1996.08.28 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Assumption

                                    The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Assumption

                                                                          (Translated by I.A.)



The Word becomes word into Its book, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.


The word is the peace from heaven and from earth, as the peace is from heaven. Pace to the path of My word from heaven to earth! Peace and faith to you, sons of My people, as My word is not to clarify the human wisdom, and rather it is for the testimony of the Spirit and of the power.


Sons, sons, let your faith be in the power of God, not in the human wisdom. The wisdom is hidden in God; however, He ordained it before the ages to the glory of those that are perfected, and this age did not know it. That is why the Scriptures say about the things, which an eye did not see and did not enter into the heart of man, that God prepared to those who love Him. And I come and I reveal them to you by the Holy Spirit, as the Spirit searches out everything, even the depths of God, as it is written. I gave you from My Spirit, to understand those that I promise you. Sons, sons, be spiritual, as the natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit of God, as they are discerned spiritually. I gave you from My Spirit to understand My mind, and this way your faith may be in the power of God not in the wisdom of the people of this age.


My people, this work of the word from heaven is My cross that I gave it to you to carry through the world, sons. It is the sign of the Son of Man, who was to appear before its visible coming. The cross is the life of Christ, carried by man; it is Christ’s face, taken out of the man, and this word and His face are My cross, carried by you. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man”, r.n.) That is why this new announcement, this carried cross, is a folly for those who stay in the spirit of carelessness of this age, but for you it is the power of God. Behold, My word proves the folly of the wisdom of this age, as because the wisdom of God did not make the man to know God by wisdom, that is why God wanted to save the one who believe through the proclaiming of the cross, as it is written: «The Jews ask for signs, Greeks seek after wisdom, but those that are faithful preach the Christ crucified, Who is a stumbling block for the Jews and foolishness for the Gentiles, but to those who are called from among them, is Christ, the power and wisdom of God». This is the hidden wisdom of God. He lifts up those that are low, those that are not, to destroy those that are, so that nobody may become haughty before God, and he who boasts, let him boast in the Lord. Amen.


Peace to you, Israel! Peace on My path from heaven to you, son! I come with a spirit of heavenly celebration; I come to comfort you with a spirit of heavenly celebration; I come to you, My people, as I have nowhere to go; I have nowhere to travel to. There is only human wisdom everywhere, and the preaching of the cross, of Christ’s life, is foolishness for those who love the destruction worked out by the deeds. I come to you, My people, and I want to find My pleasure in you, little son, as I carry with you My cross of today. I gave you My cross; I gave you My life for you to carry on, so that I may arrive with My cross to the last end and to rest in you, My people. My cross is My life, and that is why I told you: „I long for Me in you, son of My people”. The world take My word and it can hardly understand it, as the world is confused by the wisdom of this age. But you, son, you understand the depth of My word, as I gave you from My Spirit, to understand the depths of God, as the one who is in God has God’s wisdom, which has nothing to do with the wisdom of the rulers of this age. The heaven calls you blessed, My people, as blessed it is the one who has God’s wisdom, Which comes with His Spirit in those that believe in Him. You should not be weak into this blessedness. You should always keep in mind My word and stay in it, My people, as it keeps you in Me. It turns you into My holy body, which becomes word before you, into your faithful heart bowed down in Me, dear son. I have nothing dearer than you, My people, as you have been waiting for seven thousand years for Me to fulfill with you the last promises proclaimed to you; the new heaven, the new earth, and the new man after My image and after My likeness, so that God’s hidden and mysterious wisdom may appear, son; the one that I ordained before the ages to My glory and yours, faithful child from the end. (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool: the man deified”, r.n.) I have always come to you, so that I may keep you in My arms, to comfort you, to strengthen your faith into My wisdom, as the fear of God places you into the mystery of the wisdom from heaven on earth. Oh, only big words I bring into being by My word, and the spiritual ones understand them, son. The natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit of God, but the spiritual one understands the mysterious wisdom of God.


I come with a spirit of celebration and with mother Virgin, who gave you the Son of God. She is the ladder on which I came down from Father to you, to become the Son of Man, and that the man to know that I come from the Father, through the Holy Spirit and through the Virgin, as the heavenly man is virgin-like. The man has to remain from heaven, but he did not want to listen, and I came to bring him into obedience, so that I may take him back to those that I worked for the man.


Oh, you man, who do not understand the wisdom of God and its treasure, I came with this work of word to bring into life My mysterious wisdom, as My wisdom is a loving spirit of people. I have come into your way to show you the cross, to show you the life, My life, man, My life in man. This is the wisdom that I came to establish upon the people. I am the Son of God’s wisdom, and I have come to become God in man, so that the man may have wisdom. I came to become flesh in the man by the word, so that I may create a new haven and a new earth in man, and a new man in man. I chose a people so that I may have ears to hear and that I may come into being by word, and to call out over the earth, so that the man may hear Me, and to turn him from the natural into the spiritual, in a mystery of a new age, and he, who has ears to hear, hears and comes to life. Amen.


Oh, little children of the garden of My word, this is what I told you: „Remain in My love!” and this word remains spoken and keeps you in Me, as we have to fulfill the word of the mysterious wisdom over the earth. Remain in My love. I have always strengthened you into this word; I always renew you into this word, so that it may be known by angels and saints, thrones, principalities and powers, and even the evil spirit to hear always and to know and leave at My word. Remain into My love, as it is with it that I strengthen you, so that I may have a path for you to walk on it, as I do no longer have a walking on the earth; I do no longer have it. I do no longer have a vineyard; I do no longer have it. But I come as a God, and I will redeem My word.

