2003.06.05 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord's Ascension

                                   The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Ascension[2]



I prepare to come in as word in the book. I prepare over you with a feast of ascension, for I, the Lord, in a day like this, two thousand years ago, opening the mind of My disciples to understand the Scriptures about Me, written in the prophets and in the psalms and telling them that I would send the promise of My Father over them, the Holy Spirit, I raised My hands and while I was blessing them, I left them and I ascended to My Father. Amen.


I had been working all the fulfilling of My Scriptures about Me, so that through the disciples in My name the repentance for the forgiveness of the sins for all the nations might grow then, starting with Jerusalem. And I have made you like them, My witnesses, for I, the Lord, have spoken so much with you in your time with Me, and we have come to the thing that was prophesied to be, at the proclamation of the kingdom of the heavens on earth with you, so that all the nations may hear about it, starting with you, children of the Romanian Jerusalem, and that all may come to repentance, all those to whom the gospel of My kingdom has already come with you to the forgiveness of the sins, sons.


Oh, how shall I make the man understand what the forgiveness of the sins means? How shall I do it, My people? The man does not know that it is in vain that he comes to repentance from his sins if he does not stop doing them afterwards, if the man does not sanctify himself for My coming. I call the people to My spring among you to teach them, sons, to tell them what the forgiveness of the sins and the true repentance are. I take many and I bring into the garden of My meeting with the man, and I set you as witnesses of My coming as word on earth and teachers from Me over them, for it is the time of the greatest Scriptures: the coming of the Son of Man. Amen.


I have stayed with you in the word for a long time and I have taught you to be beautiful, so that the man may hear how he can be beautiful; and I have taught you to grow less in such a way that the man may hear to whom kingdom of the heavens belongs, and that he may take steps towards it as I have also taken steps to the man with it. Amen. I have you tired of work and tired of worries over the preparation of the feast of the Holy Spirit, for the celebration of the Pentecost over those who will come together at My spoken word, so that the man may come to the spring of My word, small sons. Come together in a counsel of church and work hard with all your devotion and listen to any exhortation of the Holy Spirit into your midst, because I have taught you not to work without a guide, for the guide is your light, and this is how you are to see, small sons. Oh, let My being dwell into your being so that it may be light in you and from you and among you, and then over the multitudes in you. Learn from the parable of the work of the little bees and take a look to see how they bring honey for themselves and for the man. Receive the Holy Spirit, sons, and from all that is Mine over you, receive the Holy Spirit, as the little bees take the honey from the flowers and take it to their little house. This is how you are to gather My kingdom as well and always to gather in it and in its work over the earth. Pick up sons, in it and from everything I give you, and do not let the sweetness of My word on you unpicked, and do not let it be uneaten, children sons.


I want to teach the man what the forgiveness of the sins means, and that for this it has been worked much, and that it has been worked then always, always, for he who does not work the kingdom of the heavens in him even for a little moment, that one is guilty of emptiness and deceit. However, I have taught you to be always beautiful, My people, always heavenly, always like your Lord and like all those who were like Him, and let My being be in your being and not yours, for I have told you that your life is My Spirit in man, and you should not stay in vain under My word on you, but rather you should take it in you and love it with longing and insatiability, for it is the time of the fulfilling of the greatest Scriptures spoken through Moses, through the prophets, through the psalms and by My own mouth, then and now: the Scriptures of the coming of the Son of Man. And you should love My coming made up with great labor and you should not forget what I have done into your midst and how I stay and teach you and look at you and I wait for you to fulfill My coming, for the Lord does not come, but He has to be brought instead, My people. Amen. Son, I was on earth but all the time when I was on earth I did not stay as on earth but I lived as in heaven and not as on earth, My people. Oh, I had taught My disciples so much, because since I had chosen them and until the cloud took Me from before their eyes into the sky I had been teaching them, and they understood all the Scriptures about Me and about the kingdom of the heavens, and they longed for it and worked it and set it in the man, and the man could see it in them and this was to the salvation or to the judgment of the man, as also today, My work with you is either to the repentance and the forgiveness of the sins of those who have found Me with you, or to the judgment of those who do not know Me within My coming to you. Amen.


I lift you up now and I set you before the people. I have asked you to proclaim My feast well and this is how you are to fulfill. Do not have fear of shortcomings and weaknesses, for I can do everything you cannot, when I and not you dwell into your gentle being, because I can work in those that are gentle and I am beautiful in them, but get used perfectly to the mystery of My being in you and take a good look, and with heavenly eyes look at those that I put as guides over you, how small do they stay into My hand, even into your hand, because they are gentle and that is why I can work in them. Those who are stiff-necked can do, the self in them can do, and My Spirit cannot work in these, who can work by their own power and, showing their power they disagree with everything that is from another spirit, but they only agree with their own spirit, which grows in them by the power of their own self.


However, My people, if I poured My grace over you as much as I put in those that I established as guides into your midst, you would not be able to look and receive. However, I keep them in the cloud because of My grace in them that I may keep you among them near Me, only for you to know how to receive Me and to fulfill Me in your being, both when I and they see you, and when we do not see you, when it is about the sight of the eyes that look at each other. I want both from near and from far away to be sufficient for you. I want you to be sufficient with Me and from near Me, and from near you, My people, and you should not marvel that I always teach you in a great measure. It is the time of the greatest Scripture that I fulfill with you, Romanian Jerusalem: the Scripture of My coming, the coming of the Son of Man, before Whom all the nations of the earth stand, either willing or not, even though they know or do not know this, but I know that I establish the book of My coming on earth, My word, which is coming with the clouds to bring together all its elected and to give each one according to its deed. Amen.


