Its a warm and hot humid day, papa wll never be finish with Sosha in time to teach me to swim in the Vally spring. I look around and see no one. I guess its ok to go for a bath then a swim. Papa is not comeing. better not waste the time take my dip and go to bed eary. I got all the way undressed and took one step and heard a snap. I turned so fast I triped on my own feet and stumbled into a hard solid wall the flexed and stiffed. I look up and "GASP" with shock. NOT because I'm necked and in a man arms. Oh no, no matter if its the first time ever to happen. No I was shocked of the desire corsing through my body and down my spine!
He's staring at me with shock and something else. then a wall slams down. "GET DRESS NOW WOMAN". I blink in confusion "hu?".
"YOUR CLOTHES ON NOW< BEFORE SOMEONE SEE YOU" I try to hide a smile and keep my mouth shut, but he looked scared to death. "Oh you mean, like you did" that pissed him off. "LOOK WOMAN,IF I'M SEEN WITH YOU LIKE THIS< I"LL BE STUCK WITH YOU" for some reason that sliced me to the heart and he must of seen the hurt in my face because he took a step towards me. "Hannah?" but i grabed my clothes and ran to edge of the clearing and got dressed and ran to my room.
I cryed my eyes out and lydia my maid mother hen, I call her confort me and ask me what wrong but I ignore her qestion. "I'm just missing mom. and I'm eight and one and still under my fathers roof. I don't think love is out there for me".
"Is there someone you want my girl"
"yeah "but" he don't want me ma" She looks sadly and knowingly at me "Sweetheart he loved once and lost her before they even got to the marriage bed. He's ruined by maria's loss in his life"
"Yeah I know and no disrespect ma but i'm getting tired of hearing that bullshit, i'm tired ma goodnight" I hug her and kiss her cheek.


My poor child well never trust her heart again afther this I must speak with her father by the end of Summer. that will give time for the fates to help out and if not i will.


God she's so stunning and breath taking "but" not for me! just remeber that Vike and you'll be fine. Hell who am I kidding I'm in a shit world of trouble, what the hell I'm going to do.

I walking in the woods looking for wild flowers and then I'm grabed from behide and a cloth slams over my mouth and the world begins to swim, them blackness fills in my vision then tireness.

"Where's my daughter Lydia, she never showed up for our swim"
"maybe she's showing all your tardiness in your face my king" she says with teasing and love that he always ignore and hurts her everytime. "Vikavere, find my daughter please"
Vikavere nods his head then leaves to featch the vixon.

I feel so funny and so tired and then I start rechin (throwing up). "Your finally awake" A voice says behind me, I turn and spit in my capture face, he back hand me and I taste my own blood in my mouth. "Why are you doing this?"
"because I want a marriage between us, so i'll force you with child and then you half to marry me" he smiles with glee "You gotta kill me first" he punches me in my gut I feel a rib crack "That all you got you filthy bastured" he slams me down and beats me to near death. I start to lusinate and I hear myself whisper Vikaver. "you know Vikaver? woman ANSWER ME WOMAN"
"SHE CAN'T ANSWER YOU,BUT I CAN" thats all I heard then I woke to hear alot of whispering about marriage and safe keeping, and my daughters happiness".

2 weeks later!
"daughter you and VIKAVERE will be married by sundown tomorrow" I look at my father in shock and then look at Vikavere "Is this what you want Vike?" his jaw flexed and he said in a controled voice "It is what my KING ask of me princess" A tear I couldn't hold back falls down my cheek and I look at my Father in dispair and panic cross's his face. "Hannah?" I shake my head and clear my throat three times before I could speak "Father I wish to join Sister mary's and don't father I'll be at of your hair and I won't force a man to marry me or love me and I won't force anyone to keep me under his roof where I'm not wanted or loved and Lydia I know this was your doing and I won't ever forgive you and I'm sure father will find you good work. sence I know deep down you only loved me or cared for me to be close to him! I just wish I new how much I wasn't loved before I was attacked, then I would of prayed harder for death make everyone happy to be rid of me" and I look at her she's crying hard and my father looks broken and Vikavere looks releived. "BYE" and I walked out and straight out the door to my new life and I walked for Three days and found a cave and decided to live there instead. three days turned to four then eight and then one mouth a year.

I'm nine and One today
I hear a knock and its Vikavere "hello wife" I blink in confusion "Were not"
"We are you left before anybody could explain that your king married us the same day you returned with out clothes on your body, and you becomed mine, and I came to collect whats mine, Plus I want a son" I gasp "You want a Son,mine , but you don't want me" I said brokenly "Hannah, baby I want you but don't know how to keep you or keep from losing you!"
I'm shocked "You really want me Vike"
"with everything I am my sweet princess"
i ran to him and kissed him with all the love and fire burning in my veines.
"Oh I can't wait Hannah, I need you now"
"I haven't done,be...I..don...I" he puts his fingers on my lips and stalls my stumbleing words.
"I'm glade you haven't and knowing i'll only ever touch it please me and fills me with such pride, and I promise to take care of you and ease you through it" I nod with my consent.


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