1999.03.28 - The Word of God on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout Mary, the Egyptian

The Word of God[1] on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout Mary, the Egyptian[2]



I am the One Who established the word in the heaven and on the earth. I established the word before the heaven and the earth, and I created everything by the word. My name is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.


Why do I say: „Amen?” I say „Amen”, so that it may be a seal on the word declared by Me, because My word cannot be abolished. The heaven and the earth cannot annihilate My word. But who is the one who can annihilate My word? If I say „Amen” over the word that I declare, is there someone else who can annihilate My word? It is. The man is. I made the man not only by My word but also by the hand of My body, for My body was before I made the man, and I was looking for Me when I created the man. I made him as beautiful as I was, for it is written: «God created the man in His image and after His likeness». I say “Amen” on every word of Mine, and the man spoils the fulfillment of My word, but My word remains and it is, and it comes into judgment with the one who violates it. The word and the deed of the man say “no” to My word and its fulfillment.


Amen, amen, I declare from heaven over the garden of My word that I made from the very beginning of the heaven and the earth, to be there and now, and to mean the Alpha and the Omega, God in the beginning and in the end, for as I started the earth in the beginning, the same is in the end; I start from here with the new earth, which is coming out of the sea and standing new before Me. Little by little and with the new earth which comes out of the sea of the world, as the sea is the world which took possession of the earth, as the darkness was all over the surface of the deep, for it is written into the Scriptures: «The earth was formless and empty and darkness was on the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters».


Open to My word, sons bearing God between heaven and earth for the angels in heaven do not work without the man on the earth, without a body of a man as God’s dwelling made through the angels, as it is written: «He makes His angels into ministering spirits, and His servants into a flame of fire». I make you into a flame of fire on the earth. You are the fire with which I, the Lord, scorch the earth everywhere, for your work with Me is fire, and I go with it from one margin of the heavens to the other and work with My word a new heaven and a new earth. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire[3], r.n.) Even if the man does not fulfill the law of My word, My word is, and is called judge over the man for whom I declared and declare the word from everlasting to everlasting, for the world was and is judgment from beginning to end by My word from beginning to end. Amen, amen, amen.


I come to you, sons in the garden, as I made you eyes and ears and faith for My coming. Teaching you and those who give themselves entirely over to Me, I teach every man who wants to receive from Me spiritual growth. Everything is possible to the one who entirely gives himself over to Me, for I brought into existence the word which says: «Those who give themselves entirely over to Me will do greater things than those in My time»; entirely, for I am a jealous God and I can do everything only in those who give themselves entirely to Me. But what does this word of Mine mean? Oh, dear sons, the one who is loved by God is the one who gives himself to Me entirely. The loved one is the one who starts for Me and ends for Me. He who begins to be Mine with the work of his life and does not go on with it and does not reach to the end of My work, that one does not begin well and is not steadfast, and he turns away from Me to himself and remains for him and leaves Me.


Oh, sons, My teaching for those who are saved comprises few people in it, for those that are saved are only those who live for Me until My coming. The man does not understand what the work of his salvation and eternity is. The man does not give himself entirely over to Me, and he also stops for his own self; however, the man does not know what he wants when he does something like that, and he is like the bee who dies after it gathers flying. The one who gathers is blinded by his own lust, not by My desire. But you, child given to God, remain in Me, if you gave yourself over to Me and to My work, to be counted in the number of those that are saved, for salvation is now, not tomorrow; it is in every moment, not only now and then. I teach you to be entirely for Me. I teach you to receive My teaching for those who are saved. I always teach you, the one who gave yourself over to Me for the day of My coming to you. I teach you to be My coming and to do My work.


Sons from the garden, teach well those who gave themselves over to Me and to you, for Me to their own salvation. The freshly born again man, has much to learn, that is always, that is until My coming, to find the disciple submitted to salvation and to the work of My coming. Every man toils, but only for himself. But you should give special teaching to those who gave their cross from them and took Mine, those who gave over their life and took Mine over, for the one, who is not dying is not coming to life, as it is written that «the seed you sow does not come to life unless it dies». He who comes to Me has to start dying, and to make Me come to life in him, as John, My Baptizer, said: «I must become less and He must become greater».


