Thirst Meeting

Standford College was one of the best in the whole country especially if you wanted to become a doctor or a lawyer. Stacey Jones was in her second year of college she was single at least till now, as this year would change her whole life. She had three best friend one of them was since primary school and the other when she started college.

At lunch time she was thinking what can she do to get enough money for a new car. She couldn’t have asked her stepfather for new car as he had his own car company but Stacey was to independent to ask she had to get what she wanted without people help. That's just the person she was. So to get enough money to buy a car she needed a job and she know where to get one. Student help office. After the last bell went she went to her locker dropped of her books and went to Student help office to get a job.

As she opened the door slowly she notice a young men (in his young twenties) sitting in a black chair, he had his legs up on the desk and was reading about haw to live after divorce. Wow shocking so young and after divorce already. But at least he didn't have any kids. He had black hair and brown eyes and he was wearing very cute suite which made him so attractive. As soon as he heard the door open he moved his legs. Stacey gave herself a little smile but not to big just in case the new stranger came out to be mean. She was walking slowly looking at his good-looking face. Suddenly he got up and pulled the chair for her like a gentlemen. He sat down opposite Stacey and they started talking.

"Good afternoon I go to 13a and i need your help". Stacey Said
"Nice to meet you my name is Bill Williams, i will do anything to help you" He said with a smile in his eyes.
"I need a temporary job, i need to buy a new car" Stacey said
"Okay there is one job that you will like, there is a job in studying direction it's 1700 pound monthly. I will print it out for you". He said
"Thank you so much, i totally own you one." she said it while staring straight at his eyes.

He passed her the paper with all the information on. She pulled her hand out to get it but she didn't look and she touched his hand. He dropped the paper as he felt an electricity passing through him. She grabbed the paper and left his office with a quiet "goodbye".
She felt the same thing, she felt the electricity passing through her just like him.

The next day she felt so happy she had a good job, great friends. So she decided to go to Bill and thank him for the job. On the way she stopped in a book store and she brought a book about happiness after divorce. She packed it and went to her college. It was her day off but she just felt like thank him.
She knocked on his door office and heard deep sexy voice saying "come in".
Bill was surprised by anyone coming in at this hour so he went to try open the door but at the same time Stacey opened the door. Their bodies banged into each other and fell on the floor.
He was one the floor and he was on top of her but she didn't hit her head because he was holding her head. Both of them kept on looking deep into each other's eyes. His other hand was on her waist he hold her so tight, like he hoped to keep her for ever.

"Can you let go of my waist please" she asked
"Yeah sorry" he said with a so sad
"It's okay, thanks for not letting me break my head in two pieces" She made a little joke about the whole situation.
"Anytime" He said while staring in her eyes
She looked into his but looked away and picked the present up and put it on his desk. Also she looked one more time and said goodbye and left his office.

Something happened

Stacey was walking alone to a newly open club in the city centre. All of her friends couldn't come as they had important exam so they stayed home and revised. Stacey was always a golden student but she did have a bit of a crazy side. When she went to a club or a part she always a had a line of boys lining up for her. She always had free drinks nobody cared how old she was everybody just cared how beautiful she was. She was so beautiful that when a man looked at her he fell in love with her in a second. Although boys loved her she never loved them back, she wasn't a slut, well she had sexual partners but she never cheated on none of them. In her live time she had about four proper boyfriends but the relationships never lasted longer than three months.

While walking into the club everyone turned around and started to stare at Stacey. She walked slowly to the bar and asked for a coke. She wanted something stronger but she was 17. She would be 18 in five months.
While sitting by the bar a guy came and sit by her, he was tall and very good looking he offered her a martini and she accepted, all together she drank about seven drinks so she was getting quite drunk.

Then the guy moved closer to her and started whispering to her ear about them having sex. Stacey was angry about what he said so she tried to move but she couldn't, her whole body was paralyzed. He drugged her. The guy moved one hand on her arm and the other on her knee moving slowly up. She tried to speak or move but she just didn't have enough energy to do so.

Bill was sitting at the end of the large hall, he thought he saw Stacey but he wasn't sure so he walked toward her and then he notice that a young dude was trying to touch her. He turned all red with anger because he felt something to Stacey but was to ashamed to say anything. But then he notice her face expression she was sad, disgusted. He didn't even think one more second he walked straight to him punched the dude and when to check if Stacey was ok. The guy went flying on the floor he didn't even get up the punch was to hard.

Bill picked her up bride's style and took her to his car. She put her hand around his neck and her head on his chest, she could feel his muscular chest. He put her gently on the back seat of his car. He got in and drive away.

As a deputy head he knew in how much trouble he was. He knew that of anybody found out he would be in huge trouble but he didn't care he just wanted to make sure Stacey was ok.
He took her to his luxury apartment.
In the car she felt asleep, when he parked the car he picked her up gently and took her upstairs to his bedroom. He put her gently on the bed while he took the sofa in the living room.

It was eight o’clock and Stacey woke up by a quiet alarm bell. When she opened her eyes she saw an unknown bedroom with no photographs on the wall. She knew that nothing happened because she felt normal except the huge hangover. She looked around and saw water on the left side of the bed.

She heard foot steps in the corridor. She wasn't scared she was more excited to find out who it was. Suddenly the door open and Bill came in with a tray full of breakfast. There was pancakes, orange juice and lots more. She looked at him with a bright smile, she was happy that it was him. She remembered the last thing it was his face, Bill was in the club.
He saw her huge smile and he did the same, with a graceful look he sat by her passing her the tray.

"What happened last night" said Stacey

"You got drunk in the club and you nearly got reaped by a young perv". said Bill

"I can't remember a thing" said Stacey

"That's because you drank too much alcohol" said Bill

"Thanks’ Mr Williams totally own you one again" said Stacey with a small smile

"You don't own me anything Stacey, I'm glad i could help you, please eat you need your strength" said Bill

"But I’m not hungry" said Stacey

"You need to eat, either you eat by yourself or I’m going to feed you like a baby" said Bill

"You wouldn't dare" said Stacey

Bill looked at her and then at the pancake, then he started cutting the pancake and trying to feed her.
Stacey didn't open her mouth and the pancake fell on her beautiful top. They looked at each other and smiled. They got up Bill went to the kitchen to get a cloth and Stacey got up from the bed and took her top of. She was only wearing her red sexy bra. It was her favourite top so she wanted to wash the stain out straight away.
Bill walked in with a cloth in his hands he didn't look at her until he was right opposite her.
They both stared at each other. Bill though how beautiful she was how sexy she looked but he couldn't do anything he didn't know how Stacey felt about him.
He turned around and told her where the bath room was. She picked up her top and went to the bathroom quickly.

