.) I wasn't like those stuck up spoiled brats. I for one was Katy Simmons the type that only used my money if necessary, and didn't waste it.

I drove all the way from my mansion like house, to my medium well built school. I was new here, so I didn't really know much. I parked my car in one of the parking spots, which by the way were so small! I got out, and I saw most of the guys looking at me like they wanted to make me theirs, which wont be happening. The girls just looked at me with pure hate. Like .... its not my fault if you guys can't keep your men on a leash. I walked all the way to the office which was painted a light green color.

It had wooden furniture and over, and a small desk in the corner. If I had to guess, I would say it was used for a detention, or time out zone which was weird since this was a high school. I saw a small cute looking lady behind the desk. I waited quietly for her attention because I could see that she was busy talking to some other kid, who probably did something bad. I over heard some of their conversation. His name was Zayn, and he had spray painted the teachers staff room thats why he was here. When she was done she looked at me, and said "Sorry dear, now how may I help you?" I told her that I was new here, and that I needed my schedule. She then asked me for my name, and I told her it was "Katy Simmon"

She looked me up and down before handing me my schedule, then she turned to Zayn who was still staring at me since she finished talking to him. she had asked him to help me and show me around. He got up from his seat and walked me out of the classroom. He then took my schedule and looked at him. After a few minutes I heard his groan. "Looks like you're in most of my classes, just follow me, and stay at least 10 feet away from me when following." At that I was mad I was going to ask him who he thought he was before we reached the classroom. He went inside and took his seat leaving me standing there. I walked up to the teacher and told him I was new. He then pointed to a seat right next to Zayn, and told me that I would be sitting there for the rest of the year. I made my way to the seat and sat down. He looked at me, hissed. Like literally hissed o.O

Through out the whole period I felt eyes on me, and they were burning a hole into the side of my face. It was Zayn, I just looked at him and asked "Could I help you?" He looked at me for a few more seconds before turning away. The bell then rang signaling that it was time to go to are next class. Both me and Zayn were the last one out. Before I exited the classroom I felt someone grab me by the waist and pull me back into the classroom. They then shut the door. I turned around only to be kissed on the lips, I couldn't see who it was, but I thought it was Zayn because me and him were the last ones in the classroom. This person had a strong grip on me.

I tried to pull his hands off of me, but he just held me tighter. He pushed me into the wall, and managed to pin my hands above my head. He gave me a passionate kiss. It was gentle and the beginning, but when I didn't kiss him back he grew angry. He bit my bottom lip asking for entrance, and when I didn't grant it to him, he moved his hand down my back until it was at my ass, he grabbed and I gasped. He used that as an advantage and started to slid his tongue in my mouth hungrily.

I then gave up and started to kiss him back. He kissed me so lightly that I felt like I was being lifted into the air. After he pulled back so he could breathe, while I fell to the ground. My face probably looked so red at the moment. I looked up and saw Zayn smirking at me. He then left me there in the classroom thinking over what I just did. I just kissed the bad boy of the school ..... ZAYN! So many emotions are filling me up right now. I feel happy, and mad at the same time.

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Chapter 2 - Truth or Dare

I walked into class today wearing my favorite black short-shorts, with a graphic top on that says "Bite me" When I entered, I saw Zayn at his normal seat talking to his friends who I recognized as; Liam, Shane, Tyler, and Josh. I walked up to my seat, and just sat there waiting for class to begin, I didn't bother looking at Zayn because I feared that if I did, he could tell that I was in love with him, and I didn't want to tell him because I felt like he would just laugh at me and reject me in front of the whole school.

As I continued siting there quietly my bff Lucia ran up to me and started screaming so loud, that I thought I was finally deaf.I looked at her and said "Whats up?" She looked at me and screamed at me, she said "OMFG, I love what you're wearing, and you gotta come over today cause were doing truth or dare with the girls!" I loked at her for a minute, and before I was about to speak Zayn, and his friends asked if they could come. Lucia being a nice person agreed and told them that they could.

"I think i'll pass, got to much homework to finish." I said. Lucia looked at me with puppy dog eyes, and kept begging me. Then all of a sudden I heard zayn's voice. He said "Come on Katy, you're not a baby are you? Can't handle a game of truth or dare? Plus don't lie im with you in every class, and I know you hardly have that much homework." I looked at him with a pissed look on my face.

"Fine, but you better watch out tonight, my dares are going exactly towards you." Lucia jumped up and down, she was soooo happy that I was coming. A few seconds later the teacher walked in, and we all took are seats, he then began to teach the lesson for today, while I zoned out to dream land. I was thinking about my dares for Zayn, and what would happen tonight. I heard that Zayn's dares are killers, and that he made the last girl run around school only wearing her underwear while screaming; I love Barney.

I woke up to someone screaming my name. It was my girl group of friends, along with Lucia. There was Lexy, Melissa, Katherine, Lucia, and Issabella standing before me. They said that I missed the last 3 hours of class, and that I had been sleeping. I immediately got up from my desk, and went to my locker with the girls right beside me. I put all my books away, and got my homework that I needed for tonight. Soon after we all went are separate ways, while Lucia came with me. We lived close to each other so I was giving her a drop home, then we would go to Melissa's house for truth or dare.

Before I got in my car I saw Zayn smirking at me. He yelled across the parking lot to me saying "Watch your back girl, tonight's gonna be fun." I smirked back at him, then got in my car. I pulled out of the schools parking lot and made my way to Lucia's house to drop her off. When IO was done, I turned my car around and went home. I was there in less then 10 minutes. When I pulled up in front of my house, I jumped out of my car, and ran to the door. I got out my key and opened the door. I climbed the two sets of stairs I had to get to my room, then I went in my closet and got out a bag. I grabbed some blue skinny jeans and an aero postal (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) top and put them in the bag. Next I went to my bathroom and grabbed my make up and straightening iron and put them in my bag. I grabbed my cell, and my wallet and walked to my car.

I got in and drove all the way to Melissa's house. When I got there everyone was already there but Tyler. Apparently he couldn't make it because he had to baby sit his little sister. We all walked to the living room and sat in a circle, we were beginning to play truth or dare. "Okay I'll start." Said Lucia. She looked at me and said "Katy, truth or dare?" As soon as she said my name I dropped my peanut butter cookie that I was eating, then said "Dare" She looked at me with a sorry expression then said "I dare you to make out with Zayn for at least three minutes." I looked at her with a murderous expression then turned to look at Zayn. He had a big smile on his face like he was enjoying this. I got up and walked over to Zayn cause he was siting on the opposite side on the circle. I sat down beside him, then I snaked my arms up to his neck, and pulled his lips closer to mine until they were touching. I gave him a gentle, yet passionate kiss. I bit his bottom lip asking for access, and luckily it was granted. Are tongues danced in a rat-ta-ta rhythm. He then pulled me closer until I was siting in his lap. Finally when we were getting to the good part, Lucia pulled me off of him.

I walked back to my part of the circle and looked at Zayn. "Truth or dare" was all I said. He picked dare. I smirked evilly at him and said I dare you to french kiss everyone in this room, starting with the guys. He looked at the guys with a disgusted face, but went up to each one of them and kissed them. After he made his way to the girls, and kissed them too. He was happy about the part though. When I good job you did it. He looked at me and said "Not done yet" Then he pushed me to the ground, and pinned my hands to the ground. He kissed me, but roughly like he was trying to suck the life out of me. After I pushed him off of me and said "Okay now your done!"

He smiled a big smile on his face and I knew that he was going to ask me. "Truth or dare Katy?" See I told you he was going to ask me. I hesitated before I told him my answer because if I picked truth hes going to think im a chicken, and if I picked dare its going to be something bad. "Dare" He looked at me once more before he stared at the guys. "I dare you to, make out with me for the whole night, and if you cant then you have to do whatever me and the boys say for one week straight." I looked at all my girl friends in the room, and they all said "Its a dare, you gotta do it, and you cant back down" I looked at him with a shocked expression on my face. What the .... It was getting late, and everyone left except for me, Zayn, and Lucia. We grabbed are stuff and went up stairs, Lucia got one of the guest bedroom, while me and Zayn had to share the other one. Before I walked in I was going to ask them to help me please, but I got pushed inside by Zayn. The girls locked the door, and left. I was so mad at them right now.

Chapter 3 - All Night Long

There was no way out, I was locked in this room with Zayn. I quickly made my way to a corner in the room, I slid down the wall, and just sat there for what seemed like hours. Zayn was on the bed waiting for me to hurry up and come lay down next to him, but I wasn't moving. We stayed silent for another five minutes until Zayn said "You better get your little ass over here, unless you want to do everything me and my boys say for a whole week. Some of the boys are craving sex this week ya know? Who knows what they will make you do." When he said that I panicked, and walked quickly over to the bed. I laid down beside him, but I wasn't facing him.

I was starting to feel weird, and I knew I had to do my dare, 'cause I wasn't going to be his and his boys slave for a week doing whatever they wanted. I hate to admit this but I would rather do whatever he says tonight, then do whatever he says plus his boys for a week straight without no for an answer. I turned my body over slightly so now I was facing him. I let out a sigh, then put my arms around his neck, I pulled him closer to me and started to make out with him.

