2014.09.28 - The Word of God on the Sunday after the Holy Cross Ascension

The Word of God[1] on the Sunday after the Holy Cross Ascension[2]



I am coming as word into the book. The voice of Shepherd is coming out of My mouth. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth and I am the Shepherd. As the river does not stop from its course and runs on its bed, the same is with My word that does not stop from its work, as after I have proclaimed it, it works, and that is why My word has to be put into its book on earth. Man does not want to fulfill it and perfect it over him, but My word does work on earth as it does not go to the man’s mind. It repairs or spoils there where man does not fulfill it upon him, but My spoken word repairs those that man has spoiled and it tears down those which man has built against Me, and man cannot stand against My spoken word so that it may not be fulfilled. Man is hardened and does no longer see and it is no longer given to see to the one who is stiff-necked, or that he may understand those that God has worked; however, I, the Lord, repair everything that man spoils by his resistance against God, Who makes all things and establishes them according to His will.


Now I am writing down into the book My word spoken at its time, for I came, sons, two weeks ago, with the word and with My saints, and I did not find open to come into the book, and on that day I celebrated Simon the Stylite, the one who built his stairway to heaven and stayed on top of it until his passing away among the saints, and on that day it was a beginning of year, as those who call themselves Christians do no longer know or have this custom.


Then I prepared the word to set it into the book and to speak over the earth, I and My saints, but because I did not find open I asked you to help Me to put into the book My word which from that time had waited to be set on earth and to work over many then; to work like the water which does not stop from its springing and which runs and washes continually its bed on which it flows refreshing it always. Behold My word spoken then and set now on earth:


I am the eternal One and I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the man’s life. I suffer because man does not want to know that I am his life. The saints suffer because all people forget to see them and to look into the life into the midst of the people. There is much sufferance in heaven because of the people who forget about those in heaven, who forget about those coming from earth into the heaven. It is much pain in heaven because people do not know the beginning of all things and the end of each beginning so that they may start again and that its beginning may not stop, and which starts again.


People have made bold to modify those that are written to be; they have made bold to change those that are not supposed to be changed. At the beginning of this month it is brought to the Lord a feast of the beginning of a Christian year[3], but the proud man has come; he has counted and changed lest man knows the feast of the beginning of the years, and he has set it for other time and made a feast for the end and beginning of the year according to his calculation, and this fact would not be so harmful if he had not altered those that were not supposed to be changed from their place in time. And behold what man has done! The proud man has replaced the feasts of the saints; he has removed from their places the customs, the days and all the mysteries and their powers, and he has removed them completely and set them further to other places in time and because he wanted to spoil them he has gone wrong[4].


Oh, God the Word has come down on earth and repaired by His spoken word over the damaging word of the man opposing to God by his work. I have prepared you, My people, and I have let you know that We need to put back to their places those that man has replaced from their place in time. You have received Me and listened and We have repaired together and put back to their places the days of the saints in time, and now I am coming with the saints and setting on earth days with unchangeable feasts, and behold how much power My word has, which makes its room to speak over the earth and to repair those that man has spoiled, and since then you have been listening to Me and I have been listening to you too, and we have been receiving each other when there is obedience to God.


Oh, the saints suffer in heaven, because where there is no obedience to God on earth, many get damaged and then they can be hardly repaired after that. On a day of the beginning of churchly and Christian year, the saints are coming to speak over the people about the work of salvation. On this day, My saints celebrate in their midst Simon the Stylite, after his churchly name and according to his work on earth, for he had left his fatherly house as a young boy and made him a place to stay on a building, narrow in width and forty cubits high, always adding to it, first he added six cubits, then six cubits more, then ten and fourteen cubits and more and more up to forty cubits above the world, up there far from the earth of the people, and from there he was sending his prayers higher, and by so doing, he was healing many only by his word, but only after he had brought his prayer before God. More than four hundred years passed since My coming in the flesh on earth by My birth of the Virgin mother, when this disciple of Mine, Simon the Stylite, came to be with his life, who lived more than one hundred years in the world and sought all the time after the way of salvation, which he was asking for it even from his youth, and then he was seen digging for the foundation of a building, and then he got tired and rested, when a heavenly voice spoke to him from above: “Dig, dig deeper and deeper!” And he dug more and more until he heard a voice with a commandment from above: “Enough! Now build, because without perseverance no one builds anything!”


