2006.01.14 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Basil the Great

                        The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint hierarch, Basil the Great[2]



With a godly love and with a sweet affection I lay down over the earth the voice of My word. Each time I strengthen My path, and My power settles within the gates so that they may be able to keep the heaven on earth, for the heaven is heavy on earth with its great work during these days, the days of the Son of Man. Amen.


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, this is how I, the Lord, baptize the heart of the faithful one, who leaves everything for Me among the sons of the people. I will soon spend into your midst the feast of Epiphany, My Jerusalem of today, My Romanian people, for I have told you that the Romanian name will be taken by everyone who, by this world, will allow oneself to be grown and to be made steady in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit, the name of the Lord, your God, Lord and Master forever and ever, and Who is coming soon with the eternal age to settle down on the new earth and to reign forever according to His will. Amen.


There will come together many souls at the feast of Epiphany to receive of the grace of My word, which comforts and strengthens the man’s heart, and they will also come to take with them the blessed and holy water, which sanctifies everything by the grace of the Holy Spirit, My people. However, today I lay down as word on your table with Me to bring into memory My humility and My mother, the Virgin, for she took Me into her arms and carried Me, according to the tradition of Israel, to the Lord’s temple, to be circumcised within My body and that she may prove that I was the Son of the people of Israel into whose midst I had come from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin, as it was written into the prophets, and as I had to come.


After forty days, the old Simeon and Anna, the prophetess had waited for Me at the temple. Simeon took Me into his arms from the arms of My mother the Virgin, and he called Me the salvation of the Lord, made ready over the peoples and the light over the nations, to the announcing of the people of Israel in whose midst I sprang up, for the people of Israel was the Lord’s people on the earth because of his fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The old Simeon took Me into his arms, forty days after My birth, and he saw with his own eyes the Savior of the world and he confessed the fulfilling of the Scriptures of My coming by My mother, the Virgin, and Anna, the prophetess, announced by the spirit of the prophecy that I would come to be for the raising and the falling of many in Israel. And then it was so, and the same it is nowadays, for the wisdom of those who understand is diminished, as the man is, and this is how the man works with it, and he cannot strengthen with it his humility and faith and to be healed by the spirit of haughtiness in which the man fell after he did no longer loved God with his entire soul, spirit, heart and body.


Oh, My people, it is a day of the feast of the Lord and of your Teacher, Jesus, Christ, and it is a day of the feast of the saints, and I have got at the table with you, Basil the Great, the bishop, who gave to all those who have been faithful to Me the reign that is not stolen, on those that are from heaven, sealing them upon the people by his wisdom from above, that one full of the longing from above. He understood with great wisdom the commandment of the eternal life, for My saints know how to love God and how to love God’s sons and the people as well.


When I spoke to Israel to love his God with his entire heart, with his entire soul and with his entire mind, he did not understand this wisdom of the love that comes from God. When the man loves God in this way and no otherwise, only then he knows how to love his neighbor, and then he knows to love himself for God. The one who does not love for God with his love, that one does not understand what I spoke when I said: «Israel, you shall love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself». (Matt. 22:37, 39) Oh, the man does not know what this all means, which I had asked from him for his love for Me, and that is why I came two thousand years ago and I said: «If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me». (Luke 9:23) Moreover, I also said that I would be with these to the end of the time. Amen.


Oh, My people, the one who denies himself, that is the one who loves Me wisely for the use of the salvation of many, as the old Simeon and the prophetess Anna did, who lived for God with all their being, waiting for Him to testify about Him, and then they confessed Him and tool the fruit and the crown of the salvation. The soul of the one who loves Me with all his being with his entire wholeness, that one is bound only to God with his soul in him, and the spirit in him confesses the Lord and is bound spiritually to his neighbor for God.


Behold, My people, what wisdom I am letting today upon you. The soul bonds among people bind people together and the spiritual bonds among people bind God to the people and the people to God, and this is the wisdom of God’s commandment for the love between man and God, and this has to be on earth. And it will be. Amen.


Oh, My people, the saints are embracing you, son. Their longing is great, when I come with them to you. The saints long to confess Me and to confess you and the table of My word into your midst, to which they come and confess fulfilling the Scripture of My coming with the saints in tens of thousands, for they come one after the other when I come with the feast of the saints at your table. The bishop Basil the Great bound the people to the love of God, making them wise in their spirit, in their soul and in their mind, after he denied himself and the world by taking up his cross and loving Me, as I commanded the one who wanted to follow Me on earth and to be My follower and the heir of My kingdom within him. This is how he works among those that are from heaven too, for the saints have got My wisdom, and it is a people loving spirit, a spirit that teaches the people the graces of the salvation, receiving Me as their Savior.


