2012.10.14 - The Word of God at the feast of the Covering of the Lord’s Mother

            The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Covering[2] of the Lord’s Mother[3] 



Within a spirit of comfort I am covering the place of the coming of My word during these days and I am refreshing and waking up to work My holy people that stays before Me, that stays under My exhortation, under My making in My gardens with him, the gardens of the glory, for I need to have someone to speak with on the earth as I have made My way to come. I am coming on earth as word of creation, of new birth of the world and I work for the renewal of all things, as it is written for the end of the time between the Father and Me: «We make them all new!». Amen.


I am the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am the Comforter of those who believe in Me, and they have Me as their God and they ask from Me what their way with God needs. I am with My Mother Virgin on a day of feast for her and We sit down as word for those who know Our descent, and then We give Ourselves to those who wait for Us from the earth by this spring of word. The faith of prayer, this power makes miracles and great signs on earth by those who believe in this way. The faith of calling out to God, the One Who can give to those who ask from Him, this power has to be learned from God not from man, for man hopes only in those for the things below when he asks the Lord for him. However, faith gives man those he has been asking from the Lord, but this faith has to be cultivated so that it may have fruit for heaven too, and not only for those that are asked for the earth.


Suffering people go and travel a long way and they make many steps to the place where they go to intercede with a prayer to an icon, to a priest, famous by this gifts, and they humble if they go, and their humility strengthens the spirit of prayer, the faith of their prayer and the faith in the one who makes prayers for them, and their faith accomplishes their prayer. However, if they were closer to the place where they travel with a burning soul in them, the fire in their heart will die away, the longing and their travelling step would no longer burn with faith.


Many travel to places sanctified by the saints, to places of prayer to ask from God help for their needs on earth, and few of them have love for God with the fulfilling of their life pleasant to the Lord. I, the Lord, humble for each one of them and I give them according to their faith, according to their humility in which the trouble of their works from their life brings them, for the man’s works incur upon him troubles of all kinds. Man learns more in his old age when it comes the pain for the works, which brought about his suffering, and if he were young once more, he would no longer do the evil things of his youth, because he would have wisdom. However, he has to learn the faith of prayer, for the sufferance teaches man, as sufferance always taught the king David and he often spoke to the Lord: «Don’t remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions,… even when I am old and gray-haired, God, don't forsake me!» (See Ps. 25:7 and Ps. 71:18) Oh, this is how the one who passed through life and sin was praying, and he was praying with sufferance, and the prayer full of the humility that comes from sufferance touches the Lord and He humbles and He bow to the one who suffers and puts the comfort of prayer upon him and then it brings him comfort.


I teach you, obedient sons to God, sons of My word of today, because I want many to take My teaching from you and they have to find it first in order to take it. The prayer has to be lived, well sons, and faith is needed for its fulfillment. My sweetest joy is to see the one who prays that knows how to bring My joy with his prayer, with its kind, with its dough, for many humble Me too much so that I may do according to their pleasure and to give them what is not useful for their soul, but only to their life on the earth. Man needs prayer for the forgiveness of all his sins with which he afflicted Me and put Me on the cross, as it was for all the men’s sins by that time and after that that I was put on the cross then. I was put on the cross because of sin, but how many are terrified for their sin for which I, the Lord, was pierced, for which I was mocked and given to death on the cross and to scornful torment from those who fulfilled this Scripture at that time?


Oh, sons, the prayer has to be lived, and those who come together for prayer truly have to pray. If the prayer is lived, then its outward expression will be seen that is accomplished by its fulfillment, but before any kind of prayer man has to pray much and always for the forgiveness of his sins.