When men goes to a big feast, which he desires much and waits for, then he goes breathlessly, with his heart full of longing and thrill, but when he knows that one day he will stay face to face with the Lord of the days, then man does no longer has any longing and thrill. Behold how much this saint had been thinking at the day when he was to stand before the Lord with his life and with its work! He ascended high, above the world and beyond sin, which entices man on earth, as he looked as the man in the beginning was, how he was enticed to that sin and how came his separation from God, Who keeps all things in His palm. My saints were those who received exhortation from all those clarified by the Scriptures and then they sought to fight for their life with Me among people, as life on earth is hard and it is threatened by sin, because from the beginning of the world the lust of debauchery came on people, the devilish love between man and man, and all this corruption came on earth because the man from the beginning disobeyed God and My saints had been crying much on earth because of this corruption on man, and they had been fighting much against it, and more than that, some of them did not wash all their life, (So that they may not be tempted by women, r.n.), and they had done this to protect themselves from this lust, which stains from man the clean Lord, the Holy Lord, Who has been suffering from man for seven thousand years this black spot between man and God.


Two thousand years ago I said, and I am saying the same thing today: «I desire mercy from man, and no sacrifice». (Matt: 12/7) Oh, I desire mercy from man. Let man have mercy on Me, on My pain from his sin, as I lost man because of his lust for sin. Oh, you lust after sin, man, you always lust, but you have no mercy on Me; you do not remember it in order to work it between you and Me, as I have been mourning for seven thousand years for your sin by which you have been deceiving God and man. Oh, receive exhortation from Me and fight to get rid of sin, for sin always prevails against you, and you do not fight like the saints who have always sought in their time on earth after the way of salvation, the way of the Lord, in which there is holiness and not sin. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.)


Oh, man, if you want to fight and keep away from the sin which lurches everywhere to win you over to its master, of the devil, then take care to walk in the world and through the world, take care you man, who seek after salvation, who run to fight. Oh, if you walk, and especially if you walk among people, around the people, then keep someone always around you to have luck against the sin of immorality because of which man hides in order to commit it. Oh, listen to Me how I teach you, because if you walk alone, the devil gives you work to do; it comes into your way and it gives work to your mind and then to your heart, as it gave to those in the beginning, whom it only tested with respect to the Lord’s will so that the Lord may see what they choose to do; however, they have chosen to disobey Him and drew with it into the darkness and then they hid from God because they felt in them the fruit of disobedience sin, and then they set on earth the lust of immorality, against which My saints have been fighting from age to age, My saints who have punished in their own bodies this human and devilish lust.


Oh, My saints have had fear of God. They became very small when they were relieving themselves after they had eaten. They had fear of God, fear of angels and of men and they were stooping as low as they could and covering themselves and they were not touching their body. Oh, they were not doing as all the other people did, who had not respect of themselves and of the Lord, but My saints guarded themselves with the watch against the lust which flew in the people and they were giving this teaching to one another, and no one knew about this mystery, which they were sharing with one another to be protected from sin by it. The saints were sitting down very low while the other people were getting up and in this way they got used to relieve themselves very ugly on the ground, on the ground that bears all sins and the man’s entire bad conduct with respect to the earth and heaven. There were among saints some who were not washing themselves all their life, only that they might not touch their body, only that they not might see themselves or knew that they were naked before the Lord, and they were fighting, poor of them, they were fighting against the devil, they were fighting against their body and devil, for the devil was fighting against them because they were My saints, My beloved ones, and because I was their Lover, their Master, frightening at view for My great glory, which so many saints wanted to see. Oh, how good they were! How good they were before God, before the invisible One! Oh, where is for Me, where do I see anymore this great care with man against the devil, which opposes the one who has sided with Me on earth?


