Chapter one

Beep Beep Beep. I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock and my sister humming in her bathroom. I swear it's weird that I can hear her soft, sweet humming. But it sooths me. My parents died when I was twelve so I'm in my sister's custody. My mom had my sister when mom was sixteen. So my sister oready has a family. I am sixteen now.
My name is Katarina French. Everyone calls me Kat cause I hate my name. I have black hair, icy blue eyes and tan skin, an ok body, or as my nephew tells me 'A rockin body', and I am 5'6.
Ashly knocked on my door and came in. "You up, sweety?" she asked coming in.
"Yah," I sighed then got up.
She smiled. "You ok? You look a litle pale?"
My sister is a foot taller than me. She has blolnd hair, light blue eyes, and she is gorgouse.
"I'm fine, Ashly." I said grabbing a pair of plane jeans and a black t-shirt. I felt plane today.
She came over to me and kissed my forehead. "Liam is waiting downstairs. He says hurry up so we can eat."
I nodded. She closed my door on her way out and I got dressed. I ran a brush through my straight hair then went into my bathroom. I brushed my teeth then washed my face. I grabbed my backpack and walked downstairs. Liam got up and came over to me.
"You ok? You look really pale." he said.
"I'm fine. I just had a bad dream last night. Nothing bad." I whispered as he cupped my cheeks. He pressed a soft kiss to my lips.
Liam is sexy. Black hair, brown eyes, perfect face, he is 6'5, and he has a great body. "You dont look fine,"
"Really, Liam, I'm fine. Just a little shaken up." I whispered then kissed him softly.
We sat down and ate breakfest and my twelve year old nephew, Camron came in. He looks a lot like me. Except he is 5'2. He hugged me. "Good morning, aunt Kat." he whispered.
"Morning, squirt." I whispered and kissed his cheek.
He blushed. He has a little crush on me.
"Go kiss your mommy and tell her she is pretty." I ordered.
He yawned then nodded.
"Then go brush your teeth."
He laughed then went over to Ashly. "Morning, momma." he said then kissed his cheek.
"Morning, baby." she said then kissed his forehead.
After breakfest Liam and I walked out to his truck and he drove to school. We went to my locker and I grabbed my boooks before we went to class. "What are you doing after school?" Liam asked me
"Umm. Ashly and I are going shopping. You?" I asked.
"Well, I was gonna take my girlfriend to see the stupid Harry Styles. But she is busy."
"Ashly is tired of Cam flirting with me when I am doing my homework so she is gonna make Cam do my homework and her and I are going shopping. And I'm sad." I said.
That caught his full attention. "Why, baby?" he asked sweetly.
People always called me a nerd, ugly, or geek. It's upsetting. They're right. They've called me it since I was in middle school. They've got it in my head that I am all of those things. Then the bell ran and he punch his desk. "Tell me after class?" he asked.
I nodded.
"Class, we have a new student." Mrs. Riley said. "Connor, take a seat next to Katarina." she said pointing at the seat next to me. Connor looked amazing. Drool worthy. Black, curlyish hair that went to his shoulders. I squinted. Black eyes? He looked about 6'6.
Connor sat nect to me and smiled.
I smiled a small smile then looked at the teacher. "Ok, class, get out your books and read chapter seventeen." she said.
I pulled out my copy of The Outsiders and opened it.
"Katarina, do you mind sharing with Connor. You can go in the hall."
I nodded then got up. I looked at Liam. He was glaring at Connor. Connor and I went into the hall and I read chapter seventeen to him. "Here. You might wanna catch up a little bit." I said handing him my copy.
"Thank you." he said. "Why are you pale?" he asked softly.
"I dont feel well," I whispered.
"Why did you come to school?" he asked.
"My nephew got expelled and he does naughty things to me in my sleep." I whispered.
He chuckled softly and the teacher came out to get us. "Well, Katarina, it was nice hearin you read to me."
"Call me Kat." I said patting his arm. I grabbed my stuff and the bell rang.