Children of My little garden, remain rooted in Me, into My love, as I take care of you and I heal you of your wounds and I will wipe out your little eyes of tears, and I have always embodied you into My holy body, as the time is hard, sons; it is hard and oppressing and hostile to Me and to you, but I am a strong God, Who has been merciful and I have overcome from generation to generation. I bless your staying in Me; I strengthen your faith and power and love, as we have a great and wonderful work to do: a work of heavenly age on the earth. I have always come and strengthen My path, and weaken, with the heavenly powers, the power of the evil spirit that blows upon you, but you work, always work My way towards you, the way of My word towards the earth. May the way of My word be blessed over the earth, and may all the opposition of the evil spirit perish from its way, and may the sons of the path be a path for Me! Amen.


Oh, children of My little garden, this is what I said: teach My people what lightness is and what holiness is, sons, as it needs that all this people may turn from the natural into the spiritual until its great transformation, as it is written: «You should love the Lord, your God with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your heart».


My people, I always teach you; the sons of My garden also teach you; your centurions also teach you, and we always learn to be a new yeast on the table of this age without wisdom. My people Israel, I celebrate in you feast by feast, as the heavenly feasts celebrate in you, little and tiny son. It is sun in you, My people. I am your light; I am the day of the evening time. It is sun in you, My people. Let all the ghosts serve you; let everything help you on your way with Me, and you should help Me into My labor from heaven to earth. The Jews ask for signs, Greeks seek after wisdom, but you have Me and you should give Me to those that are thirsty after Me and after My cross in them, after My life in them, by the crucifying of the natural man and by the resurrection of the spiritual man in man.


I long after the spiritual man in you, son, My people, as the great day is coming when all will be clothed within incorruptibility. That is why I have been speaking for such a long time into your midst and I have always urged you into a spirit of repentance, as the one who has come to Me and started his way through repentance, that one is alive and spiritual with his heart and body. He, who confesses his sins as sins, takes them off and dresses spiritually within the love of Christ and into Christ’s love; that one makes peace between him and Christ, and by the Body and Blood of Christ, is being born of Christ to an everlasting spiritual life, as so it is: first it comes what is natural and then it comes what is spiritual. It is so because the man wanted it, not because God wanted it, and now I have to make a man out of man, to turn the natural man into a spiritual man, born of Me, of My Body and Blood. Do you see My people, what the work of repentance is? Do you see how it is and how it should be placed into the man? Let the earthly and natural man hear, let him hear, son, to get up for his becoming spiritual and let him draw on My right side and eat My word until My coming.


I want you, My people, to know well what a natural man is, so that you may choose the spiritual one in you. The spiritual man cannot live without God in body and word, as I am the body and the word in the spiritual man. I want to make of you what I could not do through the man by now, as I did not make so much love as much as I have made it with you, My people. I have been struggling for forty years to bring you into a bride condition, My people, to dress you in My heavenly whiteness, in My heavenly body, to embody you into My holy body, you in Me and I in you, son, My people. I have never made so much love as I have done with you, and you still do not know what love is. You get confused into its word and you do not know it yet. I want son, to teach you always, and to always know, as you have to know it for every man from everlasting to everlasting. I want you to be one body with Me, bride and Bridegroom in a heavenly love, not natural, My people. (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb”, r.n.) The natural love becomes sin, but the heavenly love becomes a new heaven and a new earth in man. Did you see David, who fell into the traps of the flesh, as the flesh appeared in front of him by what has been weak from the beginning? If Bath-Sheba did not love herself before loving God; if she was not a godly nature in the flesh, she would not give herself over to self-love, to fleshly pleasure, and then David, the king, would have not seen the flesh standing in front of him. But David came to a spiritual crying, and I wiped off his wound made by the flesh, as sin made a wound into his heart, and David was My anointed, for he took care of Me in him.


My people, this is what I told you: pass from the flesh into the spirit; turn from the natural into the spiritual, as I teach you the lesson of life, so that the earthly man may hear those about life without death. It is a great thing for the spiritual man to have a spiritual stature. This work seen in the man is a great work. There is no greater work with the man than this. The spiritual man sanctifies the man in front of him. I tell you, My loved people, to know the work that you have to do before Me, as you have to be the spiritual man before Me. I take care of you with the love of My word, with the power of My word. I warm you up into My love, so that you may know its spring, son. I always bring through it your changing into eternity, into childhood, in the spiritual, as I am the love, because the man coming down from heaven is without sin. The man born of Me has to become a sinless man before Me, the man of the heavenly love on the earth.


My people, I place the sons of My garden into My name before you, so that they may teach you from Me what lightness is and what holiness is, as their word is not theirs, but it is My word. Learn My dear people; learn what wisdom is, as it is the fear of God, which goes on its road to the love of God, towards love dear son, people loved among the nations of the earth.


It is a celebration in you, Israel of today. It is My mother Virgin that is celebrated in you by heaven and by you, My people. She loves you, son; she protects you; she helps you to be, My people. The Holy Spirit is above you and empowers you with spiritual power, son. Verginica is also at the feast and touches you and embraces you with her love and she comes closer to comfort your spirit, My people; and she gives you courage and heavenly power, My people. Verginica is with the sons of My garden.


I embrace you with great love; I and all My saints. My love is with you and I comfort you and bless you, so that you may be My joy, My people. My peace is with you; strengthen yourself from the spirit of My peace. The word is the peace from heaven and from earth. My word is My glory into your midst, and I glorify Myself in it before you. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you, Israel. You should be faithful, son, as I work by your faith, and I glorify Myself before you by the word. The word is God. Peace to you, the Lord’s people, as God is One: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.)



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.


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