Oh, how much I suffer when I see that in the dwellings of churches Pharisees perform the service at the altar! There are many establishments on earth, and all over people have built churches where they get together for God. I see with pain how old people, children and widows, that only they come near and commune, but the young ones do not do this, for they know the tradition and they are afraid of those drawn to the sin of the body, they are afraid to come near with their youth. However, I, the Lord, am asking: I am asking you, priest who serve at the altar with the cup into your hand: “Are you that what those who do not come to church are, because they have not got their lives set for the Lord’s holy things? And if you are also not set, then how comes that you go there?” Behold, your rulers ask you to marry before you have received the ministry of priest from the hand of your rulers, who are the same with you, and you see that do not come at the altar those who are not old, or children or widows, but you are there. Oh, what do you have to say when I ask you this? What have to say those who do not go at the altar because of their lack of preparation? (Unprepared for Holy Communion, r.n.) Behold, those who called themselves sinners and think that they are not worthy are holier than those who pose as worthy of the Lord’s holy things. And then, how are we to take this into account? Who is going to take this into account on earth between man and man so that it may be justice?


Oh, behold, man needs grace from the Lord to become holy, to keep living like that and to fight as the saints fought; they fought crying, and those who loved that way had grace. My saints have Simeon the Stylite at the feast in heaven, the one known in history as the first stylite who separated himself from the world going up, above it, and living his life in this way. With eagerness, the saints want to speak over the earth now by the voice of the celebrated one on this day among the saints. May the speaking of My saints be blessed by the one who speaks for the saints, for those in heaven. Amen.


We are standing before You, Lord, we are standing before You as on earth, and we are standing before You with propriety in heaven as well, for we lived in fear on earth before You, Lord of glory. Your glory is frightening because it is great, Lord, and those who saw it were frightened and lived like that on earth before You and fought so that they might not shade Your glory between them and You, and they tried their hardest and did not separate from You, oh, Lord, not even because of their sins.


I was led by Your Spirit on earth to leave an example among people. I had sought the way of salvation since I was young man, because I did not love the world, oh, I did not love it, Lord, because this was what You wanted to do with me on earth. I did not know where to seek: I did not know how to please You more, up or down. I started to dig and humble myself digging down as a man, and You overshadowed me with Your grace in the time of my hard work and You advised me to dig up, to build what I had dug below and to work with the same effort. Then I went up, after I had built upwards as much as I dug downwards and I remained there with my life, and You overshadowed me and showed me to the people, and those in my time were thrilled when they saw how much I trampled myself down and exalted You in me, good Counselor, merciful Master of my humility. Oh, man has to work very much for his saving life, saving from the flesh and body, oh, Lord. Oh, man works very little for You so that You may give him salvation, too.


You made me an apostle upon people by my life built for You with hard work by my abstinence before You, Lord. Oh, how shall I advise holier the man to receive with much courage and with more fear of good God’s work and for God? You have built man for You and not for him, Lord. However, even from the beginning man has forsaken his destiny for You and has become a slave to the sin in him, stirred up in him by his disobedience to You, Maker of everything, everything that are visible and invisible.


I was the beginning of the holy stylites on earth before men, and I came to You and to the saints once with the beginning of the Christian and spiritual year, on the first day of the first month of the year. (1st September – the beginning of the church year[5], r.n.) I came as ripe fruit and You set me on Your table with the saints and now I see from heaven on earth together with Your saints, with all those who see together with You from heaven on earth everywhere. (See the selection topic: „The change of feasts - the denial of faith”, r.n.)


Oh, Your work of today is great, Lord, very great, and the saints are thrilled with its greatness in heaven and on earth. You are so gentle in Your closeness to man when You come and speak with Your voice of today. You are gentle, Lord, gentle concerning Your greatness, seen by Your saints. Oh, how great is Your glory in heaven and on earth, the glory which man would not be able to look at and resist from falling down under it! However, You are so gentle, so good and gentle, and You become so little, although You are so great, oh, Lord, and behold, You have come again on earth as word and speak with man as You spoke in paradise, and let Your word be heard, which man has to obey, Lord.


