Life was weird sometimes, well, most of the time. My heart had been crushed, my fiance had hurt me badly, well it took some time for me get over the pain. I had fallen in love a few times, I had always had somehow my heart broken. I was twice engaged to be married, one time my heart was really broken. A few years had past since I had called off my wedding to Jeffrey and now everything came back again, I ran into him at a friend's wedding. The bride to be had invited him, he was a friend of the family, her sister told, they were having a party a few weeks before the wedding for family and friends. Kat and I were over by the bar.
"Anna, you know who is going to be here?", Kat was about to tell me the news.
"Who?", I had forgotten Jeffrey was a friend of the family.
"Your ex fiance", she seemed worried.
"Yeah, the one and only, Anna, I am sorry Amy invited him"
"Is fine Kat, really"
"Where is Joe?", she asked for my boyfriend.
"Oh he is on an engagemnt with the band"
"I want to meet that guy of yours", she said.
"You will Kat, I promise", Kat looked at me and I knew something was going on.
"He just arrived?"
"Your ex fiance"
"Oh God Anna, he looks great", he looked great, he was still very handsome but the truth of the matter was that it was history, Joe had made my heart better and besides I learned from a mutual friend he didn't cheated on me all the time, it was just some sort of a one night thing, I felt sorry for our story going sour, the past came back for a moment.
"He is coming this way"
"Is he?", I felt nervous we haven't seen eachother for a long time.
"Hello", he said.
"Oh hello Jeffrey", Kat said.
"Anna, nice to see you"
"Hi Jeffrey", he kissed my cheek softly.
"Long time no see", his eyes were a bit sad.
"Yeah, long time Jeffrey", I couldn't believe Amy was calling Kat and I stayed alone with my ex fiance.
"So how are you doing Annie pooh", he asked, that was the nick name he always used.
"I am good Jeffrey, how about you?"
"Doing good, I heard you have a boyfriend"
"Oh yeah, Joe is a musician", I was a bit nervous to be in front of someone who I was supopsed to be married but instead we were some kind of strangers.
"Are you happy?", he asked sadly.
"Yeah, I am", I smiled, he did too weakly.
"I am so sorry about us", I couldn't bear the pain in his eyes.
"Jeffrey is all gone now, yeah it hurted back then but now is fine"
"I didn't mean it back then, Annie pooh, I am so sorry", he was truly sorry I could tell from the look in his eyes.
"Is the past Jeffrey, I have a new person and I am happy", seeing him again made old memories come to mind, out of the blue our song started to play, "One Fine Day", I couldn't believe that was happening. He looked at me and I felt my heart hurting again. We looked at each other.
"I hope this Joe knows you are special", he said with trembeling words.
"He knows Jeffrey", somehow we were stuck there in the bar talking like if we were meeting again, then Kat saved me, Jeffrey moved alone until I went to the terrace to get some air, I wanted to leave but I couldn't so soon. I heard his voice again.
"Annie pooh", he called.
"Hey Jeffrey", hearing my old nick name almost made me cry, it brought back so many memories.
"Is too crowded in there", he said.
"It is"
"You never liked crowded places", he remembered but he had to we had been together for three years.
"I still don't, so do you have a girlfriend?", I dared to ask.
"Oh no, not know, it has not been easy"
"I am sorry", he looked sad again.
"I can't get over... you", I coudln't believe his words, I was shaking.
"Don't say that Jeffrey, please, don't"
"Do you remember how in love we were when Amy got married for the first time?", for this was Amy second attempt at marriage.
"That was too long ago"
"It seemed like it was yesterday Annie pooh"
"Well, that time is over, you know that", his smile faded.
"I know I was an idiot, it was just one lousy one night thing, I am so sorry I did it, I had paid for it really bad", he seemed so sincere.
"Jeffrey I have a new life now, I have a good guy, I love him"
"More than you loved me?", I couldn't believe my ears.
"Jeffrey, is way different", I avoid his eyes.
"Why?", in what way?"
"Our story is in the past, my life is with a new man, he loves me and I do love him, that is all", Kat came to the terrace, she saw distress in my eyes.
"Jeffrey, what are you up to?"
"Nothing Kat, really, I'll go get a drink", he left and I had tears in my eyes.
"Oh gosh, what did he say?"
"I thought Jeffrey was out of my life and now he comes back to ask me if I love Joe more than him", Kat looked at me for a moment.
"So do you?", I couldn't believe she asked me that.
"Oh come on Kat, you know I loved Jeffrey, I did love him a lot, I was going to marry him, we had our wedding date but Joe and I have something so very special"
"That didn't answer my question", she knew I was affected by his presence.
"I can't answer your question Kat, I can't", some tears rolled down my face.
"Is fine Anna, I had been there too, I know how you feel"
"I would never want to hurt Joe, never, I love him"
"You won't hurt Joe"

I spent the rest of the afternoon avoiding Jeffrey and left home with my mind filled with memories that I thought were long gone...


Publication Date: 01-25-2011

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