You know how in the Ten Commandments it says: ‘Thou shall not murder’ or something like that? Well…does that apply to every person who killed on purpose, or does it apply to accidents too? I never meant any harm, I didn't mean to kill my mother, it just sort of happened. It all started with a car accident. Then it seemed to fall from there. I was only 15 and life seemed more like a game to me. I was yelling at my mother for cheating on dad; it apparently got into a loud disruptive accident, then she died. The argument started with dad, that led on to 'your grounded', and then I said that I hated her. We crashed, I lived, and she died. I can remember it almost too clearly, and I wished to die for it. End of her story, and just the beginning of mine.
* * *

5:47 am.
Chapter One
I lay in bed, stillness all around me. No noise, not even my sisters. I glance over at the over sized clock sitting on my bed, its Saturday. I try to fall back to sleep but its just no use. I guess I just have been stressing lately for no reason.
“It was just a dream” I whisper to my self, “just a dream…”
But why did it bother me so much? I try to recall the entire dream, no, nightmares. I was in a graveyard, weeping. It was the end of someone’s funeral, but who? I laid there beside the large exquisite grave, everyone, including my friends, were walking away shaking there heads in disproval. The only one next to me was my father. He was holding my hand crying harder than I did. I could almost feel people surrounding me, trying to comfort me with food, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to know if I was imagining them. The time in the dream went by slow and the whole scene of people were gone, even my dad. But I felt some of there eyes on me, watching me with pity.
Then I woke up.
I’m sure I had forgoten some of the details, but it’s better if I didn’t know. I really wish that I looked at the name on the grave. It’s just a dream though so it doesn’t matter anyways.
I got up and grabbed my robe off the side of my bed. A good long shower should loosen my tenseness.
I took my hot shower, feeling a lot better and started to get ready for the day. It was my mom and dad’s anniversary, so I wanted to look extra cute.
My friends always complain on how my closet is too big for one person only. That’s why I absolutely loved it. I try not to repeat outfits, and have a large variety to mix and match.
Since its moms anniversary’s, I decide to put on the overly cute light blue, strapless sundress. Mom absolutely loves the light blues and light pink shades on me, because apparently to her it brings out my tan and light eyes.
On the other side of my closet is the “shoe wall” which is basically a wall with a ladder so I can reach to the top, that is covered in heels and my favorite shoes. The other shoes that I don’t ware as much go in the big box next to it.
I picked out a pair of strappy heels, suitable for the dress and finished it off with a big bamboo-looking purse. Perfect.
I glanced over at the clock, seven in the morning. Great. Only two hours killed.
The presents I bought for my parents were hidden under the bed, unwrapped. That should keep me entertained. I was going to try to wrap them yesterday, or in other words, find Sara to wrap them for me.
I tip toe down stairs to Sara’s room. Along with all the things she did, cooking, cleaning…she always had other things up her sleeve.
“Sara?” I whisperd.
“Yes child, what do you need?” her sweet voice always makes me smile.
I lower my voice, “I was wondering if you could please help me wrap my parents presents, you do them better than I ever could.”
Sara shook her head and smiled, “your parents don’t pay me enough to work overtime.”
She made a homemade ribbon and put them on top of every present. I liked it when she wrapped them. It made them look as though she sent them to a store to be wrapped. I quietly thanked her and brought them back to my room.
I search for my candy box as soon as I closed the door. For some reason, I had always had a custom to tape the person’s favorite candies all over the presents. My mother’s favorite was Hershey kisses and my dad would eat any candy set in front of him, so he would just get the extras. I have been doing that even since I got old enough to give presents.


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