Oh, children who receive My word into the book! We turn the night into the day to make haste with the news of the feast. I have taken you from your rest, gentle sons. I have made the word of My feast of ascension to the Father come down before dawn. When I left for the Father, I told My disciples that I would be with them to the end of the time. Who can perceive the mystery of My word that I spoke to them then? I want to make you teachers over all the earth. And I want the man to know what the way, the truth and the life mean, for the man has been teaching only death for seven thousand years, but he cannot deny himself, because life is My spirit in man, not man's spirit, if there is no one to teach him the way of the life and its truth. My word comes on earth and becomes a book to give instruction into the book to the man, for the man learns only emptiness and only death. I want to be with you as the Teacher over all the earth, for I cannot be without you, children who give Me being into the book. I take care of you enclosing you with the whole heaven of saints and angels, and I would like you to be strengthened for Me by all the sons of Jerusalem, for I would cradle you through them in pains and in My labor within you and I would cradle you through the angels from below as also through those who are above, but the people need to love the angelic state in everything, by a guide, sons, and your guide is My Spirit. Amen.


I make you free for a time of praying, and then for a time of the rest of your body, for you are tired in the nature of your body, gentle children who do not hesitate to stand before Me when I come as word to you. Oh, children sons, let the people listen to you, and let him not hesitate to labor for My coming and for its entire work over the earth. May My meeting with the man, who comes and who came with his spirit to the spring, and then with his body, be blessed! Open up their eyes, children sons, and teach them the repentance for the forgiveness of their sins, for it is for this that I have come down from the Father, that is, to fulfill all the things that are written about Me, and then to become the way for the man to the Father. Amen. Bring prayers to the Lord and to all the heavenly powers for all their help and for the time with sun and cool of the day and for the sweetness in it, and advise the people to love and to bring a sacrifice well pleasing to God, so that I may do only good to Jerusalem. Amen.


Now, peace to you! Peace to you, Jerusalem, until I make the word of the feast of the Holy Spirit come down over those that are gathered together at My heavenly spring. I will be with all the peace, with all the beauty of the feast and I will make you sweet for the man, with My face in you, but always look at Me, as I, the Lord, have always looked at you and in you and among you to work upon you with My Spirit and to keep you as My pleased ones. Amen. Take the bride ornament, and let your spirit be My Spirit, to have life in you. Amen. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bring the heaven down to earth to you and heavenly fragrances will accompany you. Amen. And I will let you know through messengers to all the margins, but be as beautiful as I am, sons. Amen. Make those in My little village with you stand before Me. Take care of this longing of Mine and be like the angels in heaven so that I may bring together near you all that will be saved. Amen.


Peace to you, My people! The Spirit of the feast is coming down now from heaven upon you and over the garden of the meeting, little sons. The angels and the saints remain over the garden and the throne of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit stays among the saints and all are made up in a spirit of feast, My people, and you should be the joy and the glory of the Lord. My joy and My peace will be in a celebration over the garden and over its spirit, with My Holy Spirit. Amen.


Oh, children of Jerusalem, take care of everything that is pleasing to Me from you. Take care of your little hands, which will prepare the food for all those whom we have to bring at the table of the feast. I, the Lord, want to work as in heaven, for in My people it is otherwise, and it is otherwise on earth as well. I will stay with My Spirit into your midst, Jerusalem, and we will work in a heavenly manner all those things that have to be done. Release the water of the spiritual teaching over those that will come together to drink, and do not forget to give water from the well to those who are asleep and give them a little bun and a cup to drink, for they have come together, My people, because I have made this for them a little time before in order to give them joys, relief and comfort within their waiting for the great resurrection. Amen. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead[3]”, r.n.)


Sit always in counsel and then in your work. Take care how you work, how you speak, how you smile, how you look, how you walk, for the world has to see Me in you, sons, and you should not be careless even for a little moment. Let your main concern be My Spirit in you. Let your main obedience be the love among you into My name and within your work with Me. Amen. Do not stay scattered! Do not be isolated from one another among those that come, for those who are My disciples do not stay like that and they stay in a cluster instead, sons. Stay with the Lord, stay in the Lord and receive the work of the guide, who teaches you and looks at you and protects you for Me and for My Spirit in you. Amen.


Oh, Jerusalem, you should be on earth as in heaven, so that I may make the heaven dwell with you, but you should also make it, and may this mystery be to your like that you should feel it on you, My people. Amen. And I tell you again: your sons should not stay astray for you have to see well, My people, and you should be one spirit, one spirit with Me and like Me, and one spirit with the saints and like the saints. And we will be glorified with a heavenly glory, which has come from heaven and not from earth, and we will have the joy of repentance, of those who will come to the spring, and we will bring it to the Father, Jerusalem. Amen.


Oh, let your spirit even from now on be in the spirit of the feast of the Holy Spirit and stay in the light, for this is what I want you to be. I want you to be like Me and I want to see you, and you should also see Me, My people, for your life is My Spirit, and your sight should see the glory of the heavenly things, which will catch under it the glory of those that are on earth, for My glory flows like the river over the garden, and I will speak everywhere and over all the word of the life, My people. Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

[3] You can also see on:


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