Her tears were so strong,
So strong they destroyed my happiness
Her tears were so hateful
So hateful they killed
Her tears were so powerful
So powerful they affected thousands

She was angry
She tore us down, and broke our homes, broke our families
She broke our spirits
She came with no warning, no reason, no target

Her tears were so strong

But mine are stronger
Mine are not filled with hate, or destruction
But mine are filled with sympathy, and pride, and determination
As her tears dried, mine fell
But mine took a different path

My tears said help, feed, clothe
My tears said be strong
For the children be strong
For my neighbor be strong
For lost loved ones be strong

And I will
Until peace is restored
Until every last person has food I will
Until no one worries about where they will sleep at night I will
Until all tears have dried and smiles fill the earth I will
I will be strong

Her tears were so strong
Sandy cried so strong
But I am stronger
I am stronger


Publication Date: 11-26-2012

All Rights Reserved

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