The smell of the ocean was intoxicating. I felt the waves rock me into a trance. I leaned back on his masculine chest. He wrapped his arms around me and put his head on top of mine. I opened my eyes and saw the deep red and purple sun being swallowed by the distant waters. There were so many emotions coursing through my veins. I wanted to stay like this forever, but I knew it had to end. He was just 17 and I was leaving tomorrow. I was leaving for the rest of my life, never to come back.


As the SVU officer helped me get dressed, I turned and saw a person in the mirror. A person I didn’t recognize. I raised my hand and touched the image in the mirror. I placed it on my face. I stood there in horror. That was me in the mirror. I looked down at my body. I touched the places that were sewn together like a rag doll, and the crimson red bandages. I gently touched the places that were discolored with an almost black tint. They felt hot, and I felt the pain and liquid building up inside them.


I knew I had to let her go, but I was frozen. Frozen in doubt, pain, and uncertainty. Was I doing the right thing? I am not God. That’s His choice to decide who lives and who dies. Everyone was surrounding her bed, starring at me, waiting for me to choose. I just kept going through the memories I had with her inside my mind. Holidays, walks around the block, birthdays, they all came in such a rush. I wanted to hold on to each one forever. I gave a tearful nod, closed my eyes, and then she was gone.

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