After about ten minutes Stacey left the bathroom with her top on her.

"I should go" said Stacey

"Sure" said Bill

"Thanks for everything again" said Stacey

"No problem, but next time don't drink that much alcohol. Do you want me to drop you of home" asked Bill

"No that's okay i already called a cab" said Stacey

"Well then goodbye" said Bill

The whole situation looked so awkward, the truth was that both of them wanted to kiss till the world ended.
Stacey looked sad but she didn't look back she went and closed the door behind her.

First touch

It was Monday morning, Stacey was getting ready for school when her phone rang. She picked it up and answered at first she didn't know if she should because it was a blocked number, but her instinct was telling her to pick it up so she did.

"Who is it" said Stacey

"It's me bill, can you come to my office in the morning, i need to apologize for what happened on Saturday." said Bill

"Ok i will come but there's nothing to apologize for" said Stacey

"Just please come" said Bill

"Ok, I will be there in half an hour" said Stacey

"See you there" said Bill

Stacey thought about getting a cab but she would have to wait for half an hour so she borrowed one of her step-dad's car because he had three. She wrote a note and left it on the kitchen table, took the keys to the car and drive away.

She didn't really understand what was happening to her she never felt like this. She never felt like this or similar around her boyfriends. When she heard that it was Bill on the phone her heart started pumping ten times more blood around her body.
She couldn't wait till she will see him she couldn't believe what she was thinking. And why her heart didn't listen to her, it's like it had it's own world and didn't care what the brain wanted. If her mom would find out about her feeling toward her teacher, she would be dead and so would be the teacher.

Bill felt the same way, you could tell by the way he has been acting around her, the way he looked at her. He looked like he wanted one thing in his life her. Without even knowing he started to fall in love with her. With his soul mate.

She walked slowly to his office to make sure this time they wouldn't bang into each other. Well if they would she would love it and so would he.
She knocked on the door, and a deep sexy voice answered.
She opened the door and noticed that Bill was sitting reading the book i gave him. He looked up in not too happy smile.
His eyes were full of desire, full of sadness that filled with happiness when he saw Stacey.
He got up and sat on the edge of his desk.

"Stacey you are a great student, you have a bright future in front of you" said Bill

"I don't understand" said Stacey

"Because you are beautiful but you can't act like you acted in the club, do you understand" asked Bill

"Look i'm sor...." started to say Stacey but didn't have time to finish because Bill put his left hand on her waist and his right hand on the back of her head.
They stared into each other until none of them could control their desires anymore.

He kissed her, she kissed him back. Their were as one nothing could separate them their were kissing in such an unique way.
Suddenly bill started un zipping her top, Stacey liked the idea because she took it of and was left with her t-shirt, then she stated helping him taking his jacket off. Their mouth looked so lost when they stopped kissing to finished taking his shirt off until he was topless.
She took of her t-shirt and was left with only her new black even more sexy bra.
Bill pushed everything off his desk and picked Stacey up and put her on top of the desk. They kept on kissing, touching each other. Bill kissed her neck softly making his way up to her beautiful red lips
This is stressing me.(Professor Green, never be a right time)His phone rang.


His mouth tasted so good, he smelled like a model, his body was just perfect. Stacey was use to hot guys but Bill was so much better in so many ways.
The phone carried on ringing Bill didn’t care he just carried on kissing Stacey, but Stacey couldn’t, she already felt bad about kissing a deputy head. She pulled away so it was impossible for him to kiss her.
“I think you should answer you phone” While saying it she passed him his phone which was on the desk. He took the phone gently. He looked at the screen and wasn’t too happy about the person that was calling him. Stacey saw the name as well and she wasn’t too happy because it was a woman’s name Alex Williams. (His wife) Stacey never felt jealous until now.

Her face turned slightly red with jealousy. She couldn’t stay there no longer without exploding so she put on her t-shirt over her bra and picked up her top.
“What do you want Alex” Bill said with irritating voice.
“Well hello too you two” Said Alex with a sweet adorable voice
“I asked you what you want so answer me”
“Is that the way to speak to your wife” Alex was getting frustrated
“You are not my wife, we got a divorce remember Alex”
“ Oh come on tiger, I now you love me like I love you”
“You are crazy, you really need to see a doctor”
“Yeah baby I’m crazy for you”

Bill shocked his head, he couldn’t believe how Alex was acting.
Stacey looked at him and the phone, she heard the whole conversation while she was getting dressed.
She picked up her purse and started walking towards the door. “Wait Stacey” Said Bill putting down the phone and looked at her.
“Who’s Stacey, Bill are you cheating on me, hello are you there” Screamed Alexandra over the phone so Stacey and Bill heard it. Stacey looked at him and then at the phone and said “your wife wants to talk to you” then walked out with out saying bye.

Bill didn’t know what to do, he was so confused about what had just happened.
Alex didn’t give up, she was still trying to talk to Bill, “Bill who is Stacey, are you cheating on me”
“That is none of your business and don’t call me ever again” after saying his last words he has thrown the phone away and ran out after Stacey but she was gone and there was no sight of her.

Stacey tried to act normal in all of her lessons but it was hard as her thoughts kept going back in time when she and bill were kissing. She wanted to skip all of her lessons but college was the most important thing in her life, hundred of people would kill to be her. Standford college was a privet school located in the west central part of London. It was a very expensive school but it was different then other private school in Standford you had to get at least a B in all of your subjects to get in.

After class she was going to the parking lot to drive home but on her way she came across Stefan, the hottest guy in school and the biggest womanizer. He asked Stacey out about ten times, each time he broke up with his girlfriend. But Stacey always said no. Stefan broke-up with a girl yesterday so that meant that he was going to ask Stacey again if she wanted to be his new girlfriend. And that usually lasted for a week. Stacey wanted to say no but a yes came out form her lips she thought about changing it to no but there was no reason to, she was single for a long time and she disserved some fun.