Oh, if the voice of the prayer does not keep alive and awaken those who hear the word of prayer, then the one who prays does not pay any attention to those around him gathered for prayer. Oh, otherwise would go up into heaven and come back the fulfillment of the prayer lived by those who say it from the book. The way the prayer is prayed brings its fulfillment or not. The servant who does not take all the care so that the prayer he says may be perseverant and then lived by all, then that one does not take care of God in the time of his prayer and neither does he pay any attention to those who come before the Lord by his intercession. The prayer lived to God moves the heart, the tear and the thrill of the meeting with the Lord of those who pray, for otherwise it is barren and it has fruit likewise, a barren fruit, that is a heart in which prayer has not lived. Oh, if the time of the prayer does not bring revelations from above for the soul and for the fellowship with the saints and with the things that are not seen, that it has not passed yet the border to the place it has been seeking, and the time of the prayer is not redeemed, it does not remain forever and it does not take the man into eternity.


Oh, if man lived the prayer for his soul, he would be otherwise. He who is in prison goes to bed in sorrow, both when he falls asleep and when he gets up from his sleep, and he sees himself always closed and he sees that he is not free and that he is far from his own people on the earth, and he waits with pain for the day to come when he may be freed and he always hopes with yearning. Oh, this is how man is supposed to be too, and man should always suffer from his sins that keep him in bondage under them, for sin is the true prison of man, the deceiving bondage of his life, of his walking to his home.


Sin is the man’s departure from his Father, from his Savior, Who knows that the devil keeps the man locked under sin. It would be that whenever man goes to bed and gets up he suffers and he knows that his sin, in which he was and is, is upon his life. Man should pray mostly for his sin with much sorrow, for man is sinful and his sin brings forth its fruit, and only after that man goes to places sanctified by the saints to ask for help and intercession from the Lord and from the saints for the troubles that come from his sin.


Oh, man wants to escape from his prison; however, he does not want very much to get rid of his sin too.  He gets comforted with the sin, poor of him. It would be to get comforted with the pain from his sin, for the Lord is just with man, but man has got used to the justice for all things, and he runs to places of prayer, to famous icons for miracle performance and he seeks help over his weaknesses and he humbles, asks and receives, because I, the Lord, humble greatly according to the humility in which man is brought by his troubles. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross”, r.n.)


I have mercy on man. He expects much mercy from Me and he bows and asks Me to give him. It is for this that he needs Me. What shall I do to man if he has not learned to do and to be able to do otherwise? Who shall teach him to have mercy on Me too, and to give Me what I ask from him? I ask from him the love of God, I ask from man his own good, his dwelling with God and the Lord’s dwelling with him, in his body and in a place sanctified by him, but he does not know how to fulfill this. However, those, who come and give themselves to Me as help, know, and they do not have to become accustomed to the Lord, but they have to work for Him, waiting for Him to come, always waiting for Him, and they have to love Him so, waiting for Him, because if they do not love Him, they do not work for Him and do not wait for Him. Oh, who is the one who does nothing when he knows that someone big has to come to him?


Oh, people of My today’s word, oh, sons, this is how you should also be, this is how you should also work when you know that I always come to you and that I am your Master, and this is how you should wait for Me, working for Me. Oh, this is how you are supposed to work if you have humbled to be Mine, near Me and with Me at My hard work today for the renewal of all things. The beautiful and the clean, which you work before Me over everything with you, these sanctify everything, these prepare My place and My dwelling with man on earth, and behold, those who run after holy places do not know this. Oh, not places sanctify people but rather holy people sanctify holy places, keeping them like that and keeping themselves holy for them, so that the Lord may be with the people on earth, for I can dwell only in places, cleaned, sanctified and kept pure and holy, only there can I live, and I can work with those who clean and sanctify themselves and watch like that and keep like that the places they sanctify for the Lord. Oh, who else knows to understand so the power of the holy places? Who else is on the earth that waits for the Lord to come like that?


