2009.04.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection

                                   The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection[2]



I am the Lord of the resurrection, My people! I am the One Who trampled over death by death, son! I glorify Myself into your midst with a feast of resurrection, with word of resurrection, with My comfort, which flows like a river into your midst, for I laid down My life for man, and My Comforting Spirit gave Me power to do and to be able to do this. Amen.


Peace to you, My people! I come into through the gates to you, and I do not come otherwise when I come in to give you food. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter is My Spirit, and by My coming to you with Him, I always, always want to make you My son, by your faith in My coming to you, son. Do you see, son, what kind of love I show you? In order to call you My Son, I have showed you love and you should be for My love teaches you to be My son. Amen.


Christ has risen! Christ has risen! Christ has risen! This was going from mouth to mouth; the news and the greeting among those who were faithful of My coming among people, and then to My resurrection from those who are dead, after that the Jews, hostile and great in their human ranks, gave Me over to death on the cross as an evil doer against God. Those who cannot love God when He reveals Himself and those who despise Him because of their love of themselves and of their ranks, this is how they work on the earth for God, like the Jews who stirred each other within one cunning consent to blame Me and then to destroy Me from among them as a blasphemer, as an mad man, but in fact they were afraid of Me because they were cowards and they stirred their spirit to be able to commit the work of My crucifixion after that, as it was written by the Father for Me to suffer from man and then to come out victoriously from the grave, and in this way the whole world may be judged together with its ruler, who had not been seen by it, that who was full of hostile spirit to God, the spirit that fell down from heaven by the man who was haughty in his spirit, and by which the ministering angels in the time of his haughtiness fell down from near God once with the man who did not want to listen, who wanted to be greater than God at the beginning of God’s creation for man. Here it is what the man did to Me at the first beginning when the heaven and the earth were made and after God made the man between the earth and the heaven! Oh, here it is what the man did to Me two thousand years ago either, at that beginning which God made again on the earth! Oh, behold what the unfaithful man has been doing to Me now, in the end of the time, when I come on the earth as a river of word, (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.) the Holy Comforting Spirit, as it is written to come and to be called by My new name: The Word of God! (Apoc: 19/13.) He who is getting up now to say that this word of today is not I, God - The Word, the Son of the Father Sabaoth on My second coming from the Father, that one does not know, poor of him, where he writes his name and where he heaps up his hostile[3] work, as two thousand years ago when the enemies of My coming in the image of the Son of Man, got up to put Me down from the throne full of mystery of My glory with the man and then to destroy Me as an enemy of their God, not serving God with their life, with their work and with their sacrifice, but only serving the spirit of their vain glory. Oh, behold what does the blind love of the man who uses the name of God on the earth and who believes in God only for his self-love, and not for God!


Oh, My people, seek to perceive the power and the deception of the lie of those who call themselves God’s sons not doing God’s works on the earth, but doing their work, one before the other through their fleeting glory so that they may mention each other’s name of fleeting man, a name which will accompany them to their judgment, because each one of them will be judged in his own order, as it is written in the Scriptures. I speak with you like this, My people, because during those days of My life in the body and spirit, and then of My victorious resurrection against those full of themselves who gave Me over to the cross and to death, the ruler of this world was judged by his own deed against Me, for the man did not believe in the One Whom the Father sent from heaven on earth for the man’s salvation from his wandering away from God, from his lost and wandering of man way, and since then the man has been judged; the man who is born on the earth and does not walk in My steps as I left it on the earth before going to be again within the Father as the Savior of those who believe in Me by their living according to My will and as the Judge of those who blaspheme My way, that which I left to the faithful man, showing it two thousand years ago. He who distorts his mind and sight, he who distorts his spirit and will, that one breaks his word and work after he writes himself down on earth as My son and as the follower who fulfills My teaching and My coming again from the Father to man, that one gets into trouble because of the haughtiness of his spirit, which distorts and then wipes off his faith in those that are from God among people on the earth. Oh, I did not lose My time with the work of My word, which for fifty years has been running like a river out of My mouth over the earth into the midst of the Romanian people, hardly making for Me a crossing among people in the time of hardship, but the who comes to be with Me and does not see like Me and sees like himself because of the haughtiness of this spirit, which is an enemy of his soul, that one not only that he has lost his useful time, but he has also earned a reward with those who are unfaithful, just as poor Judas found his, after he stayed with Me on the way in My time among people in order to write Myself down on the earth as the man’s Savior; and then he went, poor of him, and sold My mystery and gave Me over into the hand of those who had an earthly rank to judge Me as a mad man and as one who leads the man astray, saying to Me mockingly, when he gave Me over to them: «Rejoice, Teacher!» Oh, I was the Teacher, but Judas did not take of My spirit as the other disciples in that time did, and even if he took, he thought more than anyone that I would make great signs until I would sit as a great King on the earth and those that were chosen by Me would stand near Me, but he made a fool of himself, poor Judas, for his heart remained of the earth, and the spirit he had received from Me died out little by little; the spirit he received when I chose him to be among My disciples to work for Me a way to the people and in such a way that I could do them good, and not evil.