Chapter two

That night when Ashly and I got home Camron was glaring at the wall. "I told you he would break you," he growled at me then stomped up to his room. I shrugged and went over to the phone.
There was a voice mail. I pressed play. "Hey, babe, I'm breaking up with you. I'm gonna go out with the sexy latino chick. So it was fun. Bye, worthless trash."
I collapsed into Ashly's arms and her husband came through the door. "Honey, can you go calm Cam?" she asked him.
"Sure, babe, where is he?"
Cam came down and grabbed me. He pulled me upstairs and up to his room. He put me in his chair and he sat on my lap. He kissed my forehead. "Are you ok?" he asked softly.
I nodded. "Yah. I'm just worthless trash, you know?" I asked. My legs were starting to hurt.
"You're not worthless trash, Kat. You're the speciallest, prettiest girl I know. You're not a nerd or a geek. You're gorgouse. If we wernt family, you know I would date you. And if there wasnt such an age gap."
I laughed.
He smiled. "You havn't laughed in awhile. It's good to hear you laugh, Auntie."
I hugged my nephew tightly. "Thanks, Cammy." I whispered and whiped my tears away.
"Come on. My parents are probably pressing their ears to the door." he whispered in my ear.
He got up and took my hand then we went to the door. Johnny and Ashly were standing outside the door.
"Told ya," Cam said.
I smiled. "There you are, Kat, I was looking everywhere for you. Let's go try on your clothes." she said improvizing. Making it look like she wasnt listening.
"I wasnt making out with Camron." I said then walked to my bedroom. Ashly and Johnny try and make everything easier, by buying me a flat screen tv, an iPod, iPad, iPone. Ashly remembered how fond I was of i reated stuff.
My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and it was a diffrent number. "Hello?" I asked.
"Hi, Kat, it's Connor. While you were reading, I slipped your phone out of your pocket."
"Hey," I said suddenly feeling better.
"You sounded so sad a minute ago now you're happy. I usually make people mad."
I smiled. "Mmm," I said my intrest piqued. "Whys that?"
"Well, I flirt with their girlfriends." he said, voice low.
"Hmm," I said running through my mind. Someone knocked on my door and Johnny walked in. "Sorry, Connor, brother in law looks a little too searious for my liking. Though he should be giving him and my sister that look. See you tomarrow." I said.
"Ok. Bye." he said before I hung up.
"Hello!" I mused.
"You seem better,"
"Connor has that affect on me even though I just met him." I said.
He frowned. "Well, why dont you invite him over tonight?" he asked.
I raised my brow.
"I dont know him. He just is really nice." I said.
He chuckled. "Another time. I wanted to talk to you about Liam and this latina ch..."
"Johnny, I told you to leave her alone." Ashly yelled.
"I'm fine, Johnny. Cam made me feel a little better. And so did Connor. I just wanna be alone. I'm a little tired."
"Are you hungry?" he asked.
I shook my head. "Ashly made me eat before we got home." I whispered climbing into bed.
He kissed my forehead. "I just worry about ya, Kat." he said. "Good night."
"Night," I whispered.
He turned my light off and closed the door on his way out. I turned my tv on and watched American Dad and texted Connor.
Me: What do you think of me?
Connor: You're very smart. And you're pretty. I kind of beat up a guy for dissing you. I think it was your boytoy.
Me: He isn't my boy anymore. He called me worthless trash and broek up with me over the phone.
Connor: I have another reason to hate him. Are you ok?
Me: For now...
Me: You'll find out. Do you wanna hang out tomarrow after school?
Connor: I would love to.
Me: Where do you live?
Connor: Three blocks from the school.
Me: Haha. Me too. So what's up?
Connor: Watching American Dad and arguing with my roommate. Wbu?
Me: Watching American dad and dozing off. I'll see you tomarrow.
Connor: But it's only 6 somethin.
Me: Shopping wore me out.
Connor: Fair enough. Sweet dreams, beautiful.
Me: Night night...
I set my alarm and put my phone on the charger before falling asleep.

