2001.12.12 - The Word of God ten years after the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

The Word of God ten years after the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

Ten years ago, this holy day of feast crowned victoriously My work of word with which I, the Lord, came to work into the middle of the Romanian people, of the Romanian land in the year of 1955. Ten years have passed since I laid down the first stone, the stone on which the ark of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem was built at My commandment, a place enclosed and kept into My palm in order to make it into a supper meal for Me, for the saints and for you, watchmen children at the manger. I did as I wanted and commanded. Amen.

Let every man marvel at My power and at My victory, for when I want, I overcome, and the man cannot stand against Me. And I have become a supper meal, a manger of coming down, and I have come down from heaven on earth and I speak with the voice of My coming down over the earth to prepare the life of the age on it, which is to be for those alive on earth and for those that are asleep, who wait for their resurrection to welcome Me.

Each man celebrates his day and prepares and gets ready for it and then he calls the guests at his table and rejoices for one day, and then the day passes. I also have My day, which I have been preparing since I was born from the Father, and not only two or three days when the man prepares for his day. The living ones have been waiting for My day in heaven and on earth for seven thousand years. My day is not every day or every year as with the man. I do not do as the man does, for My day is very expensive and it is only one and it has a great value, for it is one. Amen. The same is with My church too. It is very expensive, and it is only one and it has a great value, for it is one. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The true church ”, r.n.)

I celebrate you, watchmen children from the manger, for you are My church. Until I had you, I could not make any bed for Myself into the midst of the people to be seen with it. You are My manger; you and the place on which I placed you to be and to stand against Me, for Me and for those in heaven, for you and for those alive on earth, but there are very few living people on earth and I have had nothing to reap for heaven and for My coming on earth.

I am the day of the Father, His day of joy, and I am only One, and you are My day, in which I rejoice with you, for you and for Me and for all who are alive from heaven and from earth. I celebrate you with this day, which is only one, the day in which I laid down with you the sign of the Son of the man on earth, the sign of the new age, the age which is to be, and into its midst this sign: the New Jerusalem church, the Holy of Holies of the Lord between earth and heaven, the way of His coming from heaven on earth, for narrow is this path, but I can on it. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man”, r.n.) Only the man can-not, but I can on it, and the man on the earth does not know what this sign is to take after it and to understand My coming, My day of glory, in which the Father will glorify Me, soon, soon, be-fore the entire human kind, as it is written into the Scriptures that My coming will be, in the day of My coming, the day which I have been preparing for seven thousand years. (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.)

Oh, My people, you have to be beautifully dressed, very beautifully for the day of My coming, as no one on the earth is, as beautiful as only One is, for it is My day, My people, and on its celebration you need a beautiful dress as only one is, only not to forget My words, My loved people. Oh, I have taught you to dress beautifully day and night. I have taught you about the lit-tle shirt, son, day and night, because you are Mine and you stand before Me. And when you go to sleep to have rest, I have taught you to dress completely beautiful and to be ready in every-thing, and to have your little garment wholly on your body, ready to meet Me, and this is how you should also have your heart with its work and faith. I have meant for you a little white gar-ment, which does not hide the dirt but rather it brings it into the open and puts you to the work of cleanness to be completely clean, My people, and to sit at My table with the glory of saints and angels, and to sit down awake at My table all the time, for I am the day of the Father, and you are My day, and I have the sign of My coming with you, the manger where I come down and prepare food for you, for I have come to serve you at the table, My people. You should pon-der day and night over everything I have taught you to do for My coming to you and for My dwelling with you, My people, for I comfort you from the manger and I make you grow and put you before My day, only for you to be great and conscious in your mind and heart, for it is for My day, My people. Oh, the man on the earth does not know about this day of feast, about this work and about the place where I live with you and for you with Me. He would like to climb up but without any ticket. It is not possible to be without ticket on this ship. And neither is it possi-ble on earth without ticket, without the law that is established by man over the man.

Oh, My people, I want that you may be as great in your understanding as My work asks from you, even if you are small on earth and before Me, for behold, the great ones have not un-derstood My power through My place of meeting with the man. When the man is not used to the watch for Me, he is taken by surprise. This is what happened to the great ones who stayed great over their church, and when I was to ask them about their work and about their fruit and life, they closed to the Bridegroom and did not answer. And I am hurt because of the one, anointed by Me among them, for I have a very great martyr from the worldly church and he testifies be-fore Me about this place of My meeting with the man on the earth. If he cannot stand before the people, he can no longer testify; it is not possible something like this before Me, for it is that day before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the day when he declared on My behalf the sanc-tification and the sealing of the Holy of My Holies on the earth. His name is written on the stone (The Bishop Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), on earth and in heaven, for the word is taken by the wind and brought in front of the heavenly throne as a testimony, and you, My witnesses, you testify on the earth.

It hurts Me because of My anointed one among the church in the world. His heart com-prises the whole heaven in it and it has room for the entire human kind, for this is how I have built him, and he is happy because he believed in My word of today, which comes again and makes the heaven and the earth. He has come to this happiness among those in the church from the world, as also in the time of My body, I had Nicodemus who submitted to My coming. I miss him from here, not from heaven, not from those that are not seen, but from those that are seen that are worked at My commandment for the glory of My word upon you. Oh, he does no longer know My walking here, for he is watched out and he endures and waits for My glory, which will put to shame all those who have not received this sign into their hearts to believe in those that are new, which I bring to be on earth for Me to be perfected through them before the people. I miss him from here, and I do not know how to comfort him anymore, to strengthen him and to protect him for My day, for My work with him, for I have written his name in heaven and on earth, and all angels serve him for his name which is written here, and the angels call him the angel of the church, the messenger who announced the birth of this work on earth now, at the end of the man’s time, so that the man may come to a birth from above and to the death of the old man and to resurrection, for the resurrection comes, and it comes soon, and it will catch under it those that watch waiting for Me to come, calling Me to come, as it is written that «only those who call the Lord are among those that are saved». Amen. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead ”, r.n.)

