‘No, please don’t kill my baby,’ a woman bagged, as a man in all black, all but his black eyes were covered. The man was called a kyuketsuki or ninja, but all the same. ’please,’
The man unsheathed his sword and stabbed the woman with it, the woman cried out in pain. Her eyes clouded over and the last thing she saw was that the man grabbed her son, and then she died.
The woman’s name was Aribell Shade, she was a werewolf ( not the kind that are half wolf when they change, but full wolf)
The Babies father was a vampire, he died before he knew how had gotten Aribell pregnant with their son .
The father was hunted down and stacked by a vampire slayer who had no mercy even though he knew that the father had a wife.

Chapter 1

Ding, ding, ding!
I groaned and hit my alarm off and closed my eyes once more trying to get some more sleep, yet that didn’t come.
I sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked outside of my window which I kept open all the time, not when I change so don’t worry I’m not that strange…
6:30 it said.
’ Dammit’ I muttered under my breath, Castle must have changed my alarm. He did want me to get up earlier so therefore he changed my alarm, just to get some pathetic chores done like doing the dishes, yard work and other random things.

I put the covers over my head and sighed, No I didn't want to get up but it was like I had no choice.

Castle would just come in and annoy me anyway which pissed me off. I groaned and rolled out of bed, I stumbled to the bathroom while grabbing a towel out of the cabinet,I stripped and turned on the shower. I got in and just let the water run over me, it was about 39 minutes later when I heard a banging at the locked door.

"what ?" I shouted.

" get out of the shower!" Castle growled back at me.


"I said so,"

" fine,"I turned the water off and grabbed my towel, wrapping it around my waist I pushed past the grumpy vampire then stalked toward my room.

When I had gotten dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a grey shirt I went to the kitchen, where Castle was standing he looked furious.

"What the hell," he growled ," here put this on,"

Castle gave me an all black outfit.

I hate black, my skin it pathetically pail my hair is black and my eyes are a strange color of green. So all in all it makes me look like some kind of gothic person .

"No," I argued, he stared at me with those demon like black eyes.

"Now," He used his vampiric voice, which made everyone who heard it be taken over and listen to anything that he said. It didn't work on me it never did I didn't know why, I was only human anyway.

" You know I hate that color," I said

"Yeah, I know," Castle said," But if you want to come with me today then you have to put it on,"

I thought for a moment, either it was staying home for another boring day or get changed into black clothing and going somewhere.

"Fine,"I said and grabbed the black clothes." I'll be out in a sec."

I put on the clothes, I walked up to my mirror and glared at myself, I look so stupid. I walked down stairs again.
"Eat then we'll leave," Castle said.

"Where are we going?" I asked, Castle looked at me a moment, I raised my eyebrows in anticipation.

“Were going to get you some school clothes,” he said, I almost dropped my plate.

“Wha-what?” I said shocked,” B- but Castle I’ve already finished highschool and college.”
He sighed and shook his head.

“No not for learning, for all I care you can fail,” he said,” I want you to make some friends, you’re too alone at home while I leave to do things.”

I looked at him for a moment then sat at the kitchen table and took a bite of my food, then chewed on it.

“Well I like the silence,” I said, he shook his head again, but this time in annoyance at me.

“Tristan, its not healthy for a fifteen year old boy to be alone with no one,” Castle said trying to be fatherly , I rolled my eyes and sat back in my chair.

I glared at him.

“So we’re not going on any of your jobs.”

“Not today kid,” he said,” lets get going.”

I got up and put my plate in the sink, and then followed Castle out the door.

Chapter 2

Castle drove us to the mall, which I still don't get. I still don't know why he's making me go back to school. Even Though I've already finished my schooling and my training, I could by now get my assassin's licence yet Castle still doesn't want me to get into that and it annoys the crap out of me.

He pulled into a parking space and turned off the car, I opened my door , and got out. I started walking to the building while Castle was locking the doors to his car, I never liked waiting for him or anyone really.

So I walked into the mall , and looked around. No, I didn't know what I needed I didn't really care about style as long as the clothes weren't black. I think I made my emphases on how much I hate the color. So enough of that.

I glanced behind me.Castle was standing right behind me.

" So where're we going?" I asked looking at him.