It is a day of the feast of saints, and the saints confess you, My people, and I declare blessing for their work in heaven. Amen, amen, amen.


I, great Lord, confess You the Bishop of the Father Sabaoth, the Bishop from eternity to all eternities according to the order of Melchizedek, according to Your mysterious plan. I am with the hosts of the bishops at the table of Your word into the midst of Your people. I comfort myself within Your coming with the saints, and I bless, by Your hand and by my hand, those that are Your anointed ones in this time, and those whom this time does not know that they are Yours, as that time did not know You either, when You lived on earth with the people working the mysterious work of the Father, Who begot You from eternity, and then from a mother Virgin, in the fullness of time, when You came and were born as a child to call every man to love the mystery of the child and to embrace it, in such a way that the man may be the child of the Father, as You were and are.


I bless your people with Your blessings and I tell it that today I am in the word upon it with the bishop who sat on the chair of the church in Târgovişte, for he is a confessor from heaven for the work of Your word, which he now sees and knows in all its glory.


However, now, we are giving rest to Your gates, and we are giving to the people the spirit of Your feast and my feast, and then, we leave again into Your book Your word and the word of Your saints and that of Your confessor, who has got the privilege through You to speak over the church on earth, and which is about to be hit by the stone, which it threw at the work of Your word and its sons who stand on Your right side.


May the day of the feast of the Lord, your God, and of His saints be blessed, people of the Lord’s coming. And again, you will be embraced within the word for the book of today. Amen, amen, amen.


– I, the Lord, love the spirit of the confession and I increase within My saints, and I receive, and give, so that they may have the gifts of the confession, for no one on earth is able to believe without the confession of My saints. And again, we will settle down, watching children, to lay down into the book of today its entire word. Amen, amen, amen.




– I have stayed with you and with My saints within a spirit of heavenly feast, and I want you to have a lot of spiritual work between you and Me, and I want you all to be so, children of My coming. Let your little mouths become holier and holier, confessing My glory with you, My love that is upon you, your life, which is to grow within Me, as you have always, always been taught, and you should stay more and more with it within Me and support one another, to give growth to each other and to feed on sweet and heavenly spirit, for the man’s nature is not good between man and man, but the heavenly Spirit grows the Lord among the brothers of the same blood with Him, and He makes holy all their inner being: both their mouth and their words and everything that surrounds them all around. Amen.


I have told you that the saints confess Me, sons, calling Me the child of the Father, so that you may be like Me. The bishop Basil the Great, with the spirit of his mercy, has got, among his host of bishops who came with him within My coming, the one who confesses that he had sat more than seven years on the chair of the church in the city of Târgovişte, and then, after other almost seven years, again, since I took the chair from him because he did not embrace the work of My word and you, and he confesses you from among the heavenly bishops that you are the Lord’s people, taking from Me down upon you the mystery of the revelation of God’s sons, who have been waited by all nature since I made up the heaven, the earth and the man, and then the man has shaken the whole of My creation from its place, because he has become haughty within himself, and he has not humbled himself under the hand and under the love of his Creator.


I give voice to the bishop who has come within My coming with the saints in the day of the memorial of My saint, the bishop Basil the Great, who has got as a confessor near him the one who has always sat greatly on the chair of the church in the city of Târgovişte, and behold, he is establishing him with the blessing of a bishop as confessor now, because the church, from where he came into heaven, has powerfully been shaking from the foundations, and woe to the people who have built on sand and who have not put and kept its holiness as a its foundation, the boat of salvation, which I set it to be on earth when I came two thousand years ago, to establish among people the faith from above, from heaven, and its kingdom. Amen, amen, amen.


– The faith from heaven, oh God, the Lord of Your people of today, the youngest son of the Romanian people, oh, the faith from heaven is not within the church from the world. The faith, which has come down from heaven, when it is in the church of one name with You, I liken it to the holy water, where the fish in it never die, Lord, Who had mercy upon me and took me up from the earth to remember me in heaven by the little mouths of Your sons from Pucioasa, the city where You set a high mountain and from where you declare the laws of the new creation of the world, according to Your righteousness.


With a spirit of heavenly humility, I grow within the word over the church of the Romanian people, who would have had to listen only and only to You, if You have come out with the living water of the river of life, to water the earth with it, and that it may become new by the water of washing, by the fire of the Holy Spirit, the voice of Your mouth, Who has become a river from heaven, for fifty years You have been speaking from heaven on the hearth of the Romanian people. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) The foreigners try to take away this Romanian land because of Your glory on it, for the word of Your coming with the joy of the heaven on earth. However, it will be otherwise than the man of lawlessness tries to work secretly against Your plan, which You hold into Your hand, and by which only You will overcome.


