2007.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon

                        The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon[2]



I give you My peace, Jerusalem, My people of Romanians, for My power has lifted you up to believe and that you may be My people and I may be your God, and you to be My son, for it is written: «But as many as received Him, to them He has given the right to become God’s children, born of God by a new birth, by the power of the Holy Spirit, Who dwells in those who believe through My kingdom in them, for the kingdom of God is not in word but in power», My people. I have the clouds as My ascent and descent, and this is My way to you so that I may dwell with you and to have you as Mine. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.) I go with the wings of the wind and I have the clouds as My ascent and descent, as it is written, and I come to you and sit with you at the table of word and then I fulfill before you the Scripture of My coming with the saints and I feed you mysteriously with the spirit of faith, just as I was working with My disciples of two thousand years ago and strengthening their faith, and then I was showing them My power; for My kingdom is not in word but in power, and this working power helps the man to become My son, to believe in My coming and then to give himself over to it as My kingdom. Amen.


I am the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of the Father Sabaoth! The Word of God is My name in these days, (Apoc. 19:13.) and I come in through the gates My people faithful to My coming of today. Amen.


Peace to you, because I find you watching for Me to become word for My people, children from the gates, for today it is a feast of saints and I fulfill the Scripture of My coming with the saints before My people. I set you as healers over My people in this day, and to give to the one who a appears before Me to give him a holy stature and then My kingdom in him, because I, the Lord, take care of him with great mercy, and I wait for him with patience to give Me image in him, to give Me a dwelling place in him by the faith working of miracles, the same as the spirit of faith worked within My bishop Spyridon and brought him the power of miracle doing for the strengthening of the faith in Me of those who listened from Him to the word of faith and making, for God’s kingdom is not in word, as many know to speak about it, but it is in power, and for this heavenly work upon him the man needs the gift of holy humility, the humility of spirit, by which I may dwell in man appearing with the power of word sharing, for My testimony is the spirit of prophecy, the word that is fulfilled and this means God with people, for it is written in the word of the prophecy which says this: «Behold, God’s tent is with the people, and He will dwell with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away from them every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more… and these words are the spirit of prophecy and are faithful and true». (Apoc. 21:3-5) And this is written for Me to fulfill. Amen.


Oh, My people, it is written in the Scripture that there will no longer be death, and I said when I lived on earth two thousand years ago: «He who believes in Me will never die». (John 11:26) Oh, new Israel, blessed is the one who has always passed from death to life! Blessed is the one who knows to clean oneself from death and to be always alive, blessed! The faith does not belong to everyone, but only to those who know to turn their faith in deed, as Abraham knew, My people, for Abraham had in him the good dough, the gift and the spirit of holy humility, which makes the man see God, bear and share God, and not receiving any reward for this, but by his giving himself over for My life in man, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, what a sweet coming You make with Your saints, Lord, and You give them speaking over Your faithful people! Oh, how true is the word of the prophecy, which speaks about You: «Behold, He comes with His saints, being the First among tens of thousands!» He who sees You in Your word is the one who gives You to the people, Lord, glorified in heaven and on earth. The spirit of the holy humility makes this miracle in man, for the one who is humble within his spirit is the one who believes with great power by the proof of his faith, as when I spoke with the man of the natural wisdom, I proved him the power of my confession about You, testifying about You that You were true God of true God, of one Being with the Father, and through Whom the Father spoke and fulfilled. Amen.


Oh, it is not good for the natural wisdom of the man to show off above man; the wisdom which hinders the man from denying himself in order to follow You and not himself, Lord.