Oh, mother Virgin, My dear mother, this day is your day of memorial. I have set on the table of My people the teaching for the faith of the prayer, mother. You stand surety to God for those who glorify Me with longing and with praise as high as heaven, mother. Oh, this is how you appeared at that time, on this day in the air of the church of Vlaherna, when a big group of Christians were praising the Lord on a Sunday day and they were watching before the heaven for their life with God, and you were in the sky of the church above them with surrounded glory and you stretched your omophorion upon them, and he who saw you there in the sky, madly in love with God and with his saints, woke up his disciple for this revelation and asked him: “Do you really see the Queen, the Lord’s Mother, standing in glory and covering under her omophorion the people gathered together?” “I see, oh, father I see, and fear catches me because of this spectacle here now.” This is how the faithful disciples answered his father, wonderful in love and in prayer.


We are celebrating now that day lived by many from Vlaherna, and I give you as word of wisdom over those who love the Lord, mother. The faithful one needs teaching from heaven, as those at that time needed your praised appearance all that night, mother. Oh, I wish they knew as well, those who praise Us with prayer and songs, I wish they also knew to give Us their comfort that can comfort Us too, oh, mother!


— For the man who has not been taught by You from heaven on earth is difficult to learn Your love, Lord and my dear Son. Oh, the heaven of the saints is only tear for the love on the earth to those in heaven.


No one keeps the places clean for You and for the saints anymore, Lord. Everything belongs to men that are everywhere. The servants in the places of sacrifice do not have a holy living, and those, who go to those places for worship, do not know this pain of the heaven from those who sit and rule over the sanctified places, without them being sanctified for them and to stay holy upon them. Oh, we do no longer have sanctified places for us, dear Son. We humble much because man asks from us for him everywhere, and he does no longer ask from us to be with him.  


I stood in the air in the church of Vlaherna then and appeared as a celestial sign over those who assembled to praising of glory, and then I stretched my omophorion upon them as thanks for the glory brought to us on a day of Sunday, a day of their assembly into Your name, but people do not sanctify themselves for You, oh, Lord. Since then this day of celebration has been staying written in church and it has been remembered by the worshippers; however, if they praised the Lord with their works too, then their love would be whole and the speech of their exaltation and the sacrifice of their heart would be true as well.


The devil has set a widely opened trap everywhere people can fall into the sin of self-centered opinion in such a way that the gifts from God may not be able to come down on them, as he who saw me had gifts and revelations through this gifts, the one who saw me in the air of the church and confessed it to his disciple and thus he opened his eyes to see the celestial appearance. Man rejoices when he is well spoken by God and by the people and he rejoices to be comforted and praised, but he is sad when he is ill-spoken, oh, Lord. Oh, man does not know what is good for him, dear Son. Only when someone speaks well of him, only when someone speaks well about his good side, either to him or to anyone else’s about his good things, and the devil immediately gets ready to make him fall, he gets ready to defile that one with his self-centered opinion, to burn his heart, to spoil his humility, his gentleness and his good conduct, and immediately is seen this one that he changes his humility and its beauty from above, the inclination of his heart and its gentleness and the humility of his works.


Oh, my dear Son Jesus, if the prayer of those gathered together before You does not bring heavenly revelations upon them, then their prayer is weak, it is insignificant and it does not make any miracle upon them. Dear Son, a voice of prayer is needed. A burning heart for You is needed and much gentleness in it, and the faith of the prayer has to comprise those who pray with power. Strong servants are needed for the voice of the churchly prayer, for You have to come with the last fulfillments of Your kingdom with the people, dear Son, and all these need to be asked, and from the earth there have to come praying voices with a perseverant calling so that You may come with a sweet calling. There should no longer be heard such words of prayer to heaven from the perseverant people who pray, but only voices that call You to come and to hurry up with Your coming and to strengthen Your kingdom with them, oh, King Lord over the creatures. Oh, who else calls you to come? Who really knows what Your coming is, dear Son Who come? It is the time for You to come, and that is why You always come. We put our hope in the sons of Your word of today, coming down upon them out of Your mouth for their great preparation before You, for their living with You on the earth before You, of dear Lord. Let the sons of the people of Your word learn the sweet voice of the word of their prayer to You, Lord, and let them all be seized within the voice of perseverant prayer with fire, with burning hearts, oh, Lord. The faith of prayer to You will bring You, and then it will bring the man to You; it will bring about the man’s coming, and then Your coming, oh dear Son, Who wait to come and to be with the people on earth.