Chapter three

After school Connor and I went to a park and ate lunch. It was a half day so I was starving. "You truely are pretty." he said.
I blushed. "Thank you," I whispered taking another bite of my cheese burger.
He chuckled. "Why did people call you nerd and ugly and shit?" he asked then bit his hamburger.
"I dunno. But they're right."
He shook his head. "No they're not." he snapped making me jump.
I frowned. "Connor..."
"They only think they're better than you. In theory you're better than them. You're better than everyone." he said.
"Connor, dont. Please." I said.
We put our cheese burges down on the thingy and he stroked my cheek with his thumb. "That slut Katie, flirted with me today. She was gross and plastic and I love you." he blurted out.
"What?" I asked.
He nodded. "Ever since I met you I couldnt stop thinking about you. The way your icy eyes peirce into me. Your beautiful lucious lips. That body. Mmmm. It turns me on."
I blushed and got a tingly feeling. "You met me only yesterday, Connor." I whispered.
"And I will make you love me, Katarina. I will..." I stoped him by crushing my lips to his. It was amazing. Better than Liam. He was a little suprised but immediantly kissed back when he was aware of what was going on. His lips were so soft.
I pulled away. "I wont admit it yet," I whispered with tears of joy in my eyes. I mean no one has ever just come out and say they love me. Besides Johnny, Ashly, and Camron.
"I have to tell you something else," he whispered.
I smiled.
"Do you believe in hell and demons?"
"Well, Camron and I say there is a possibility it is real. We love demons." I said.
He grinned. "You're making this so much easier.... I'm a demon." he whispered.
A demon? Seariously? Cool! I'm not weird. Well I am but not that weird. Demon's just look cool. "Seariously?" I asked.
He nodded.
"Proove it," I demanded.
He showed me his perfect white teeth and they turned really sharp. I poked one and jumped. His teeth pricked my finger. I was bleeding.
"That is..." He looked at me waiting for me to freak out. "Really amazing, Connor."
"You're not freaked out?" he asked.
"No. But that hurt." I said
He took my finger and kissed it. It healed immediantly. I looked at him and smiled. "Promise you wont run away screaming if I get mad?" he asked.
I laughed. "I know a demon's temper. Camron made me stay up all night on his twelth birthday to study it. And I promise." I whispered.
He smiled. "I really love you. Tell me stuff about you." he demanded.
I giggled.
"You're so pretty." he said then put a fry in his mouth. I smiled.
"Are you just saying this stuff to get in my pants cause if so, it isn't working."
He glared. "I'm not a virgin, but I'm not a sex crazed lunitic. My step father is the devil." he said. "And he knows you quite well."
That piqued my intrest. "Who is your real father?" I asked.
He shrugged. "Beats me. He went up to heaven when he kept spraying gods work in our women. Not sex." he said.
We laughed.
My phone vibrated.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Are you ok? Did you get jumped?" Ashly asked.
"Nope. I'm at the park with Connor."
"Who's Connor?" she asked.
"A friend," I stated.
Silence. "Oh, Kat, that is wonderful. Why dont you invite him over to dinner?" she asked.
"Well, I dont know what he is doing tonight." I said.
She laughed. "Ok, honey, have fun. I just got a little worried. Amber called and said she was coming back from Hawii today so she will be over for dinner tonight."
I grinned. "Ok. Love you, sissy!" I said.
"I love you too, sweety." I hung up and smiled at Connor.
"I am not doing anything tonight." he said
"Do you wanna come over to my sister's house for dinnner?" I asked.
"I'd love too. You still have to tell me everything about you."