"You can go anywhere you want, I have something to do that I do not want you to get involved in," Castle pulled out his wallet and handed me over 100$. I stared at the amount of money for a moment then smiled ,and was just about to grab it when Castle shook his head," Ah, Ah,Ah, you go to the clothing stores, and buy yourselves new clothes,"

"Ughh, but Castle I wanted to buy a system," I moaned, He glared at me until I stopped complaining," Okay, okay, I'll buy some stupid clothes,"

"Good, now get going," Castle said then started walking into a store called Macy's, what an odd name for a store. I mean why is it called that it's just really stupid.

I sighed and started walking through the Mall, wishing I was somewhere else. Have I told you how much I hate crowds? Well I do with a heart filled passion, I'm serious why can't people stay home while I'm out shopping for some stupid clothing. Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I really don't care if I am because I really and truly hate people, and crowds. Maybe its come from home school or something.

As I walk through the damn crowd I knock into some girl and fall over on top of her, I quickly got up and put my hand out.

"I'm so sorry," I apologized, I looked up and saw a boy that looks about eighteen,"I-I wasn't looking where I was going,"

The girl took my hand.

"It's okay neither was I," the girl said, she looked about a year older than me, she had wavy red hair and sky blue eyes. She was pretty.

"And I'm her boyfriend," The guy who looked eighteen said, well guess I won't get a date with her,' and my names Jacob,"

"I'm Tristan," I said

"How old are you?" Jacob asked cocking his head to one side as his girlfriend gave him a strange hug.

"fifteen," I said looking him in the eyes, I know I probably shouldn't have looked at him like that, but I like when I know peoples actions. Most of the time its the eyes that tell you unless they're really good at hiding that. If they are it just gets really, really annoying.

"Seventeen," Jacob said," and Izzy is sixteen,"

"Fantastic," I said sarcastically. Jacob glared at me with his serious brown eyes.

"You better watch it,"

"Why should I?" I challenged.

"Because next time you say something rude like that, your face might be in the wall,"

"Oh? and how will that happen,"

"lemme show ya," Jacob walked over to me and grabbed my neck.

I sighed I knew what he was going to do, but I also knew he wouldn't get to do what he wished because I'm not going to let him do so.

I lifted up my leg and kicked him in the groin, he yelped and let go of me, I went into a Karate stance challenging him with my eyes. Izzy did nothing. I don't think she cared, she probably was one of those stupid girls that are giggly and frickin annoying.

I know I've never been to a real school, but I still have my opinion on girls. Ones who have whiny voices just you know piss me off.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked," For me to kiss your ass?"

Jacob snorted," why don't you?"

"Nah, I don't think I will I'm not that kind of guy," I sighed then went out of my stance, I've wasted enough time here." g'bye losers,"

I turned around, and left.

I probably should have payed more attention to what castle was teaching me because a second later I was laying flat on the ground. I think I also tasted some dirt form the Mall tiles. Gross.

"Don't you dare talk to my girlfriend and me like that!" He shouted with anger. I got to my knees then stood.

I sighed and cracked my neck.

"Go away," I said," you're annoying. you've had your fun just as I have now leave me be,"

"You're rude," Izzy pipped up.

My eyes turned to her, sure the girl was pretty, but I hated how she was like. Hmm reminds me of something Castle has told me. Don't judge something just by the way it looks 'cause it just might deceive you. I think in this case he was right.

No I'm not a very nice person you have already seen that, but sometimes I really don't care, plus today was an off day. We all have those don't we, and all of the times they really, really ,really suck.

I turned away from her without a word, I needed new clothes like Castle said so might as well go find some.

Chapter 3

When I got to a store that looked interesting I walked in it, I bumped into a girl. She had blonde boy short hair, and sparkly green eyes. She looked up at me, and smiled.

"Hi," She said

"Uh, hey," I said staring at her like an idiot. She looked back at some music disks.

"So who do you think is better, green day or Red?" She asked.

I was silent for a moment trying to think.

"I like Red better, they're better then Green Day, Green day is just to slow for me I like speed," I said then shrugged.

"What about Linkin Park?"

"They're okay,"

"Hmm, Skillet?"

"That's a christian band right?" I asked looking down at her, she was kind of short, but she was much kinder than the other girl I had met earlier.

"They are," She stated," I like their song called hero,"

" Hmm, really?"


"So are you Christian or something?"

"I am Christian, my mom thinks I'm not though because of the way I act some of the times, but you know ever human sins," She shrugged, then looked up at me," So what's your name?"