Stefan smiled, gave a Stacey gentle kiss on her cheek and left. She walked towards her car to ride home from such a weird day but the car didn’t want to start, she tried about five times but nothing happened. She tried for the last time but nothing happened. So she got out and tied to call her friends but her phone was dead as well. The only option left was to go inside and ask somebody for a phone. So she shut the door and she was just about to start walking but a car stopped in front of her. She new the car but she had no idea who the car belonged to. The car looked very expensive

The cars window opened and Stacey froze it was Bill. “You look like you need a ride” said deep sexy voice. Stacey wanted and needed the ride but she was afraid of what might happen, because she couldn’t control herself around him. “Yeah my car broke down” Said Stacey while staring at the car not at Bill. “Come on then I will drop you off then” Said Bill with a smile. “Thanks Mr Williams” Said Stacey still not looking at Bill. This was the second time she was in the car and she loved every second of it. Bill started the car and started driving to Stacey’s house.
“So what happened to your car”
“I think the car got angry at me so it decided to die” Stacey smiled and Bill gave a little joking smile.
“Stacey about what happened in the morning” Stacey’s smile change into a sad look.
“I would understand if you would go to the head teacher said what happened”
“But you would get fired”
“By the way I acted I should be send to jail”
“I will not tell anybody about what happened”
“What we did was bad and it can never happen again, do you understand”
Stacey looked in front of her and dropped one beautiful tear, the tear was going gently down her soft cheek.
“Stacey don’t cry ” Stacey smiled and looked at him.
“I don’t even know why I’m crying”
Just after she said it Bill stopped the car. Stacey looked and saw her house about 100 meters away.
She wanted to say something but it was so awkward already so she just said goodbye and left, leaving a handsome, sexy guy behind.


She knew that kissing a teacher was something she couldn’t do. Stacey never felt like she belonged anywhere, at home she was lonely and at school everybody loved her. She didn’t like being lonely but in school she couldn’t think because everybody wanted to her.

Everybody wanted to be Stacey except Stacey she hated her life, she had everything but she still felt empty inside. Something was missing, some part of her was missing. The other half of her was gone and she couldn’t find it. The only time she felt happy was around Bill but maybe that was because it felt so wrong and at the same time it felt so right.

Stacey’s mom was sitting in the lounge with John her husband they were talking about Christmas. This was the biggest celebration in the Jones’s family. Every year couple of days before Christmas they made this huge party, there were about seventy people. The house is quite big it has two lounges and seven bedrooms also the house had enormous garden. There were only four people living in the house so there were couple bedrooms left for guests.

The party was the day after tomorrow so the house was getting ready, there were people putting up decorations. Stacey hated the party’s she had no privacy and everybody acted so weirdly and most of the people got drunk after a couple of hours.
Stacey had everything what she wanted including popularity, friends, boyfriends and money. But she wanted something different something she didn’t have something she could only dream about.

“What are you looking at, my beautiful” said Bill leaning over to kiss Stacey. “It’s all so perfect you and me together” answered Stacey while kissed Bill. “Stacey we are meant for each other, I don’t care what people will say, I love you”. Said Bill kissing Stacey. His lips when down to her neck. He kissed her neck slowly making his way up. “I love you too” Said Stacey.

“Wake up Stacey you will be late for school” said her mother. Stacey opened her eyes and realised that her kissing Bill was a dream. She nearly started crying she wanted it so much to be true. She was so sad that it was just a dream she wanted it so much to be a reality. Maybe it was all a dream maybe they never kissed, maybe she is imagining the butterflies in her stomach, maybe all of this never happened.

Stacey skipped a day of school but she decided to go to Stephans’s house. His house was huge it had about ten bedrooms and his front door was about the size of her whole bedroom. Stacey walked over to the door and knocked. Stephan opened the door and made a small cute smirk. Stacey walked inside looking directly into Stephan’s eyes. Stephan closed the door behind Stacey but he as well didn’t take his eyes off Stacey. Stacey walked into a living room, she notice a photograph so she picked it up.
“That’s me when I was ten” Said Stephan but instead of looking at the photograph he was looking at Stacey. “You use to be so cute” Joked Stacey. “So you don’t think I’m cute”
“I never said that, I think you are still a bit cute”
“A bit” Said Louis with a sexy angry voice.
“Well I’m just going have to change your mind” Said Stephan. Stephan didn’t wait another second he started kissing Stacey, faster and faster. Stacey didn’t kiss him back but she didn’t pull back.
She though about Bill the whole time Stephan was kissing her.
She wanted Bill to be Stephan, just for one day just for one kiss, just for one touch. But that would never happen.

She pulled back and put her hand on Stephans’s chest so he wouldn’t’ kiss her.” What’s up Stacey, I though you want it” Said Stephan with a confused look.
“I do but not today”
“I understand” He touched her cheek gently
Stacey looked Surprised, Stephan never understudy nobody he just thought about on thing
“You are worth waiting for” Added Stephan

Stacey couldn’t believe what she heard, Stephan would wait for her. Wow that’s a kind of Stephan she never knew. Stephan kiss was one of the best she ever had except Bill, Bill kiss was perfect the timing, everything.
She tried so hard to forget about Bill but Bill was even in her dreams. She loved him and the only way to stop was to fall in love with someone else. But the problem was that Stacey couldn’t, love was the hardest emotion for her. She never loved no one except for her parents. She never loved a guy it was impossible for her. She felt something towards Bill but was it love or was it confusion.
It’s like Romeo and Juliet. Forbidden love. Love that can never happen. Making two people miserable.

Stacey left the house when her best friend texted her asking how the date was.

So how was the date
You will be surprised, Stephan is actually sweet
Omg, you did it with him
No, I’m not a slut
Then what happened
He acted like he cares about me
Are we talking about the same Stephan
Stop joking around, Stephan has changed
Yeah right, I will believe it when I see it
What ever got to go see you tomorrow at school
Bye Stacey
Bye Laura

The next day was like no other but at the same time so different. At lunch time in the cantina she saw Stephan. She didn’t know what to do, her friends were pushing her to go to him. But Stacey wasn’t sure. She had no idea how he was going to react. But her friends gave her no choice so she started walking to him, but half way there she noticed how she was walking. It was a goofy walk so she immediately changed it to a full of confidence walk and she started to walk like professional model.

Stephan table was always filled with boys sitting down and all girls standing up and dribbling over the guys. The girls weren’t popular, they were sluts trying to get popular by sleeping with a popular guys but that never worked. Boys wanted something they couldn’t get.

All of the boys on the table including Stephan noticed Stacey walking towards them. Half of them started to dribble like some crazy dudes. And that made Stacey smile, she knew that she could have everyone except one person Bill and that’s what made her want him even more.
By their looks they were latterly begging her to come over to them. Stephan noticed how all of them looked at Stacey and that made him full of jealousy. “Stac come over hear” said Stephan pointing at an empty chair opposite him.
Stacey smiled and walked over and sat down looking deep into Stephans’s eyes and she could see that they were full of jealousy. But what was he jealous of, it’s not like they were dating or were they. Though Stacey.

