Unflinching faith is much admired
To pass with dignity is what’s desired
Slipping quietly away in to the light
And with passed loved ones, reunite
Let slip the earthly bonds, external
And embrace the love of god eternal


The babe angelically reposed
Cherubic and smartly clothed
Apparent parental joy and pride
God parents standing side by side
As all around the font arrayed
With love and harmony displayed
And when the spoken words allow
The holy waters cross her brow
Then after the ritual is satisfied
Anna, in Christ’s family is baptized


If I really have to go, as they say that I must
Into the keeping of God, my soul I’ll trust
If I really have to go, I won’t mind so much
Accompanied by angels, God’s hand I’ll touch
It’s not the going so much, as the manner I mind
If blessed with faith, you’re to the end resigned
It would be hard to bear, cut down by a stroke
Unable to move, paralyzed with my body broke
Facing living death consumed by cancer’s hand
Slow death seeping from every pore and gland
The brain slowly degenerating with Parkinson’s
Or the nervous system lost to Huntington’s
The grains of sand run through the hourglass
Wracked with pain and agony before you pass
Better for all when hearing the reaper creep
To close your eyes and pass within your sleep


A surgeon was in deep discussion with a horticulturist
On whether or not the immortal soul does actually exist
The medic began “I have been a surgeon for many a year
And after many operations I would like to make it clear
After having cut every consievable part of a human being
I can say without doubt that I don’t remember ever seeing
Or finding anything that you could possibly ever compare
To an immortal soul within the human body anywhere”
The horticulturist then responded to him in this form
Saying “If I were to cut into a flower bulb, tuber or corm
I would not be able to see any sign of a flower anywhere
But we both know a beautiful flower dwells within there”


Isn’t that how it all began?
Scientists tell us so
Like the gospels
Darwin’s disciples preach it
Talking of the creation myth
And the big bang theory
As if a theory has more weight
Than a myth
God didn’t create the universe
They say
But science with its big bang
I find it hard to believe
It cannot be so
Science cannot create a world
Or a universe
They can only end it
With a big bang
Science will ultimately destroy
What they play with life like a toy
They try to play god
With their own creations
Science gave us gun powder
Nuclear weaponry
Choking carbon monoxide
Acid rain
Holes in the ozone layer
I believe in the creation
And the creator
God created us all
With all our faults and frailties
And god gave us great abilities
But he also gave us reason
And the common good sense when not to use them
Just because we can do something
Doesn’t mean that we should
I believe god created a world to love
But if it all began
With that big bang
And nothing existed
Before that moment
Who lit the match?
Who pressed the button?
Who flicked the switch?
That caused the explosion
The bang
The ignition of life
In all its forms
Perhaps we are an experiment
In some cosmic crucible
Or the universe is contained
Within a dirty goldfish bowl
Whose water could imminently be refreshed?
It doesn’t really matter
How it started
Either by the creation myth
Or the big bang theory
The argument is like the universe
A question of balance
Good and bad
Great and small
Searing heat and freezing cold
High and low
There has to be an opposite
To give credence to either
All I know of the universe
The world
This life
Is its very special
Very precious
And finite
Which begs another question?
How will it end?
Will it be with a


Let god within your heart
Fill the void of darkness
Filled with love and joy
Let his love envelope
Your being
Let him bring light
Where dark once dwelt
Let him bring love
Where hate once ruled
Let him bring happiness
Where sadness held dominion


I am the gentle warmth
Of a soft spring day
I am the sunlight
Glinting on the morning dew
I am the summer breeze
In a field of ripened corn
I am the aromatic air
Of a summer night
I am the autumn wind
Stripping bare the trees
I am the howling wind
In the teeth of a gale
I am the biting sting
Of icy rain and sleet
I am the silence
In the softly falling snow
I am silent
And invisible in the mists
I am the storm and tempest
I am the peace and quiet
I am the green man
I am the green goddess
I am the mother
I am the Father


There is, today, a fierce debate
Well in America at any rate
Darwinism is again causing friction
Some claim his work to be a fiction
And his “Origin of the Species”
Is likened to a pile of fetid faeces
Fossil evidence has caused the strife
Showing Random explosions of life
Evolution was not a gradual change
Thoughts we now must rearrange
Its not at all as Charles Darwin said
But Intelligent Design instead