I laughed. We spent the whole afternoon getting to know each other. By five aclock I was in his arms while he stoked my hands. I looked at the time.
"Come on, we gotta go. Camron will kill me if I am late." I said.
"Camron?" he asked.
"My nephew," I told him.
We got to my house and Camron looked up from his vidio game and grinned. "Hi, Aunty." he said.
I kissed his head. "Hi, buddy." I said.
His friend Mike was staring at me.
I raised my eyebrow. "What?" I asked.
He snapped his head back to the game.
Connor laughed. "He has a little crush on you," he teased.
Mike whiped his head around and glared. Mike jumped over the couch and lunged at Connor. He punched Connor in the face and Connor started to get pissed.
"Michal," Camron screamed.
I grabbed Connor's hand and pulled him up to my bedroom. I stroked his hand until he calmed down. "Are you ok?" he asked.
I nodded. "You have a cut on your face." I told him. "Are you ok?" I asked.
He nodded.
"Come on, Ashly will clean your cut."
He laughed. "Ok. But it doesnt hurt." he said.
I opened my door and Johnny walked by. "Hey, squirt. Why was Cam yelling?"
"Mike beat up my friend and it made me mad." I said.
"Is your friend ok?"
I nodded. "Just a cut on his cheek." I said.
"Do you want me to get Ashly?" he asked.
"Please?" I asked.
He nodded.
I closed my door and made Connor sit on my bed. "Your room is really cool." he said staring at the picture of Liam and I. I grabbed it and ripped it to shreds. Connor put his index finger under my chin and lifted it to make me look at him.
He leaned forward and kissed my lips softly. The door opened and someoen gasped. I pulled away from Connor and looked at a shocked Ashly. I blushed and she smiled. "You're so adorable when you get caught, Katarina." she said.
I bit my lip and got up. "I have to pee," I announced then went into my bathroom. I heard them laugh before I turned the water on then went pee. After I was done I washed my hands then walked into my room.
"Kat, I approve of him. He doesnt start whining when I put paroxide on his wounds." she said.
I rolled my eyes and turned my tv on.
Camron came into my room and laughed as I stared wide eyed at my tv. "Camron, I said stay out of Kat's room. Go to your room and unhook all of your electronics."
I turned my tv off. "I'm scard for life." I murmmered then walked over to my computer. I turned it on and screamed. "There is naked girls everywhere." I screamed then chased after Camron. Once I had him pinned on the floor he was scared. "Why did you do that?" I asked.
"Cause. I was bored and you wern't home." he said shakily.
I shook my head then kissed his forehead. "Go get that shit out of my room. Now!" I said dangerously low.
"Yes, mam." he said.
I got off of him and he ran into my room. "Where did you get this anyway?" I asked.
"Mike's brother."
I rolled my eyes and looked at Ashly and Connor. She was talking to him about me. Greaat! "Camron, hurry up. I'm gonna start without you." Mike yelled from downstairs.
"I wanna play," I yelled.
Camron glared and I smiled. "You're grounded, so she can play." Ashly said.
"Yay!" I squealed then ran downstairs.
I jumped on the couch and smiled at Mike. Mike's older brother Keegan was talking on the phone. "Hi, Kat." Keegan whispered with a lustful look in his eye.
I rolled my eyes and Mike handed me the controler. "Get your porn out of my home." I said back.
Mike laughed then kissed my cheek. Ok. I admit, I have a huge crush on Keegan. "Kat, look." Mike said then smiled. Shiny.
"Gorgouse braces, bud." I said. "What are we playin?" I asked.
"MW3." Mike said smiling. I ruffled his hair before we started playing. "Damn! You're good at this." Mike commented after awhile.
Connor came down and sat on the couch next to me. "I live with a perverted Cammy." I said.
Keegan snatched the controler from Mike. "You're getting beat by a girl." he complained. "Move!"