“what’s up sexy” said some random guy.
“Get out of here” said Stephan with an angry face
The guy started running before Stephan finished his sentence.
The girls around the table didn’t get no attention so they all left leaving Stacey all alone with seven guys. “Hey bro is this you girlfriend” Asked some stranger that Stacey never saw before.
Stephan didn’t quite know what to say. Stacey thought about trying to fall in love and Stephan was the perfect match, so she thought what the hell I have nothing to lose. So Stacey gave him a look that meant yes. Stephan looked so relived, so happy like he just won a million bucks.
“Yeah she’s my girl” Said Stephan with a cute smirk

Wow she was officially Stephan’s girlfriend, what has she done. Stephan moved over and sat beside Stacey putting his arm around Stacey’s shoulder. Announcing to the whole school that they were officially together.

The bell went for the next lesson and everybody started to leave the cantina except Stephan and Stacey they were too busy making out.
At the end of each lunch time teachers checked if all students left for their next lesson. Usually it’s a senior teacher like a Head teacher or vice deputy.

Everybody was gone except Stacey and Stephan. They didn’t even noticed when Mr Williams was going towards them. They were too busy kissing.
Bill was standing there watching them with anger and jealousy. They didn’t move, so Bill decided to clear his voice so they can stop kissing and look at him.
Stacey was the first to stop. She looked up and saw Bill. She was so scared, she didn’t even move, she just stared at Bill.
Stephan got up and started making some lame excuses for both of them. Bill didn’t want to listen he was too angry.
“Get to your class” said Bill looking angrily at Stacey.

Forgive and forget

Bill felt strange he wanted to say how he felt but at the same time it was too hard for him. He wanted to be with her, that was his dream but it could never happened for one he was a teacher and she had a boyfriend. And yet again he new that she felt something and so did he. From the first time he saw her he knew that she was the one. His soul mate the other half of him.

She wanted Bill more then anything but she couldn’t’t show it.
For a second she though about braking up with Stephan but there was no point she could never be with Bill. It was illegal for them to be together.

Stephan left for class right after they left the cantina. Stacey didn’t want to go to lesson she needed to take a deep breath which she couldn’t do in public. So she went to the girls toilet. But instead of breathing she started to day dream.
Stacey loved to day dream sometimes about her future and sometimes about meeting the perfect guy. But that made her late to most of her lessons. One of her teacher’s noticed that and the teacher send her to the deputy head to sort it out.

Stacey had to go to Bill right after he saw her kissing a popular jerk. She thought about him and his reaction and she got the chills at the back of her neck and butterflies in her stomach.
“Come in” Said Bill when he hear a knock on his door. Stacey wanted to run away when she heard his voice but that would only make things worst. She opened the door carefully and walked in.

Bill was reading the book Stacey got him. She smiled because he looked very interested about the book. Her smile made her even more beautiful.

Bill looked up and saw Stacey right opposite him. He put the book into his draw straight away hopping that Stacey didn’t see him reading it.

“Why are you here” Said Bill with an angry expression
“I was late to class and my teacher send me here” Explained Stacey
“Again” said Bill
“I see the new boy of yours has changed you completely” said Bill
“Why, are you jealous” Said Stacey with a small joking smile.
“Stacey I didn’t mean” Said Bill
“I know what you meant” Answered Stacey with a sad smile
Bill looked sad and disappointed at the same time at what he said.
“I won’t be late again, I promise” Said Stacey

Bill wanted to say something but instead he looked deep into her eyes.
“I should get going” said Stacey. She wanted to stay longer but if she did, she would end up kissing him so the best option was to leave.

“Stacey” Said Bill without even realising
“yes” said Stacey and turned to face Bill
“Nothing” said Bill turning to his laptop and started typing.

Stacey wanted Bill to say something and when Bill called her name her heart skipped a beat.

Stacey left school after all her lessons finished. She got home about 6 pm.
There were about ten people there making the food and finishing of decorating the house for the Christmas party.

Stacey’s mother was bossing everybody around in the hall. Stacey’s mom’s name was Sandra.
Sandra was already dressed in her red Christmas dress. John (Stacey’s step-dad) was wearing his formal cloths and he was in the kitchen.

Stacey ran up-stairs to her bedroom to get ready for the party. She closed the door behind herself and went to get a shower. That was the longest shower she ever had. She spend about 30 minutes in there she would have been even longer but she heard a knock on her bedroom door.
“Stacey are you ready” Sandra said in a rush
“No” Stacey said as she was drying herself of with a towel.
“Well hurry up then, guests can start coming in any second now” Shouted Sandra from across the door.

Stacey finished of dry herself and her hair . Then Stacey walked towards her wardrobe and picked up a knee long red dress. She also put on a cut little necklace. The dress didn’t have straps. It looked absolutely perfect on Stacey.

Then she straighten her hair. Her hair was quite long it looked perfect with her dress.
Then Stacey started on putting on eyeliner and mascara. When she finished that she put on her eye shadow. She thought about putting on foundation but that just made her look fake. And her skin was perfect already. Stacey put on a red lipstick and the whole outfit looked perfect.

She looked into her mirror for the last time and went down stairs to see who came. There were about thirty people already and most of them were strangers. Half of them came up to Stacey and started to say how beautiful she looked. But Stacey hated that. She wanted to know what people thought of her personality not of her looks.

So she excused them and when outside. She didn’t put a coat on even thought it was snowing.
Stacey sat on a bench but before she wiped the snow away with her hand. By that time she was shivering from the coldness,

His warm hands touched her shoulders.
Stacey turned around to see who it was, but deep inside she already that it was Bill.
“Bill” Said Stacey in a surprise
“Well you should call me Mr Williams”. said Bill with the cutest smirk Stacey ever saw.
“Okay then, what are you doing here Mr Williams” Stacey said
“I was invited by your auntie” Bill answered still with a smirk.
“So you have a date”
“Not really, we just know each other because we use to be neighbours” Explained Bill

Stacey didn’t know how to act around him.
By the time, she already had goose-bumps from the cold. Bill noticed them and took of his suite jacket and he putted around Stacey.
“Thanks” Said Stacey
“My pleasure” Said Bill

Stacey started to blushing so she started to walk slowly so Bill won’t notice her bushing because if he did she would explode with embarrassment.
Bill walked with her.