But the man will hear My word on you and will wonder and sin through an unrighteous judgment, for he will look at you and will not understand the work of My word. I am not unjust, but I am from heaven, and I speak heavenly, man, for it is one thing to have for Me and another thing to have for you. It is one thing to be Mine, and another thing to be yours. When you do things for yourself, you belong to you, and it is known for whom you are and for whom you work. When you are yours, you do not look for your salvation, but rather you look for temporariness, which perishes. It is a great thing for the Christian to work those that are swollen by eternity once with their making.


The man does not like to understand and that is why he becomes deaf at My teaching for those who are saved, but you, sons, you and those who are added to us for salvation and for My work with you within these days of My coming, should not doubt of My work with you and over you, for I told you that I would make everything new, and I would make a holy thing. I made holy you name, your life and the work of your hands and I make holy things through you, for the holy one works with holiness, and any work made by the saints is a work for Me, not for them. I made holy your name, your life and your work and I called you New Jerusalem, new people, a citadel of saints, heavenly citizenship on the earth, a new heaven and a new earth, as I have been waiting for the coming of My kingdom on the earth with the people for seven ages. Be new people day and night and be My coming and My kingdom every moment, and let your light never go out. Amen, amen, amen. But the light of the man will soon go out. The deed and all the work of the man will soon be shaken, soon, and then the time will come when the man will see his labor scattered, for the man worked for himself not for Me, and no man did like the unfaithful steward whose parable I wrote in the Scriptures. He earned friends through unjust riches, so that when they are finished, to be received into the eternal dwellings. He who is not faithful within the unjust riches will not have the true ones as well. Who will give him what belongs to him, if he is not faithful in the foreign things? Every man stores up riches for himself and enjoys them, but he does not store up for Me to have. But I say to you: do not be burdened, sons! Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Do not worry in your heart, for your little hearts have to carry the heavenly work for My coming. Do not let yourselves be burdened by worries. Father was well pleased to give you the kingdom and you have it. Amen. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God[4]”, r.n.)


The one who has authority over his own self is the Lord’s palace, a palace with heavenly riches. I told once to the rich people, and I tell them again that they store up in vain. The man is fleeting, as he toils for this. But if he toiled for Me, he would no longer be so frail, but he does not have time to think about this. The man toils for those that pass away at the same time with him, and he does not toil for those that he stores up in heaven. I told once to the rich people and I tell them again today: You rich people sell your possessions and give them to the poor for God and for the work of the new heaven and new earth, which will last forever. Provide purses for yourselves that will never wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, for your purses are broken. Make palaces for yourselves in heavens, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys, for where your treasure is, there your heart will also be; however, you will be judged according to the condition you will be in, for every man’s work without God will be shaken, soon, soon. Amen. I say “Amen”, so that it may be a seal for the word that I declared and not to be abolished. But is there anyone who can abolish My word? It is. The man is; the man who lives for his own self; but My word remains declared and it is and sits in judgment with the one who violates it, for the man lives for his own self and for those that came out of him, to be his, and not Mine, as he also is not Mine. When I asked Abraham for the one that came out of him, Abraham fulfilled My word, and I gave him back the one that came out of him and I promised him that a great nation will come out of him; an everlasting and great and as many as the stars of the sky, the Christian people, Christ’s kindred, a people which lived and lives on the earth in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.


Man from the earth, do you live your days in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit? And if you answer Me “Yes”, then you have a house in heaven? Do you really have riches in heaven? Do you really have friends in heaven to open for you and to come under a shelter in the day when the heaven and the earth will be shaken? I gave you the keys of the kingdom of the heavens. Did you use them, man? You will answer Me “Yes”. You will answer Me that you gave Me when I did not have. However, I also tell you about the many things that I gave you back in return for what you gave Me. I gave you twofold and I gave you thousandfold. I gave you rain; I gave you sun; I gave you light; I gave you air; I gave you salt; I gave you bread; I gave you shadow and breeze; I gave you sweetness; I gave you days; I gave you health; I gave you healing; I gave you joy; I gave you strength; I gave you forgiveness for all the wounds that you did to Me through your sins which you brought on Me and always bring them on Me as thankfulness for everything that I gave and I give you. But you live for yourself not for Me, for the one who lives for Me does not live only now and then, but he lives always and learns My teaching for those that are saved.


