Violet walked quickly, the heals of her boots clicking agianst the pavement. The wind whipped across her face as she juggled the things in her hand,while trying to dig for her phone without dropping the boxes she carried.
Karen,her boss had called demanding that she run to the office and pick up a few boxes she had left by mistake, claiming that they were important and couldn't wait till the mourning. So at 11:30 on a Saturday night Violet got out of bed and drove the forty five minutes into the city.
The woes of being a personal assistant.At least Karen wasn't as bad as some of the celebirties Violet had worked for in the past. She saw a shadow from the corner of her eye but when she turned there was no one there.
Her hand finally closed around her phone and she pulled it out. Seeing Karen's number she quickly ansered. " I'm getting in my car right now. I'll be at your house in fifteen minutes." She was about to disconnect the call when a hand clamped over her mouth, at the same time an arm snaked around her waist. Footsteps approached them and her capter tightend his grip past the point of pain, making her eyes water.
A figure stepped from the shadows wearing a long coat and sun glasses. He stopped, his gaze focused on them but he didn't seem surprised to come across a woman being attacked in an alley.
"Let her go Gill, it's not too late." He was tall with a square jaw and wide shoulders.
"I've already had his blood."
His shoulders momentarily slumped as if he were suffering a great feat then they straightend. "Did you do so willingly?"
Her capter laughed. "Ofcoarse. Could you really deny the power? "
The man ignored the question and continued to reason."Give her to me and I'll let you go. Noone will ever be the wiser."
"Jerimiah would know and I'd be punished. I have to take her."
" I can't let you do that." He pulled a long blade from beneath a long black coat.
Violet was knocked to the ground as the two of them went at each others throat. Paper floated to the sky as she realized what she had been sent to fetch. She flipped through the papers, they were all blank.
Karen had called her out of bed,in the middle of the night for BLANK PAPERS! She stared at them in disbeleif. Why would Karen specifically tell her to go to the office when she could have went to one of those fancy all-night office supply stores? There were two within blocks of Karen's lavish penthouse apartment.
Gill howled in pain and she looked to see her rescuer rush to her side."Come on." He gripped beneath her arm and pulled her to her feet.
Violet followed him feeling slightly disoriented. He took out a small knife and Violet watched,confused as be traced a design in the side of a building. A portal opened and he poked his head in then took her hand and they walked through.There was a brief moment of nausea then, she was falling.

She landed with a splash. Water going down her nose and throat.Hands gripped her just as she reached the surface,pulling her from the water as she choked and gasped for breath.
"Are you alright Princess?" He asked as she threw up water. "I'm sorry I didn't find a better place to land. I didn't have time to be specific with Gill behind us." He spoke quickly looking her over for injuries.
/A place to land?/ Violet didn't know what he was talking about and she didn't care at the moment,she could only focus on the burning of her throat and lungs as she fought to breath.
When she could,she rolled over and looked into the most beautifull green eyes she had ever seen,they were rimed by long black lashes and had flecks of gold that swirled.... She shook her head trying to clear it . Her dip had obviously effected her eye sight. For a second she could have sworn his iris' had changed almost completely gold for a second.
"Where are we?" The words came out scrathy due to her damaged windpipe. She pressed her hand against her throat trying to sooth the ache.
"The Evergreens."
"And where is that exactly?" She'd never heard of it.
" It isn't anywhere /exactly/,its everywhere."
/Everywhere? How could any one place be/... He inturupted her thoughts by placing his hand on the other side of her throat, messaging gently.
His hand was warm, his fingers rough and soothing as his thumb rubbed the under side of her chin. His eyes we're closed and his jaw tensed as if he were concintrating.
Violet knew she should break the connection but she was so cold and his hand was so warm.
He opened his eyes and looked at her. Something in them seemed softer and they were deffinitly swirling but she decided to ignore it. He just sat there looking at her for a few moments then stood and offered his hand." We have to keep moving."
She followed relunctantly . He was a lunatic,he could also be a socialpath but he had saved her. Why? He'd also known her attacker." What's your name?" She asked as she struggled at keep up with him.
" Leeland O'Kleise, second leutinet of King Xavior's army." He said it with such pride and conviction. His back and shoulders straightening, his chin lifting as the words rolled off his tounge.
Violet paused questioning his sanity." Do you really believe that, that you serve in a king's amry?"
He looked at her over his shoulder but didn't reply.
"Where does your king rule?" If he thought she'd get tired and stop asking questions he was sorly mistaken. One of her many faults was her inquesitive nature.
He looked at her again before scanning there surroundings. "In the EVERGREENS, in the starlight Court."
Violet froze realizing she could be in danger if she stayed with this man.
He stoped when he realized she was nolonger following him." We don't have time to stop every two steps, let's go!"
Violet turned and ran. He caught her almost imediatly. Thowing her over her shoulder he carried her kicking screaming body. She was surprised by how long he carried her before he put her back on her feet.
Holding her hands in his he dropped to his knees infront of her." Please forgive my harsh tone, Princess, it has been a long day."
She stared down into his eyes fighting against the pull they seemed to have. He didn't look crazy, he was was very attractive with his cat green eyes ,pouty lips and powerful athletic build and he seemed guinely concerned for her safety.
"Why do you keep calling me that?"
"Because its who you are and your father thought it might help you get used to all the changes."
Violet stepped back from him shaking her head. "My father's dead"
He stood and dusted off his knees. "You were adopted correct?" He didn't give her time at answer."You were five when David and Alice Smith adopted you from St. Agnes' home for children. Three years later they had a son,giving you an younger brother. Last year your adopted parents died. Since then Elijah has been in four rehab facilities in New York, one in Maine and another in Pensulvania,where he was later moved to a phsyciatric ward after...."