“Look Mr Williams I’m sorry for what happened in the cantina”
“Stacey you don’t have to apologise, you are single, there is no reason for you not to be with someone” answered Bill with a sad voice.
Stacey didn’t answer.
Both of them stopped walking and Bill turned to face Stacey.
“Stacey on Monday come to my office”
Stacey made a not sure face.
“You left your books in my office today” Explained Bill
“Okay” said Stacey

Bill saw that Stacey was still cold so he started to button the suit so she will be warmer. But when he finished doing the last one he didn’t put his hands down. Stacey looked down at his hands so close to her waist.

He looked at her at her and Stacey noticed that he’s hands didn’t move at all. Also she noticed that he was staring at her. She looked up slowly.

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Two in one

Bill pulled Stacey closer towards him and she couldn’t help to hide her smile, as it felt so great. It felt so right so perfect like the two of them where meant to stay like that for ever and ever.
He placed his lips on hers and asked for entrance, she let him in without thinking as her body was doing exactly what it wanted and she had no control over herself. His tongue danced in the same rhythm as hers, they were perfect for each other. Stacey keeps kissing him with more passion every second. She needed to pull away to catch a breath but she couldn’t pull away as her body needed to be with him.
“Stacey” called a female voice calling
He pulled away looking at who it was.
“Yes” Stacey shouted back realizing that it was her auntie.
“Have you seen my date he seems to gone missing” She said looking irritated.
Bill was behind the tree, holding in his laughter. Stacey looked at him and smiled to herself and started walking toward her auntie. “No, I have no idea where he is” She said still smiling. “So how come you are wearing his jacket” She said crossing her arms.
“Really is that his, I found it on the sofa, in the living room, he must have left it in there”. Answered Stacey hiding her smile on her face and crossing her arms just like her auntie did.

“Very well than” Said Stacey’s Auntie, right after that she left and went into the house.

Stacey smiled and when back to where Bill was. Bill was standing by the tree looking gorgeous as ever with huge smirk on his face. “So I guess my date is looking for me” he said.
“Yep, I think she’s really into you” Said Stacey
“Well that’s too bad because I’m not into her, I like someone else” he said with an even bigger smirk.
“Yeah, and who’s that lucky girl” Asked Stacey
“I think you know who” And with that he kissed her passionately filling her whole body with sparks and electricity.

Bill felt the same way; every time they touched his body felt all these different emotions passing through. He knew it was bad to fall in love with his student but he couldn’t help himself he had no control over himself but he was did regret kissing her.

Stacey pulled back and placed her hand on his chest to stop him from kissing her again. “I can’t do this, I have a boyfriend”
“Right, how could I forget” Said Bill with irritation. He started walking off but Stacey caught his hand and said “I’m not the cheating type, I will break up with Stephan give me a week”.

He placed his hand on Stacey’s cheek and said “You will not have a normal relationship with me and you can be with Stephan.”

“But I also don’t feel nothing towards him and my heart wants’ to be with you”. Said Stacey smiling.

Bill came closer and whispered his sexy husky voice to her ear “I will see you in school Miss Jones”

“See you” Said Stacey and left to go inside the house.
The party was still going on which made me quite angry, but Stacey’s emotion quickly changed when she remembered Bill.

After the party she went upstairs to check her cell phone, she had two new messages she started to read them.

Stacey come over to
my house tomoz as my
parents will be out of town.

Half way through reading this message she had to sit down, she thought what a horrible person she is Stephan was jerk to all the girls and now he changed and will dump him. She would want to be friends with him but he will say no guys always say no.
The other text was from Jason. Stacey’s ex they broke up over three months ago and he want mental. Well not literally but he has been texting her a dozen times per day. And Stacey didn’t want to press charges because she felt sorry for him because he took their brake up pretty hard.

Stacey i love u, n i know
u feel the same
way. I miss u.

At the end of reading this messages she thrown the phone away. She was angry at herself for being so stupid.

It was about three o’clock when she finally fell asleep. During that night she kept wakening up because she was worried about breaking up with a guy that she was dating for less than a week. But then again she loved Bill, she loved being around him she would do everything to be in a relationship with him.

She woke up around nine in the morning as she wanted to get the whole Stephan break up over as fast as possible. She got dressed in the first thing that she saw which were skinny jeans and tank top. She added some high highs because she loved them and left the house. She called a taxi that came in about five minutes. The journey was surprisingly quick. Which didn’t exactly make Stacey feel too good, she wanted to tell him but she didn’t want to break his heart?

She got out of the taxi paying the driver and going towards Stephens’s house. Stephen ran out of the house and rushed toward Stacey. He picked her up and spined her around
“Hi Stephan” Said Stacey forcing a fake smile on her face.
“Hi beautiful” Said Stephan kissing Stacey. Stacey didn’t exactly stop him but she didn’t kiss him back.

“Stephan we have to talk” Said Stacey
“Okay, I have some stuff to say as well” He said with a smile
“Why don’t you go first” Said Stacey
“Okay, Stacey will you come inside, it’s a pretty big thing to say” Said Stephan

Stacey didn’t say anything she just followed Stephan to his house, they went upstairs to his room and Stephan pulled out a Jeweller box.
Stacey just starred at the box. She was afraid at what was inside.
Stephan opened it and two pretty large diamond earrings where inside.

“Wow are they real” Said Stacey looking at the earrings without blinking
“Yep, they are diamonds do you want to try them on” Asked Stephan
“Stephan i can’t” She wanted to say why not but Stephan looked so adorable, she couldn’t break up with him right after he brought such an expensive present for her.

“Stacey I know it’s a bit early to say, but i love you from the first moment I laid my eyes on you I fell in love with you” He said while putting the earring on his bed and stepping closer towards Stacey.

Stacey had tears in her eyes; she had no idea what to do.
“Stephan, I just remembered that I have to get home, I will see you on Monday” And with that she ran out the house and kept running till she was couldn’t see the house.

“How am I going to tell him now, that we need to break up” She thought to her self

Without thinking she called Bill.

“Bill I need your help” Said Stacey but it was hard to understand because she sobbing.
“Okay Stacey just tell me where you are” Said Bill
“I’m on the Lancaster road” Answered Stacey
“Don’t go anywhere; I will be there in 5 minute” Said Bill.
Stacey sat down on the grass beside her and started crying.

In about five minute a car stopped in front of Stacey and Bill ran out, Stacey got up slowly making her way towards Bill. Bill picked her up brides style put her gently on the passenger’s seat beside him.