If not the lord
Then what?
Or feng shui
Worshiping the elements
The sun and the moon
A return to chaos
Pagan times
Before the fisher of men
Cast his net

If not our lord
Then who?
What idol?
What fad or fashion
Plastic surgeons
The new gods
And colonic irrigation
Or wannabee’s
Worshiping celebrity
At the alter of fame

If not the Christ
Then what?
Loss of faith
Loss of belief
But they don’t stop believing
Because they have a need
A desperate need
To believe in something
So they believe
In everything and anything
Except the risen Christ


Dear lord protect
The soldiers on the line
And grapes upon the vine
The policemen on the beat
The homeless on the street
The elderly and the frail
The Transgressors in the jail
The young and the vulnerable
The well off and comfortable
Fire fighters at their station
Carers with their dedication
The judiciary and the medics
The believers and the sceptics
Those in planes and boats and cars
The planets and the stars
Crops growing in the soil
Those hard about their toil
The river, the lake and the dam
The lion the wolf and the lamb
The animals on the farm
Protect them Lord from harm


The king of kings lord in heaven above
Holds the power in His kingdom of love
Not love of power but the power of love


A hero, a myth a legend
An idea? A tale or fable
With a grain of truth
And come the time
He will be there
At the right time
To rescue us all
What hero?
A name gently whispered on the breeze
Or shouted on the wind
Arthur? Robin? Horatio?
Heroes all
Our real hero, neither myth or legend
Not an idea or tale or fable
But is the truth
And come the time
He will be there
At the right time
To rescue us from ourselves
A name gently whispered in reverence
And shouted in rejoicing
A name embedded in our souls
Our lord god


He is the earth
The wind and the fire
He is the sun
That rises in the east
And sets in the west
He is the tree in bud
And the mare in foal
He is the rain that gently falls
He is the birdsong
And the cockcrow
He is the staff of life
He is the Son of God
The prince of peace


You are there
When I face adversity
And in times of conflict
When I encounter trajedy or loss
You are there
When I experience joy
And at times of happiness
When I feel pride and count my blessings
You were there
When my children entered the world
And at their baptisms
When they married and when loved ones passed
You are always there
Dear lord


I pray to my god
When my heart is full
And when it is empty
When I just need to speak
And when I need an answer
When I have joy to share
And when at my lowest
I pray to my god
Who always listens?


I have left you now my love
To make my final journey
Don’t break your heart
Don’t grieve for losing me
Remember all the good times
When we were young and free
Speak your prayers aloud
In fond remembrance of me
And when your journey is made
I will be the first one you see


If I am the first to go
I will wait for you in the place
Where the crowns of Angels glow

If I go first because I lost the fight
I will be waiting with the Father
Where the tunnel opens into light

If I am the first one there
I will await you in lush meadows
Where heady perfume fills the air

If I go first and leave you lonely
We will meet again in paradise
In our loved ones company

If I am the first to go, allay your fears
I will be waiting in the place
Where there are no more tears

If I go before you and we must part
I will wait for you in heaven
Where sweet music soothes the heart

If I am first to go we will meet again
In a far better place than this
Where God has banished pain

If I go first through the eternal door
You will find me with the angels
Where suffering is no more

If I am first to go by days or years
You will find me waiting there
Far beyond this vale of tears

(Sung to the tune of the traditional German folk song “Kinderlied”)

Oh my lord way above
God in heaven, king of love
Please look down, from your throne
Look on us with love.

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord bless our lives
Christ the saviour guiding light
Please look down, from your throne
Bless us with your light

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord fill our hearts
Up in heaven where love starts
Please look down, from your throne
Please lord fill our hearts.

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord way above
God in heaven, king of love
Please look down, from your throne
Look on us with love.

