I belong to A pack of a hundered or so and I'm lonely.
I found my mate 'But' he's already mated with his mate Kelly. they mated when I was away on pack business that he my mate and my alpha of stone creek sent me on. I told my friend danny, that I was going to mate him when I return.
So you can imagine my shock standing here with my mouth hanging out and everyone looking at me stunned confused looks when I said I was leaving the pack. Yeah weird sence I just got back. "Why would you which to leave the pack Zane" my Sid said. not mine anymore better learn that quick! "I told you before you mated her, that he was your mate". there was a shocked silence "Well thats interesting "alphas mate kelly Said" Sis looked at kelly funny "I'm not gay" she gave him a sad smile then turned to me with a twinkle in her eye
"so Zane the faits though our alpha mate deserved to mates hu" she laughs "Well my father had three mates and my uncle had four so its know shocked to me but the alpha here will take some time" she says nervously. "He'll never except me I'm afraid alpha, I've been around for sence I was thirteen and he will never so I repeat i wish To leave and find some life of happiness and hopefully god will give me a mate that wants me" she smiles sadly "but Zane don't you see god gave me as your mate to" I nod and said "I can't be around him there for we can't" And then I walked away and went on my way to the woods.

I find another mate" Kammie It's a full night and we mate! and I explained that I have Two other mates that I haven't claimed and that she two are thiers but will problely never see.
She said "All I need is you. And were so happy until see with babe. I know we need a pack for the babe to survive. and its to late in the year to travel that far. so I make my way back to my old pack and I'm carrying her the whole way.

I make it across TERITORY BOUNDS "Hold he spells of Pack" I hear my old alpha. And then he walks into veiw "ZANE?" I nod He Screams "Stand down" he smiles welcomeing "It's my other Mate". HE says "I've missed you mate" but I couldn't responds I calaps right there in the snow. "ZANE! OH ZANE STAY WITH US BABY" sids saying.

I startled awake "Kammie?"
"She's fine" says sid I still raise up and left the room with out a word to him and sniff her to the room across the hall and there she laid with a happy smile until she saw me and She was so happy to see me she practically shining with happiness "Zane!". I sat down and huged her and kissed her like theres no tomorrow. And then I spy Kelly looking at someone behind me with a sad face. I look and sids looking at me with longing. can't think about that right now. "Baby how are you? hows the baby? we don't half to stay here only tell I find a new pack". she laughs "As long as I got you nothing else matters" I smile and Laugh at loud "How I get so luckey Kelly, to find someone to love me" she Lokks at sid and then at me "Your very luckey Zane more then you know!" OKay not touching that subject "you hungry" she nods "I'll be right back and daddy will get you something sweet" I rubed her stomack and kiss here forhead. and left the room "So you going to pretend I'm not here" Sid says behind me "No, just got nothing to say" Sid sighs behind me, and then I heard him walk in the other direction.


Publication Date: 09-06-2011

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