“Stacey what happened” He asked
“Stephan” That’s all Stacey could say
“What did that loser do to you” Said Bill with anger in his voice. At the same time he wiped her tears of her cheek.
“He, he said he loved me when I tried to break up with him”. She said nervously

Bill let out a breath of relaxation but also his body tensed at what Stephan said.
He was not comfortable at a boy saying that to the girl that he loved, he actually heated that but the truth was that he had no reason to hate him only Stephan had reason to hate him.

“Don’t worry hon. Do you want to go home or do you want to come over to my house” Said Bill

“I want defiantly go over to your house” Said Stacey with a smile on her face.
Bill smiled and drove away to his house.

Bill stopped in front of his luxury apartment, he got out and came running around the car to open the door for Stacey.
Stacey felt so special never in her life has a guy opened a door for her. She let out a smile. She had everything in her life maybe it wasn’t perfect but she would defiantly made it perfect, she will break up with Stephan and than her and Bill can be her boyfriend.

Bill locked the car behind him and picked up Stacey. Stacey grabbed his neck so she won’t drop and laughed at Bill’s actions.
Bill carried her up two floors of stairs, that guy definitely was fit.

He opened the door of his apartment and placed Stacey carefully on his sofa.
The apartment was tidy as always and on the coffee table was the book that Stacey got for Bill. When she noticed the book she couldn’t help but let out a smile. She got up and walked towards Bill.

“I’m sorry that I called you” Said Stacey
“I’m glad that you did” Said Bill, he placed his hand on her cheek

He moved his lips closer toward her neck; he brushed past her skin ever so slightly but still managed to give sparks to both of them.

Stacey was annoyed she hated teasing and that was exactly what Bill was doing, she pulled away and looked at Bill’s eyes. She placed her hands on around his neck and pulled him toward her. She placed her lips on his; she needed it she needed to feel him. The kiss was amazing it lasted about seven minutes and when they finished both of them were on the floor. And the only reason they pulled away was that the house bell rang.

Bill got up and pulled Stacey up from the floor, he walked over to the front door and opened them.
And Alex walked into Bills apartment full of confidence like she owned the place.

“Alex what the hell are you doing here” Asked Bill with irritation in his voice.
“I came to see you of course” She said coming closer towards Bill
Stacey cleared her through to get Alex’s attention. Alex turned around and walked towards Stacey.

Bill rushed to stand next to Stacey to make sure Alex won’t do anything bad to her. “Who are you” Asked Alex
“I’m...” Stacey didn’t have time finish saying because Bill interrupted and answered for her. “This is Stacey she is my girlfriend”

Both Stacey and Alex froze. Stacey was happy at what he said but she also was angry at herself for having two boyfriends at the same time.
And Alex was just angry at both of them, she never got over Bill.

“Very funny Bill but I know that you are still lying” She said in amusement
“I’m not lying; now get out of my house” Said Bill

“Whatever see you soon my Prince Charming” She said and left.

“I think I just meet your wife” Said Stacey still shocked at the whole situation.
“Ex Wife” He said
“So why did you get divorce” Asked Stacey
“The only reason we got married was because Alex said she was pregnant” He said with a sad expression
“You have a child?” Asked Stacey not knowing how to react.
“No, she was lying about being pregnant; she just wanted to get married” Said Bill with a sad expression on his face.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked” Said Stacey
“You had every right to ask me. If we are going to be together we shouldn’t keep any secrets from each other”. Said Bill smiling
“Okay than if we are not going to keep secrets from each other than i should tell you that I can’t cook and I hate it” Said Stacey starring at Bill face.

“You’re joking right” Laughed Bill
“Nope” Said Stacey
“Well how about we cook tonight, together?” Asked Bill
“Okay, but if the food will taste horrible I’m blaming it on you” Answered Stacey
“Okay, come on then” Said Bill. He took Stacey’s hand and both of them to the kitchen

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Just another day of hell

Bill took Stacey’s hand and both of them went to the kitchen.
“So how can I help” Asked Stacey
“How about I chop food and you will cook the source” Said Bill
“Okay” Said Stacey
Bill went to one of the cupboards and took out a bottle of red source, he gave it to Stacey and he himself started to chop the tomatoes. She purred the source on a source pan and started mixing it. After about five minutes there was a light smell of burning. Bill dropped everything and walked over to Stacey, he put over his hand on hers so he can help her steer the source faster.
He leaned next to her, so his body pressed right against hers. Her breathing became more tensed so did his.
He moved her dark long beautiful hair on one side so her neck was exposed. He leaned closer, his lips brushed ever so slightly, just the gentle brush made Stacey legs weak.
He kissed her gently twice before making Stacey turn around, she looked right at his eyes but couldn’t stop wondering about his lips on top of hers.

She looked deep inside his eyes, his brown beautiful eyes they were perfect by every way of the word.
He broke the eye contact and started to kiss her on her neck leaving love bits everywhere. Stacey could feel sparks everywhere around her body, she loved the feeling but at the same time she hated it as it was like a drug she needed more and more of Bill’s touch on hers.

The smell of the smoke was even stronger but the only one that noticed that was Stacey “Bill I think the source burned”

“Who cares” And with that he got back to kissing Stacey on her neck making his way towards her lips.
She couldn’t wait till his lips would reach her. Every second seemed like minutes.

When finally his lips reached hers, passion exploded between them. Stacey jumped slightly so her legs went around Bill’s hips. Bill’s legs wondered to the living room Stacey didn’t know where was she all she know was thinking about was Bill’s eyes and Bill’s lips. Their tongs danced together. Both of them exploring each other’s mouth. Bill sat down on the couch so he won’t lose his balance. Bill was just about to pull of Stacey top when she put her hand on his chest so he will stop what he is doing.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes and remembered that she wasn’t single she had a boyfriend and to have a new one she would have to brake it off with the old one.

“I can’t do this. I’m with Stephan, I have to brake it off with him first.” Said Stacey with sadness and anger in her eyes.

“Okay how about we get to know each other” Said Bill trying to look like he was okay with the situation but in reality he wanted to kill the stupid kid Stephan so he could have Stacey for himself.

“Great idea. I will go first do you have a middle name and if you do what is it” Asked Stacey curiously.

“My name is Damien Bill Williams” Answered Bill

“How come you use your second name and not your first one? Asked Stacey really enjoying the game because she got to know more about the man that soon would be her forbidden boyfriend.