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord guide our hand
God the father king of man
Please look down, from your throne
Dear lord guide our hand

God of gods , king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord way above
God in heaven, king of love
Please look down, from your throne
Look on us with love

God of gods , king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love


God didn’t say
You must circumcise your children
God didn’t say
You can have ten wives
God didn’t say
You mustn’t use a condom
God didn’t say
You must pray five times a day
God didn’t say
My priests cant marry
God didn’t say
Woman must be covered at all times
God didn’t say
You cannot divorce
God didn’t say
Divorcees cannot remarry in church
God didn’t say
You must remove your shoes in my house
God didn’t say
You must kill the infidel
God didn’t say
There is only one church
God didn’t say
You must ritually wash your feet
Man said these things
These rules were made by men

(To the tune of “The gypsy girls dream” (I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls)
From an opera The Bohemian Girl composed by Michael Balfe)

Oh God in heaven Lord above all
Looks upon us with grace
He is with us when we triumph
He is with us when we fail
And when the time comes and I join him on high
I will touch his loving face
Oh God in heaven Lord above all
Watch and protect us until that day

Please watch us, protect us, until that day
God save us, Lord save us until that day

Oh god in heaven always loves us
Even when we may stray
He will support us and guide us
as through life we navigate
And when the time comes and I join him on high
I will take His loving hand
Oh God in heaven Lord above all
Watch and protect us until that day

Please watch us, protect us, until that day
God save us, Lord save us until that day


I believe in God
I believe him to be the creator
The creator of heaven and earth
Of the stars and the planets
I believe him to be the creator of the universe
The scientific community
Talk of the big bang
Which sparked off the creation of the universe
They call God a myth
And his creation a myth
Science of course call it the big bang theory
Theory being science speak for a guess
Or put another way a belief
They can no more prove their belief
Than I can prove the existence of God
For all there contempt for belief systems
They are locked in one of their own making
I have faith in the creation
But if there was a big bang
Then God pressed the button

Who is there?
In my darkest hours
When pain wracks my body
When dark thoughts plague me
Who is it who sustains me?

Who is there?
At times of anguish
When I feel so alone
When I feel all hope is gone
Who lifts me and guides me

Who is there?
In the depths of my despair
When I see no end
When I seek release
Who is it?
Who will take my pain

He is there
When the pain ends
When darkness is banished
In the light of love
My lord god will keep me


The sun gifts us
With warmth and light
Endowing and sustaining
The green earth with life
Then when day is done
After the setting of the sun
The Moons silvery disk appears
Boldly bright through its phases
And stars are liberally sprinkled
Across the curtain of night
These gifts from God
Make our days complete


Faith is such a simple concept
It’s so simple
It’s just about belief
It’s so completely uncomplicated
You just have to believe
No strings attached
Just unconditionally believe
And if you do the world is your oyster
All your doubts and fears subside
When you accept his existence
His, hers its
The creator, the deity
The master puppeteer
Don’t analyse it
Don’t try to define it
To deconstruct it
Don’t worry about the Who the what or the why
Its doesn’t matter
Don’t worry about who the creator is
It doesn’t matter what race
What gender, what creed or what colour
Just accept it, embrace it
You still won’t be able to see it
But you’ll know its there
It’s totally invisible to your senses
Yet it connects with you at the core
With your essence, your soul
You can’t see it yet its wonders are all around
You can’t hear it
Yet its sound fills the world
You can’t taste it
But it’s the spice of all life
You can’t smell it
But its exotic and heady fragrance is on every breath of wind
And you can’t touch it
But it can be felt when it touches you


Teardrops stain my cheeks
Now my love you’ve gone
Gone to join the angels throng
As sad and lonely I live on

I am comforted to know
In my sadness and despair
I’m alone but you are with me
As I feel you everywhere

With my faith for strength
I wipe my teary eyes
Safe in the knowledge
That no one really dies

We will be together again
If my beloved you will wait
Beyond the golden portal
Just through heavens gate


I thank the lord above
As I stand in the quiet of the morn
And when spring lambs are born
For the fields so full of flowers
And the peace of the twilight hours

I thank the lord above
For the blueness of the sky
And for a new born babies cry
For the smell of summer rainfall
And the joy of a songbirds call

I thank the lord above
When winters shroud is on the land
And when I take my beloved’s hand
When my lovers face is all aglow
And when we make angels in the snow