I always bless before You the Romanian land for Your glory upon it, oh, Lord. Keep it and always protect it and glorify Yourself from it over the earth and write Yourself as a victor on this throne and show it over the earth as a glorious mountain as well. This is how I wait and this is how I wait for You from the hearth of the Romanian people, to stay as a Savior and victor with Your kingdom and to become a ruling sceptre upon nations. And now, I give You place with Your dear word, for You are the Son of the Father and You are His Word, oh, my dear Son Jesus, and You have the word from the Father and You fulfill it, and You become a sower, oh, dear Lord, and Your fruit grows, for what is written comes to be seen, oh, dear Son. Amen.


— My word upon the people of My word is great, oh, mother. I get comforted when I can speak to it, when I have someone to speak My word with.


Oh, you should also comfort Me, well My people, and you should speak with Me, son, for I have no one to speak with on the earth, for man speaks like him, not like God, and he does not like the Lord to speak with him, for he has his mouth used to empty words and the word of his mouth smells badly, as he also gives stinking teaching from the earth, from the emptiness on the earth. And as what man eats with his mouth and then it comes out of his back body and it stinks and spoils the smell around, in the same way, what he reaps with his mind and with his heart, much and without any measure, then it comes out much by the speaking of his mouth, by the breath of his mouth and it spoils many around, and the Lord cannot stay near the man’s mouth which has got empty words and vain language as on earth.


I want to get comforted with you, well My people, for My word teaches you to have mind and language like Mine, and to give Me comfort, and to give Me sweet voice of prayer with a calling before Me, to come with My great word and to set it on the earth, for if I did not have anyone to speak My word of today with, how could I come with My word on the earth during these days?


Oh, keep yourself with your standing before Me, My people, for you are not supposed to be idle on earth, and rather you should sanctify the earth with My great word, and I rejoice when I see what and how beautifully you do for Me and for you, more and more beautifully everywhere in My places with you, and how more and more gloriously you adorn for My glory with you the land, which I have given you to sanctify for your Lord and for you with Him on the earth now, in the end of the time. (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.)


Behold, I am blessing you from above and from below the whole of your dedication, your whole love, and you should work them all before Me with your whole love so that I may work them for My glory, because you, son, you are the people that waits for the Lord, the people that receives Him and gives to the Lord a place to dwell with you and a feast and house with you on earth, for I come with the saints to you, and you should give Me and them a dwelling place into your midst.


I, the Lord, am blessing your entire preparation done before My coming and I am coming to you and spending with you, the today’s people of My word, and this glory you will see soon, soon, and you will greatly rejoice over it, oh, son, and you will be My joy, and My comfort will be Mine and yours now and forever. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.)



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] The feast day celebrates the appearance of the Mother of God at Blachernae (Vlaherna) in the tenth century. At the end of St. Andrei (Andrew of Constantinople) Yurodivyi's life, he, with his disciple St. Epiphanius, and a group of people, saw the Mother of God, St. John the Baptist, and several other saints and angels during a vigil in the Church of Blachernae, nearby the city gates. The Blachernae Palace church was where several of her relics were kept. The relics were her robe, veil, and part of her belt that had been transferred from Palestine during the fifth century.

The Theotokos approached the center of the church, knelt down and remained in prayer for a long time. Her face was drowned in tears. Then she took her veil (cerement) off and spread it over the people as a sign of protection. During the time, the people in the city were threatened by a barbarian invasion. After the appearance of the Mother of God, the danger was averted and the city was spared from bloodshed and suffering, r.n.

[3] Translated by I.A.


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