I kissed his lips lightly, then I don't know what had gotten into me. I started to kiss his roughly. He licked my lower lip, and I started to open my mouth so he could slide his tongue in. Both are tongues met each other half way. He was exploring my mouth greedily. I then got on top of he and straddled him without breaking the kiss. Soon We both pulled back for some air. We needed to breathe. He looked at me and said "You're a great kisser, you know that?" I smiled when he said that and told him "You're not bad yourself." We began to resume kissing.

He flipped us over so now he was on top. He planted soft kisses down my neck, all the way to my collar bone. He stopped there, and started to suck on it. I bit my lip trying to not to release the moan I had built in me. I failed miserable at that by the way. I let out a moan, and it looked like he was getting turned on by that. I connected are lips together again, and gave him a very loving kiss this time. This kiss showed my true feelings for him. He kissed me back with the same type of kiss. I was soo happy, he felt the same way about me that I had felt about him.

We then collapsed on to each other, and fell a sleep. I woke up to my head in someones chest, and a very strong protective grip around my waist. When I turned around I noticed it was Zayn, and that he was still a sleep. I saw that he was slowly waking up, so I turned back to my normal sleeping position and pretended that I was still a sleep. I decided I should have a little fun in the morning, so I pretended that I was still asleep while I pushed my body closer to his. I started to grind on him making a little Zayn quite happy. He moaned in pleasure. He was so getting in the mood because he had both his hands in my shirt. One was all the way in my shirt slowly making its way to my breast, while the other was sliding down my back to my ass. Before he could do anything I opened my eyes, and pulled away. He was blushing. I looked at him and laughed until I was on the ground. Tears were coming out of my eyes.

The door quickly flew open revealing two shocked teenagers at the door. Lucia, and Melissa. They looked at me and asked what happened. I said "I decided to have some fun with Zayn as I pretended to be asleep, while he was awake." They automatically understood what I did when they turned to face Zayn. He was as red as a tomato. Zayn got up and grabbed his bag. He went the the bathroom and quickly got ready to go to the beach, while I followed him with my stuff. Lucia, and Melissa went and got ready in the other bathrooms in the house.

As soon as I walked in I locked the door behind me. Zayn was already taking a shower, so I stripped my clothes and decided to go into the hot tub with him. I was at one end, while he was at the other. He looked at me with a "What are you doing" Looked on his face. I answered that question with an "What does it look like im doing" expression. After when I decided to get out, and leave him in their for five more minutes he grabbed my hand and pulled me back in. This time I was sitting in front of him. He whispered in my ear with that husky, sexy voice of his saying "I love you Katy, will you be my girlfriend?" This had chills running down my spine. I turned around and said "No!" He looked like he was about to cry. I then smiled at him and say "Just kidding, I have been waiting forever for you to ask me that question, and yes I would LOVE to be your girlfriend!" He smiled his sexy smile just for me showing his perfect white teeth. After I kissed him gently, then left him in the hot tub so I could go change.

I put on my bra, and panties on first. They were my favorite, because they were made from lint, and because they fit me perfectly well. I then grabbed my skinny jeans from my bag, and my aero postale (Sorry if I spelled that wrong again) top, and slid them on. I got my straightening iron out and plugged it in. While I waiting I put on some make up. Some clear lip gloss, with a small touch of eye liner. I then went to go check on my straightening iron and It was finally hot enough for me to do my hair. I started to straighten it. After 25 minutes I was done, and Zayn came out of the bathroom. He was all dressed.

I just noticed how hot he looked. He was wearing blue skinny jeans, that matched mines perfectly well, with a white top that showed his abs well. (He had a 6 pack, just wanted to let all you guys know.) I was literally drooling over him. He smirked and said "Baby stop drooling when you can have me any time you want." I brushed a hand over my mouth to actually see if I was drooling, and I wasn't. "Hey" I yelled, I so was not drooling. He laughed, and then picked me up bridal style and carried me downstairs. Before we entered the kitchen he put me down, and my entwined are fingers together. We slowly walked into the kitchen.

Lucia, and Melissa stop what they were doing, when they saw that we walked into the kitchen holding hands. They looked so happy. They screamed "I knew you liked him Katy, but you never would admit it to any of us no matter how much we bugged you!" I blushed a deep red then looked away. "Aww shes blushing" said Melissa. Zayn grabbed my chin lightly, and pulled my face up to his. He said "Baby you don't gotta act shy around me."

After we were done with breakfast Zayn and me left to go to the cars. He was driving me home, cause tomorrow was school. We finally reached my house. I grabbed the handle so I could open the door, and get out. But before I could get out of the car, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back lightly. I kissed my lips, and whispered in my ear "Goodnight babe, love you!" I smiled and said "Goodnight cutie, love you more" I got out of the car and went up to the porch. I inserted my key in, and walked inside. Before I closed the door I waved goodbye to him.

Chapter 4 - Jealousy (Two Weeks Later)

"Honey, rise and shine" That was my mom, waking me up for school today. I groaned and said "5 more minutes please" She said "That's what you said five minutes ago, and no you have to start getting ready or you're going to be late for school today." I sighed, and got up. I closed my door after she left my room. I then went to my closet, and grabbed a pair of grey skinny jeans, my black and grey nikes, and a crop top that was white with a stripes of black and grey. Today I was wearing all black, grey, and white. After I put my clothes on my bed, and went to the bathroom.

I turned the button for the shower all the way to warm, and then I stripped all my clothes, and got in. I grabbed the soap, from the holder, and slashed it across my body fast. I then rinsed my skin off, and turned that water off. I got out and grabbed my towel. I wrapped it around my body. I picked my dirty clothes up off the ground and put it into the hamper. I then walked to my room, and got my undies from my middle draw. I put them on, then I put my jeans, and shirt on.

I was to lazy to straighten my blonde hair today, go I just combed it out, and tied it into a high pony tail. I then grabbed my nikes, and my book bag, and rushed downstairs. I only had 10 minutes to get to school. I decided to skip breakfast today, or I would be late, and there was no way I was going to get my first late today. Quickly I put on my nikes, and ran out the door. I ran to my car, and got in. I started the engine, then pulled out of the driveway. It only took my 5 minutes to get to school. Yay me!

When I got there, I couldn't believe what I saw. Zayn was with the school's slut, and she was all over him. TOUCHING HIM! He just smiled at her, and did nothing. I walked up to his side, and told Ashley (the slut) To back away from my man, or things would get ugly. She looked at me, and laughed. "Oh, you think its funny, pushing yourself all up on my boyfriend? Well think fast." I punched her in the face, and she feel to her knees. She had a bloody nose, and was crying. "I told you to get yourself off my man, but you didn't so that's what you get." I spat in her face, then walked away with Zayn by my side.

"Someone looks smexy when their jealous!" I looked at zayn with a disgusted look at my face. I was mad at him for two reasons. One: He didn't even try to push her away. And Two: He smiled and let her push herself on him. "Shut the Fuck up. You just let her push her self on you while you had a girlfriend!" I walked away from him, and he chased after me. "I'm sorry baby, I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to upset her"

"So what you saying is its better that you don't upset her, but upset me?" He looked at me with a sorry expression on his face, but I wasn't going to forgive him just yet. I was mad, and really upset. I wanted to cry, but I didn't. "That's not what I meant, please babe forgive me?" .... "Let me think ... NO!" I scream in his face.

Okay, don't get me wrong. I love him, we have been together for 2 whole weeks now, and still hes letting some hoe get all over him, when me and him were boyfriend and girlfriend. I was going to give him the silent treatment, and get revenge until he understands what I felt. Yeah that's a little mean, but I love him, and if he wants to be with me then he will have to learn to stop letting hoes touch him. Whether it was the easy way or the hard way, and by his actions he chose the hard way.


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Chapter 5 - Revenge Is Such A Bitch!

647-460-2345. That was Matthews number, and I was calling him on my cell now. He was one of my best friends, and also Zayn's worst enemy.

"Hello, Katy?"
"Hey Matthew, and yes its the one and only me"
"So what's up?"
"I need a favor, and I was wondering if you could help me out?"
"Sure, whatever you need babe."
"Okay so I might as well explain everything to you now. Zayn let the schools slut get all over him. I'm so mad right now, and i'm thinking of getting revenge. Now this is where you come in. So my Plan is that starting tomorrow were going to pretend were going out, and you have to act like it too. When hes near us me have a full make out session. Sounds good?"
"I knew there was a reason why I loved you. Anyways yeah, count me in. This is going to be fun. So plan starts tomorrow at school right?"
"Yeah, anyways gotta go. Goodnight cutie."
"Goodnight babe"

After that I hung up thinking tomorrow was going to be fun. This will teach Zayn a lesson. Plus guess what the good thing was? Me, Matthew, and Zayn were in all the same classes together for the morning which by the way was a half day schedule.

I got off my bed, and went to my dresser. I grabbed my silky smooth pajamas, and stripped my clothes off. I put them on and threw the dirty clothes in the hamper. I crawled into bed, and instantly fell a sleep thinking of how the plan will go down tomorrow.

I woke up to my phone vibrating. It was Matthew. I picked up and said "Hey, whats up?" it was quite for a few seconds then Matthew said "Oh, sorry I dropped my cell, anyways I was wondering do you need a drop to school today?" When he said that I was so happy. He drove a Mercedes Benz, like me. Instead his was black, with some silver wheels. "Yeah sure. Pick me up in 10?" "Okay" I hung up and moved to my closet.