I thank the lord above
As I stand at the alter with my bride
And when I look at her with pride
When I stand together with my wife
I thank the lord for my life


Humanists and atheists
Refute God’s existence
But in all honesty
They mount a futile resistance
Because for all their vehement
Creation of fuss
The great lord God
Believes in them as well as us


At his bedside
The gentle angel stood
Watching as he slept
Listening to his quiet shallow breath
Then the angel softly spoke
And reached out a hand
“Your time has come to see the lord”
“Come with me now”
Then he slept no more
And he left his empty body
Taking the offered hand
The angel smiled and they began to ascend
To a better place and time
Traveling upward through a tunnel
Toward a light becoming ever brighter
Its brightness became almost blinding
Until with the angel he emerged
Into the land of light and love
The angel left him with a smile
With those who had passed before
Familiar faces greeted him
Loved ones from years past
Who showed him round heavens paradise
Where milk and honey flowed
Scenes of unimagined beauty met his eye
And the sweetest perfumes filled the air
Music was everywhere invading every pore
From simple refrains to grand symphonies
Musicians played on instruments of gold
While choirs of angels sang
But the most overpowering feeling
That assailed his senses
Was of everlasting love


In God’s name, for centuries
They waged their holy wars
Singing songs to God
As they march in their corps

In God’s name, across the years
From home to foreign shores
Tit for tat acts of religious hate
Are used to settle scores

God’s names, Jehovah, God or Allah
Differ only by rules and law
Although God by any name
Does not encourage acts of war

In God’s name, even to this day
They are prepared to fight and die
And beneath their holy banners
They use God as a battle cry

In God’s name, war is waged
And for every soul who dies
God sits on his throne in heaven
With sadness in his eyes

In God’s name, preach only peace
God is there for all humanity
In Gods name, put down your swords
His gift is love to all who see


In that favoured retreat
Of Gethsemane’s garden
Did the Prince of peace
In his agonies
Sweat blood upon
That fertile ground
Forsaken by his father
Doubting his destiny
And how wretchedly betrayed
By that simple Judas kiss


God is goodness
God is love
God and love
Go hand in glove

God is blessed
God is hope
God and hope
Will help us cope

God is loving
God is peace
God and peace
Will never cease

God is patient
God is grace
God and grace
Hold us in embrace

God is goodness
God is love
God and love
Go hand in glove


I went to a funeral today
What a totally depressing day
In was a humanist service
Cold and utterly soulless
With some mumbling buffoon
Waffling on in monotone
A couple of poorly read poems
From some well thumbed tomes
And ended in a fit of irony
To the tune of “stay with me”
He was not religious I will concede
But even a man lacking a creed
Should be launched into oblivion
To the sound of a rousing requiem


Wear your smile
Enjoy Life
If only for awhile

Enjoy the moment
It’s a special gift
That’s heaven sent

Life and death
Are separated
By a single breath

Then more or less
In an instant

Then the sight
At the tunnels end
Of heavens light


John, in his boat one grey autumn day
Bobbing on the lakes black water
His heart gripped by blackness
As he sobbed for the loss of his daughter

His blood ran cold through his veins
As he stared at the dark water there
Water that would welcome him
And end a life filled with despair

John’s life was as empty as his heart
Now his dear little girl was gone
That sweet yellow haired angel
Without her he just couldn’t go on

Then calmness came upon the water
And he became suddenly aware
He was no longer alone in his boat
As he stared at the dark water there

The boat no longer bobbed on the lake
As he turned to look behind him
He saw God sitting in the stern
And on the shore stood two Seraphim

God sat with smiling countenance
His hair white as artic snow
His soft eyes just radiated love
And he emitted a warming glow

John stood silent before his god
As the boat drifted towards the shore
And the black despair which gripped him
Left his body through every pore

Then Gods eyes looked toward the land
To where his brace of angels stood
And John was moved to do the same
And in that instant he understood

For stood between the angels
Was his sweet yellow haired girl
Her broken body once more whole
And a hallow sat above her curls

Though the heavenly father never spoke
John understood the meaning clear
His darling child made Cherubim was safe
And his time was not yet near

