As a Student Ambassador for Baltimore County Public Schools I have seen firsthand what students want, what they need, and what they can achieve. I myself a struggle as a student but that has only made me stronger in the end. And I can speak for many of my peers when I say that perseverance and honesty is the best tool a student has. The public school system is a privilege not a right, and I am very grateful to have such an opportunity in my grasp. School is a place for a person to grow mentally and emotionally. It has been my great pleasure to serve the school system for the past four years. It is been amazing experience helping to put it input from an actual first-hand source. I am proud to be part of such a great institution of education, and I look forward to completing my High School years part of the school system.

Message to Students

My fellow Peers,

It is my duty, my obligation, and my right to reiterate the points of the Baltimore County public school system, the teachers in compasses, and the students that I represent. Times are rough, the economy is slowly improving and with that we are seeing a massive change in test scores, GPA, and attendance. I would like to personally thank you for putting in your best effort. I know that things may seem very hard at this point in time to think about the payout that you will be receiving in the end. College graduates make about triple the salary of a person with a high school diploma. That being said, you should always come to school prepared to learn, respect others, and try your best. I will repeat myself again, school is a privilege not a right, so you have this privilege now it's your duty to uphold your end of the bargain. On the matter of attendance, please come to school on time. If you are absent for an emergency or sickness please bring in a note excusing of that absence. It is a responsibility of the Bonner County school system to uphold their attendance policy, so it's important for you to come to school. Average MSA and HSA scores have gone up this quarter, however, the school system would like me to tell you to continue to try your hardest and to put in your best effort when taking these exams. These are not testers to random bubble and fly through, these tasks place you and the classes you'll be taking next year or the year after that or in high school, if you're not already in high school. To my high school students, please focus on the task at hand. Everything I stated above also applies you however I would like to tell you to focus on a few core things. First, take as many AP or IB classes as you can possibly fit into your schedules. Second, remember that during the school day all electronic devices are to be put away with the exception of breaks in between classes and lunch shifts, even so only the text feature of your phone may be utilized during the school day. And third, with the SAT and a ACT test coming up please focus on your core classes and just push through it, this is the make or break point for you all. Colleges and Universities look at the scores and base their admittance to that college upon the scores and other factors. With all that being said, have a great fourth quarter.The last day of the year is June 8th!

Message to Parents

Dear Parents:

It is your right as a parent to monitor your child's behavior, progress, and intentions during school. A few key points to remember during the final quarter of the year: First, make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast before coming to school. Second, if your child has an Edline please utilize your parent Edline account to monitor your child's grades and/or assignments. Third, keep contact with your child's teachers and ask them if they need any assistance with anything. Finally, make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable hour and wakes up in time to go to school on time, with the exception of a sickness,emergency, etc. I would like to personally invite you to any PTA meetings available at your child's school. there is nothing better than a parent organization working for the betterment of the school and students. Also,try to get your child involved with school activities such as : sports, clubs, or student government. I hope that you do consider my points, thank you.


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Publication Date: 04-15-2012

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