Chapter One:

I'm running down the hall.As I'm running I hear them calling my name.But I'm not going to stop if they want me they are going to have to catch me.I turn around to see if they are there.Thats strange they are not there. Just then I hit into something that knocks the wind out of me.As I lie there dizzy  I wonder what I hit into.I know it was not a wall there because I know this school like the back of my hand.As my vision  comes back see what I hit into. Its a man a tall man who looks so strong he can be a werstler.He was wearing black from head to toe.As I got up he grabs my book bag and guide me to the principals office.As we go in I see a a pin on him with the school logo.I know who he is.He is one of the new security guard that's why they stopped chasing me.As I enter I see M.sJhonson.With a sad sigh she says"again Jonah". I give her the innocent look and take a seat and start to start the I'm sorry letter I have written a hundred times.well I guess it's time for introductions.My name is Jonah Matthews.Im 12 years old.I go to Chandler school of the arts.My pearnets are marine biologists. I have dark brown or black hair I don't care what you want to call it.I have green eyes that my sisters say with them I could get away with anything.I'm two inches taller than average hight.


Text: Aaliyah(me)
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Editing/Proofreading: Aaliyah(me)
Translation: Aaliyah(me)
Publication Date: 05-25-2013

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To all my partners in crime

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