You man that are separated from Me, I died, and I also died for man when I died. I was God and I still died. I died so that you may also die, to also do what I did, and to come to life as I also came to life. I will call you into account, man, for that is why Father has sent Me again on the earth; He sent Me to show your words and your deeds, which will save or condemn you. You have got a punishment for the life that you had for Me. I said to live it for Me, and you became deaf to those that I asked you for. My kingdom comes over the earth and catches up with you and does not find you passed into the Book of Life, for you have not written yourself in it with your salvation. I am your salvation, and you have not lived Me, man. My book of today is My coming to you to get you up for Me and for My trumpeting over every man, for I have made a work came down from heaven on the earth, to put to shame every man’s deed, who lived without Me on the earth.


I have always come on the earth to prepare the way of the appearance of My body, which ascended to My Father after My resurrection from the dead. Every man prepares the way of My coming and does not want to know the way I come, but he prepares My coming. The evil ones prepare My coming to clean them of the dirt of their iniquities with which they made the earth heavy under them. The holy ones make haste of My coming to take the pressure of time away from them and to give them the reward of the holy patience, for the holy long-endurance is among other endurances, and is rewarded with a new heaven and a new earth. Amen.


Everything is refined by fire, for «The Lord makes spirits of His angels and a flame of fire of His servants». I make you a flame of fire over the earth, sons of the garden of My word. Amen. I leave the teaching for you so that everyone who gave himself over to Me to be in My work afterwards. Teach them always; teach them not to lust, for the lust is a deed, which puts the man to shame. Teach them not to earn for themselves without Me and without you. Teach them not to have anything else more than what I and you give them, and not to take alone from Me and from you, so that it may not be a punishment for the deed, but rather to be a blessing for obedience, for the rod is for the foolish one. Teach those who come to give themselves over to Me. Teach them what the commitment of the man is, who gives himself over to God. I want to look at them with heavenly pleasure. I want them not to oppress you; I want them not to upset you and I also want them not to make your work with Me heavier, but rather to sustain you with a brotherly love, with a true commitment, for the work for My coming is very hard, as I have no help on the earth, and you are on the earth sons. I told you a heavenly parable about the saint who, in his time on the earth, had disciples and who took good care of his disciples, searching out their thoughts, their works, their love, and their self-denial. I want you to bring forth living fruit of those added to your worries, for I need living sons, children bearing living souls.


I take care of all the sons who gave themselves totally to Me, and I take care hardly, for the man on the earth took hold of the money and put everything under the authority of the money. The money is the king of the world, and the world became strong on the earth, and I pray to the world for a patch of land where I should rest with My work, for a patch of holy liberty, for a log of wood or for a stone or for a bread or life. But you teach the poverty to those that gave themselves totally to Me, and if they have, let them give from those that have, and so that they may have from Me little bread and water and coat and roof, for I, the Lord, work hard through you, through the word of your hands, a holy thing that I give to buy mercy from the man for the heavenly work of My coming.


Blessed is the man whom My coming finds working and supporting your work for Me. I want to spread the tent of My kingdom to have many rooms for every man that I find working for his heavenly dwelling. There are many rooms in My Father’s house, according to each service dedicated to the heaven on the earth, but you should be My dwelling, so that I may have a coming on the earth, sons, and to teach you the life for My coming, for My coming is there where I am with you, as it is written: «Where I am you should also be, as I prepared a dwelling for you».


I tell you sons; you and to those that gave themselves totally to Me: Do not seek to make you a room near God, but rather seek to make room for God near you and in you, for the kingdom of the heavens will be on the earth. Amen, amen, amen. And there will be a new heaven and a new earth, as I, the Lord, promised, and between the heaven and the earth, the holy man, the people of My saints, My country on the earth as in heaven, for the heaven will be on the earth, and the tabernacle of the heaven will be above and will cover the people of the saints. Give to the Lord, you holy people and sons working with the heaven on the earth. I am the Teacher, and you, the workers of My teaching. Get up and work continually, for you, as the saints, which wait for the raising of their bodies, do not have to sleep, but you have to work, holy people, so that the resurrection from the dead and the life of the age to come may be met. Amen. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead[5]”, r.n.)


