To the Marcus in my life...

Marcus walks by the garden
in his uncle house
his mind is occupied
with thoughts of her
he knows that his love
for Hannah is going to
bring consequences to
his life.

He can denied that every
time he sees her his heart
skips a beat, he needs her
and he knows she feels the
same way, that afternoon
when she said "we got to
stop seeing each other", his
heart died a little, he
couldn't stop seeing her.
His love was growing each
day with more strengh.

In the garden he saw the
flowers in bloom
they were as beautiful
as his Hannah, then his
uncle approached him.
He asked him what was
wrong, Marcus didn't
want to expose his love
for her, he could trust
his uncle but knew that
he was probably going
to oppose.

She is not a Roman, he
would say, she can't be
with you, marry you or
have children with you
"let her go my son", he
knew those were going to
be his words. He just
lied and said he was
a bit tired but his uncle
did not believe him and
he wanted to know what
was wrong with him
he was going to find
out sooner or later
something was wrong with
Marcus, he had never seen
him that way before
it was probably something
big because he could see
it in his eyes, Marcus
was no truthful and that
hurt him.

What can he do to make him
talk to him?...


Publication Date: 03-25-2011

All Rights Reserved

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