1991.06.05 - The Word of God to King Michael

                                    The word of God[1] to King Michael

                                                (Translated by I.A.)


Let it be written another word of testimony, for the Lord lets His word come down, and then He sets to fulfill those that are spoken of by the word. Behold the word of God to the king Michael of Romania, for he is spoken of by the prophets.


Peace to you, king of the one that is blessed, for I will come down with a visible glory and share the light and living light upon the nations on the earth, and she will be My queen. Peace to you, and May the comforting myrrh be upon your head! Amen. Behold, I write another book to you, to let you know that I will let upon this place the spring of My word, as a testimony stone and a place of the glory of My name, so that the nations may know afterwards and to drink living water from this stone, and this will be for the healing of the nations, for this is written about this mountain which shall be raised above the mountains, above the hills, above the wisdom on the earth, and many nations will come towards this rock, towards this spring coming down from heaven, for Romania will be the new land of the Lord’s glory in the days to come, and you will be great upon this nation. I am the Lord of the powers, and everything is possible with God, but be faithful to My work and My plan, which is fulfilled from eternity and you will sit on your throne, and your offspring will stand by you. 


I came down as a word and told you that I will raise this stone of testimony to the place of My spring through I speak the work of My plan and the work of My Romania, as, look, I take out of this spring for you too. I have My servants by whom I work My word through this spring, and I want to take this honey fountain above, for the time of the accomplishments spoke by this spring is coming; it comes and it hurries to come; it comes and I want to work hastily, so that we may fasten the cross on the top of this stone and to speak from this top the word coming from heaven, to speak the name of My anointed one, for you will be the king of Romania through Me. But I want to write your name on this stone to prepare your coming by this power, by this heavenly foundation, by this testimony, which will give testimony on that day. The Lord of the powers is My name, and this is not impossible with God, and this work is in My plan.


I want to make a good unity and a close connection with your house. I want to make this unity by My faithful witness, who is from Me and whom I am to establish the first upon My church, upon the blessed church, (See the selection topic The true church”, red. note[2].) for this witness knows from Me what I have to do upon this nation; and there shall be a perfect peace among you, and I will be in your counsel to the glory of My chosen nation in the days to come. There is little time until the harvest and I want to work this ark hastily, this stone of testimony, for I will overcome by it, and you will come afterwards and we will set the resurrected life and the far light upon this nation, and all the peoples will come and see the glory of the forsaken one.


Sit down by Me to help Myself with you and to raise this stone to its place, the kind of Romania, for I have holy waivodes in the holy heaven, from the body of this nation, which brought a sacrifice of glory for Me and remembering stones in their days, and they cry to Me day and night saying: «How long Lord until you lift up our names according to Your promises?» However, I have My servants near this spring, workers in the body, who cry out day and night before Me, and they remind Me of the time of the promises that I made upon this chosen nation, and everything is written and they will testify about the work of My words. And they remind Me of you, their king, as I gave them the commandment to bring a daily sacrifice and to bring your name before Me and your coming in your land. This is how you are reminded in this hidden place; this is what is heard at the throne of My glory: “Michael, King of Romania, to commemorate the Lord God in His kingdom!” Amen. I gave the order for these to ask from Me to cut the head of the red best, and I heard and fulfilled it in due time this victory. (At the anticommunist revolution in December, 1989, when the dictator, Ceauşescu, was executed on the 25th of December, r.n.). (See the selection topic „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[3]”, r.n.). I work here through My servants, so that they may know how My plan is made out, that they may know what to ask from Me, and behold, I am and I fulfill, and I made here an establishment according to the sketch of the plan of those days, for I work from heaven according to the heavenly plan, but I work through these who bring Me by the word, for I speak and then I come to fulfill.


I spoke in the time of My body; this is what I said to My disciples: «There yet four months until the harvest», and many went wrong in Me, for My mysteries are deep, My love, My anointed one, with whom I am well pleased in the days to come. And behold, I speak again the words of that time: there yet four months until the harvest, and how much I would like to wake up My workers and to overcome by this victory!


Sit down by Me, for I want to mark down on this stone and to engrave your name. Behold, I put this stone before you, king of Romania, and it will happen that in one day I will put away the injustice from My and your country, and I will fulfill it. Be faithful, for I will fulfill on that day, as this day is established, My love, but let it be that faith like yours might have never been in the people of the faithful ones, for we will work the victory of the end of the Babylon and that for the beginning of a new age, and I will begin with My holy kindred, with the glory of this new people. I said and I will fulfill, and I will choose from the New Jerusalem, and this will be in the days of tribulation. Oh, the darkness of this time is great, and this is the tribulation for the Lord of the faithful ones, but look, at the end of the fullness of lawlessness, I will establish a king who will be in Me and through him I will establish the kingdom of the peace. Amen.


Get up now and come to raise this stone, for I will speak from its top and those that are decaying will fall down, and we will make a new thing, and the nations on the earth will bow down before this sign. Be wise, My love, be in Me so that I may be in you, but let Me be, My love, My anointed one, My blessed one. The time is late, you king of Romania, and behold, I hurry to prepare your coming, but this is My plan for your coming, and it should be worked out according to it. The time has come for you to bring a sacrifice to me, and I will set it as a witness upon this spring which has run through the midst of this chosen nation, which spoke in this time about your time that is coming. And on that day I will testify and I will fulfill it by the word, and when I speak the word, all the heights will bow down at My voice, for I am the Lord of the powers.


I am. Do not be afraid, king of Romania. I will unite you with those that are spoken by My word, so that you may believe in God and to sit down by the Lord, and that the work of God and the mystery over this nation may be fulfilled. Get up and be for God, for behold, the Lord is upon you with the myrrh of the blessing and of the heavenly power.


Peace to you! Peace to you from the spring which flows in Romania! But I want to tell you, “Peace to you!” from the top of this rock which is to be raised above this spring. Peace to you, king of Romania! God is speaking in Romania more that in all ages by now.


Peace upon the house of My anointed, Michael! Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in Romania

[2] Redactor (editor) note

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