I got out a pair on red skinny jeans, and a one arm top that was white. It had beads attached to it at the top, with some sparkle bits too. I then went to my desk, and grabbed my bra, and panties. I placed then on the bed with my clothes. I ran to the bathroom, and came out 5 minutes later. I put on my clothes and rushed down the stairs. I grabbed a banana and waited outside for Matthew. 2 minutes later he pulled into my drive way.

Quickly I walked over to the passenger side and got in. I kissed his cheek and said "Heey cutie" "Hey my smexy little angel" After he said that he pulled out of my driveway and we made are way to school. The school was not to far from my house. Briefly it was a 20 minute walk, but a 10 minute drive.

When we got there Zayn was no where in sight. I was waiting for Matthew to hurry and park his car. When he was finally done we were walking into the school with are fingers entwined together. I saw Zayn waiting at my locker. I grabbed Matthew lightly, and he knew what to do next.

Moments later are lips were glued together. We were kissing. Matthew pushed me into the lockers hard, and we continued kissing. Zayn saw this, and pulled us apart. He screamed "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND? GET AWAY FROM HER RIGHT NOW BEFORE I KICK YOUR LITTLE ASS!" Before Matthew could reply, I stepped in front of him and said "Since when were me boyfriend, and girlfriend? I don't remember ever going out with you. SO don't talk to him like that." Zayn looked heart broken, and I was started to regret what I just did. A single tear slid down his face before he turned and walked away.

"Maybe we should stop this now." I looked at Matthew and said "Thanks for all your help, and I better go find him and apologize to him." I went to are first period class, and he was the only one there so far. We were 35 minutes early.

I walked into the classroom and locked the door. I walked all the way to Zayn and sat down beside him. "I'm sorry baby, I was just so mad at you for what you did yesterday and I wanted to get you back. Please forgive me" Zayn just looked at me, and he could tell by looking into my eyes that I was truly sorry. He smiled and said "Fine ..... under 1 condition. You have to initiate a french kiss to me."

I got up, and sat on his lap. I snaked my arms up to his neck, and wrapped it there. I looked into his eyes before I kissed him and said I'm sorry, i'll never do it again. I kissed him gently on the lips. When I pulled back, he grabbed me back lightly and kissed me again. I bit his bottom lip, and he granted me access. I slid my tongue into him mouth and explored it. We broke apart for air. After he found my sweet spot and started to suck it. I moaned loudly. He was getting turned on again. After he pulled back, and there was now a red hickey on my neck. I then did the same thing to him. I sucked on his neck for about 5 minutes and when I pulled back he also had a pretty red hickey. I felt accomplished, so I got off of him, and opened the door since students were going to start piling in a few seconds from now.

"Hey Katy, I just wanted to tell you that i'm the one who should be saying sorry. She was all on me, and yet I didn't have the courage to push her away. Even when I had a girlfriend. Next time if she does that i'll push her away. For a matter a fact, I wont let any girl touch me. I belong to you, and you belong to me now. Forever and always."
I smiled when he said that, and said "Forever and Always"


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Chapter 6 - Looks Like We Got Are Self Another Slut!

Ding, ding, ding. That was the bell signaling that it was time for us to take are seats. I quickly walked over to mine, whice was right beside Zayn's. Two seconds later Mr. Halmo walked in the classroom. "Attention students, today we will be having two new students in are class. They will arrive shorty. Please be nice to them and treat them well."

Moments later, the door flew open, and there stood two teenagers. One was a girl. She had light brown hair, with hazel eyes. The other one was a boy. He had raven black hair, with creamy chocolate brown eyes. They walked into the class, all the way up to the front of the room. "You two must be the new students, care to introduce yourself to the class?" "Sure!" said the boy with the raven black hair.

"My names Kyle, and i'm a new student here starting today." .... A few seconds later the girl spoke. "Hi, my names Allison, and i'm also a new student here starting today. Please treat me well" After their little introductions, the teacher told them to go find a seat that was open. I noticed that the only two seats that were available was the one behind Zayn, and the one beside me. I didn't want him to sit next to me, so I took my book bag and placed it onto the seat.

He walked down the rows of seats to the seat that was next to me. I didn't look up. I kept my eyes on the paper that I had in front of me. He cleared his throat and said "Hey, would you mind moving your bag so I can sit there?" I looked at him and said "Sorry, seats taken." He smirked and took my book bag off the seat and put it onto the floor. He instantly sat down and smiled showing all his pearl white teeth.

Ugh I groaned. I turned to my left and looked at Zayn. He looked sick because Allison was siting behind him, and I could tell from the minute she walked in that he didn't like her. She was pretty I mean, but she looked like one of those fake barbie dolls, and she was exposing to much.

"Baby, you okay? You don't look to well." I turned and said to Zayn. "Nah babe, i'm good. We only got 10 more minutes in this class, then were out of here he said happy." I turned back to my work sheet, and felt someone staring at me. I turned backwards and caught Allison smirking at me. I looked at her a bit confused then turned around. The bell finally rang, and I got up and started to pack up. I started walking to the door when I felt someone grab my arm.

I looked back and saw Kyle had grabbed my arm. "What do you want?" I asked trying to sound polite. "I wouldn't go out there if I was you." He said. "And why not?" He looked at me like he was truly sorry for what just happened next. I walked out the classroom, and caught Allison kissing Zayn. He tried to push her away, but she kept clinging to him. "Get the fuck off me now!" he said. "Why should I? I like you, and if you agree to go out with me then i'll let you go." He looked pure disgusted now.

"Ew no. I have a GIRLFRIEND named Katy." He pointed to me, and Allison looked at me and said "Ew, who? That ugly thing standing there?" I could feel my face go red with anger. Before I could punch her. Zayn yelled at Kyle who was behind me. He told him to grab me quick, and thats just what Kyle did. He was so strong. "Let me the fuck go, so I can teach the fuckin' whore a lesson!" Kyle still didn't let go of me.

"Oh, I forgot to mention you piece of shit, that I will not go out with you 'cause you're ugly, look like a fake barbie doll, and a slut might I add." I felt quite happy now. I calmed down and Zayn made his way to me. He told Kyle he could let me go, and Kyle listened to him. I ran into his arms, and he said "I'm so sorry. She kissed me, but I pushed her away quick." I just smiled at him and said "You know what you gotta go if you want me to forgive you." He smirked at me, and in front of everyone, including Allison and Klye he crashed his lips onto mine. I wrapped my hands around his neck and he wrapped one hand around my waist and pulled me closer. I licked him bottom lip, and let he let me pass my tongue into his mouth. I explored his mouth while he did the same with mine.

We pulled away so we could breathe. "WHOA!" said Kyle. I looked back around and forgot that everyone was there. I felt my face turn 3 shades redder. I smiled and said "Nothing to see here, carry on to your normal classes. Everyone left except Kyle. He was waiting for me for some reason. I kissed Zayn on the check lightly, then ran up to Kyle. "Hey, sorry for asking but are you guys actually dating? 'cause I thought you were single." I laughed hard and said "Yeah, hes my boyfriend, and we are dating" I looked up at Kyle, and I swear I saw an evil look on his face but then it changed quick to a happy one. "Okay, well that's good to know."

Before I could reply, he pulled me into one of the classrooms and shut the door behind him. Leaving me trapped with no other exit with him.


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Chapter 7 - Is It Over?

"Um ... Kyle. Why did you pull me into here? We have class in 5 minutes so we better hurry and get out of here" I was beginning to feel scared. I mean you would to, if some random boy you only met today pulled you into a dark room with no windows, and locked the door behind him.

"Don't worry, we wont be going to the next period. I just want to talk to you." Kyle said in a creepy voice. He started moving closer to me. Every time he took a step closer I would take one back. I took my last step back, until I couldn't go back anymore. I was up against the wall, while Kyle was now in front of me.

He grabbed my arm, and pinned them up above my head so I couldn't fight him. He took out a small needle filled with some type of liquid thing. He covered my mouth and said "This wont hurt much" before he injected it into my arm. I screamed but no one heard since he had a hand over my mouth.

He then let me go, while I started to wobble while I tried to walk. I felt so weak right now, and that wasn't a good thing. He grabbed me back and pushed me up against the wall. He pinned my arms again and kissed me on my lips. I don't know what was wrong with me, 'cause I responded to that kiss. It was like I was living a dream where I couldn't move my body. Like someone was possessing me.

I snaked my arms up to his neck, and drew him closer to me. Are bodies were pressing hard against each other. I kissed him passionately, licking his lower lip. He granted me access and I felt my tongue slip into his mouth. Are tongues meet half way and were now dancing with each other in a bam-bam-ba rhythm.

We pulled apart so we could breathe. He then started to place small gentle kissed on my neck, all the way to my collar bone. When he got there he stopped and started to suck on it. I started moaning for some reason, and couldn't control it. By the time he finished sucking on my collar bone, we were on the floor with me on top of him.

"I like this position right now" he said.I placed small light kissed down his neck, then to his collar bone. I sucked on it and he moaned lightly. He bit his lip to try and stop another one from coming out, but that didn't help. He turned us over, so now he was on top.

He removed his shirt, then helped me with mine. He got up off of me and slid his pants off too, and so did I. We were now left there with are underwear on, and are clothes and books scattered all over the classroom. I got on him and pulled him back down to the ground. I was on top of him.

We started to kiss again, and all of a sudden I felt a hand go up my back. I smiled lightly while kissing him. He was having trouble with my bra, so I pulled away from him and took it off, with my undies. He also had taken off the rest of what he was wearing.