This speaking of Mine with you is the work of resurrection over man in a day of resurrection feast, My people. The Scriptures speaks in the same way as My speaking of today. If the Scriptures in My time have another way of speaking about Me, let the man tell Me, and I will speak with him then. I am the same now as I was then, just as the man is now as he was then when the Scriptures, between I and man, were written on the earth, between man and I, as it was, so that it could be known afterwards. However, now I write My Scripture of today on the earth in a great secret, for I take care of the work of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit on earth; I take great care, for the man is greater than at that time, he is more hidden than then under My name, more fallen from the truth than then, and I leave on the earth the word of My coming today with great care, for today it is hard for God on earth, and the good man does no longer have power for Me with My goodness in him, for the proud man lies in wait in cold blood to wipe off from the earth by his hidden work, God’s name and mark from among people, and if he sees that he cannot do it, then he hides even better and more secretly and then he takes out new and old weapons and makes faces to be able to put down even those who are My elected, as it is written that it will be in the time of the end.  However, I will cut short these misty days that prevent satan’s face from being seen, and I will protect My way to the man and the man’s way to Me, only that the man may be clean in his heart and deed, and the man should be like that for him and not for Me, because if the uses his deception once with his walking on his way with Me, then he falls into the darkness with his mind and sight, and his spirit and will get distorted and his faith gets distorted as well, and then I will no longer be pleased with him after that, and I will let him walk as he wants, for there is no more time, and I said this for those who understand and for those who do not understand, because the time is dear, and if it is not redeemed, the man loses his work and his possessions earned in the course of time.


This word of Mine in a day of holy feast, My people, is a word of resurrection, for My speaking is only awakening upon you and upon man, over the faithful ones and over the unfaithful ones who are in you, My people, and then over the people with its trumpet sound. My word is the joy of those in heaven and those in hell, for the dead hear My word better and more truly. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice”, r.n.) The man’s body makes his sight confused for everything, good and evil, between earth and heaven, but those who have put off their temporary flesh, they see, they are those who see after that, to their joy or to their pain, and happy and happy again are those on whom I, the Lord, have mercy among these, just as I had mercy on the one with a good soul in his time on the earth near My work, and whom the weaknesses of his fallen nature put him into bondage, as it was the fall of the first man built at the beginning of the creation.