Then singing the songs of paradise
The Seraphim both ascended high
While his darling girl waved to him
And ascended herself into the sky

John turned towards the stern
As the boat bobbed on the lake again
But saw only an empty space
The king had returned to his domain

John, in his boat that grey autumn day
Bobbing on the lakes black water
Now felt at peace with himself
Though he still grieved for his darling daughter

The waters were not so black any more
And love displaced despair in his heart
Though he would always miss his angel
He knew they would not always be apart


Do not grieve for me
Do not mourn my passing
Remember me with a smile
Don’t think of me as gone
Remember what we had
Think of our life like a favourite book
Do not close it and put it on the shelf
Never to be read again
Just because you hate the ending
Start to write the next chapter
Enjoy it like all the others
And don’t be sad
I will be there with you always

I will be there when the wild flowers
Dance in the spring meadow
When the summer breeze moves through
A field of ripening wheat
When the morning mist of autumn
Softens the landscape
And when the winter sun
Sparkles and glints on the snow
And I will be by your side
Through your loneliest hours

I will be there in the dawn
Rising with the sun
You will see me again
When the sun sets at the days end
And in the twilight hours
I will be that gentle breeze
That caress’s your cheek
On a warm summer evening
And I will be that tingle on your skin
As you lie in the quiet hours

I will be there when you retrace our steps
And when you stand on the lake shore
My reflection will not be on the water
By I am still with you
When you walk in the autumn
Through the golden carpet
I will be in the dancing leaves
And when the snow lays
Though I will leave no foot prints
I am there for these moments that were ours

I will be there in the quietness of winter
Among the falling snowflakes
I will be in the dew drops
On the grassy meadow
I will be there in the warm sunlight
Of a summer’s day
I will be with you when the storm
Quickens your heartbeat
And you will feel me on your skin
And in the April showers


He lived his life in the shadows
Hiding from Gods light
Not acknowledging his existence
Thinking he was out of sight
He thought he walked the road alone
Without the Lord by his side
But at the hour of his death
His faith could no longer be denied
On the darkness of this death
God lights a light to show his way
Shining his light of love
To comfort those left in disarray
As he walks in Gods light
Within the sound of Heavens bells
God illuminating his path
Now he walks with the angels


The Saints and the Angels
Watch over us all the year round
You never know they are there
For they never make a sound

But they are there nonetheless
Watching over us everyday
And they are there to listen
When you have a need to pray

And should some weary soul
Let slip their earthly bonds
They have angelic company
On their way to the great beyond


On a hill in Calvary
In a savage unenlightened time
Nailed upon a rugged cross
By brutal hand
They thought to kill a man
To snuff out his light
That light of purest love
Unquenchable, indestructible

On that hill in Calvary
He died for us
The shadow of that cross
Cast upon the bloody land
Was an illuminating shadow
That spread light and love
Shining across millennia
Unquenchable, indestructible

On that hill in Calvary
He died for us
In that savage unenlightened time
Murdered by brutal hand
Humiliated, dehumanised
But through his love for us
And his sacrifice for us
He redeemed us


Oh guardian angel
Please watch over me
It would be a comfort
To feel the guarantee
That should I go astray
Watching over me
You would be there
To guide me back to safety


When you look out
Across the cityscape
The first impression is one of planning
With order and method
A systematic landscape
Above a thriving community
Running as a well oiled machine
Every element doing its part
A symbiotic relationship
Every person a cog in the machine
A perpetual entity
Evolving and changing
Redesigning itself
Outside the conurbation
As if in stark contrast
The country side and nature
Appear chaotic and haphazard
Without order or method
Simple and ordinary
Lacking the sophistication of civilization
But in reality the urbanites live in chaos
Dysfunctional and self-destructive
While in nature there is structure and order
And the closer you observe it
The more of its complexities
And intricate structures are revealed
Everything precision engineered
With order and purpose
Every organism contains nature’s code
The building blocks of our world
And of our universe
True sophistication exists at every level
Complex and extraordinary
So let man builds his cities
While God builds everything else


Faith is like electricity
You can’t see its traits
But you can see the light
That it generates


Oh God to you we pray
To let peace on earth come our way
Oh God to you we pray
Would that we could have our way
Oh God grant this day
That peace on earth will come our way
Oh God we hear you say
That peace on earth will come our way
If we could from this day
Just live Christmas every day

Inspired by Helen Steiner Rice (1900-1981)


Faith is like electricity
You can’t see it
But you can see the light
That emanates from it


When Haiti shook
And the old colonial
Structures fell
Who was to blame?