We were on the ground totally naked. He started to slid his tongue all the way down to my breast. He stopped there and gave both my breast I light squeeze. I moaned. He smirked and then started to suck on them. "Kyle, stop it. I'm going to cum." He continued to suck on my boobs, and I did cum.

"Looks like i'm going to have to clean up my mess." Kyle said and started to move his tongue down to my Virgina. He looked at me and said "Shhh" before he slid his tongue into me. I started to sway my hips, trying to let him get into me more. He pulled back and said "You taste like lemon candy." I could then feel three of his fingers enter me and I started to moan more. He pulled out and said "Want to taste?" He pushed his fingers in my mouth and I started to suck it.

"Wow, you weren't lying." After I could feel something poking my inner thigh. It was little Kyle. "How do you want it? Gentle or rough?" he asked ... I stopped to think for a moment and said "Gentle in the beginning, and then whatever you want." He slid his dick into me, and I started to cum more. I swayed my hips back and forth to help him get into me better. He was in me now. He kept thrusting. In and out. In and out. In and out. When he finished doing that for the third time, I pushed him down.

I was on top of him now, and I was kissing his bare chest. I never noticed it until now, but he had a smokin' six pack, like Zayn's. Oh no. Shit, shit shit. What the fuck am I doing? I tried to pull away from him, but I still didn't have full control of my body yet. So I had to endure a few more minutes of this.

I moved my mouth down to his nipples and sucked on them lightly. I used my tongue and traced a circle pattern over it. He moaned, and I could see that he had a huge bulge now. 2 minutes later the bell rang, and I finally had control over my body. I quickly turned a shade of red. I was really mad. I tried to kick Kyle's ass but he pinned my hands down near my sides.

Whats wrong with this kid, and pinning me down? He quickly sucked on my boobs one last time, and then let me go. I gave him a "I'm gonna kick the fuck out of you look, and if you tell Zayn I will make sure I kill you look" I got up and grabbed my clothes. I slid my underwear on, then my mid-thigh red skirt on. Then I slid on my white top and left Kyle in the classroom smirking his ass off.

I saw Zayn in he hallway, and for some reason I couldn't look at him. I tried to avoid him, and go the other way. He saw me but did nothing. Phew. I went to my last period of the day, which was gym. Oh no. GYM???

Zayn, me, and Kyle were in this class together. What am I going to do? I quickly ran into the change room before Zayn could call me to him. I changed and just sat there for a few minutes. When I came out I avoided Zayn's eyes, and saw that Kyle was smiling at me. I turned red, and ignored him too.

We played soccer today in gym class. You might not know this about me, but i'm the soccer queen at this school. The teacher made us pair up with the opposite gender, and have a friendly game with them. When I was going to the coach someone pulled my arm lightly and I spun around facing Kyle. I got mad again. "What do you want now?" I asked.

"Lets make a deal. We will be partners, and if you can manage to beat me in one game 2/3 shots then I will leave you alone ..... but if I win you have to tell Zayn you had sex with me, and that you want to break up." I looked at him shocked. There was no way that I was going to take that deal. "No way!" I screamed. "So, you're a chicken? Okay I see how it is." He turned around and started walking away. I ran after he and spun him around. "Fine, your own" We shook on it and then moved to the other field.

I was starting with the ball, while he was in goalie net. I pretended to kick left, but then actually kicked right. I scored a goal. He then started to get worked up. He kicked the ball back to me. I got it and then saw him moving to the side, so I looked for the space that was left un-open and kicked the ball as hard as I could, but he blocked it. I had only one shot left, and if I didn't make it then I wont have to dump Zayn, AND tell him that I had sex with Kyle.

I was planning on telling him anyways, but not so soon. I got the ball and did my last kick. It almost went in, but then he caught it. I fell to my knees while he walked up to me and picked me up. "You know what you have to do." I looked and him through tears and said fine. I brushed my tears away and walked up to Zayn.

"We need to talk Zayn ....." I said. Kyle was right behind me making sure I actually did my part of the deal. "I had sex with Kyle, and I want to break up with you!" I said it quickly then ran to the change room. He grabbed my arm before I got in. "What the hell happened? I don't care if you cheated on me, but please don't break up with me. I love you!" ...... "I had sex with him, I liked it, and now i'm dumping you whether you like it or not. Now let go of me." I could feel me heart break into two pieces, and a lump forming in my throat. Zayn let go of me and said "Please don't." "S-s-sorry were t-t-t-through." I said with my voice breaking in between the sentence. I left him standing there while I walked away.


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Chapter 8 - Where Do We Stand?

*Two Hours After The Break-up*

That whole afternoon was hard for me. I had Zayn in almost all my classes. He kept staring at me, but I avoided his gaze. I was torn up inside, and I was about the break any second soon. I just hopped I didn't break in front of him. I seriously hated Kyle right now. If he didn't drug me none of this would be happening. If I didn't meet him that would of been better.

We were half way through English class, when the teacher decided to give us a project and assign us partners. She went through her list of names calling students that were paired together. Boys with girls. When she got to my name I stiffened. "Katy and ...." was all she said before she said the name that I desperately hopped I wouldn't hear. Zayn's.

"You guys may now get with your partners, and discuss what you guys would like to do together for your English assignment." I just continued to sit at my seat, and didn't move a muscle. Zayn got up, and walked to me. He say in the seat in front of mine. I didn't make eye contact with him when he sat down. There was an awkward silence between us for about 5 minutes, then he finally spoke. "So, what do you want to do for the project?" I looked at hm, and did my best not to show that I was heart broken inside.

"Hmm, im not sure. I was thinking about maybe doing an info-graphic, but a 3D type about something that we both hold interest to." Zayn started to think of all the possibilities that we had in common. He listed them. They ranged from Music, to friendship. What he said last made me jump. LOVE. I looked at him for two second then looked away.

"Zayn were over, stop talking about stuff like that" I said that through clenched teeth. "Katy please just answer some of my questions. I really want to know what happened yesterday. If I knew then maybe I would have a better time getting over you" Zayn said. I closed my eyes, and exhaled. "Okay ask all you want right now"

"Why did you have sex with him?" Zayn asked. I hesitated before answering "Because i've always liked him, and felt like are relationship was going no where." I tried to sound believable, but I knew that truthfully I didn't. "Stop lying Katy!" "But, i'm not lying right now."

He turned around, and didn't dare look back for the rest of the period. When it was done, I gathered my books quickly and walked out the door. Someone pulled my arm lightly causing me to step back a few steps. It was Kyle. "So, how was English today? I saw him asking questions. What he say? Kyle asked. "He just asked me why I had sex with you ... I lied to him though." Kyle looked surprised. "Why did you lie, were you just covering up for me, cause you love me now?" I looked at him with pure hate in my eyes. "Don't get me wrong. I fuckin' hate you! I only did it cause feel like i'm not worthy of being his girlfriend anyone, and since I did the stupid bet stop hanging around with me!"

I walked away, all the way to my best friend Lucia, and my girls. They were discussing the party they were planning for my other friend Issabelle. Her birthday was in two days. "Katy, your bringing the decorations right?" "Yeah, I already picked them out. black, with a bit of silver." The colors were a bit ... how do I put it in a nice way? Well I don't know deadly to me, but it wasn't my party, so I said nothing.

"Okay I got all the invites handed out already, everyone in the school will be coming, and I already cleaned up the place were having it at so everything should go smoothly." Said Melissa. We walked into the math classroom and took are seats. This class was the best class I had so far, cause Zayn, or Kyle weren't in it. Only me and my girls, and that was all I needed right now. When we got there we took are seats and a few seconds later a teacher who I didn't recognize walked in.

"Hello class, I am supplying for your teacher Mr. Seat because he has a cold, and has taken today off. My name is Mr. Shay, and today you guys will just be working on a sheet that I am about the hand out." He handed a stack of sheets the the first person in the front row, and they passed it back until everyone in the row got one. The sheet was about algebra, the math subject I hated the most.

I finished my sheet quick, and still have 45 minutes left to do whatever I wanted. So I ended up falling a sleep, cause for these two past days I hadn't gotten much sleep due to the fact that me and Zayn had broken up. I had to cry my self to sleep for the past 2 days. It was hard, but I did eventually fall a sleep. When I woke up I had big red puffy eyes. Thank god someone created make up. I used some and it helped make my eyes look normal.


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Chapter 9 - I'm Fuc*ing Going To Kill Him! (Part 1)

*~45 minutes later~*

Algebra class was finally done. Thank god. It felt like I was in there for 5 hours doing nothing. I got my books and walked up to Lucia. "Hey Lucia, what time tomorrow should I come over for Melissa's birthday party? We still have to set up everything. So I guess i'll take school off tomorrow." "Katyyyy, that class took forever to pass. Anyways the party starts right after school which is around 2:30pm so you should be at my house by 10:00am."

After Lucia told me the details, I walked with her and my girls out the classroom. I was pulled aside yet again. I thought it was Zayn, but I was wrong it was Kyle. Ugh I hate that boy! "What do you want from me now?" I asked. He pulled me into a classroom and shut the door. "I just wanted to talk." Ugh really? Why now, why me? "Okay then talk, nothings stopping you."

