A Quackling Easter

This book is dedicated to all my little ones who strive so hard to achieve their goals in life, whether its thru learning or a game. This book was inspired by my daughter Kiara F. Gibbs and her brother Elijah D.Knowledge Smith. These two wonderful children are my reason for writing books and turning my passion into something special. I want to thank my daughter for helping me with the art that is being used in this book. My daughter said to me one day as we sat in a restaurant eating pizza, that she has a passion for writing and I responded and told her to act on it, if I could do it so can she. So once again to my children, always remember you can achieve anything your heart desire. I know we haven't had the best life that we should, but with God's grace I tried to provided both of you with the finest things in life. Sometimes trying to make these things happen has been difficult, but I always thought in my mind, my children never asked to be in this world that was a choice I made. In that choice I must provide them with the best life I could. So with the talents that lie within me, I allowed them to shine and help my family out in so many finiancial ways. There could not have been any children created with more grace, love and peace than Kiara and Elijah. I love you soooo much.

To my parents for bringing life into me, without you two Barbara J Gibbs and Charles G Mckoy there would not be a Jacqueline N Gibbs. Thank you for all the respect and determination you have taught me throughout the years. I am so glad you taught me the value of an education over the value of a man. Many young girls during my youth ages were dating and spending time on the streets, and we were taught how to pick up a book and read. I thought those moments were the most boring times in my life, now I won't trade a book over the streets if you paid me. Mommy and Daddy you are the worlds greatest parents. I love you.

To my husband, John H Smith III, for all your inspirations and telling me I could do it. I love you for that. Thank you always for believing in me, when others doubted me even up til today. I remember it like it was yesterday, when you said,"Ba stop talking about and be about it." At that moment I picked my pen and paper back up after about 5yrs and started writing and now I just can't stop. Love you ba' for allowing me to see that I had a gift thats needs to shared with millions of households.

To my Aunt Baby, my second mom, thank you for always believing in me, and no matter what a person go through with in life, anything is possible if we just believe. You are truly a woman of your word, and you are always in my heart. No matter how far we are apart, our hearts are always close. I guess thats the reason why you have been blessed with two wonderful angels. Your daughters who are my natural cousins, but I always will refer to as my sisters are truly blessed woman. No matter what at the end of the day its nothing but love in my sisters heart and home. When others was ashamed of me because I was crimple and couldn't walk, I remember talking to Carol, and she was telling me, no matter what, I love you and thats all that matters. She said the person who also loves you no matter what he sits up high and looks down low, and I knew she was talking about God. Thank you Carol. I knew you would always have my back and you stole my heart. I love you. To Jackie, you was like my mom as well. I remember growing up and you taking me shopping and buying for me like I was yours. Remember the weekends when I cried to go home or because I couldn't stay with you. All those weekends in your presence blossom me to the woman, mother and wife I am. Your heart is like a precious diamond and if you never know who loves you, always know I will always love you. You are the best.......

To my sisters and brothers thank you for all the memories we share together. Most of those memories is what I put down on paper and want to share in many of homes. We all have our ups and down, but at the end of the night unlike many of you, I love you all from the bottom of my heart and no matter who comes in or leave my life you all will always remain number one. Just a message A male/ female can come and go, but a sister and brother love that I have will never ever leave your life. So when he/she decides they wants to leave always remember Im here for you. I would never put anyone before you all. In my heart lies a place for God for creation, my mom and dad, my children and then my sisters and brothers. I will never place any outsider in your spot, that spot was created and reserve for you all and no one, but no one can replace it. I know many people puts lots of trust in husbands and wives, which I don't fault, but they will never take your place. I love you all Rosita, Andre and Tony.....

To my Goddaugher for all the love you brought to my life. Shaleah. I remember the day when you entered my life, it was like the day I had my first child. You taught me so many things even though you was not naturally mine. I learned how to be a mom, a best friend and a wonderful cousin at the age of 19. All the love I had for you has taught me how to love my own children, and it was always something about you, that made you stand out from all my cousins. I guess because I raised you from a baby, and even til today you are still my big baby, your god mother loves and I just wanted to let you know.


The day was cool and rainy, nothing to do, but it was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with all my friends and family. I stood by the window and I sang, "rain, rain, go away come again another day." In hopes that it would come true.

"Cherry! Cherry! Charles! Charles! come downstairs for breakfast. I looked next door to get Charles but he was not in his room. So I peeked my head further and notice he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. I ran to the door and said, "lets race." "Race where?" Charles asked. "Mommy said come downstairs for breakfast, lets race." Charles was not in the mood this morning, so I ran this morning alone. As I went downstairs all I could hear was my mommy and daddy saying, "Happy Birthday." I was shock, I smiled and ran to give both of them a hug. Then came Charles with a sad look on his face, "morning everyone, happy birthday cherry." "Whats wrong?" I asked. "Its the weather, I wanted to play today and its raining." Mommy assured us not to worry the morning was just beginning, and this is just left overs from last night rain, the weather should be changing. I was excited now that mommy assured me the weather will be changing, and we are still going to church. I was really hoping the church doesn't forget about my birthday, because I definitely was going to remind them. 