"Stop. Please stop." she knew the rest. Eli had tried to hang himself from the top of a bathroom stall. He had been hosptalized for three months and thankfully was doing better but the death of their parents had sent him into a spiral of drugs, shame and regret.
"I get it, you've done your research but, why?"
"Because your biological father, King Xavior told me to. He has been trying at find you since he found out you were still alive."
"Why would he think otherwise?"
" That is a question that would be best answerd by the King." He waited for her to take that all in then his voice softened." I know you think I'm crazy and if our roles were reversed, I'd most likely think the same thing but everything I've said is true. You saw it with your own eyes." He looked down at her scolding. "One moment we were in an alley in New York City the next you were drowning in a river. How do you explain that?"
"I can't." She said after a moment. "Why don't you explain it instead of giving me all these vague answers."
He gave her a lopsided smile and she noticed he had a dimple on one side,it softened his rough exterior revealing a youthfull and mischevious side and made him infanitly more attractive. "Alright. Evergreen isn't a part of any counrty because it is another universe altogether,a relm if you will."
She giggled more from nervousness than finding any humor in their situation." You mean like faeries and goblins?"
His smile faded."Those are both derogitory names that the humans gave our kind thousands of years ago. Do I look like a fairy to you?"
"No. You look a little tall for a fairy and you don't even have wings ."
" but I do have wings. "
She watched as he took off his coat then pulled his shirt over his head." Your probably not ready to see this but you need to know that this is real. Don't run Violet, it'll only waste time." He dropped his shirt on the ground then turned his back to her.
His back was muscular and dusted with freckles but no wings. She was about at mention this when a black dot formed between his shoulder baldes. As she watched it grew and stared to stick out from his back. "Don't run." He said over his shoulder as if he could sense her growing panic.His hands balled into fist as wings started to unfurrel from his back.
Violet's mouth dropped open as he turned trying to give her a better view she guessed. They were shaped like a moths wings but apeared thick like branches covered in the thornes of a vine. The centers were dark blue with spots in shades of greens and light blues. They were transparint and when he moved the colors shifted. They were more beautifull than any thing she'd ever seen.
Without thinking she reached out and ran her hand across the inside of one wing, it was surprisingly cold to the touch and hard like glass. Leelands body shuddered and he drew in a startled breath. Violet jumped and pulled back her hand.
"Sorry. I shouldn't have touched them without asking, I just couldn't help myself. They're beautifull."
His wipped around and looked at her with his head tilted to one side, studying her. His scrutiny made her feel transparent so she rushed at fill the silence." I'm sorry if I hurt you I just wanted to know how they felt. I didn't stop to think how it might make you feel to have them touched."
"You didn't hurt me I just wasn't prepared for the sensation."
Violet just nodded, distracted by the sight of his wings. He didnt have anounce of fat on his body the muscles on his back and torso shifted as he picked up his shirt. She blushed realizing where her thoughts were going and quickly looked away.
"Why didn't you run?" He asked as they started walking.
"Honestly, I never even thought to. If your not a faeriewhat are you?
"I am fae. We're not that much different from humams. The main physical differences being the wings and our eyes."
" No fae has solid colored eyes. Then there's the 'phsycic' abbilites se have that differ from one fae to another."
"Like mind reading?"
"Yes,though I've never met a fae with that particular talent."
"What are your talents?"
"I have miner healing abbilites. I healed your throat."
"Thank you."
He gave a small bown "There is no need to thank me, it is my duty to protect you." He bowed again. "That is part of the reason I was chosen to come, since your saftey is our main concern. The king sent me to save you from being kidnapped."
"By sending you to kidnap me instead?"
"My only intention is to escort you safly to your father where he can protect you from men like Gill". He put on his shirt and drapped his jacket over his arm then started walking.
Violet followed over rocks and dirt, occasionally walking into branches. "What does Gill want with me anyways?"
He ignored her and kept walking.
"I still think you've got the wrong girl, I'm not a fae." She didn't have muiti-colored swirling eyes of retractable wings.
"Yes, you are."
"What makes you so sure?"
He looked at her over his shoulder before answering. "I can smell it on your skin."
The thought of him being able to smell her wasn't a pleasent one. Watching him closely to make sure he didn't turn she sniffed her sweater, all she smelt was the remainder of her lavender body wazh and algea from her dip in the lake, maybe that's what he was smelling.
The two walked in silence for a while giving Violet time to take in her surroundings the trees, the tall grass with wild flowers sprinkled about. Leeland surprised her by stopping at the edge of a lake and openning his arms.
She looked at his out streached hands in question for a few seconds then took one hand and shook it, not knowing what else to do.
Surprise flashed on his face before his brows furrowed. "I would carry you across the lake Princess."
"Do you always carry your hostages?" She knew she sounded like a bratt but she was tired and cold,her body ached, and she was sick and tired of him calling her Princess. She wanted to go home.
"Never. Hostages are dragged behind my horse."
His statement dragged her out of her sour mood. None of this was his fault and she wasn't even mad at him. The problem was, she didn't know why she was angry or who with.
He reaced in his pocket and took out a tin can, pulled out a ciggarett. He pressed to his lips and lit it." Are you always this difficult? Or is this a treat just for me?"
She didn't know how to answer that question since she had never been so snotty to anyone.
He sat on a log smoking his ciggarett,messaging his scalp. " I know your tired but if you just bear with me, were almost there. Your not used to the land and I haven't made it easy on you. I appologize for that."
She nodded. "How long have we been walking?" She sat down next to him.
"Around six hours"
She looked up at the sun, it had barly moved.
"Days are longer here. "
"How much longer?"
"Its around three 7 A.m. in new york."
No wonder she felt so tired. She yawned.


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