Don't Underestimate the Power of the Cover

Did you know that books with professionally designed covers make twice as much as books with poor quality covers? We were just as shocked as you were, but it's the truth!

We've all heard the saying “Don't judge a book by its cover”, but don’t fool yourself! Even if a book’s content is amazing, if the cover doesn't look good, nobody will open it.

This is not just true in bookstores, but also online: A stunning cover page might be the one reason why a book catches a reader's attention. There are tons of books available, so single books tend to get lost in the shuffle. Especially if their appearance is not appealing to potential readers. To be honest, we have to admit to ourselves that books are often judged by their covers. “If the cover is well designed, then the book is well written”. These are our thoughts, and the thoughts of most readers.

Of course, you can't let this get you down. Sure, not every author is an enthusiastic artist. Most authors would rather live in a world of letters, instead of dealing with images. As you've probably already guessed, we spent some time thinking about this , and we've come to the realization that nobody on BookRix will be left to deal with this problem alone. Especially when there are so many BookRix members willing to help out.

There are many groups that discussion the topic “cover design”, but we would like to specifically recommend the "Art Writers Group". There, you will find workshops with instructions to make your own cover AND other users who offer their assistance with cover design.

DON'T FORGET: It is extremely important to observe copyright laws at all times! But don’t fear: you can even get advice on this topic from group members. If you still don’t dare to design the cover yourself, just ask and there will be at least one member in the group offering his or her advice.

All in all, a nice cover attracts attention to your book and therefore, will get you more readers. And that’s exactly what we all want, right? And don't forget - BookRix won't publish your book if it doesn't look good - so put forth a little extra effort!

Go forth, to your design/editing programs, and prosper!


Publication Date: 06-14-2012

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