Breakfast was completely ready, and daddy and mommy made our plates, and asked who wanted to say grace. I raised my hands and hopped out of my seat, yelling, "I Do!, I Do!." "Ok, Cherry you can say grace." My mother replied. So we all bowed our heads and I thanked God for our food, my family and friends and a wonderful birthday. Mom prepared something we all loved to eat bacon, eggs, toast, and pancakes. For me I loved syrup and I love pancakes. As we all was eating our breakfast my dad notice the sun starting to come out, and I went to the window. He opened the shade and said, "See Cherry your wish did come true, the rain has stopped and the sun is coming out." "Wow, you see Charles, today is beautiful." Charles held his head up from gobbling his food, and looked out the window, then turned his head and said "YES!" We continued to eat breakfast as fast as we can. "Slow down children, I know you all want to test the weather, but dont eat like fools." Mom gazed at the both of us in disappointment. We slowed down and continued to eat senseable as mommy would say.

Breakfast was over and we knew it was time to help with the dishes and garbage. I always helped my mom with the dishes, she washes and I dried. So this morning was the same, it just seemed like we had much more dishes than normal. Mom asked what did I want for my birthday, I placed my hand at the end of my mouth and held my head up and started to think......ummmmmm I had no idea. Then a thought came to mind, I wanted a fun day with my friends. "Ok Cherry, we will have a fun day, now you know we have to go to church today right?" "Yes mommy I know." We were done with the dishes and Charles and daddy was now taking out the garbage. I decided I wanted to help as well, so I ask mommy if I could lend a hand just to test the weather. Mommy agreed and I held one end of the pail as Charles held the other. As we opened the door nothing but sun shined in our faces, we were excited. Running to the back of the house we jumped up excitely, awaiting for a wonderful day to begin.

We ran back in the house and I notice mommy shoving something in the kitchen closet. "Mommy is that for me?" "Why no sweetie, why do you think there is something for you.? "Its my birthday and you haven't given me a gift yet." Mommy replied back smiling, "dont worry sweetie, just wait and see." So mommy and daddy told us to go upstairs and prepare for morning service, we had to get ready for our easter speeches. I knew mine all too well, I wanted to thank God and everyone for this wonderful Easter Sunday. The little ones at church never had long parts, always something quick and easy to make the elders smile. "Charles you know your speech? mommy want to make sure." "Yes, yes I always know my speech." So Charles came downstairs and stood in front of me and mommy and said his speech. It was perfect, and he did his bow at the end. With a kiss on both of our cheeks, mommy kissed us and pat our bottoms and told us to go take a bath.

We raced up the stairs to see who gets to the bathroom first. "Thats not fair Charles, you cheated." "No, I didn't I won fair and square." I stomped in my room and sat on the edge of my bed gazing out of the window. "You wanna go first and take a shower cry baby?" "I aint no cry baby, you can go first." Charles always called me a cry baby whenever I would lose a race, but I didn't care. Charles grabbed his towel and his wash rag with his underwear under his arms and headed to the bathroom. I sat in my room smiling and jumping up and down excited. The weather was beautiful and its my birthday and I know my mom has something up her sleeve, she always does each year. As Charles remained in the bathroom, I jumped up and down on my bed, until I heard my mothers footsteps heading up the stairs. "Cherry, Charles which one is taking your bath?" "Mama Charles is in there." I hollered out of my bedroom door. "Knock!, knock! now Charles don't be in there too long, your sister has to take her a bath as well." As soon as mommy said that Charles came running out of the bathroom with soap suds down his back. "Boy why didn't you dry off good." "I did." Mommy took the towel as normal and wipe the suds off the back of Charles back. Charles then headed in his room to get all dressed up for Easter, and I headed to the bathroom to take a bath.

I always loved to take long baths, but this morning I was going to make it quick and fast. I grab my house coat and panties and headed in the bathroom. Me and Charles always made it our business before we leave the bathroom to clean the tub and start running the next person water, that was a family rule that goes back as long as I can remember. I got in the tub and starting singing as normal. I loved to get in the tub and count the puppies on the side of the tub and sing like Diana Ross. I looked over to find my bath roller to write my name on my arm, but I couldn't find it. Oh well, I decided to go ahead and wash and get ready for church. "Mommy! Mommy! come and wash my back please." "Ok, and you don't have to be so loud." "I thought you was downstairs, im sorry." Mommy came in the bathroom and begin to wash my back. I hated sometimes calling her to wash my back, she always manage to wash my whole body over again. "Mommy I already wash my cootie cat." "Baby, hushhhh I'm about to make sure." "Oookkk." I said looking at her with my sad ducky eyes. "Ok now get out and get ready." Mommy place my floor mat near the tub and I got out and started drying my body and putting my underwear on. I put my house coat on and ran into my bedroom.