"Tristan Night Shade," I said giving her my full name for some reason.

"I'm Olivia Jes Red," She smiled," how old are you?"

"Uh, fifteen,"

"I'm fifteen also,

"Cool," I sighed looking up at the dark ceiling again. I really did feel trapt, but I'm now sure why the wall scared my like they were going to cave in and suffocate me.

"Hey you okay," Olivia looked up at me with concerned eyes.


"What's wrong?"

"Th- I don't know I just hate inclosed spaces," I said, Olivia smiled, and grabbed my arm then started making me walk out of the store.

"Is that better?" She asked.

I looked around and nodded in thanks, I shouldn't go shopping I suppose. I glanced up at the sign of the store I was just in. HOT TOPIC. Again strange name.

"Hey do you want to go to the cafiteria to get some food?"

"Sure," I said then rubbed my forehead.

I had started to develoup a headache, I started blinking as black spots formed in my vision. I stumbled,I think I heard someone call my name when I passed out on the tiles.

Chapter 4

When I opened my eyes again my whole body hurt, same with my head. I opened my eyes, I was in a bed, and I think in my room. It was really hard to breath, and I had no idea what was happening to me.

I heard someone walk into my room, I turned over to see who it was. Bad idea. It sent a wave of nausea to me.
It was Castle.

"How are you?" His words seemed watery like I couldn't quite hear him right.

"I-I don't know," I whispered my voice ruff and it hurt to talk.

"Okay not listen to me,"

 I looked at him.

"Tristan, I have something to tell you that I think I should have told you a really long time ago," Castle sighed as he sat down on a chair.

He told me everything.

How I wasn't human not even close.

I'm a half-breed.

Half werewolf

Half vampire.

He also told me that both of the bloods I carry in me are trying to win me over to what I am going to be. I could possibly die he told me. Castle told me this had happened before ,and the other child died at my age.

I really hope that doesn't happen.

Chapter 5

It was a week later and I found out that I was going back to school.



I truly didn't want to go back to school wasn't once enough? I suppose not for Castle any way he's a damn blood sucker, though I guess I'm half that so I shouldn't make fun.
Castle made me get ready that morning even though I was tired I did what I was told, maybe it was because I was to tired to be relusent toward him or something.

When we got into the car Castle started a huge lecture about being good, I listened to part of it then tuned him out as we drove to my new school.
We got to the school at 7:30, lots of people were there at this early in the morning, and I thought to myself wow these kids are crazy.
I got out of the car and started walking toward the school, Castle left the parking lot as I opened the door to the school office. So I needed to get my schedule.
" Who're you?" the woman at the office asked.
"Uh, Tristan Night," I said, she nodded.
" you must be the new kid right?"
I nodded.
" Very well here's your schedule,"
I said thanks then left.

I looked down at my schedule.
1. english
2. history
3. ancient arts
4. P.E
Lunch hall
6. math
7. science

I groaned, I hated all of these subjects, I truly wanted to rip the thing apart so that I could ask if I could have different subjects. I didn't because I knew that would get me in trouble.
I found my locker and opened it, and put my lunch in it. closed it, then went on my way to English.

When I got to the class the bell had already rung, and I knew I was late. New kid late, doesn't this always happen?

I opened the door to the English room, and walked in. Everyone was staring at me, I brushed my black bangs into my eyes. I hated when people stared at me, it made me feel uneasy.

"Who're you?" the teacher asked, the teacher was a fat old man with no hair ,and dressed in a suit that didn't quite fit him. He was quite ugly.

"Tristan Night," I answered.

"you're the new kid i heard that we were getting,"

"Yes, sir," I said trying to be polite.

The man gave me a strange look like I wasn't suppose to be this polite, what did he want me to be a dick to him?

"Tell the class who you are and where you went to school before you transferred," The fat man said.

I nodded.

"Hi, I'm Tristan, I'm fifteen, and I finished College," I said, I smirked as I saw shocked faces. Like they were thinking is this really true and why is he back in school?

"Mr. Night why are you back in school then?"

"Ask my Guardian," I told him then went to the back of the class and sat down at a desk that was next to a boy that had black hair , bright blue eyes , and eyeliner underneath them. The boy gave me a weird look, I looked away. For some reason when he did that I felt warm inside, wait hold up. That's not right I should be having these feelings for girls not guys. I shook my head and looked away.