When the rains fell on Madeira
Making rivers of mud
Where once were roads
Who was to blame?

When earthquake and tsunami
Wreaked their havoc
On Chile’s coast
Who was to blame?

The zealots speak of God’s wrath,
Divine retribution
Against the wicked of the world
Smiting the transgressors
But it’s not the wicked who suffer
It’s the most humble and devout
The poor and the needy
Who suffer the most
Why would God do such a thing?
What would be gained?
It’s not a Godly act
But rather that of a tyrant
That’s not what my God would do
My God is a loving God
Not a wrathful being

The secular blame God
For not stopping natural disasters
They don’t believe in him
But blame him anyway
Where was God?
What was God doing when he was needed?
When something wonderful happens
They praise nature’s ingenuity
Yet when tragedy strikes
It’s “where was God?”
God is not to blame
It is not within his power to prevent disasters
So he does what he can
He comforts and supports
Eases suffering and ends pain
But my God is not to blame

Mother Nature is the culprit
The planet is angry with mankind
And unleashes these acts of spite
To punish us for our indifference
Mother Nature roars
And defines our insignificance
When the earth moves
And mountains split
When winds tear up all before them
And the seas rise up
We are powerless
But we are not alone
When we are at our most vulnerable
Who do we call upon? God
Whoever that God might be
Mine is an understanding God
A compassionate God

The last mythological muse
Urania, muse of astrology
Foreteller of the future
By the stars array
Dressed in a cloak
Embroidered with stars
Holding a globe in her left hand
Always looking to the heavens
a goddess of universal love
And possessed with the holy spirit
The Renaissance Urania
Was muse to the Christian poets
And still gazed to the heavens
But saw God amongst the stars


The love of Christ
Unconditional, pure
Deeply felt love
That doth endure


He travels the four winds
He is everywhere.
He is an ever present force
He is the one who cares

He is our strength
He is with us from the start
He gives us joy
He lives in our hearts

He is our hope
His heart is full of love
He repairs us
He is love

Jesus is the King of Kings
Who died for us
On that cross of pain
To cleanse us


Just standing in a palace doesn’t make you a Tsar
Any more than standing in a garage makes you a car
It doesn’t make you a cook if you stand in a kitchen
So just going to church doesn't make you a Christian


Thank you Lord for being there
And bathing us in your blessed care
Thank you for all your blessings
And understanding my transgressing
Thank you for being the one
Who watches over my three sons
And my most wonderful wife
Thank you for being in my life


Yeshua, you are
Our hope of salvation
Dying for us
Our hope of glory
Living in us

Yeshua, you are
Our hope for the future
Living for you
Our hope for redemption
Alive in you


At the end I am serenely at peace
In the moments of my final hour
I feel the presence of the Lord
Who gently plucks me like a flower


Master of the universe
Great architect of nature
Builder of the galaxies
Every facet and feature
Don’t listen to our silence
Most benevolent creator
And think us unworthy
Don’t condemn us like a traitor
We are misguided only
That is just our nature
We will turn to you again
For man is a fickle creature


I find it hard to forgive
But we are taught we must
To be a good Christian
We must first forgive others
Before God can forgive us
But I find it hard to forgive
I cannot let go the bitterness
Or it’s associated baggage
The betrayal of those I thought friends
The deceit of family
The put downs and the knocks
The adversities and animosities
I cannot make that commitment to forgive
All I can do is promise to try
Try to climb that ladder of forgiveness
One painful rung at a time
And if I do succeed
In becoming a better person
A more forgiving person
If I manage to slowly climb the ladder
And earn Gods forgiveness
I will only do so with His grace
And not by some immence effort on my part