"Well, I felt like I owe you an explanation and after you hear what I have to say you're going to help me out whether you like it or not." When he said that I could feel chills crawling up my spine. For some reason I didn't want to hear any of this. This is what he said next. "Okay, so my real name is not Kyle, it's Blake Syter. I'm known as one of Zayn's enemies. Back in my first year of high school, Zayn stole my girlfriend, and had sex with her. She came crying to me the next day, and told me everything. That day I vowed that I would follow him until he finally had a girlfriend and do the same to her. Now this is where you fit in perfectly well."

I was shocked. He had sex with me because of that? Someone can sure hold a grudge. Plus Zayn would never do something that low, as to steal someone girlfriend. I just cant believe what i'm hearing. He must be lying. I'm not going to believe him. "Okay so since you know the backup story I want your help now. You going to be my girlfriend, and if you don't do as I say I will make sure everyone sees a sex tape of us, and I know you wouldn't want that would you?"

My mouth literally dropped to the ground when he said that. I was debating on what to do. Here were my options: A)Do as he says or B)Stay far away from him as possible. I choose B. I got up from my seat, and walked to the door. I tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. I turned around and saw that Blake had the key. UGHH! "Open the damn door man." I screamed. "Not yet, so whats your choice?" he asked. I looked at him, trying to not show my true intentions. "I'll help you out, can I go now?" He then said something I didn't expect him to say ... "Prove it" I walked back to him and pushed him down on the seat.

I lightly grabbed his neck, and pulled him closer to me. I kissed him a passionate kiss, trying to be convincing. I sat on his lap, and licked his bottom lip. He granted me access. I slid my tongue into his mouth and he did the same. I explored his mouth, sliding my tongue everywhere. We then pulled a part and I said "Why don't we actually go out instead?" Blake smiled and said "Will you go out with me?" I smiled and said "Why, I would love to."

We got up and got are stuff. Are next class was History. Both me, Zayn, and Blake were in that class together. This is going to be a little awkward for me. When we got there, Blake took his seat, and I went to the front of the classroom. I asked the teacher if I could change my seat, and she said yes. I was happy, I can now convince Blake that I actually like him and want to be his girlfriend, and I can also help Zayn move on. Even though I still loved him, and I don't think I could ever let him go.

I walked back to my new seat, which was beside Blake. "What are you doing here?" he asked and I just said "Well I asked the teacher if I could switch seats, because I wanted to sit next to my boyfriend." He smiled, and I caught Zayn looking at me. This time he didn't look sad. He turned around to Allison, and kissed her on the lips. I got so pissed off. Why not have a little fun then? I thought to myself. I got up and sat on Blake's lap. "What are you doing?" he asked. Just having some fun. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and crashed my lips on to his. He responded to my kiss and bit my bottom lip. I opened my mouth for him and he slid his tongue in. While one of his hands was going up my shirt all the way to my breast. He squeezed one of my boobs and I moaned quietly, but I guess Zayn heard because he was looking at me. For a matter of fact I had the whole classes attention. I got off him and walked back to my seat.

When class was done, I kissed him on the lips, and asked him if he was going to Melissa's birthday party tomorrow. He said "Yeah" I smiled and told him that I would see him there but not in school. He said he would text me and I nodded. I walked out the classroom with his hand around my waist. When we got to the parking lot, I got my my car, and waved bye bye to him then drove off. 10 minutes later I was home. I ran to my room and did my homework. I then ate my dinner which was Fried rice. Yummy with a capital Y. I ran back upstairs to my room and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 9 - I'm Fuc*ing Going To Kill Him! (Part 2)

Ding, Dong, Ding. Ugh fuck this shit ass alarm clock. It's been waking me up at exactly 9:00a, every day. I tried to hit the stupid snooze button, but it still wouldn't turn off. It was soooo loud. I swear. I got up, and grabbed it, then threw it against the wall. It was in pretty good condition before I did that. Now it was on the floor broken into 500 little pieces.

I then remembered that I had to go over to Lucia's house to help for Melissa's birthday party. Before I did that, I grabbed my cell, and called the school. "Hello, Saint Mary High School secretary speaking, how may I help you?" It was Ms. Jane are school secretary. She was really nice, but if you get on her bad side .... then she can be a tad bit mean.

"Hello, this is Katy Simmons. I just called to inform you that I will not be in school today due to the fact i'm not feeling well." It was quiet on the other line then she spoke again "Okay Ms. Simmons. I will mark you absent. I hope you feel better." She hung up then. I know I laid. I'm so bad, but that was at least 75% true. I wasn't going to be in class today, and I wasn't feeling well due to my alarm clock.

I got up from my bed and walked to the bathroom. I set the shower to warm, then walked back to my room. I picked out my clothes that I was going to wear at the party, and my clothes I was going to wear to Lucia's house soon. I Laid my clothes on the need, and walked back to the bathroom. I stripped my clothes and got into the shower.

I let the warm drops slide down my body. They were relaxing my sore muscles. After about 10 minutes of that I grabbed the bar of soap, and glided it across my body. I then washed it off, and grabbed the shampoo next. I squeezed some onto my hand, and rubbed it into my scalp. I messaged it until it started to form then I rinsed it out. I grabbed the conditioner next and rubbed some into my hair. I left it in for 3 minutes then washed it out. I turned the shower tap all the way to off. Then stepped out of the shower. I wrapped my hair and my body in 2 soft towels.

When I got into my room, I grabbed my clothes that I had decided to wear to Lucia's house now. It was a white summer dress that has red roses on it. I then slipped my flats on. I went to my little dresser on the left side of my room and sat down. I put on some make up. A small touch of mascara and eye liner. Then I tied my hair into a professional bun and walked out my room. I grabbed my car keys from the table and locked the door on my way out.

I was now in my car driving to coffee time. When I reached, I got out and waited in line. When it was my turn a hot guy was at the front. He smiled at me and asked "What would you like miss?" I thought about it and decided on a blueberry muffin and a hot chocolate. He got my order in 2 minutes and handed it to me. "Thanks, what the cost?" I asked. He just looked at me and said "Its on me." I looked at him and said "No, really I can pay." He just said he already paid, and that it was okay." I thanked him and walked to my car.

I got in and sat there for five minutes. I finished my muffin and was now heading to Lucia's house. When I got there I noticed another car there. It looked so familiar. I just ignored it and walked into the house with all the decoration I had bought on my way here. Lucia greeted me at the front and said "Hey, I asked one of the guys from school to help me, and he said yeah." Just before I asked who it was I saw Zayn walk towards me. He smirked and took the decorations from my hands

When he left I looked at Lucia and said "What the fuck, what is he doing here? Out of all the guys you had to ask for help why did it have to be him?" She smiled and said "I know you guys still have feelings for each other. I want to help you guys too. That's why I asked him. Now get in there and give him a hand. He cant do all of it by himself." I felt angry and nervous at the same time. I entered the room he was in and said "Hey, I guess we should hurry and decorate this room, cause we only have 1 hour left before people start arriving." He didn't look at me when he said "Okay I take the left, and you take the right."

I got up and did my side, while he did his side. It took us 50 minutes to finish up. When we were done the place looked amazing. Work well done. I then got up and told him that I need to change and get ready since the party was starting in less then 20 minutes. I walked outside to my car and opened the back door. I took my bag out and closed the door. Walking up the steps, I noticed that Zayn had also went to his car and got his stuff that he was planning on changing in to. We walked in at the same time, and I told him to take the lower bathroom while I would take the one upstairs.

When I got upstairs I walked into Lucia's bathroom. It was connected to her room. I slipped off my clothes and took my dress that I was wearing to the party out the bag. It was a silver dress that was strapless. It was about 2 inches higher then my knees. It was my symbol of elegance. The lustrous, pearl-beaded fabric of my dress glinted, light reflecting. It fit flawlessly, the dress molded my torso beautifully, complimenting my feminine shape. It’s strapless style revealed my precious collarbones wrapped in smooth, luring, skin. My posture was perfect, my shoulders were pulled back and my hands were held together in front of me. There was a silk band at the top, lining around the top of the bust. It was my definition of perfect.

I then walked out of the bathroom, and to Lucias little desk she had in the corner of the room. I plugged my straightening iron in, and waited patiently for it to start up. When it was done I straightened my hair. It was on high, so it only took me 5 minutes. Next I moved on to make up. I smeared a smoky silver over my eyes, then a clear gloss over my lips. I grabbed my silver heels and put them on. When I was done I walked down the stairs, and saw that a lot of people already came. I walked into the kitchen to find Lucia, and surprisingly she was there with Zayn.

I walked up to them, and Zayn looked shocked. He told me that I looked stunning in the dress I was wearing and I couldn't help but blush. I told him he looked handsome in his outfit and he said thanks. Lucia just kept screaming at me and yelling. She said I looked like a swan ... was that a compliment? Okay i'll take it as one. When we were done talking, Lucia left me and Zayn standing in the kitchen by are selfs. He asked me if I wanted a drink, and I nodded. He left and shortly came back with two cups of coke. I sipped mine, while he chugged his down.

When he finished he walked to the garbage to put his cup in it. I now had a good view of him. He looked sexy in what he was wearing. He was wearing black skinny jeans, with a nice button down white dress shirt. He had on a watch that was silver, and some brand new nikes. I saw Blake standing at the side. I told Zayn that I would talk to him later and made my way to Blake. "Hey, want to dance?" He said before I even walked half way up to him. "Sure." He grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor. A slow song was playing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his around my waist. We danced, and when it was done I left him to go get another drink.