Chapter 6

It was forth period and I had to go to P.E. I've never liked to run just because I had to, I only liked to do it when it was my choice. Castle learned that so he never made me go on runs to get exercise he just would say,' you probably should go on a run'.

I walked into the boy's locker room, a boy with blond hair and grey eyes looked at me he was already wearing his P.E uniform.

"So you're the new kid," the boy said, I nodded looking down at the tiles," what's your name?"

"Tristan Night," I said.

"Wait you have a vampire last name,"

"Wait what?"

"Yeah, Night, its an old Vampire last name,"

"How do you know that?"

"Because this is a supernatural school, meaning here at Mystery," The boy said," I'm Josh Milrick, by the way,"

I nodded," So then what are you?"

"I'm a half-fairy, my dads a human," He said," What are you?"

"Half vampire and half-werewolf," I told him then shrugged," weird right,"

"Not really, its kind of cool,"

"How so?" I asked," Aren't they suppose to hate each other?"

"That may be true," Josh said, looking away.

I sighed, and looked at Josh; he was cute, he had soft green eyes and blond hair and..... I looked away. What was wrong with me? I wondered . I wasn't suppose to be thinking like this was I?

"You okay?" Josh asked, I nodded.

"It seems that I don't have P.E clothes at the moment,"

"Wanna' borrow my extras?" he asked," you look the same size as me,"

"Sure," I said smiling, he gave me a strange look, then grabbed his extra gym clothes out of his locker then gave them to me. " thanks."

I turned around, and took off my shirt then put on the P.E shirt, then took off my jeans and put on the shorts. I got a strange feeling that Josh was watching me, and what scared me is that I really didn't mind.

When we walked out of the locker room, and into the gym. A woman that was heavy set and had a whistle around her neck was yelling at people to go take three laps around the gym. I sighed and followed the command seeing as how I was in this class.

"Kid!" the woman yelled at me," was' your name,"

"Tristan Night ma'am," I said.

"You're de' new kid arencha'," She said, I nodded, she was using bad grammer, and it was like nails on a chalk board. It was horrid, I figured I didn't like her that well.


"Okay," She looked at everyone else as they started surrounding us," Ever'one do twenty push-ups now!"

Everyone dropped down, and started to do them, she looked at me," New kid do wha' I say got dat?"

I nodded and started doing push-ups like everyone else, they were easy, but looking at everyone else they looked like they weren't in good shape. I finished mine before everyone else, and started walking around the gym court.

I was thinking back in the locker room when i started thinking Josh was cute, I'm a boy not a girl , and I can't be gay. I've always liked girl like in the movies or whatever, and have always thought that they were hot.

Then why did I think that boy in English was cute and some with Josh? I then thought of something, Castle has never said anything about people being gay or straight he'd always said everyone practically was the same.

Now I'm making no sense what-so-ever.


After P.E and I was in the locker room with everyone else I caught myself looking at a boy with red hair and light blue eyes. I could tell he was well muscled, and he also finished with the push-ups a second after me.

No one was really talking to him; I didn't think any one liked him because everyone kept staying away from him. It was kind of like that kid in English that morning, no one wanted to sit by him, yet I did.

The red head looked up and his eyes widened as he stared at me, it was like I was intranced by just the color of his eyes.

They were beautiful, it was such a light color of blue the most interesting I have ever seen. I have seen many different colors of eyes while I was on my adventures with Castle.

We kept staring at eachother until the bell rang, and we both jumped. The boy got up and walked out of the locker-room. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

It was Josh," Hey, why were you staring at Derek?"

"That's his name?" I asked, Josh nodded," I-I don't know,"

"Are you gay?"

"What? No of course not," I said curtly , I turned grabbing my back pack.

"Hey Tristan,"

I paused.

"Even if you were I wouldn't mind being friends with you,"

"Nice to know, but I assure you I am not gay," I said, when I said that I felt like I was lying to myself, I have never thought this way before so why now , why when I go back to high school I start thinking like this?

I walked out of the locker-room.

Chapter 7

When I got home Castle was gone, he had left a note on the kitchen table saying that he wouldn't be home until tonight.

So I thought that I would go to the library, and get my work done there.

I got on my bike and started riding to the library, I had always loved going the library as a child, and Castle always liked when I left the house as a kid. I was a loud kid whan I was little , and if I had a sibling I'd probably be bossy too.

When I got there I parked, my bike and locked it to a bar.