Oh, children who stay as My gates for My things that are seen and unseen, known and unknown, understood and not understood among all that are and are told and seen! Behold Verginica’s companion taking from My altar the food of resurrection, My body and blood, the Lord of resurrection, as My word was to you for his salvation! (In the time of Saint Virginia’s earthly life some of the instruments of the dictatorship of the communist red beast compelled her to get married, otherwise they would put her into a psychiatric hospital, and this one was her “husband” in front of authorities and her companion day by day, by common assent, by the faith in the word coming from the Lord, r.n.) There he is spending the feast of My resurrection with those who passed beyond their body! There he is in the lounge of the faithful, for I had mercy on him because he had a sweet heart on the earth for Me and even for a moment he did not deny the work of My word in which he was put and accompanied by a heavenly covenant with Me and with My trumpet, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) a covenant written by Michael, the archangel, My angel and My people’s. I brought in the garden those set at the work for the resurrection of the creature to pronounce his name before the Lord so that he may be released from sin and come to the reward of his confession for the work of My word by My trumpet Verginica, and whom he loved for Me and accompanied and supported My work through it, until he fell into satan’s hidden trap because he did not have the spirit of obedience in his entire work. Oh, this is what happens to the one who hides because of his weaknesses, for man cannot hide from the Lord, but man hides from man and then there is no one to help him in his fallings, for satan exhorts the man to hide from man, to be afraid of the man for his deeds and then to fall in a hard trap, to fall from God’s arm into satan’s hand, as it happened with My trumpet’s companion, and then he was enslaved by satan and I could no longer release him but only taking him from his body. Then I gave into My people the work for its salvation, for have given working gifts into the midst of My people for the resurrection of the dead. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.) I have set you, sons, to work in a special way for this little soul, for his name is written in heaven among those who had great mercy for My coming by his faith full of love for Me and for My vessel through whom I started on the earth the trumpeting of My word in these days. Behold it, behold it, children sons! His salvation was by My trumpet. I gave her this joy, because I put much love in her for this loving and faithful soul, whom satan hated and pulled him out of My hand and bosom. I gave him an angelic face after I took him out of his body and My people saw this, for his face was very much beautiful compared to that which he had on the earth. And why was it like that? This is what My angel Michael did, who was My messenger when My covenant was written between My trumpet and this companion of hers on the earth. I did this because his heart was good in him, but satan changed him after that. However, I have overcome now and given him the salvation and I have given him the joy for his faith and for his confession for My work before those who are unfaithful and persecute My work, which have always, always distorted the course of My work by My trumpet and for whom I was support, comfort and power in her trouble. I have given him an angelic face, because he turned back with great love, joining, towards the end of his way on the earth, to the ongoing course of My work and comforted and listened to those who carried on My work, confessing them as Mine before those who have now blasphemed those among the sons of this people and who are no longer on their way with Me. “Christ has risen!” he tells Me to speak to My people and to those who stay under the cross of the coming of My word on the earth and further on, for My people loved him because he was My confessor! "Christ has risen!" My trumpet Verginica tells you! I have given her the joy for the soul in bondage now.


“Christ has risen!” I, the Lord, tell you, sons, and I remain with the book open between Me and you, for I stay with you in days of feast of the resurrection. Amen.


And now, I am giving you My word to take it further to My people, children from the gates, and you should stay within the people in one spirit giving of resurrection. Oh, redeem any little bit of time so that My people may grow in spirit! Then rest your bodies and spirit, sons, and let us come back as word into the book, and let us serve each other within the spirit of resurrection in hearts and in word. Amen.


Oh, open your little mouths and glorify the Lord, sons of My people, for I give Myself to you to have Me from abundance, sons! Be confessors, sons! Christ has risen! This is how you should show Me in you and among you in days of holy feast. Amen.


Christ has risen, Romanian people! In the days of the resurrection feast, I will sit in counsel with you to teach you your salvation sons, for there is no one to teach you your dwelling with God to your salvation and joy for eternity. I comfort your warm spirit, or the one foreign to Me, and I will give you to take from the feast of My resurrection. Peace to you! Oh, if you knew those things that are to your peace into your midst now, Romanian people! I, the Lord of resurrection, want to adorn your devastated house. I am your resurrection. Peace to you, the Lord of resurrection tells you! Christ has risen! Do not forget that, and strengthen your faith for I come to save you from your unbelief. I am! And soon, soon, you will see that I was and that I am this river of word, which, from heaven on the earth, has got its ford on your hearth, to your reward from Me that of your holy ancestors. Amen.


May the joy of the feast of My resurrection into your midst be blessed, people of My word on the hearth of the Romanian nation! Let us serve our joy to each other, sons! Christ has risen! I remain with the book open between you and I. I remain with you. I remain in your love, sons. Oh, remain in My love, for I remain in your love, sons. “Christ has risen!” the Lord of the resurrection tells you. Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] «Therefore, I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, neither in this age, nor in the one which is to come.» (Mat: 12/31, 32.)


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