“I think it’s my turn now” Stacey rolled her eyes in amusement. “So what do you want to do after you finish college” Asked Bill

“Well before I wanted to be a surgeon but that was just because my parents wanted me to but I think I want to be a psychologist. So now you answer my question.” Said Stacey with a smile curled up on her lips.

“Okay I use Bill as my first name because after the divorce I wanted to start over you know, not completely but enough for a new chapter in my life” Answered Bill, smiling at Stacey.

“Do you think I could be another chapter of your life” Asked Stacey
“Definitely” Said Bill and he leaned forward so he could kiss Stacey. The kiss was short but long enough for both of them to understand that they were happy. Both of them pulled back and they had smiles on their faces. They asked each other more question

“What time is it” Stacey snapped so quickly Bill could swear she just disappeared into thin air.
He checked his watched which said 11:48. It’s eleven forty-eight why you asking?”

“Shit, I have to get home.” Said Stacey in a rush. She grabbed her bag and walked towards the door but she waited for Bill to come over and give her a kiss for goodbye.
Bill came over to Stacey and gave her not too long but also not too short kiss. Stacey’s body was begging for more but she know she would get in big trouble form her mother.

“Well I guess I will see you tomorrow in school then” Said Bill with an apologetic smile. Stacey made an apologetic smile and left. She know that this situation would ask a lot of her and him, that nobody could know about them.

“Stacey hurry up or you will be late for school” Shouted Stacey’s mom form downstairs.
Stacey came running the fastest she could from the bathroom to the kitchen where her mother was waiting for her.
“You don’t have time for breakfast so eat something in the school cafeteria okay.” Said Stacey’s mother in a nice caring voice.
“Fine, see you later.” Said Stacey and gave her mother a quick kiss goodbye on the cheek and ran outside where her friend Laura was waiting for her.

Stacey opened the door of the red car. “Hi Laura, how was your weekend” Asked Stacey not really caring about her but she wanted to seem polite.
“It was okay but not good as yours. I still can’t believe you and Stephan are together.” Said Laura. The school was only about five minute of a drive from Stacey’s house but Stacey wished it was even closer. But you can’t have everything right.
“Yeah well I’m going to break-up with him today so don’t be so happy” Said Stacey with no face expression what’s so ever.
“What why” I asked Laura
“Well because I meet someone better then him” Said Stacey imaging Bill with her for ever and ever.
“OMG who is he do I know him” Said Laura with a huge happiness in her voice.
“Look Laura to start a new relationship I have to finish the old one. So maybe when the time is right I will tell you who he is” Said Stacey irritated at Laura for being so nosy.

Till the end of the ride Laura was quite like she just died and got buried. Stacey smirked to herself and thought the bitch was back. About a year ago Stacey was known to everybody as the bitch. But Stacey wanted to change, she hated people talking behind her back. But she had enough of pretending that she was something she wasn’t.

The school was packed with students that arrived late but not too late to be actually counted as late. It took Stacey while to unpack her bag and go the class that she had time for but she didn’t care. The bitch was back.

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It's not you it's me

Stacey walked slowly towards her sociology class not really caring if she was late. The cordials were empty the noise that came from the high heels that she was wearing could be heard for miles. She slowed down as she reached her class room but that was the not the only reason her usual teacher wasn’t there, she hated Mrs Stang with all her hear and the noise that was coming from there was so sexy so husky it definitely did not belong to a female teacher. She walked through the door without a nock as the door to the room was already open.
“How nice of you Miss Jones to join us today” Said Bill with his husky voice
“Where’s Mrs Stang” Said not caring what he said. She was angry at him not telling her that he was going to teach her class today.
“You just got yourself detention today after school maybe this will teach you some manners Miss Jones. As for Mrs Stang she is ill and will be off for the rest of the week. Now will you be so nice and have a seat.” Said Bill harshly but still made it sound husky

Stacey rolled her eyes and had a seat next to Clarice one of her three best friends.
“So as I was saying before I got interrupted, i am the deputy of the school for you that don’t know me.” Said Bill but after this Stacey just zoomed out.
For the whole of two hours Stacey was daydreaming and Bill was teaching the class. At the end of the Sociology lesson Bill said “Stacey can you please stay behind”
Stacey sucked her teeth like a little child and sat nicely in her seat. After everybody has left Bill came towards her and said “What happened to you, why are you late to class.”
“I’m just annoyed at you for not telling me that you are going to teach my class today and i’m late because i had to put my books to my locker.” Stacey said
“Stacey i didn’t tell you because i found out ten minutes before you did and i didn’t have time to text you because the head teacher was with me until i started to teach. I’m really sorry Stacey.” Said bill, he came near her and gently placed his hand on Stacey’s cheek stroking it gently.
“I’m sorry I’m just in a bad mood.” Said Stacey.
“It’s okay don’t worry. I have a surprise for you today. I will pick you up at eight o’clock if that’s okay with you.” Said Bill in his husky voice. Stacey smiled straight away. Being with Bill made her so happy she was the happiest person on earth at the time she was with Bill. At that moment she couldn’t be any happier. She had everything she had Bill the love of her life.
“I would love to. I have to go now i will see you later okay.” Said Stacey, she stepped closer to Bill and kissed him on his cheek. Her body exploded with sparks and electricity. Stacey wanted so badly to kiss him on the lip but she know that kissing him on the cheek was bad, and she didn’t want Bill in trouble.
Stacey fled the classroom in a hurry whilst walking to the cantina she heard gossiping about Bill. “Can you believe he is the senior member of staff and he is so hot?” Said some random girl. There were a lot of whispers about him but Stacey could not make out what was said.
“Hi babe” Said Stephan. He put his arms around her waist. Stacey turned around so she could face him.
“Stephan we need to talk” Said Stacey.
“Okay let’s talk” Answered Stephan.
Hundred of ways of breaking up was coming through her head but she had no idea which one to pick and say out loud.
“Stephan I think we should break-up” Said Stacey. She just wanted to get it over with and be done.
“Why. Wait is it because of what Laura said” Said Stephan in a nervous tone.
Why the hell would he mention Laura, they never talked to each other ever. Stacey just kept thinking how the hell does she make him say whatever he meant by what he said before.
“Well how about you tell me your side of the story” Stacey Said
“I got drunk after you left on Saturday. And Laura came and well I’m guessing she told you the ending. But it didn’t mean anything, I only like you.” Said Stephan.
“Goodbye Stephan and just so you know we are over for ever.” Said Stacey everyone was watching her and gossiping to the person that was aside them but Stacey couldn’t but let out a small smirk as the was finally free from Stephan and now she could be with Bill.

