~starts when Jacob is at his house and Carlisle is rebreaking his bones~
(character is Aeriel Nichole Bell. She is 15. She lives alone because her parents abandoned her)

I ran to Billy and Jacob's house in desperation to find everyone standing outside and yelling roaring out of the house. "Billy what happened? Is Jake okay? What do I need to do?" everyone turned to face me. "Jake had a motor bike wreck. It's not that bad, really. I hate to ask you, but will you go inside and ask how is he?" I nodded. I took a deep breath and walked into the house?
I walked into Jake's room quietly to not distract the doctor. "Excuse me Doctor. Um, Jacob's father wanted to know how much longer you would be and how he is." the doctor nodded and walked out of the room with Sam hot on his trail.
"Aeriel, will you..." I nodded my head and stepped outside. 
"Bella, Jake wants you." She pulled on her best 'oh my god' face on and ran into the house yelling Jake's name. It made me sick to my stomach to see her going to comfort the love of my life.
I walked over to the guys and leaned against the wall. 
"You okay there Aeriel?" I looked over at Jared and smiled weakly. He nodded understandingly. Jared was the only one that knew of my undying love for Jacob Black. I knew I could trust Jared to keep my secret. He was a saint and my big brother. Theorically, of course.
Just then Bella walked out of the house quite pissed and looking for someone. She saw me and made her way over to me. "You!" she exclaimed. I looked at her confused and she started to shake with anger. "Its all your fault! You stupid idiot! If you didn't love Jake and he didn't realize it was you he always loved then maybe he wouldn't have told me to stay out of his life! It's your fault and I will retaliate! You just wait and see. Once your out of the picture I'll have Jake right where I want him." Then she did something no one was expecting she punched me. I looked at her and went to punch her back but her stupid boyfriend grabbed my wrist and shattered it and fractured my elbow. I screamed out in pain.
Jared came over to me and put me on the sofa while he went outside to take care of Cullen.
"Here Aeriel. Let me see you wrist and arm." The doctor said.

It's been two days since jakes motorbike accident and he is walking around now according to Jared. Ever since that night have been receiving death threats from Bella. Saying that if I didn't stay away from Jake I would die a slow painful death so I have been avoiding Jake. He has been over 10 times since he could walk and every time I never answered the door. He has called every 5 minutes and every time I wouldn't pick up and now my phone is disconnected and his number is blocked from my cell.

I was in the kitchen of apartment when there was a knock on the door. It was Bella and I was terrified. She banged on my door this time. I panicked and locked myself in my bedroom and called Jared.
"Jared, Bella is here at my house. And I'm scared. I'm in my bedroom. Please come over and get her to leave." I was still talking to him when I heard the front door busted open. I froze. "Jared she broke in what do I do?" "Okay."
I unlocked my window and ran for Billy and Jake's house. I banged on the door and screamed help.
Billy answered the door and let me in. I was shaking so bad I didn't care that all the guys saw me crying.
"Aeriel, calm down what's wrong? Tell me, honey." Billy said soothingly. "Bella Swan. She appeared at my house and it looked like she had a gun. I called Jared and he told me to come over here because all the guys were here and I'd be safe here." then there was a banging on the door and Bella's muffled voice. "I know your there Aeriel! I told you to stay away from Jake or else! Now you get what you had coming to you." 
The door busted open then to reveal a new Bella a holding a gun. A scream escaped my mouth and I hide behind the couch.
"You thought you would get away with taking my fun away that easily? Well, think again. These mutts won't stop me I'll have you dead before I die." she said so confidently.
Just then all the guys including Billy were on the floor in pain. Bell a strolled over to where I was hiding and threw the couch out of the way. She was standing over me now with gun pointed at my heart.
"Why?" I asked her quietly. She laughed. "Why do you think? Because you took away my fun! I had Jake right where I wanted him and then you got in the way thats why."
Just then her boyfriend ran in and took her away. Just like that. All the guys rose slowing and they all gathered around me. I was crying so bad. 
Just then Jared and Jacob ran into the house. Jacob made it over to me first. He went to cradle me in his arms. I flinched away from him. "Please get away. Your the reason I'm going to die." Jacob was astonished. Jared came over and pulled me into his chest. I cried into his chest.
"What does she mean I'm the reason she's going to die? Im trying to kill her! I love her!" "Bella Swan is trying to kill her because you love her. Bella was just here and she had a gun and she was 'new'? Edward came and got her before she did anything. Aeriel has been avoiding you because of her." Billy said quietly. I had stopped crying now and stood up.
"I need to be going to Bella's house. She won't stop until I'm dead a d so to protect y'all I'm going to let her." I said grimly. "No! I won't let you! I love you too much! We'll figure something out." Jacob said so determinedly. I shook my head. "No, Jacob. I need to do this. It's the only way." I took a deep breath and stepped toward Jake. I stretched on my toes and kissed me lightly but passionately on the lips before I got in my car and drove to Bella's.

I pulled up in front of the Cullen household because I figured she would be here. I knocked on the door and a shorty pixie-like girl opened the door. "I'm here to see Bella please." I said politely.
Bell a walked down the stairs then and growled at me. "I'm not here to fight you, Bella. I surrender. You may kill me." I said bravely with my head held high. She smiled evilly and the last thing I saw before I died was Jacob running into the house with anger. Then snap. I was gone.

~3 months later~

It's been three months to the day since I thought I died. But actually Bella messed up and only knocked me into a coma. I was in my coma for at least 3 weeks. But now I'm home in my apartment and the pack is here chilling.

"Hey, Aeriel where's Jake? I thought you had to tell us all something." Jared said. "Be patient Jared. He had to go buy more drinks." I laughed. I was getting ready to sit down when the door opened. It was Jake with 12 boxes of soda in his arms. 
He put them in the kitchen and joined us in the living room. He lifted me up and put me on his lap. 
"Okay Aeriel. What was it you had to tell us that was so important?" Quil asked in a smart ass tone. I smiled nervously. "Well, um, you see, Uh..." I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. With my eyes closed I said, "I'm pregnant." The room was quiet then and Jake was tense under me. I opened my eyes slowly to see every single person in the room smiling but Jake's smile was the biggest.
Then I was in the air. "Your pregnant!" Jake screamed as he twirled me around. My hands flew to my stomach automatically and he lowered me to my feet. "How far along are you?" Emily asked. I held up two fingers. "Two weeks!" 


Text: All character belong to Stepenie Meyer except for Aeriel she is my character
Publication Date: 12-28-2010

All Rights Reserved

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