Before I could grab one, Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me upstairs. It was really awkward because in each room we heard the moans of pleasured women. He dragged me all the way to Lucias room, and luckily no one was in there. She had a tape on her door that said only me and her could enter. When I got in, Zayn close the door and locked it behind him. He backed me up into the corner.

"I know that Kyle made you have sex with him, and you didn't like it. I also know why he did it. What hurts me the most is that you never came to me for help. I could of helped you and saved you from all this. Why didn't you?" Zayn asked. "I-I-I don't know what your talking about." I stuttered. Damn it, he knows i'm lying. "Please Katy just tell me." I took at deep breathe and turned to him. "I'll tell you the whole story. He dragged me into a classroom and locked the door behind him. He then pinned me to the ground so I couldn't move and injected me with something. I don't know what it was but I didn't have control of my body due to that. I ... (Voice goes quiet) had sex with him ... and I felt dirty. I didn't want you to see me like that, so I tried to avoid you and act like I hated you. I wanted you to move on. I kept telling myself it was for the best ... but I knew it wasn't. He said that if I didn't pretend to go out with him that we would do it again, and made sure that everyone saw a sex tape between us ... he also said that his name was actually Blake, and that you stole his girlfriend Amy that's why he did it .."

I looked down because I didn't want to see his face. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry Katy. I have to go and explain everything to him soon. You don't have to worry everything's going to be okay." I smiled and looked at him now. "I like this position by the way" He laughed and kissed me gently on the lips. He then held me high up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We then fell on the bed, and I straddled him. I crashed my lips onto his, and then he bit my lower lip, and I let him slid his tongue into my mouth. He flipped us over not breaking the kiss, and then pulled back so we could breathe. He placed little kisses down my neck, then my collarbone. I moaned and he smirked. I ntoiced that when ever I moaned little Zayn would get bigger. So I decided to play around. I moaned on purpose and little Zayn did grow big.

"Katy stop moaning, you're giving me a Bonner" Said Zayn. I laughed hard until we both fell off the bed. Someone suddenly opened the door, and it was Blake. He looked at me, then Zayn. He locked the door back and said "Well, well, well. What do we have here? Little Katy and Zayn and back together I see." Zayn got up, and pushed me behind him. "Blake, looks like we actually did meet again. I know the whole story, and i'm going to fuckin' kill you for touching my girl." Zayn stepped up to Blake and punched him right in the jaw causing him to fall back against the wall hard. Zayn kept punching him till he was unconscious. "Don't ever touch her again or i'll kill you. Plus Amy was the one who came to me for sex. She said you weren't treating her right, and that you left her at the beach when you guys went by herself. She said you ditched her for your friends and hooked up with Lisa the next day. So you deserved what you got tonight.

Before we left the room, Blake said "Zayn, i'm sorry. I was just go mad that I didn't realize that, then he turned to me and said Katy i'm so so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?" I looked at Zayn then back to Blake. "Fine, under one circumstance. You have to stop messing around with Zayn." He smiled and said "Okay, I promise." Zayn and me left the room, and he dropped me home.

Before I got out the car he grabbed me hand and said "Im so sorry Katy. It was all my fault that he did that to you." He looked like he was really upset. I grabbed his chin and said "The only way I will forgive me is if you tell me everyday you love me, and give me a kiss tomorrow in front of the whole school." He smiled and said "Okay deal." I kissed him on the cheek and then got out. "I love you Katy Simmons" said Zayn. I smiled and said "Love you too."


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Chapter 10 - Pleasured (Part 1)

I walked into class 25 minutes late today. I broke my alarm clock a few days ago and forgot to go buy a new one. Luckily I had a supply teacher today. Her name was Mrs. Ann. She was on of my favorite teachers because she didn't give out much homework, she gave out at least half the teacher had left which wasn't a lot, and because she never gave detentions.

I rushed to my seat, and saw Zayn starting at me. He looked so hawt today in what he was wearing. It was Grey skinny jeans, with a white aero postale shirt. With his black nikes. If we weren't in school I would so do him now. He caught me staring at him, and smirked. I looked away quick cause I knew I was blushing.

A minute later a piece of paper flew on to my desk. I looked at the direction it came from. It was from Zayn. I opened it up to see what was written inside. "After school today, my house? Movies and popcorn :)" I smiled and turned the note over to write on the back on it. "Sure, meet me outside at the foyer." I threw it back and he read it.

After I tried to focus on the lesson being taught, but it was really hard. Seeing as my boyfriend Zayn was right next to me looking sexier then ever. I managed to listen for the fist 30 minutes, but then I started to zone out thinking of STUFF.

The bell rang 5 seconds later, and I grabbed my things and waited for Zayn. When he was finished, he wrapped an arm round me waist and pulled me closer. He told me to meet him in the cafeteria at lunch. I nodded, then walked off to my second period class which was math ... ugh I hated math. I was an average A- student in it but it seemed so boring.


I walked out of my third period class and advanced down to my locker. When I got there, there was a note attached to it. I teared it off and read it "Hurry, i'm waiting :)" I smiled and opened my locker. I put my books inside then shut it close. I saw Lucia at hers, so I waited for her. When she was done she came up to me and linked arms. We walked to the cafeteria while she talked about her plans with Evan (her boyfriend) tonight.

When we got there, I spotted Zayn, with his gang, and my girls sitting at a table. His back was turned towards me. Perfect I thought, for a surprise attack. I walked quietly towards him, but before I could scream "Boo" he grabbed my arm and kissed me. Causing me to stop whatever I wsas doing and wrap my arms around his neck. He pulled me onto his lap, and we continued kissing until someone had to break us apart.

I turned around on his lap, and faced the guys and the girls. At the table sitting was Melissa, Issabelle, Lucia, Tyler, Liam, and someone I had never met before. My guess was that he was new or something. Before I could ask for his name, Zayn introduced all of us to him. "This is Lucia, Melissa, Issabelle, and my beautiful girlfriend Katy." Zayn had said to the new guy. Nice to meet you ... we all stopped since we didn't know his name. "What was your name again" I asked. He spoke in a deep sexy tone and said "It's Nick. Nice to meet you all too." I mentally slapped myself for calling his voice sexy.

While we all talked about school, and are plans for the weekend I caught Nick staring at me. I didn't think much of it at first, until I saw him wink at me 3 times. Was he trying to pick me up? Eww. I already had Zayn. I didn't want him even though he did look handsome. He was 6'2 with light brown hair, and hazel eyes. He had a 6 pack if I had to guess seeing as his muscle were at a good view through that shirt he was wearing.

"I love you Katy baby" I heard Zayn whispered into my ear with a sexy accent. I shivered at his voice, cause it took me by surprise. I smiled and turned around in his lap. "Love you too." Is all I had said. The bell rang moments after and I kissed Zayn gently on the lips and headed ou with the girls. Today was a short day schedule so I only had one more class: Art. This class was fun. You got to draw anything you want, using any materials the school had provided. They ranged from ink all the way to clay.

When art class was done, I went to my locker and got my bag. I headed to the foyer to meet Zayn. When I got there I noticed that Zayn had been talking to the new guy Nick.
When he saw me coming he stopped talking to Nick and asked me "You ready to go love?" I nodded, and before we left Zayn told Nick that he would text him. I winked at Nick, then left with Zayn. We went to the parking lot, and he came around to my side and opened the door for me like a true gentleman. I got in, then he made his way to the driver side. Once we were both in he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

While we were driving he asked me questions, like: "So what did you think about Nick?" I just said what I truly though "He freaks me out a bit, but I cant really say much. I have to learn to get to know him better before I give you a better opinion." Zayn nodded, and then blasted some music. We listen to one song before we got to his house. It was fairly close to the school. When we got out, we walked to the door and he opened it. He stepped in before me and then pulled me in. He closed the door behind me and threw his keys on the shelf. He then said he would be back and ran upstairs.

He came down with a handful of movies. We debated on what to watch for 10 minutes, then I just gave in to what he wanted. We were watching Breaking Dawn part 1. It was a good movie. I had seen it before and liked it. When the movie was done, I was half a sleep. Zayn tried to get me up, but I wouldn't move. I pretended that I was a sleep. He smiled and said I could stay the night since it was really late, and he didn't want to drop me back. I smiled and then got up.

"I'm awake ya know?" He smiled and took me to his room. He got out a long sleeve top of his and threw it to me. I looked at it confused and he saw the look. You are staying the night, and don't worry I called your mom before hand and she said it was cool. "You meet my mom before?" I asked shocked that I didn't even know that. "Yeah. Shes really nice. We meet a few times actually." I nodded then took the shirt and walked to the bathroom.

I closed the door behind me and slowly took off my close and folded them neatly in a pile. When I got out, I saw zayn only in his boxer laying on the bed. I was literally drooling over his figure. He had a 6 pack that was smokin' sexy. He laughed and patted a spot beside him. I walked over slowly, and lay down next to him. Before he could say another word, my lips had somehow .....


Chapter 10 - Pleasured (Part 2)

Before he could say another word, my lips had somehow managed to crashed onto his. At first he looked a bit shocked but after he kissed me back. I then got off of him and said "Ha ha that's all your getting tonight." He got off the bed and chased me around the room. "Come on Katy stop running and be a good girl and come get into bed with me so I can have a better look at my girl." Nope - I said popping the P. If you want me to come there you have to catch me.

