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With our book selling options we put your books up for sale in different eBook stores. In doing so, more potential readers will have access to you and your books. They might even come across your book by chance, for example, on Amazon, because they are interested in a certain topic. Quite often, that will lead your book right into the shopping cart. But as an independent author you have to be active in promoting your book, instead of relying on the fact that readers might discover you by chance. It doesn't matter if you're using a Facebook-page, BookRix-groups, your own blog, Twitter or any other forums, you want readers to buy your book. Therefore, regarding self-promotion, you should always post a direct link to your sale book that can be clicked immediately by interested readers and potential buyers.

BookRix recommends: If you do postings on your own, link to your book on BookRix instead of (for example) the iBookstore.

Why? First, let's look at it from an economic point of view: If your readers buy your eBook via BookRix, the middleman margins (what other shops earn) won’t apply so that you will have higher margins of your own. This means that you get paid more money by selling a book on BookRix than you will selling it in other stores.

But there is another important reason: There are much better ways to present yourself on BookRix. In addition to the linked book for sale, the readers will find all of your other writings. Ideally, you'll also offer free books besides your books available for sale. In so doing, the readers will be able to get to know your reading style / skills and won’t have to buy “a shot in the dark”. On the info page of your book, new visitors will be able to check out the comments about your book as well as recommendations to read it. Positive comments are of course another reason to buy your book.

Furthermore, this will enable readers to contact you directly. You can present yourself as a pleasant / friendly / sympathetic person by accordingly designing your profile page and providing personal information as well as information about your writing. In this way, readers perceive you as a person, not as an unapproachable author who doesn’t care about his or her readers.

In short: Linking to BookRix can be very beneficial to the success of your book. Doing so will not only allow you to make more money on each sale, you can also use your BookRix page as a portal between you and your readers.


Publication Date: 06-14-2012

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