Oh, it is not holy, it is not well, Christ’s people; it is not well to follow the man who has got his natural wisdom, for those who are in this way, crucify the Lord for their human glory, the glory between man and man, oh, people guided by God. However you should bow to the spirit of prophecy and seek with the spirit of the holy humility in you, for without this gift you cannot dwell with God without dying, without denying Him and then dying like Adam, who forsook God for sin. Take care, for the world and its spirit is a snake, son. Take care among the dead from everywhere; take care not to call them alive, for the one who is alive is the one who never dies after he has become worthy to believe in God, the One sent by the Father in man. Take care to stay with the saints not with the sinful ones, for the sinful ones will perish, because the sinful people are hostile, jealous, haughty for their mind, and they are traitors for you. However, you should stay with the saints, son, and you should be likewise too, and let God’s power work through you if you are holy, for this is what holy means. Take care that the worries of life may not throw you down so that you may come to love the money, for the money is a snake in the way of the man who loves God. Because of my mercy for man, I turned the snake into gold and I gave it to serve the poor and wretched man and then I brought the gold again to the nature out of which I took it, for gold means nothing but man’s perishing, a devil that keeps the man temporarily, for the one who has got gold cannot get away of its trap, and the man who tries to gain his life every day, that one loses it every day, always with every passing day, and behold, this is how the wise man is lost by his natural wisdom, and one like that cannot but die with every passing day of his life on earth. I exhort you to look into my life, people led by God, for I gave my life to God with every passing day, and the envious devil could not stay quietly when he saw me with God’s power, with God’s kingdom within me, and which I was confessing outside of me.


«Woe to you if the world speaks well of you», this is what Christs said. Blessed are you if the world hates you, this is what I tell you, the Lord’s bishop, His bishop, for every day I was sacrificing my life to Him, and I was always lifting in Him and not outside of Him before men, and His power was in me, for God’s kingdom is in not in word but in power, and this is how I am speaking today to all those who try to speak on the earth by the word and not by God’s power, which appears as God in man. Amen.


Oh, Lord of the powers, let us give Your people of today Your power to overcome with it the wisdom of the wise, who boast about themselves before You, Lord! Make those that are proud be ashamed and exalt those who are humble. Exalt Your people with Your power, by which You have been establishing Your kingdom now on the earth among people, Lord! Amen, amen, amen.


– Oh, it is day of instruction over My people in your day of feast among the saints, great bishop, for the gift of your humility was great, and by it you gave Me a dwelling place in your being, and I deified you and made you My dwelling place and I was coming in and out and working by your faith, by your vessel bearing of God and by your holiness, which you were working every day before Me within the spirit of holy humility, in the spirit of the obedient love. My dwelling in you was sweet! You were a dwelling place of My kingdom and you served within you as servant, and behold what it means for someone to become Christ’s servant on the earth, God’s priest!


Let those who do not know what God means in man and through man keep silent! Let their speaking about God be silent if they do not know what God with man means! Let those who blaspheme you, My people, also be silent, for the spirit of prophecy is that which overshadows you from Me and teaches you life, New Jerusalem! Let the one who wants to become wise in this time bow before you, and only in this way I receive the one who tries to come to Me on the way of this word, by which I exhort and grow you, My people of today! He who does not love you, he who does not receive you on My behalf, I do not know that one on another way after he had found this way of My coming to you on earth for your faith in Me, and the one who believes in Me never dies, but he passes from death to life every day and he overcomes the world and the time, as I was, My people. Amen.


Oh, watchmen of My coming to My people and of its coming to Me! Take care today of the work of the gift of the holy humility over My people that is coming to Me and to you for My life in it, for its adornment before Me so that it may learn to become, and then let every son that believes in My coming of today be My kingdom and be joined with the spirit of life that sets the making over the man. I am giving you the fresh spirit of the holy teaching, and let My people come to you, for I am passing through you with a life giving spirit, the spirit that cleanses the man from sin and them from his self. Amen.


At the beginning of the work I am embracing now My people coming to the feast, I am comprising it within the word, and again, at the end of the day I will comprise again in the word and teach it, and let it take from Me and be then alive, more and more alive, so that I, the Lord, may be more and more beautiful in the one who cleanses himself for Me, for My kingdom in him, for the life of My people lived in Me, of the people of the new Israel. Amen, amen, amen.