I stand up every day more and more, and I humiliate all who still thrust at you, so that I may turn you into a way with a new age over the earth. I get up in My insurmountable power, and I make room with you, to reward those who love Me and you and gather with Me and who do not scatter in pleasures. I get up to pay those who oppress you and do injustice to you and trouble you because you belong to Me and not to them. But you should forgive them, as for this you were called, to be My mirror, sons.


I tell you again: learn My teaching over the saved ones, over those who escaped the wondering on the earth. Put on your right side those who escaped and urge them to a perfect order, inner, spiritual, bodily and brotherly, and exhort those that are confused with mercy and keep them on your left, for right is right and left is left, and each hand has those of its own, as I also work. Take care for there is no confusion in My coming, and you should not be ashamed of the man’s face, but rather listen to Me so that I may have a way of coming, sons. He, who has no power for self-denial, is weak. Let him not take by himself when it comes to those from Me, and let him also not give those from Me, for he is weak, and My work is strong and whole. I am the One Who is rich in grace, not in those from the earth. The same should also be to the one who wants to shelter from the heat of the sun under My vine, under My teaching. Amen.


Sons, it is much work and much to bring to order. Those who are committed entirely to Me need richness of wisdom and grace. Propriety is needed from them to Me, and from them to you. Holy propriety is needed; it is needed holy propriety to do good to Me and not to them. Each one need to show humility towards the other, a healthy helm is needed all the time, to give you an account for every work, and for you to give Me an account, to bring before Me all the causes of Israel, My new people, My new model, the man in My image and after My likeness.


Today is a day of feast and fasting. The memorial of Mary, the Egyptian, is written over My church. She was My feast on the earth, and she lived far beyond human nature until she ascended in heaven, to the saints in heaven. She was a miracle who made the angels wonder, for I said that those, who believe in Me, giving themselves entirely over to Me, will do greater things than those that were done through Me at the faith of those who were faithful, who saw Me in My body on the earth. Mary, the Egyptian, did not see Me in My body on the earth, but she believed without seeing it and could do more that all those who were faithful until her time. She had no support from the earth but only from heaven, for she made herself a dwelling of the heaven above, and behold the faith of those who are faithful, turns God into action in them.


Sons, long for the works of the saints’ faith, which became heaven on earth for God! Sons, long for the earthly poverty and for the heavenly richness that Mary, the Egyptian, got, after she gave herself entirely over to Me. Priesthood is great gift and grace, but greater gift and grace is the holiness in man, without which no one can see God. Humility lifts up the man above his body more than the love of God, for the humble is sober-minded and wise and content through humility; however, one like that does not fall from grace, for he is humble, and he is lifted up from earth into heaven.


I do not know how to teach the one who is loved by Me anymore, to make room for Me in him with the work of My grace. And I do no longer know how to speak to the loved one, so that humility may spring out of him before Me in the midst of My church too, as a brotherly example and as useful harmony to Me, in order to have an easy cross between heaven and earth, and for you to be freed from burdens, sons of My garden, sons who stay under the burden of the work of the fulfillment of My word and of My coming with those that are eternal over the earth. Do not lose heart. There is little, little, and it will be easier then. Little, little, sons burdened by My worries. I see how hard it is for you, for you are in the flesh, and it is hard, but I am under your burden with Me and I lift up your burdens on My shoulders when I see that you are broken down, and I give you angels to support and to take care of you, and I wake up people on the earth to sustain My work. I declare again and I renew the word and I raise help for you and for Me on the earth. Amen, amen, amen. I raise Simon of Cyrene, and I will pay him, for My cross is heavy and long, and you are small and weak on the earth, so that I may be perfected in you and through you over the earth with My coming. The great and strong do not have time; they do not have love for My holiness in them, but you are small and weak, and I glorify Myself in you with the glory of My word. Amen.


I am the One Who made the word, in heaven and on earth, by which I made all that are seen and not seen by the man. My name is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. I am God, both in heaven and on earth, and I call with My name all those who know what faith in God is and the work of My faith and My teaching over those that are saved. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

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