I give to the bishop anointed by Me from here, and I give him groups of angels to carry him to My day of victory. I secretly give him My hand, which wipes out the tear of his pain and the tear of remorse. I give him the power to do it, and I comfort him with the saints and angels and with the apostle Andrew, the godfather of the Romanian land and of My people on it, and ten years ago I had him as godfather on the day of the sealing of this mountain, a groomsman of My wedding with My bridegroom of today. Godfather and groomsman, as he is for Me over the Romanian land and people, and My trumpet Verginica is the stone on which I laid down My church now, in the end. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets ”, r.n.)

― I come into Your word, Lord, with a holy inclination, to be with You in this holy day. I gave with great love Your anointing to this land, for I was Your apostle, the first one called to You. Now, my spirit fills up with peace and joy for Your victory over the earth, and overflows from over the saints and over the angels and from over all those that are not seen and which mean God.

I enclose all those in the garden who are Your crutch on which You lean from the labor of this heavenly time. But how many hear Your words on earth and this heavenly time? Oh, how gentle and humble You dwell over the earth through them, for they are small among the people on the earth. You cannot work otherwise. You cannot work with those who are great, but only with those who are small. The great ones are afraid not to lose their greatness or life for You, but You should be their life. This is how we, Your apostles, were; we were small in the eyes of the people, and because we were great in Your eyes, the people of our time sought to get rid of us completely from the earth, for we were great in You, great Lord.

I comprise Your people with bowing; with shyness I embrace and comfort him and I anoint him with the chrism of compassion, as a gift on my behalf for my day of feast into his midst. And my day is alongside with the day of the celebration of the Holy of Your Holies during this time on earth.

Ten years have passed since we blessed this sign, having Your apostle Irineu with us, the bishop of Your coming. You gave him power to believe and he believed and marked the place of Your rest of today in time. Make his faith of that time keep him great into Your hand, Lord, for his faith was great then, as great as the work of Your coming, for if it had not been great, it would have not overcome with it for the laying down of the sign of Your coming down between earth and heaven. I comfort the sons from the manger and the people of Your word, that eats and lives from Your mouth, and him, Your bishop who looks forward to Your coming with justice, great Lord. Amen.

You, who receive the Lord on earth as the word which prepares His coming, receive every-thing He gives you, and carry it, for sweet is in heaven the glory of those who carry Christ on earth to the people. Be more and more diligent, stronger and stronger, for those who are small are humble before the Lord. This day of victory is a day of great glory. The angels around you jump for it and for you and for the little white stone and for the written name on it, the name of the Lord, which you know and share, the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13, r.n.) which is glorified over the earth in your days by your faith, oh, little and helpless sons on earth! However, the Lord is at the helm of this ship, your help; it is Him, Who made the heaven and the earth in the beginning, and the same in the end. I comfort you with big words, measure for measure, but be diligent for His coming, for He is ready, and His day is here and it is near. Oh, His work, which flows from you to the people, is great! You should also be great for it and near it, for the Lord strengthens you. Amen.

I have joined with You, great Lord, and I have given them of the love of that day. You are the house of Your disciples, for they work like their Master, and at the same time with Him for this is how the perfect disciple is, and it is written about Your coming: «Hosts of heaven come after Him on white horses, in white garments and with thousands of thousands». Amen, amen, amen.

― Oh, blessed are you, My apostle who saw Me and here are those that are blessed who wait to see Me. Blessed are you, all the saints who see Me, and behold the blessed who will see Me soon, soon. These from now are the gift of the saints, the waiting of the heaven for seven thousand years. Amen.

Oh, My people, you should know that it is a great feast, for great is My victory by this sign. It is an endless feast because My victory is endless in order to save the man from his slavery and to take him under My love, for it is time, My people. I want you, son, to be very beautiful, and the man to be drawn to you as to an endless feast. I want to spend time with you and the man to take from My mouth, from My garment, and for the man to wear and learn to wear a wedding garment. Oh, if the man knew how good it was in the wedding garment, he would come under My mantle and I would offer him the wellspring of life and I would give his life back.

Oh, only if the man would come, My people! I want you, son, to be very beautiful so that the man may long after a life such as yours, and for Me to give him as I gave to you.

Oh, My people, you should always be My little white horse on which I come from heaven on earth with a human speaking for the man. It is written into the Scriptures that hosts from heaven come after Me riding on little white horses. Be the little horses of the heavenly hosts, sons, for My saints and My angels, who work out My coming, rely on you, for you are in your body. (See the selection topic: „The white apocalyptic horse”, r.n.)

All the heavenly hosts celebrate you, My people, for My manger that is sealed from ten years ago to be Mine for you and for all who will be afterwards.

Blessed be this white stone forever on which it is written: the Word of God.

«Grace and grace on it!», this is how the saints and the angels answer. Amen.

And I, the Lord, enclose this sign completely and strengthen its anointing and I call it by a great name, and I call it the throne of God, the Word, and the chariot of the One Who comes on the clouds on earth soon, soon. Amen, amen, amen.

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