Angels of the choir
Is this the sound of heaven?
Such sweet emanations’
Heaven sings out
Each note
Plucks at my heart
Lifts my soul
Then elevates me
Carrying me away
On a choral wave
Of sweet rapture
Then upon the final note
Of purest clarity
I return to earth


She is the Angel of the choir
She is my only hearts desire
Her voice fills me with rapture
A voice as sweet as her nature
But though I am in a state of bliss
I could never hope for a single kiss
For she is but a visitor from on high
An angel fallen from the sky
No mortal voice could so express
Each note in perfect choral congress

She is the Angel of the choir
She is my only hearts desire
In truth I know she is earthly born
But nonetheless I am left forlorn
For I have her upon a pedestal so high
That even an angel fallen from the sky
When on heavenly wings she flew
Would be less exalted in my view
So I must watch my angel as she sings
As my devoted heart grows wings
And soars up high on her sweet melody
I pray my angel will only sing for me


I sat by her bedside
As she lay motionless
Cruelly aware of her incarceration
Trapped inside a broken body
Unable to move
Unable to speak
A mere shadow of what once was
And in my black despair
I prayed for her
And I heard Malachi’s words
So I prayed for her release
So she would awake with the Lord
And burst forth from her stall
Like a young calf in springtime


Our lord beaten and bloody
Must die like a criminal
To add insult upon injury
Atop his tousled curls
Was set a thorny crown
Pressed into his scalp
He carried his cross
Upon his bloodied back
Through narrow streets
To the baying of the crowds
Then onto the hill of Calvary
Where the prince of peace
Was nailed to his cross of pain
And dealt the final blow
His side pierced by a spear
His earthly life ebbing away
Through the open wound
He called out to God
But not for vengeance
He asked that they be forgiven
And his cross of pain
Cast a Holy shadow
Across the world
That reached every corner
But the shadow cast
Was not one of darkness
But one of light
A divine light
The light of love
Which still shines today
For it is the eternal light of God


Thank you for the morning
For the new day dawning
Thank you for the dawn chorus
Refreshing and delighting us
Thank you lord for another day
And for tomorrow if I may


Sing in praise
To God on high
Accept Him
Into your heart

Sing in praise
To God our Lord
Accept His
Great gift of love

Sing in praise
To God on high
Accept Him
Into your life

Sing in praise
To God our Lord
Accept Him
As your saviour


When the world
Appears a troubled place
When you see pain
Etched into every face
Look for hope
In the shadow of the cross

When evil lives
In the hearts of man
When our neighbours
Plot our destruction
Look for hope
In the shadow of the cross

When you are burdened
With anxiety and fear
When you are so desperate
For someone to hear
Look for Him
In the shadow of the cross


Oh God in heaven
I thank you
For your son
For supporting me
Embracing me
Accepting me
For offering me your hand
Your loving hand
We sing oh Lord
To praise you
For you support us
Embrace us
Accept us
You offer us your hand
Your loving hand
We give ourselves oh Lord
Into your love


God is in my fingers
When I play guitar
God is in my footsteps
When I must travel far

God is in my lips
When I whistle a tune
God is in my voice
When I sing or croon

God is my protector
When my goal is reached
God is in my heart
When his word is preached

God is my salvation
In every single way
God is in my heart
Every single day


Kneeling before the cross,
A simple sign of faith
A potent symbol of his love
A symbol whose holy shadow
Casts the light of love across the world
I am in the presence of the Lord
I feel His hand on my shoulder
His love in my heart
I find I am at peace
In the presence of the lord
I feel His reassuring presence
The Son of God
The Prince of Peace
Who died upon the cross
Who died on a hill in Calvary
And was born again
I feel the power of His glory
I feel at peace
I feel his Godliness
His Goodliness
He surrounds me with his love
And he comforts me
Making the world a less savage place


Christ the redeemer
He died on the cross
He died to save us
And His majesty
Made of the world
A place of hope
A place of grace
A place of freedom
A place of love
He called us from the darkness
Into His loving light


CS Lewis came to God
The long way round
But because of this
His faith was sound

And he knew the truth,
He called Christ’s birth
The central event
In the history of the earth


Publication Date: 08-13-2010

All Rights Reserved

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