You, those who want to be with the Lord on earth, be careful to the Lord’s voice and under no circumstances are you to listen to your voice. Oh, do not do like the man in Paradise, who instead of obeying the Lord, he obeyed man, and by so doing men pulled one another from before the Lord and fell down on earth; moreover, it is much to be worked with your life to give it back to the Lord, from Whom you have it as a gift, and for which you owe the Lord. Oh, listen to the Lord’s voice! The Lord is coming as word on earth. He is coming for you. The Lord is coming to save you from darkness and from the dark sin. Let your bodies be holy temples, because the Lord needs rest in you. Struggle for the life in heaven in you and keep on fighting, because life and its price are expensive; the life the Lord has put in man is as expensive as eternity. Get up above the world and above the spirit of the world. It is possible by this will, as the world is only sin. Get comforted within your body with the tools of severity against the man’s enemy, and comfort your spirit by the Lord’s gentle breeze and with His dear gifts. And, in the end, comfort your souls, comfort the Lord in you, the One from Whom you have your life in your body. The man’s body fell from Paradise on earth seven thousand years ago, and on earth there is only war, only front of war against the man’s life from above; however, you, people, be born from above and then you will be from above and you will overcome in war against the enemy’s weapons, for the Lord overcame for you.


Oh, peace to You, Lord! Peace from us, Lord! Your saints go with You between heaven and earth. We are with You in the air, on the clouds of angels, and Your glory is great. My happiness is great now. Glory to You for it, and I am sharing it with my brothers, with Your saints in heaven now, and we all are singing glory to You! Amen.


— Oh, how beautiful! Oh, only if man separated himself from the earth with this beauty, with the Lord and His saints in a heavenly feast on earth. There is much to fight and it is beautiful in the battle, oh, My loved saints, but men do not know how this beauty is. Oh, men do not know about this beginning, about the end and again about the beginning.


I am only waiting after man. The time of My waiting is long. I want to be beautiful on earth as in heaven, and this beginning has to come out, because I long after it. Amen.


Peace to you, My people! On the second day of the feast of My cross, on Sunday day I have set into the book the word that was prepared in Me for this beginning, for the renewal of the year. Take care, son, to share over the earth this word of feast and teaching for salvation.


Oh, My people son, keep Me, son, keep Me close to your bosom, where I want to dwell, for people do not know about My pain and they do not know about My seven thousand years of wandering away because of the man who pulled Me out of him, and this void has remained in man and in Me, void which man has no way of filling it up but only with God, with the One Who built man so that the Lord may have His house on earth. Behold, I am without a house. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.) My enemies are in the house and I wander away outside. I want to take My house back and clean it and then I want to set My glory in it. I want to repair those the man has spoiled. My word repairs or spoils wherever man works, and man cannot stand against My spoken word. Amen.


My word is bringing Me down on earth to work by the word, as in the beginning. My glory is resting now, after I have put down My burden, for I have put into the book My word that has waited for its entrance, and it will be shared over the earth. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] The church year begins, according to the calendar of the Orthodox Church, on September 1 -, r.n.

[4] Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) ( are sometimes used with dates to indicate either whether the start of the Julian year has been adjusted to start on 1 January (N.S.) even though documents written at the time use a different start of year (O.S.), or whether a date conforms to the Julian calendar (O.S.), formerly in use in many countries, rather than the Gregorian (N.S.)

The Church Calendar (in Romania) up to 1924 was the same as that of Nicaea, based on severe apostolic canons, but in 1924, the Scripture of the prophet Daniel was fulfilled: «the people made bold to even change the times», when the primate metropolitan - of that time, Miron Cristea, (Primate metropolitan = (in the past) a title given to the first metropolitan of a country; today it would be equal to that of a patriarch) introduced the Gregorian Calendar (Catholic) as result of a „pan-Orthodox” congress that took place in 1923, in Constantinople. At that congress, the patriarch of that time, Meletie, proposed the acceptance of the „revised” Julian Calendar, ( which was in accord with the Catholic one for a period up to the year 2800 and „it was allowing that all the feasts to be celebrated at the same time with those of other confessions”.  «… and he shall wear out the saints of the Most High and he shall think to change the times and the law…» (Daniel 7/25), r.n.

[5] The church year starts on 1st September (the New Church Year) and ends on 31st August. According to the Jewish tradition, on a day like this God started His work of the creation of the world and our Savior started His activity of the preaching of the Gospel.

 The church year is not identical with the liturgical year. As distinct from the church year, the liturgical year starts on the Passover day.

  The New Church Year was founded at the Ecumenical Synod I from Nicaea, when it was decided to be celebrated on 1st September, r.n.



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