Mike moved and Keegan sat down next to me. I smacked his arm. "Dont be mean to Mike." I snapped then kissed Connor's cheek.
"Fuck!" Keegan yelled.
Mike laughed. "You got beat by a girl," Mike teased.
"That's cause you had such a bad score." Keegan snapped. I put the controler down and leaned on Connor. Keegan turned to me. "So I heard about Liam calling you that and breaking up with you."
"I wont go out with you Keegan." I said.
"Why not give me a chance, babe?" he asked.
"I dont want to. And you have a girlfriend."
Connor laughed.
"I broke up with her earlier."
"Why not?" Connor asked.
I looked at him and pecked his lips. "Cause, I like you." I whispered.
He smiled. "Give Keegan a chance. I'll wait for you." he whispered.
I shook my head. "That's Camron's friend's brother." I argued.
He chuckled. Camron came down and glared. "Keegan, leave her alone. You have a girlfriend."
"I do not,"
"He's lying!" Connor, Mike, and Camron yelled.
"I know!" I yelled back as Amber and her older brother came through the door. I jumped up and hugged Amber and Jake.
"Ooh, Keegan!" she squealed before jumping into his arms. "Did you ask her?"
"She doesnt like me!" Keegan said with a frown.
"Well, you always look at her with a lustful look. Look at the way Jake is looking at her. He thinks she is the sexiest girl ever but he looks at her like a friend."
I kissed Jake's cheek then went to sit on Connor's lap. "You like me?" he asked.
"Yah." I said.
He smiled. "Do you like me enough to go out with me?" he asked.
I shrugged. "I supose later. But I have to know that you wont hurt me bad." I said then kissed him. I pulled away when I relized someone was watching us. I looked at them and everyone was watching us. I blushed and baried my face in Connor's chest.
Connor chuckled.
"Dont judge them," Ashly said. "I approve of this one. Come on, kids. Dinner is done."
Camron smiled and sat down. "We'll be in in a few mom." Cam said.
After everyone left Cam smiled. "I know what you are. I saw the way your eyes went all black. Does she know?" Cam said.
Connor nodded. "Yah. I told her earlier." he whispered. "My step father is the devil and he isn't to happy about me telling her. Keep this between the three of us."
"I swear on my death bed." Cam said.
We laughed. "Ok."
"Come on. Mom likes to pray before we eat. I have something to say tonight." Camron said.
We got up and went into the kitchen. Camron sat down next to Jake and I sat next to Camron and Connor sat next to me. We joined hands. "Ok. Who would like to pray?" Ashly asked.
"I do, momma, can I?" Camron asked.
"Yes, honey."
We closed our eyes and Connor squeezed my hand. I looked at him and smiled. We had our heads bowed. I dont really believe in god though. I do it for my sister. "Dear god, thanks for my mom and her sister. Mom is good at everything and I love her. Katarina is a wonderful girl and I hope you make the... mean people pay for hurting her. And thank you for her meeting Connor. I like him. He is beast. Oh and let grandma and grandpa rest in peace holding hands in the ground. We love you. Amen."
"Amen!" we all said.
"That was a good job, Cammy," I said ruffling his hair.
"Thanks," he whispered and let go of my hand.
Connor didnt let go of my hand though. "So, Connor, what grade are you in?" Johnny asked.
"Elevinth," he stated.
"Ooh. Me too." Amber said excitedly.
"Amber," Jake warned.
"Relax. I wont steal my bestie's property."
"I aint no one's property." Connor said angrily.
"He isn't anyone's propety." I said stroking his hand with mine.
After we were finished eating Connor and I went up to my room and layed on my bed. "What are you thinkin?" he asked.
"Mmm. How amazing you look." I said.
He laughed. "You're beautiful." he whispered in my ear.
I smiled then pecked his lips. He brought me in for a more longer rougher kiss.