"We ran, and ran, and ran until I was finally exhausted. I rushed to the bathroom door, and before I was able to turn the knob his arm wrapped around me and pulled me onto the bed. "Got yah" was all he said before he took the shirt off of me and threw it on the ground leaving me in my bra and panties. I blushed thinking about it. He then wrapped his arm around my hips, and I wrapped mine around his neck. He pulled me closer trying to get are bodies even closer together even though that was impossible seeing as we were already the closest we could get and if we got any closer who knows what would happen.

I turned us over so now I was on top of him. I kissed him lightly on the lips, then started to slide my tongue down his rock hard abs. He moaned and I smirked. I got to his nipples, and I circled my tongue over them. I then bit them lightly causing yet another moan out of him. I started to keep trailing kisses down, and when I got to his dick, I had a huge grin on my face. "Katy don't go there, or ill get you back" he said playfully. I had a huge grin on my face now. I opened my moth and sucked on his top. He moaned loudly while calling me name out.

I was amazed at how big his dick was. It was really hard for me to fit all of it into my mouth. He held my head and guided me. He lightly pushed my head closer making me take in more of his dick in my mouth. Hes breathing was uneven. I pulled back and smirked at him. He then flipped us over so he was on top of me. "Prepare yourself" was all he said before he slid his hand up my back and pulled my bra off. The next direction his hand was moving was towards my ass. He pulled my panties off leaving both of us nude. He gentle caressed my nipples before he lightly pulled on them causing me to moan. "Ugh Zayn h-h-harded. Squeeze harder. He did as I said and I could feel myself become wet.

Smiling he trailed kisses down my neck, then stopped at my collar bone. He sucked on it and then proceeded kissing me again. He stopped at my nipples and sucked on them lightly biting them too. I held in a moan. "Omfg that feels so good Zayn." I said out of breathe. He then stuck a finger into my core slowly, then another finger entered. He pulled back slightly making me really wet. "Damn Katy, why are you so wet?" Was all he said before he asked me if he could. I nodded and he slowly pushed his dick into me. "Faster Zayn, I need you to go fuckin faster" I couldn't control my self. He held me hips down trying to get a better angel. Then he started to speed up. I swayed my hips trying to help him get inside of me better. He thrusted back and forth 3 times until he cummed. Lucky for us he had just put on a condom.

When he pulled his dick out for the last time I was soaking wet. He glided his hand down at my area. He licked his lips before he inserted his hand into his mouth. "Katy you taste good" I was really confused when he said that. He glided his back down again making me jump. He then pushed his hand on my mouth and I sucked it. "WOW" was all I could manage. After he got off of me and said "That was the best time I ever had." I said out of breathe "Same." I got up and kissed him on the lips before I curled up next to him and fell a sleep.

Chapter 11 - Shopping!

I woke up in someones embrace. My head was on their rock hard abs, while there arm was wrapped around my waist. When I turned over I saw Zayn staring at me. "What" was all I said. "I want to take you somewhere today, go get ready." I nodded and got off the bes only realizing a little to late that I was nude. I used my hands to cover my self. I turned around and saw that Zayn had a smug look on his face.

I quickly got my clothes off the ground and walked to the bathroom. I took a quick shower. It only lasted 10 minutes though. When I got out, I slid my underwear on, and my jeans. I then slipped on Zayn's football jersey. It blended in nice with what I was wearing. I walked out the bathroom moments later to catch zayn already ready. He was wearing a tight red shirt with tight jeans, and a chain around his neck. He looked good. I had to admit.

He lead me downstairs and to his car. He told me that we would get breakfast first, then we would go back to my house. I nodded in agreement. We went to pizza pizza and ordered a small cheese pizza. When we were done eating we got into his car and he drove me home. I found my mom in the kitchen "Hey honey, how was last night?" I stiffened a bit. "It was good. I'm going to go change quick." I ran up the stairs taking two at a time.

Walking over to my closer, I opened that door. I took out black skinny jeans, with a strapless top that was a champagne color. It was a bow at the middle to give off an elegant look. I then grabbed my black flats that had silver fake diamonds on it. I applied a little make up. The usually. Lip gloss, and eye liner. Rushing out the room, I made my way downstairs. I kissed mom goodbye and ran out the door. Zayn was in his car waiting for me.

I opened the passenger side and got in. He pulled out of the drive way and headed to a place. I asked him where he was taking me but he didn't answer. He just kept driving. It was a 15 minute drive. The whole time I kept bugging him to tell me where we were going, but he wouldn't. He said it was a surprise and I just had to wait. We pulled up in at a fancy store called Le Chateau. They had the best dresses ever. He came out and walked to the passenger side. He opened it for me and we walked into the store.

"What are we doing here?" I asked. He just told me that I need to pick out a dress for tonight .... what was tonight?? I didn't bother picking one out since he wouldn't tell me what it was for. He was getting angry now, so he decided on a dress. He came back 3 minutes later holding the most gorgeous dress and heels I have ever seen. I have to say he had good taste. The satin black dress glistened under dimmed lights almost making it sparkle like the stars in the sky. It flowed like a river in an hour glass shape and the one strap gave it a sexy yet elegant look. When I twirled, it would wrap itself around me for a second then it would formally slide back in place. It hugged my hips kinda like a kitten would hug its mother. To me it was amazing. It made all of my good parts stand out leaving me looking stunning.

The heels were a different story now. He got me a pair of black heels that looked both dangerous, and sexy. When I walked it added a little clack to the floor. Making every step powering with just a few sounds. It had some sparkly bits added at the top to make it look elegant with a bit of excitement. The only bad thing about these heels were ... they were 5 inched stilettos. I was okay though, I used to wear stilettos all the time when me and my room would get invited to parties.

Zayn pushed me into a dressing room, and held the door in place with his hand. I changed into the elegant dress, with the empowering heels. I came out a few seconds later, and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked hot, I mean literally hot. I guess my hair gave it the extra boost it needed because it was all curled up. When I got out, Zayn's mouth was hanging in an "O" shape. I walked over to him and closed it before he started to get drool all over himself.

We walked over to the cashier, and Zayn paid for the dress. It was $350. When we got back into the car, I got out my wallet and handed him the $350 back, but he refused to take it. He said "Sorry, but that dress is a gift for you." I laughed and put the money back in my wallet. We were finally done shopping, but I didn't get why I was still wearing the dress, and why he had turned the opposite direction to my house .... what was happening? Was all I though. He saw the confusion on my face and said "Oh, were not done yet. There are two more places I want to take you before I take you home." I just nodded, and he told me that I might as well sleep since we still have an hour before we reached the place he was taking me.

I laid back in my seat, and slowly drifted into a nice slumber.

Chapter 12 - Fancy Date

Moments later, someone was shaking me while calling my name to wake me up. When I opened my eyes I saw Zayn trying to wake me up. "Were here Katy." He got out of the car and came around to my side and opened the door for me. He held his hand out and I took it. We walked into what was known as the second best restaurant in this area. I've been here a lot, but I haven't came here since well ... since school started.

We walked into the restaurant hand in hand. "Names please?" Said the person at the front desk. "Zayn K" He then guided us to a table outside. While we were siting, the waiter came and asked us what we would like to order. I said "1 coke, with fried rice." Zayn ordered the vegetable rice with 1 glass of wine.

After she left, Zayn and me talked. 5 minutes later she came back with are exact order. Very impressive, seeing that when I used to come here, it took then 15 minutes to come back and serve us. We ate in silence, then Zayn paid and we left. We got back into the car, and he drove us all the way to a park. When we reached there, he laid a blanket down on the ground, and we watched the stars. "Katy, you know you remind me of that star?" He said pointing to one of the most prettiest stars I have ever seen in my life. It looked like a diamond. Both elegant, and priceless. I smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

I laid back down on the blankets, and pointed to a star that looked like him. "That looks like you." I said. I pointed at a star that shinned so bright. I choose that star, 'cause that's what he just does. Brightens my day. We got up and headed back to the car. I got inside, and then him. He drove me back to my house, and walked me all the way to the door.

Before I stepped in he gave me a gentle, yet passionate kiss on the lips, and told me he loved me. I told him I loved him more, and thanked him for that wonderful date. I waved him good bye and locked the door.

When I got upstairs, something wasn't right. I opened my door, and before my hand was able to turn the lights on ......


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Chapter 13 - Please Don't

(A/N: A few sexual parts. Warning!)

When I got upstairs, something wasn't right. I opened my door, and before my hand was able to turn the lights on someone grabbed me. They took both my hands and tied them behind my back. I tried to scream, but nothing was coming out of my mouth. I opened it, then closed it, opened it and closed it again. What was wrong with me?

"Play nice, and no one gets hurt." Is what the person behind me said. The voice was so familiar, but I couldn't pick it up. He slammed me into the bed, and covered my mouth with a cloth. A few seconds later my vision started to get blurry. The only thing I could see was black. "Why not kill me while your at it?" I said after I blacked out.

It was cold. My hands were tied behind my back, and I couldn't move. I was blindfolded, and I realized I had no clothes on except for my bra, and underwear. What the fuck was I? I used both of my hands to push my self up. When I sat up, someone removed the blindfold from my eyes, and I could see again. What I saw next shocked me. I couldn't believe my eyes.

It was Nick. He kidnapped me. I was so furious now. I felt like I could break a chair. "Katy, its so nice to see you." he winked. I felt like barfing at the moment. I mean he had the looks and everything, but the way he did it ... it disgusted me. "Not, nice seeing your face as soon as I wake up" I spat back.