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New York


It was five minutes past four and Stacey was literally running to Bill’s office which was located at the other side of the college. She wasn’t out of breath as she was quite fit, she went to the gym twice a week. She kept running till she reached his office, before she knocked on the door she checked herself out to make sure she was just perfect for her boyfriend. Boyfriend she still couldn’t believe that she could be with the man she loved. But did she actually love him or was it just a crush. Well she will just have to find out when the time comes.

She didn’t bother knocking on his door she just walked straight in and shut the door closed so that she could tell him the good news.  Bill was sitting down in his chair but when he saw Stacey he got up straight away, he walked towards Stacey that was standing by the door.

“Guess what” Said Stacey with a small cocky smile on her lips.

“I don’t know but I hope it’s good” Said Bill. He put his hands around Stacey’s waist and starred in to her beautiful brown eyes.

“I broke up with Stephan” Her voice filled with happiness.

Bill’s face softened and you could just tell he was extremely happy with the news that Stacey just brought him.

“So now you’re all mine” said Bill. His face moving closer and closer to Stacey’s.

“Yep” And with that Bill crushed Stacey’s lips with his own. This kiss was unusual it wasn’t gentle it was filled with need and passion. Her lips didn’t hesitate to kiss Bill back as soon as he kissed her, her lips exploded with passion.

The kiss lasted for a couple of minutes Stacey pulled away as her lips were bruised from the passionate kiss they just had. But that didn’t stop Bill from kissing her, he moved down to her neck and started to give her love bites. Stacey’s hands went around Bill’s head so that his kisses were even more passionate. A moan escaped Stacey’s mouth and she couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed but that quickly went away when she felt Little Bill getting excited.

Stacey’s belly rumbled which made Stacey pull away from the kiss that they just shared. “I see you are hungry how about we go to my apartment and I cook you something” Said Bill

 “Okay” Said Stacey.

The apartment was clean like always Stacey walked in first and went to the kitchen as she was extremely hungry.

“So what would you like” Said Bill

“Surprise me” Said Stacey and she gave Bill a smack peck on the lips.  

Within 20 minutes Stacey finished eating the dinner and Bill just sat there, watching every move she made.  Stacey couldn’t help it but feel embarrassed, she didn’t mind Bill starring at her but the fact that they could be together without Stephan in the way made her heart joyful.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” Asked Bill. Bill dated a lot of beautiful women but Stacey was so much different, when he saw her he just knew that she was the one. A feeling he never had with Alex.

“Yeah well do you know how handsome you are?” Asked Stacey. She walked over to where Bill was sitting and sat on his lap. She moved her face closer to his and brushed Bills lips, she was the one that usually took control in relationships as well as in bed situation but she wanted Bill to be the one in control.

She could tell, he wanted her and she made sure that he would get the hint. Bill wasn’t moving, he just sat there, and wanting for Stacey to make the move but Stacey wasn’t giving up so easily. So she left his face and went to his right ear to whisper a little innocent moan and moan that changed Bills mind straight away. As soon as he heard her beautiful voice moaning for him, he couldn’t resist any more.

Bill carried her to his bedroom and slowly threw her on his bed. She looked at him and all she could see in his eyes was lust. He climbed on top of her but didn’t put all of his weight on her so he wouldn’t hurt her.  His lips found hers within seconds. She was pulling him towards her but also at the same time she was trying to take his shirt of him.

Bill pulled away from Stacey and managed to pull his shirt of before Stacey pulled him back towards her. They continued to kiss Bill didn’t ask her for entrance as she gave it to him straight away. Bill literally pulled Stacey’s t-shirt apart so all that was left was her bra and their trousers.  Bill went down her body kissing every inch of her soft tanned skin until he reached her trousers. He unbuttoned them with his mouth and pulled off them Stacey.

Stacey was wearing red pair of underwear that looked gorgeous on her. Stacey pulled him towards her again; she needed to feel him against her. While they were kissing Stacey started to unbutton his trousers so both of them were in just their underwear.  The passion was so strong their bond was getting stronger and stronger as each day went pass.

Bill looked up into her eyes and whispered “I love you.” This was the perfect time for both of them to do what they both wanted to do to each other for a very long time now.


Stacey opened her eyes making sure that this time it was true that this time this wasn’t a dream.  It wasn’t a dream as soon as she opened her eyes she saw him looking at her, not at her at her body. Even though she was under covers he was still looking at her like she was the sexiest thing on the planet.

“Good morning good-looking” Said Stacey with a smile on her face.

“Good morning beautiful” Said Bill in his seductive voice.

He leaned in to kiss her on her lips not roughly but passionately.

“What time is it” Asked Stacey

“Nine o’clock” Said Bill

“What oh my god we are so late” Stacey shouted and got up so quickly she forgot how sore she was from the passionate sex that they had last night. She had sex couple of times at night with so much passion she felt dead but also so alive.

“Don’t worry I took the day off and I called in ill for you” Said Bill

“And why would you do that it’s Tuesday it’s not even Friday” Asked Stacey

“Well because I planned a date for us and I though that we should spend the day together” Said Bill

“Aww our first date” Said Stacey. She walked slowly towards Bill but couldn’t help but limp from her busy night last night.

“Are you okay, you look sore, a hot bath should help” Bill picked her up a bride style and took her to his bathroom.

The bath definitely helped within minutes her bath made her feel more alive. Bill never left her side; he sat down on the floor and gave her a neck massage.

“I could get use to this” Said Stacey

“Well during our trip in New York you will get this treatment every day.

“New York what are you on about” Asked Stacey in curiosity.

“Well in two weeks our school is having a trip to New York for two week” Said Bill

“Really. How come I never heard about this trip before?” She asked curiously

“Well the top ten students from school are going for their reward and you are one of them. It was meant to be a surprise for the ten of you but I just had to tell you.” Answered Bill

Stacey smiled Bill was so kind and nothing like any of her ex’s. She really loved him for the first time in her life she loved a man.

  “Can you bring me my purse I need to get some tablets?” Stacey asked Bill and he just went to go get it. Without a question or anything he just went and got it. She opened it and took out control birth pill.

“What are those?” Asked Bill in concern

“Well you know when a man and a woman have sex they and they don’t want to get pregnant, they use birth control pills.” Said Stacey sarcastically but in a kind way

“Ohh.” Said Bill, he was a bit embarrassed but got over it pretty quickly.

“I will go make breakfast, you get ready, and we are leaving in one hour.”


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