Chapter four

A week later

I havent admitted how much I love Connor yet. I love him a lot. I think about him all the time. I've let him and Ashly change my wardrobe. Connor and I can barely keep our hands off each other when we see each other. Ashly said he was the one I was gonna marry. But she knows I have a problem with marrage. Questions gather into my mine like: What if I marry the wrong person? or What if he is a complete mess and beats me?
Connor and I are at his house more than we are at my house because Ashly is being a total god freak. Yesterday Connor and I were in my room making out and she did one of her random checks then lectured us about teen pregnancy. Then I reminded her she was sixteen when she got pregnant. And Connor told her he had no sperm.
He has sperm. He was just messin with Ashly.
"Hey, Kat." Liam said coming up to me. I was standing at my locker looking at a picture of me and Camron.
I looked at him.
"You look fuckin sexy today."
I remembered Connor picking my outfit today. Tight skinny jeans, plade button up shirt that hugged my curves, and my hightops.
"Cool. What do you want, dip shit?" I asked.
"You to take me back."
I looked at him. I didnt want him back. He's a fuckin jerk. "Suck my pussy," I said.
"I'd love too,"
"Figure of speech, dick." I said.
"Dont call me a dick, babe. I have one but I'm not one."
I was suprised at how calm I was. "Yes you are. You're a giant one." I said as Amber came over.
"He is a dick. A giant one." We laughed and Connor and Jake came over.
"What are you doin talkin to my sister?"
"I'm not talking to you sister." Liam said to Jake.
Connor kissed my temple.
"Yes you are. You're talkin to the sexy one. Amber, you're pretty not sexy."
"I understand, brother."
"So why are you talking to my sister?" Jake asked starting to get madder.
I closed my locker and grabbed Connor's hand then kissed Amber's cheek before dragging Connor out of the school. There was still half the day left but I didnt want to go. Connor picked me up and took me behind the school. He put me down and started kissing my neck and backing us up until I was against the wall.
When he got to my lips we were interupted. "Ahem," a voice said.
I pulled away from Connor but he pulled me back. "Dont worry about it. She can wait."
"Actually, she cant." the girl said.
"Go away, Jennifer." he growled.
"No. I'd rather not. Father has grown impatient, Connor."
Connor just pressed his lips to mine again.
"Connor," Jennifer whined
Connor pulled away and kissed my neck. "Just ignore her. She'll go away."
"Connor whatever your last name is, it's not nice to ignore people." I said.
He licked my neck before turning us around so he was leaning against the wall. "What do you want, Jenny?" he asked before kissing my neck again.
"Father would like to see you. And who is this? Another whore?"
Connor growled. "She is sexy but she is not a whore."
I smiled.
"Bring her too. I can smell the vampire on her."
My eyes widened.
"She is not ready for hell. And it's not vampire. It's my amazing demon scent."
"Connor," she growled.
"Fine, Jenn." he snapped.
Connor kissed my temple. "Stay by my side. Dont let go of my arm. No matter what he says to you."
"Ok." I whispered insainly scared.
"Dont be scared." he whispered.
He turned me around and made me grab his arm. Jennifer looked at me like something weird. "What is wrong with her?" I asked.
He looked at Jennifer. "Jenny, what is it?"
"Is this Katarina?" she asked in a whisper.
Connor nodded. Jennifer ran a hand through her black hair and pulled out a walki from her pocket. She muttered something before putting it away and grabbing my arm. On instinct I kicked her in the stomch. She fell to the ground and I clung to Connor. Coonnor laughed.
"Good job, babe. No one's ever done that to the princess of hell." He gasped. "Who was your father again?"
"Damen French." I said annoyed.
He looked at Jennifer. "Get up. Let's go." he snapped.

Later I was on Connor's back because it was to hot and I didnt wanna walk anymore. "Well, you have your mother's pure side." Jennifer muttered to herself.
"You're just jelouse cause I am pure." I said.
She scoffed.
Connor was enjoying this. "I would hate to be pure. Being pure means no sex."
"Slut," I muttered.
"What did you call me that for? You're a slut." she snapped at me.
"Sex is over rated. I'd rather sit on the couch and cuddle with my nephew." I said. "AT least he doesnt bitch." I said.
She riped me off Connor's back and I screeched as my butt his the hot ground. "Jennifer, damnit. What is wrong with you?" Connor snapped picked me up. "You ok, angel?" he asked me.
I nodded barrying my face in his chest. "I'm bored." I complained.
He chuckled before setting me on my feet. "I still have Cam's iPod. I put the songs on it for him." he said pulling Camron's blue and black iPod from his pocket. I grabbed it and plugged my ears. I turned it on.
Camron and I share some of the same music intrests. I jumped on Connor's back again and rested my head on his shoulder.
About two hours later Connor woke me up. I kissed his cheek before he opened a door. "Ah, my children. And.... Shit." the guy said.

Chapter five

In one swift movement, the devil was gone. Connor grabbed me and kissed my lips softly then darted out the door. My heart leaped and I suddenly couldnt breath. Then we were at his place. He kissed my forehead and layed me on the couch.

