The Dream









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Leidy Diana Burgos











A long childish scream echoed through the house, waking her mom and dad. Immediately both of them ran to their daughter’s room, finding her in tears sitting in bed. Seeing her shaking struck them hard.

“Jennifer, what is the matter sweetie?” Her dad kneeled to her bed, trying to hug and calm her down. His wife sat down next to her, wiping tears of her face. Their daughter didn´t say anything, she was just sitting there in bed, still crying. They looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“Jenny, honey, what is wrong? Why did you scream that loud?” Her mom tried to talk to her in calm and compassionate voice. Finally Jennifer raised her head and looked directly in father´s eyes.

“I won´t let it take you, daddy!” All of the sudden she jumped from the bed and hugged her daddy strong, making him lose his balance for a moment. She rested her head on his wide shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably. 

“Jenny, you had a bad dream sweetie. That is what happens sometimes, bad dreams seem real, even to adults, honey.” Mom seemed sad and worried seeing her daughter´s behavior.

“It wasn´t a bad dream, mommy. It said it is coming to take my daddy´s soul.”  Her five years old daughter´s last statement frightened her for a brief moment. The first one among them who came to sense was Clive.

“Jennifer, sweetie, no one is coming to take me. Look…”, her dad pushed her away gently and looked at her smiling, “…I am here, sweetie and I am not going anywhere, all right? Now, tell your strong and fearless daddy, what did you dream?” He tried to make her laugh by alternating his voice. It usually made her laugh, but not this time. His daughter kept on being serious and sad.

“I was in the middle of the woods and then I heard this strong deep voice, daddy. It was saying it will take you. I ran and I saw it coming from the smoke in the middle of the street.”

“Smoke?” Her mom was confused. “You mean, fog? Like the fog in the morning?”

“Yeah, mommy. It came out of the fog. It was big wearing black robe. It scared me a lot.”

“Oh, sweetie, come here.” Her dad took her in his arms. “Nothing will happen to me, I swear. Now, try to get some sleep, all right?”

“I am scared daddy.”

“Why don´t you sleep with us, what do you say?” Her mom suggested even though they spent a lot of time and energy to make her sleep on her own,


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