Behold, Lord, those who strike against this stone will be smashed against it, and those on whom it falls will be smashed to pieces, as Your prophets wrote through the Scriptures. I am reminding them now, after I have stepped into the seventh year since I left the earth because of my unbelief, which punished me so severely on earth then, and I tell all those, who call themselves and one another bishops and priests of Your church; however, they are deprived of You, just as I was, poor in faith and holiness without which no one sees and no one is with the Lord; and I tell them that the spirit of Your confession by the sons of Your people as word upon them is announcing them now that those which are old will pass away with a great noise, and only that which You have established on earth remains, the holy church, the Church of the New Jerusalem, and it will be as great as You are, and whatever You have established is Yours, in the same way as the people try to establish into Your name, those that will pass away with a great noise, as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen.


You, who still think of yourselves that you are important with God among people; you, bishops among Romanians, the time will come, and it has already come, to see the days of the Lord, for you have made them come upon you by your greed for empty glory, which I have also sought on the earth, for it is written into the Scriptures: «Jealousy is even more frightening then hell, just as love is stronger than death». This is how I made the bishop Irineu jealous, the one by whom the Lord has set His church of New Jerusalem at a great height into the Romanian people, and you have been keeping him hidden, punished, and lowly at this time. However, the time is coming for you, as it also came for Joseph’s brothers, who was banished from the house of his father by his brothers, and through his endurance, the Lord raised him and he came to be the savior for the people of Israel, until the Lord, by His hand, that was laid on the head of the prophet Moses, took the house of Israel out of the bondage of the foreigners.


What shame is coming upon you! Scorn and strife, unbelief and lack of the fear of God, haughtiness and shame, these kinds of works are seen among you, bishops and priests with names of Romanians. You do not want to believe that the name of Romanian will remain only for the saints and only for those who will sanctify themselves for the Lord, not for the people, but you will believe when you see this balance into God’s hand. Those that are among the holy bishops on earth and in heaven stand true witness, for those who were the Lord’s bishops on earth were those who were holy, not those who were sinful.


I confess you from among those in heaven, for I was shown great mercy, for the supplication of the prayers and of the sacrifices of the hearts of the Lord’s people, from Pucioasa, and I tell you that there is no peace without the Lord. And I tell you as the prophecy in the Scriptures quotes it: «There is no peace without the Lord», and it will not be, for you have totally spoiled all the laws of the Lord, as I also spoiled them, and as a result I was cut and thrown into the fire of sufferance, and this is what I was calling out from the fire, and I was crying out with repentance: «My spirit is overwhelmed within me and my heart is bewildered inside me, because You made me dwell in the darkness like the dead from the age, but I spread out my hands and my soul to You; hear my voice and make me hear Your mercy, for my soul hopes within You, Lord».


Oh, people of the church from the hearth of the Romanian people! All those who have not loved and fulfilled the Lord’s word of today, Who has established a high mountain from where He speaks, all those have fallen in various ways, in the sword of the Lord’s wrath. I, from the host of the holy bishops on earth and in heaven, and who took me in a day of holy feast, confessing now upon you, when you wage war making haste of the Lord’s wrath upon your house, I am reminding you the word of the Scripture which says: «There is no peace without the Lord».


Make peace between you and God, for you have got the bishop, who was chosen by Him, as the one who prays and who has the Holy Spirit in him and has favor before the Lord, and who interceded for me too, to be cleansed and forgiven through His church of the new Jerusalem. Make peace between you and the Lord, if you do not want to see fire and brimstone falling upon you, the day of the Lord’s wrath.


I have confessed from heaven upon you and I have spoken now to you that there is no peace without the Lord. Amen, amen, amen.


– And I, the one celebrated today among the heavenly host of Your bishops, praise You on earth with work from heaven, as I have already done so, for we, Your saints, are merciful like You, Lord, and we wait for the resurrection of those who will speak then to the dead in the graves to get up and stand on their feet, for Your voice is heard within their tombs. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice”, r.n.)


I, the Lord of the holy ones, have become known on earth by the spirit of confession, the spirit that has been working by confessing from heaven and from the earth. And you should stay forever to welcome Me, when I come, for behold, you are My tool, My key with which I close and open, My people. I close the mouth of those who blaspheme it, and I open the one, which confesses, and behold, I am the One Who closes and the One Who opens, and there is no God besides Me, and it is true the word of the Scriptures which speaks and says: «There is no peace without the Lord». Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).


[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


Publication Date: 02-12-2017

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