Later I woke up with a splitting head ach. Drew was standing over me. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away and I got up and ran to the bathroom. Connor was in the shower. I sat on the counter and he opened the door. Though I couldnt see the bottom. Bummer. "Feelin better, babe?" he asked.
I shook my head.
"Do you wanna take a shower with me?" he asked.
I nodded.
He grinned. "Well come on."
"Ugh!" I took my sweat shirt off.
"Wait! I wanna do that!" he yelled and jumped out of the shower with inhuman speed. He had a towle around his waist too. Why are you making me like this? A man has never turned me on like this. His wet hands began unbuttoning my cardigan.
"Hurry up, Connor, or I get to take my clothes off." I said.
He rolled his eyes and ripped my shirt. I gasped and pushed him away.
"Connor," I screamed.
He grinned. "You told me to hurry up. And I have clothes for you." he said.
I sighed. "You're an idiot sometimes."
He nodded then took my tanktop off. He unbuttoned my pants and ripped them down my legs.
I yelped, but it didnt hurt. It scared me. Though my pants wern't ripped. "You have a way of taking clothes off." I said.
He laughed. "We've been dating a week. It's to early for me to be taking your clothes off."
I shrugged. "Liam took my clothes off on the first day. We didnt do anything cause I kept swimming away from him." I said.
He laughed. "Have I told you I love you?" he asked.
"I cant member." I said.
"Well," He brushed my hair out of my eyes. "I love you."
"A week," Drew screamed.
I sat up straight and looked him in the eyes. "I love you too."
He grinned then took my bra off and covered his eyes like a two year old. "I'm not looking. Ok I peeked."
I giggled and grabbed his towle and covered myself and gaped at him. "Y you can l look now." I stuttered.
He uncovered his eyes and looked down. "I did feel a draft. Why?" he asked.
"Cause, I'm insicure," I said.
"I'm not," he said.
"I see that," I looked down again and felt my cheeks get hot and I got a little wet.
"I wanna see," he said tugging on my hands.
"Three seconds," I whispered.
He nodded.
I uncovered myself for three seconds then covered myself again. "I want my towle back," he snapped.
I shook my head.
He glared. I looked down again and laughed. He growled at me and kissed me. "Go finish your shower, sexy man." I whispered.
He glared at me again then with inhuman speed went back to the shower.

When he got out of the shower he took me to his room and he got dressed while I layed on his bed and thought about why the devil was outa there so fast. He sat down and stuffed a marker in my hand. I chuckled. "What's this?" I asked.
"A magical marker that only I can see." he said.
I giggled. "I wanna see,"
He pushed a button. "Write on something."
I shook my head then wrote on his chest. 'What is with that devil guy?'
He sighed and screatched his chest. He rolled over ontop of me and kissed me. "Would you like to do funner things than talk about that?" he asked and my phone rang.
It was Ashly.
Her: Where are you?
I quickly wrote a response. Me: Connor's. Sorry. School over whelmed me and I passed out and Connor brought me here.
Her: Can you come home soon?
Me: I'm really tired and it's dark out. :)
Her:SIgh. Ok. Love you boo.
Me: Love you too.
I threw my phone on the floor and kissed him lightly. "You aint getting out of this unless it's forbidden." I whispered.
He sighed. "He is your father."
I froze and and grinned weakly.
"Yeah. Touchy subjet. Your mommy is an angel though." he said.
I shook my head. "I must be dreaming. My parents died in I forgot how." I said feeling guilty.
He kissed my forehead. "Ever wonder why your mom looked good after you?" he asked.
I shook my head. "I was young and all I cared about was dad pushing me on the swings and kissing me good night everynight." I said breathlessly.
He kissed me. "Good night,"
I laughed and he smiled.
"You really wanna crash here tonight?" he asked.
I nodded. "Why wouldnt I?"
He shrugged then smirked evily. "I might kiss you then rape you."
"Wouldnt be rape if I liked it."
He shook hie head. "Full of suprises."
I nodded.
"You know, you being half naked on my bed wont get us to sleep tonight." he said looking down then up again.
I nodded. "I know. I'm tired. Night, Connor."
I pecked his lips softly then pushed him off of me. He whimpered at the loss of me under him. I smiled and he kissed my shoulder before turning the light off. "Night, baby." he whispered and kissed my shoulder again.


Publication Date: 06-28-2012

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