On this day of feast I am standing before My people, who has come to the pool for cleaning and I am standing with you before it, cleaning sons over those who have become God’s sons by faith and by the power that comes from it over the man. I want to give exhortation to My people, for the world cannot perceive the mystery of the new Jerusalem if it and its priests say that they have had enough all that they know by the church, but the priests of the world forget that I said by the Scriptures about the renewal of the world and about the judgment of the creature and about the resurrection of the dead, works that have to be set over the earth and over the man, works of Christ’s church, sons.


Oh, My people, let the world know, the world that calls itself Christian, and let its priest know as well, that the mystery of the new Jerusalem is the work of the church, which works all its members, not only with one, for the church without the spirit of prophecy in it does not have the work of birth over it, for the making is done by word. The perfect priest in the work for the resurrection from the sin of the man is the one who makes God into body and word over the church. Let not only My body be always freshly sacrificed on the altar for the man’s life, but let Me be refreshed over the man as My word. The priest who makes Me body and word, always new, always fresh, this is the mystery of the New Jerusalem over the earth, of the church, always renewed, always fed by the spirit of prophecy, with My Holy Spirit, Whom I promised to the church and about Whom I said then that He will take from what is Mine and speak to the church, to which I said that I would be with it to the end of the age by those who prophesy in it, for My testimony is the spirit of prophecy, as it is written. My church of new Jerusalem is the place and the time where I, the Lord, become body and I become word by the priest, and this is how I feed the sons to whom I give power to be My sons, and behold a mystery, which the limited man cannot understand, the man without faith like that of Abraham, like that of My saints, to whom I appear and speak by the work of the Holy Spirit, working through the church, because the mystery of the church is the work of the Holy Spirit, Who takes from what is Mine and speaks to the church, as He worked over the first Christians in the day of Pentecost, clothing them with His work, with His power, for My testimony is the spirit of prophecy, the spirit that proves that the man is baptized with the Holy Spirit, with the Jesus Christ’s baptism, as John the Baptizer spoke about Me, as the One Who baptized with the Holy Spirit, to the one whom he baptized to the forgiveness of their sins. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)


Oh, sons, who come to the pool, love the work of the cleansing of your spirit and soul, as you take care and clean your body and your clothes on your body and all of your other things. However, as an exhortation for the good victory of your salvation I tell you, as the apostle Paul said: «Let not many of you be teachers». Oh, sons, it is hard for the man with the spirit of humility, and that is why he does not have to pretend to be a teacher, and that is why it is well for him to stay and rather learn and listen from Me, for I have come again on the earth as Teacher now, because it is written for Me to come again for the living and for the dead and to come with My endless kingdom over the earth, as the work of the spirit declares every day the faith confession of the church, but behold, when it comes to believe what it says, it does not believe, sons.


Oh, My people, the man has got used to be right against another man, and this does not mean love, and it does not mean the humble spirit and its gifts. The man’s love to God is choked even because he does not have in him humility for his neighbor, humility and love, sons. He who has got humility of spirit for God, that one is not received by God, but only if he has got confessors of his humility, because that what one does to his neighbor, he does it to the Lord.  Oh, son, I teach you what love is and together with it I teach you what cleaning is. I teach you how to confess from the evil in you and then to come to life again, to have power to become a son of God by faith and by love. He who loves God, that one loves Him without any guilt against his neighbor, and only in this way the man is able to love God. Amen.


Oh, do not become teachers upon each other, for brotherhood is not worked in this way, but rather fulfill Me in you, for I have come to save the world not to judge it, and this is how you are to work upon each other, sons. The work of the Holy Spirit is comfort, for the Holy Spirit is the Comforter, and He takes from what is Mine and brings to you by the spirit of prophecy, as it is written. Oh, you should work like the Comforter upon each other, sons, and this is the work of the brotherhood that does not ask, which does not wait for, but which gives. Therefore, seek to get used to take from Me and to love My love in you, sons, for behold, the priests of the world rely on the Scriptures and that is all, and they do not give it further to the people with the teaching in it, as they do not take it on themselves with its life in it as well; but rather, on the contrary, they close Me in its pages as well and they do no longer know Me when I am speaking now, as in the Scriptures of two thousand years ago, as it is written in them to come again and to come with the saints, for when John, My disciple, wrote the book of Apocalypse from the Holy Spirit, I, the Lord, the One enclosed within a rainbow, told him: «Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is at hand, for you have to prophesy once again to the peoples to the nations and to many kings, and blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to come to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the citadel, for if any man shall come in other way, if any man shall add to them, other kind of teaching to this teaching of entrance to the tree of life, the Lord shall add to him the plagues which are written in this book, and again, if any man shall take away from the words of this prophecy, God shall take his part from the tree of life, and out of the holy citadel, which are written in this book, for those who commit sin cannot enter this citadel prophesied in this book, but they are left outside», as it is written. (See also Apoc. 22:10, 14, 18-19). Amen.