He walked around me, and picked me up. He dropped me on the bed, and got on too. "W-w-what a-are you d-doing?" I asked while stuttering. "Lets play a game." Was all he said. "What game?" I asked back. "The game where you have to answer what ever I ask in 3 seconds, and you have to have the right answer too. Every time you answer wrong, I take something off of you, until there's nothing left. Then we will have a little more fun for the ending. But if I lose 2 times I'll let you go. Sounds fair?" He chuckled. "No thanks, I don't really feel like playing." I said trying to breathe.

"Too bad, you are. Okay so whats my favorite color?" He asked. "Uhm .... blue?" I said scared, in a quite voice. "Wrong, its lime green." I looked at him like WHAT THE FUCK? HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW THAT? He then looked happy. "Hmmm what should I remove? Bra or panties?" He sang. "NO PLEASE!" Was all I said before he removed my bra and panties. I tried to use my hands to cover up, but That wasn't working. "Okay, your turn." he smiled.

"Whats my favorite color?" I asked. "Green!" he answered with. "Wrong, teal. 1 more chance, and you have to let me go. Don't go back on your promise!" I hissed. "What's one of my favorite sports?" I hesitated but said "Soccer???" He was grinning now. "Wrong" I froze. What was he going to do now? He got on top of me and kissed me. I tried to pull back, but I couldn't. He was holding my head lightly.

He pulled back and smiled. He then sent kisses don't my neck and my collarbone. I was trying so hard not to moan, or that would give him the wrong impression. When he did that stuff I instantly thought about Zayn and I wanted to moan so badly. The way he touched my bod made me jump. He grabbed my boobs and messaged them lightly. I screamed for him to stop but he didn't. He then sucked on them causing me to moan. Oh my gosh. What did I just do? I was horrified at what he was making my body do and express.

I was crying now. I couldn't stop the tears. He slid his hand down to my area, and just when he was about the stick his hand into my core someone grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. They kept punching him in the face, and the stomach. When he slid to the ground, the kicked him a few times until he was finally knocked out. Finally my savior turned around and it was Zayn. He ran up to me and pulled me against him. "Baby, i'm so sorry. If I knew this was going to happen I would of been here faster." He said both furious, and sorry. "Its okay, but just don't leave me again please" I said back.

He unwrapped my arms, and took his shirt off and gave it to me. I quickly took it and thanked him.


I was finally home, away from all this. Zayn had offered to stay the night, and I let him. I was to scared to be by myself for they next two days, seeing as my mom was on a business trip and wouldn't be back today. I walked upstairs, and into the bathroom. I took my clothes off and put them in the hamper. I then felt the temperature of the water, and it was perfect. I got in, and let the cold drops of water slide down my back, then down the drain. I was sitting on the ground crying. My tears weren't visible because it was blending in with the water.

I got up and whipped the last tears from my eyes. I got the shampoo and squeezed some out. I massaged my scalp then rinsed my hair. Then I grabbed the soap and passes it onto my body three times before washing the traces away. When I was about to get out, Zayn came into the bathroom, and joined me. It was a big stand up shower, so we weren't squished together. We had enough personal space. He took a few steps closer to me until he was just a few inches away from me. He held my waist and crashed his lips onto mine.

I wrapped my arms around his waist to and pulled him closer towards me until there was hardly any more space left between us. He slid his tongue on my bottom lip and I opened for him. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and began exploring like usual. I broke the kiss because I had to breathe. When I turned back to him I had a perfectly good view of him. We were both naked, and the only thing that helped cover us was the steam from the shower.

I looked him up and down checking out his body. He was tanned, and he had a sexy six pack that looked good against me. He saw me looking, and pulled me closer to him. Letting my hands touch them. "You don't have to check me out, you can touch me, feel me, or stare any time you want." I blushed at what he just said. He looked me up and down, like what I had just done to him. "I love what i'm seeing was all that he said" I smirked and went closer to him. "You can touch me, feel me, or stare at me any time you want baby and you can stop drooling now." He blushed making me laugh.

He pushed me against the hard wall and pinned my arms above me head. He kissed my collarbone and started to plant small kisses up my neck. Went he got to my jaw he kissed it lightly and then crashed him lips onto mine. I kissed back with the same force. I then pulled apart, and got out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my body, then my head. For the first time, I walked into my walk-in closet to the back and grabbed a pair of pajamas's. They were black shorts, with a green tank top. I then blow dried my hair and tied it up into a messy ponytail.

I laid on the bed waiting for Zayn. When he came out he was swearing some black shorts, without a top on. Oh my fuckin' gosh. I was literally drooling. He walked over to me and pretended to rub the drool away. He got into bed, and laid down next to me. He kissed my forehead and said goodnight. I snuggled up next to him, and fell a sleep.


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Chapter 14 - Awww YES!

When I woke up, Zayn had disappeared. He wasn't beside me anymore, and that worried me. Where did he go? I looked around the room trying to see if his stuff was still here, but they weren't. Then I noticed a little piece of paper on the night stand. It was pink, and very petite. It was folded into 3 parts. Whoever did it was a really good folder. I opened it up and read "Katy, morning baby! Today's going to be a fun day, because you're spending this whole day with me like you promised. Hurry and get ready 'cause Lucia is coming over today to take you some places before you meet me."

Oh yeah, I forgot I promised him to spend the whole day with him today. I was happy, but tired so I fell asleep for 5 more minutes. When I woke up, I got off my bed and walked to my closet. I grabbed a pair of cut shorts with a t-shirt. I laid it on my dresser stand and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower then got ready.

10 minutes later Lucia was at the door. I locked the door before she dragged me in a car. In the car Sam, and Melissa were in the front. Sam drove all the way to a spa, and the girls pulled me out. I tried to escape, but it was 2 against 1. I hated spa's so much. There quote was "Beauty is pain" When they dragged me in, we went to the front desk, and checked off are names. The person at the front desk pointed to a small room where er could change.


I had finally got a pedicure, and a manicure for my nails. My hair was cut into layers, and my body felt so relaxed. We were finally done, and now I could just go home and meet up with Zayn. But before any of that could happen, I got dragged into a dress store by Melissa and Lucia. "You gotta pick out a beautiful dress" said Lucia. I looked at her confused why do I even need one? I wanted to ask, but kept my mouth shut. Both Lucia, and Melissa searched the racks for what seemed like hours then came back with a handful of dresses.

They pushed me into a change room, and made me model all the dresses for them. The dress colors were only a champagne color. No other colors! We had a huge disagreement over 2 dresses. One was strapless, and up to my knees with beaded patterns on it, while the other one was long, with the sides flowing. We decided on the strapless dress. I was going to change out of it, but then they pulled me to the cashier and paid.

Next thing I know, I was pushed into a black limo. What the hell was happening now? Wherever we were going took long to get there. It was about a 30 minutes drive. When the limo came to a stop, I got out, and it left. I didn't know where I was, and that scared me. I looked all over to see if anyone else was here, but no one else was.

On the ground I saw more pink pieces of paper that I had saw today that Zayn left me. I picked it up and read out loud "Follow the red petals and it will take you to your next clue." I looked down and saw gorgeous flower petals on the ground. They looked like they were from tulips. I followed them and it led me to another piece of paper. This time is was blue. I picked it up and read "Dear Katy, you are close to your final destination just one more stop. This time follow the little path of hearts I drew on the ground and it will lead the way. p.s I love you :)"

I smiled at that note, and put it into my purse that Melissa had picked out for me. I followed the heart patterns. It was first small pink heart that said "I" then big red heart that said "LOVE" and then small pink heart that said "YOU". When I got to the destination I gasped in awe. The sight was so beautiful that it was really hard for me to describe. It was like a little balcony, and in the middle was a table full of all my favorite foods, including a single rose in the middle.

I walked up the steps, and held the rose close to my nose to smell it. Its fumes were strong, and made me think of wonderful memories I shared with Zayn when I first meet him. "Surprise" said a familiar voice that I recognized as Zayns. I turned around and saw him standing behind me looking quite handsome. He was wearing a white dress shirt, with a red tie, and black dress pants. This was a first.

He pulled the chair out for me, and I took a seat, then he came around the other side and took a seat too. We talked about my whole afternoon, and what I felt. We were done eating, and now we were having dessert. It was chocolate covered strawberries. My favorite. I felt someone tap me on my back, so I turned around. No one was there, so I turned back, and there he was. Zayn on the ground kneeling on one knee. He held in his hands a small white box. He opened it to reveal a breathe taking ring. It was silver. In the middle was a champagne color stone, and surrounding it were with gems.

"Katy, I love you so much. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, and you would make me the happiest man alive if you married me. So Katy ...... will you marry me?" I dropped on the floor in front of him. I just came believe what happened. I had a hand over my mouth and I let out a soft whisper and said yes. He smiled and slid the right onto my finger. He got up and pulled me up too.

I kissed him one of my loving kisses, but this had deep feeling into it. He kissed me back. We pulled back a few seconds later. That's when I saw all my friends standing across from us smiling. They ran up to me and screamed a lot. "Congrats Katy" was what all of them said to me. I was sooo happy, words cant describe what i'm feeling now. I was going to spend the rest of my life with the person I loved the most, and truly that's all I ever wanted!

The End :)



Text: Leesia
Images: Google
Publication Date: 06-03-2012

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