I went inside.

I walked up stairs to the teen section, and sat at a table. I brought my homework out, and started it.

It was about fifteen minuets later when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I was so emeresed in my homework that when that happened i jumped, and almost shouted.

I looked to see who it was. The boy with redhair was standing there.

"May I study with you?" he asked, I just gave a slight nod, and went back to my work, but now I was distracted by the boy.

"So what's your name, " I asked," I'm Tristan Night,"

"Oh, uh I'm Derek Sound," He said, giving me a smile. I looked down , and blushed.

"Nice to meet you," I said in a shy voice, why was I acting like this. As much as I try not to I end up acting like this, before I changed I never acted this was toward other boys. Could there have made a change inside me that is making me acting like this? I didn't know.

"You're a Night?"

I nodded looking down at my English book that was exteremly boring, it was (The Adventers of Huckleberry Finn) I think I've read this once, I hated it. I put down my book, and looked at Derek who was also reading the same book.

Derek looked up from his book, and stared at me

"What are you anyway?" He asked," I'm a Siren... or Crooner what ever you like?"

I shivered, I knew what they were , and what they were capable of doing.

"I'm a half-breed," I shrugged," Of a vampire and a werewolf,"

He raised an eyebrow,"Really?"

 I nodded.

" You know this now because you've started changing right?" He asked, I just nodded," Well, I've heard that most of those who are like you have a strange to what they like,"

"In what way?" I asked curiuos.

"Well, some say, some half-breeds turn gay, or they start turning hostile, and what they only eat is rare meat and drink blood," He shrugged," There could be many other cases too where they get both, they can also stay straight ,and just be hostile,"

"How do you know this,"

"My older brother had a friend that was a half-breed like you,"


"Yeah, they're married now," He said.

I just stared at him with the most blank look I've ever given anyone in my whole life.

"Are you serious," He smiled," Nope that whole thing was a joke,"

I closed my eyes, and almost growled at him. I had always hated when people play jokes on me, speceilly when they sound so seriuos.

"Can I kill you now?" I asked, his eyebrows shot up as he stared at my burning green eyes.

"No you can't , though I'm pretty sure you're capable of killing me," Derek said.

I calmed myself down, and gave him a smile.

"Asking as a friend, are you attracted to guys or girls," I asked.

He paused for a moment.

"Why?" He finally asked.

"just answer the question,"

"No, why?"

"why were you staring at me in the locker-room?" I asked.

"'Cause I was curiuose of you," he shrugged," plus you have pretty green eyes,"

My jaw dropped slightly.

"Derek are you gay?" I asked .

"Maybe," He said," Are you?"

"No, I'm not," I said," Asking what does maybe mean?"

"Means yes," Derek shrugged," Don't tell anyone kay? no one else knows,"

" I wont tell then," I told him and smiled.

"Thank you." He smiled,"But you know you are cute."

I looked at him for a moment then smiled,"Um thanks."

"No problem." Derek said," Do you have a problem with me being gay?"

"No." I looked at him, I glanced down at my watch."Hey want to come over?"

"Sure." He smiled," where do you live."

"We'll walk there, a block down." I stood up.

 We headed to my house.

Chapter 8

When we got to my house I showed him around, he seemed to like the place. Though it was odd having someone look at me the way he did. He was kind of cute, I have to admit.

I blinked and looked at Derek, what was I thinking? I liked girls, or maybe I like boys too. I was confused.

"So Tristan." He looked at me, with a smile."Are you sure you don't like boys?"

I shrugged and sat down on the couch, we were in my living room."I don't know, I'm kind of confused right now."

Derek sat beside me then looked at me," Let me help you with that." He moved in before I could even move, and he kissed me on the lips. My eyes went wide, but then for some reason i kissed back. I was enjoying this, 'What was wrong with me?'

He pulled away then smiled,"You liked it." he chuckled.

I looked down and blushed,"No. no I didn't."

"Yes you did." He scooted a little closer to me then wrapped his arms around me. I looked at him innocently.

"Okay maybe I did." I said in a small voice, then looked at him and smiled.

"You're so cute when you blush." Derek said and hugged me closer to him. I giggled and looked in his mixed colored eyes. I felt like I couldn't really think anymore. I closed my eyes then opened them.

"Alright maybe I don't mind this." I sighed and leaned into him.

(That was the day I found out I was Bi)



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