Oh, My people, take a look into the book of the Apocalypse and see in it that it is written: «Blessed are those who wash away their robes that they may have the right to come in to the tree of life to have dominion over it!» Oh, My people, you should learn this book as it is, as it teaches how to come in to God and to His table and into the citadel of the New Jerusalem, about which John wrote, the disciple of My Gospel for the end of the time and for My coming again from the Father to man. Oh, you should not do like the priests of the church, who do not understand this book and who cut their part and their way to the tree of life and try to climb over to God without washing their robes away, without wearing clean robes before Me, and they are those who take away this book from them, which teaches the man to get ready and to be clean; moreover, they even try to add to it the entrance to Me in the way of the man, but the blessings and curses that are written in this book of John, the book of the man’s preparation to the tree of life, these two will speak for each man, and they «will enter to the tree of life, those who wash away their robes, and those who love falsehood, disobedience and insubordination will remain outside», as it is written in John’s book. Amen.


I teach you what the preparation is and I teach you the washing away of your robe, son. Give Me your heart and come to Me to make it new and that I and My life may dwell in it. Amen. I will always teach you if you come to the pool, for I have worthy sons for your making from Me, but get used to have a clean robe always, son. I am the One, Who washes you away, as I washed My disciples’ feet and taught them the washing away from all the things on the earth so that wherever they went on the earth the world may be able to see Me in them and with them, and then I told them to wash each other away and to cleanse each other, and I had also taught them what love was and then I made them teachers over the nations and I told them: «I in you and you in Me, and I will be with you to the end of the age and I will take from what is Mine and let you know and teach you everything», and this is how you are supposed to understand My word of today, and by which I exhort you to make you worthy for the tree of life and have dominion over it, My people, and that you may also know how to come in through the gates, as John wrote in his book, and you shall not take away or add to it for the fulfillments from this book, My people, but you should rather wash away your robe and be like Me, son, for I am the tree of life, and I give Myself over as a gift to those who get dressed for it. Amen.


Son, I remind you of the gift of the holy humility. Hold it into your little hand, for it teaches you love and the lack of judgment. You have to be My son, not a judge over sons, for My word is judge and urges the man to repentance for the forgiveness of his sins and then to the baptism with the Holy Spirit, so that the one who is baptized may be seen as Christianized, because the sign of the one who is baptized is the Holy Spirit and «rivers of living waters will flow from his mouth», as it is written.


Oh, My people, if you have come to the pool, then I have exhorted you. Be careful that My kingdom in you is not in word, but in the power of its fulfillment, so that we may overcome death, death and its sting. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) Take care to stay with the saints and not with the sinners, for the sinners are enemies, they are jealous, they are haughty in their mind, and then they betray you, and blessed are you if the world hates you because you do not take after it, for this is the sign that you love Me and that I love you. Amen. Oh, My people, you should be a holy nation, as it is written, and you should be a royal priesthood, not worldly, for you are people earned by God, son. Take from Me and learn what it means God in man and through man, My people. Amen.


Oh, watchmen of My coming as word to My people and to every man who takes the teaching of life on this table! In this day you have been taking care of the work of the gift of the holy humility over My people that has come to the pool, to Me and to you for My life in it. I have included it in the word from the beginning and the end of the day of teaching. Let Me be more and more alive, more and more beautiful in the one who cleanses himself for Me, sons, for My kingdom in him, for My people’s life lived in Me, the people of the New Israel, as it is written. Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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