Hello, my name is Mrs. MilkyMay Mooberry. I live in a quiet little town called Berrytonville. At least it WAS quiet, until I met my best friend. My parents and I moved here when I was 3 years old. I was a very quiet calf. I played by myself a lot so I would dream of going on wild and crazy adventures. In some of the adventures I would be an under cover spy solving ‘unsolvable’ cases or a super-hero that saves the only remaining hot cocoa factory in the world from being taken over by the Goimandian coffee dealers. Then one rainy day, when I was seven years old, my life changed forever (and so did Berrytonville!).

A family moved in next door to us. They were the strangest family I had ever seen. They were very tall, had dark fur, enormous tails and feet. Then I saw a smaller version of the two giants. She looked like she walked out of a martial arts movie. She had a black and green smooth one piece outfit, on that had little orange flowery buttons, a matching head-band and very strange shoes that had a split down the middle of her toes. Her parents were moving in some really weird equipment into their new house. There was a tall bean-bag attached to a huge metal bar that looked like a giant letter ‘C’. Then there was this wooden statue that resembled a very tall and skinny octopus and a smaller version of the same thing just with fewer ‘arms’. There were several more of these weird contraptions that made their way into the neighbors home, not to mention all the weapons!

I was sure they were ‘inner-galaxial’ spies and I made it my mission to become a real spy and investigate this new family. After sitting on my roof (camouflaged in roof shingles of course) watching the new family through my binoculars (I got them for my birthday along with a very tiny tape recorder…my parents always supported my imaginary visions of grandeur) I noticed the smaller ‘spy’ over by the edge of our yard. She was talking to herself and making these strange kicking type movements. It looked like she was trying to fight the air. I decided to move closer to the edge of the roof. I lay flat on my belly and slithered slowly to the edge. The next thing I knew I was screaming as I was spiraling to my death! I hit the ground (or what I thought was the ground), opened my eyes and was staring into a dark furry face with huge eyes. The smaller ‘spy’ let out an ear splitting scream, “AAAAHHHH”! Obviously, she wasn’t meaning to catch me. She said in an out of breath sort of way, “I wasn’t expecting that! I was just practicing a martial arts stance”. She put me down and said “Well…hi there. Are you ok”? She noticed I was speechless at that particular moment. I was still trying to collect my bearings. Everything seemed to be whirling and spinning! She hooked her arm through mine and walked me over to her porch. We sat down on the wooden bench and she said “My name is Karla Kang-Fu. We just moved here from Armidiga”. She began to tell me all about Armidiga, and once my head was not ‘spinning’ anymore we sat there for hours talking like we had known each other for years. After a near death accident (or at least it was to me) and hours of conversation, we both knew that we would not only be neighbors but best friends for life.

After that, Karla and I would go around the town and pretend to be spies, super-heroes or even fugitives. We had some great imaginary adventures back then. Little did we know that we were about to embark on a real adventure which would be only the beginning of a fantastically animated series of adventures. I think it would only be appropriate to start by telling you our very first adventure. Are you ready for some spying, crazy gadgets, a totally weird car and three very dark and mysterious strangers? Are you sure you’re ready…really ready? Okey-dokey then…here we go!



I woke up one bright and sunny morning and went into my bathroom for my daily wake-up routine. I took a shower and got dressed in my super thick purple bathrobe and purple feather slippers (my robe is covered in tiny blue and yellow daises). Then I put my hair in large curlers and covered them with a purple scarf (which has the same flower pattern as my robe) and walked downstairs into the kitchen. I put a kettle of hot water on the stove so I could make some hot chocolate (I always have to have hot cocoa in the mornings as does my husband, Mr. Marbutter Mooberry). When the kettle honked, I made myself a cup of cocoa, grabbed a Moopleberry muffin and read the morning paper.

Mr. Mooberry bounded down the stairs in a perky and up-beat sort of way. He came into the kitchen, kissed me on the forehead and said “good morning my little moon beam”. He poured himself a cup of cocoa and grabbed a muffin (this is his normal routine every morning before he goes to work). He placed them on the table next to the business section of the paper. He went over to the cabinet and then started searching all over the kitchen, paused then turned to me with a look of confusion. “MilkyMay, have you seen the lemon juice?” he asked (he ALWAYS has lemon juice in his hot chocolate). “It is in the cabinet above the stove, dear.” I said without even looking up from my paper. “I can’t find it ANYWHERE, and you know I can’t have my hot cocoa without it.” he said in a calm but panicked voice. “I guess, while Karla and I are out today, I will go to the market and buy some. For now, you will just have to drink it plain.” I replied.

Just as he was about to sit down, we heard a loud honking sound coming from a car in front of our house. It was Mr. Purrlington. He and Mr. Mooberry always rode to work together. “Got to go,” he mumbled as he stuffed his muffin into his mouth, took a sip of his cocoa (reluctantly) and grabbed his briefcase. He leaned over and kissed me goodbye then dashed out the door. As I leisurely finished my cocoa I noticed it was time to get ready for my trip to the market. I went upstairs into my bathroom and took the curlers out of my hair. I ‘painted’ my face, put on my pink dress with purple sash, little blue coat, red hiking boots and a matching hat. I went into my closet and carefully packed my “outing” bag. I never leave home without my “outing” bag. This bag has everything I could possibly need for anything that could possibly happen while I’m out. Things like a change of clothing, first aid kit, disguises, tea bags, remote controlled airplanes, and a cocoa-o-meter…you know, the important stuff. You can never be too prepared! When I was finished getting ready, I went downstairs and called Karla. She got herself ready, grabbed her “outing” bag (she has things in her bag such as her martial arts equipment, a rope, a frying pan, tranquilizer gun…the usual stuff) and came over. “Where are we going today, MilkyMay?” She asked. “We’re going to pick up some lemon juice from the market for Marbutter. We should only be gone for about a half hour or so,” I explained. “Well let’s get going then, shall we?” Karla said as we grabbed our bags and headed out the door.

We got into my car. My car does not look like your ordinary average car. It is about 30 feet long and has very bright colors (just about every color imaginable) in a checker board pattern on the outside body. The rag top roof is a bright neon purple with little yellow and blue daisies. The inside is just as wild. There are two bench seats, and just guess what color they are…PURPLE (no surprise there!). Each part of the interior is in a different color that is featured in the checkerboard ensemble on the exterior body, except for the steering wheel. It is in the same checkerboard pattern as the outside. I have 20 speakers and a CD player system that not only holds 500 CD’s but can record songs from the radio onto a CD with the touch of a button. When I push another


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Thank you to all individuals in my life that helped me remember that, no matter your age, you should never loose your childlike imagination and creativity!

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