Urban Fable - 3

My Room Has No Curtains

(Urban Fable - 3)



William Gough

A Gull Pond Book

At ‘Toonie Yarns’

ISBN: 978-1-927046-20-3

©2017/©2014 William Gough


My Room has No Curtains

(Urban Fable - 3)


There was the day when it was time for me to find time & finding time, I painted away the world of my rooms in the building that creaked its way past (what they called a century ago) memory.

From one room window there was a condo.

From one room window there was another condo.

I had two blank walls & bugs crawled along those walls.

At that time it was the morning & I woke up & I asked

- What do I have?

My answer was clean as my dreams.

I have the money that was left by father & by mother. Not a lot but this pays the rent as long as I stay here. I have now the money for sounds to become my cocoon & so I collect sounds.

I'm taught by what I've left of my childhood from the city where


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