Mommy had my dress, tights and shoes all laid out for me, but she came in every Sunday to make sure my tights doesn't tear. She stood in my room and watch as I put on my other clothes and then offered to help with my tights. One foot at a time she begin to put my tights on till they were pulled up almost to my chin. "And when you are done putting your clothes on, come and get me so I can take your scarf off and shine your hair." "Ok mommy." "Mommy headed down the hall and begin to iron daddy shirt for church. I heard the shower running in mommy's room so I knew daddy was getting ready as well. "Oh my god!" I yelled as I spilled the whole bottle of baby oil on my shirt. "What happened back there." mommy yelled. I walked in mommy's room with my shirt behind my back about to cry. "What happened, why did you scream." "My shirt, my shirt mommy." crying with deep sorrow. I moved my hand from behind my back and pulled the shirt in front showing her how I spilled the baby oil on the shirt. "Now girl, now did you do that." I shrug my shoulder not knowing how it happened and all so fast. Mommy cut the iron off and went to my closet and pulled out another freshly ironed white shirt to go with my outfit. "Thank you, thank you, mommy, you are the best." I grabbed her by the waste and she scoup down as I gave her a kiss. She made sure this time to inform me not to touch anything when putting on my clothes or after.

Daddy was done and now it was mommy turn to go into the shower. I headed in Charles room and we sat rehearsing our speeches over and over. Charles started making jokes about what if I forget my speech when I get in front of the whole church. I wasn't afraid and I wasn't shy, I was going to be ok. So we continued to repeat our speeches, and rehearse our Easter song. I remembered we had a special event going on after church as well, and I was hoping it was a birthday party for me. I would love that. "Is Sally coming to church to?" "I think so, she has a speech she needs to say, and today is my birthday and she is my best friend, she has to be at church. I tip toed by mommys room door and I still heard her shower running, so I knew she was still in there. "Daddy, daddy." "Yes baby, what is it" I wanted to ask daddy to called Sally parents and make sure she comes to church. "Give me a moment, when your mother gets dress I will have her to call." I headed back down the hall into Charles room and waited for mommy to get ready. Charles and I played games, and sang as I waited for mommy. It seemed like an hour and mommy was ready. "Yes sweetie, is there something you wanted?" "Yes mommy can we call Sally to see if she is going to church today?" "Sure come on."

Mommy and I headed into mommy's room and she searched for Sally's parents number. Finally she found the number and beginning dialing. As she called out the numbers I would press them on the phone "5-5-5-3-3-3-3." mommy said. Then Sally mom answered the phone, mommy said good morning and they exchanged words. Mommy then asked if Sally was going to church and if she wanted to ride with us. I was happy she asked that, I was thankful for her. "Why yes, we are going and of course she is ready, please stop by and pick her up, I bet she'll be surprise." Mommy and Sally mom was done and dad told everyone to gather up all our belongs and lets get into the car. I notice dad had a bunch of bags that he had tooken to the car, but I cared not to ask, and he cared not to tell. "Children, children are you all ready!" "Coming, comin daddy, we right here." Me and Charles jumped in the car, I'm on mommy's side and Charles on daddy's. We buckled our seat belts and we were off to get Sally. The Ducky Family always enjoyed a Sunday ride to church it was a time the whole family share laughter and songs. Mommy would lead with a song and it always ended with daddy telling everyone to get out. "Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are, up the hills the world so bright, like an angel in the sky." and we continued to sing Twinkle, Twinkle.

As we sang and sang finally we reach the little red house in the center of the block on Bee street. It was Sally's house. "Sally, Sally." I yelled as I seen her outside waiting as we pulled up. Sally had on a yellow pretty dress and a yellow easter hat to match. Her mom and dad was downstairs waiting outside with her. Sally was just as excited as I was, so she ran to car and yelled, "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to my bestest friend in the whole wide world." I couldn't do anything but hug her. I was glad she didn't forget my special day. "How old are you, how old are you." she continued to sing. I held up six fingers letting everyone know I was 6yrs old today. "Behave yourself, and dont let the Quacks tell me you were misbehaving." "Mommy I gonna be good, I always good." Sally threw a kiss at both her mommy and daddy and sat on the outside and we began to talk. She told me she had gotten me a gift, but I had to keep it as a secret. I was excited even more, "what is it?" Sally said she will show me later. So mommy ask if anyone had some songs they wanted to share as we go to church. Of course Sally loves to sing and she knows lots of songs. She started singing Row,Row the boat, and the wheels on the bus and lots of other nursey rhythms.

We were minutes away from the church and daddy told us to start calming down and prepare for the lords house. We knew exactly what that meant, so we did it. There was lots of cars already parked in front of the church, so mommy got all of us out the car and fixed our clothes, and we began to go inside the church. Holding hands we headed indoors and sat on the 3rd row. The usher got everyone coats and handed our parents a paper and a bible. I looked behind us and I saw Ms. Davis she was the Sunday school teacher. I notice she didn't have her childrent with her. So she approach the bench and ask all of us children about our weekend and congradulated me on my birthday. "Thank you Ms. Davis." "Ms. Davis, where is Sean and Susan?" Charles was the first to ask. "They are coming to church today with their parents. They will be here shortly ok." Charles shook his head up and down. Ms. Davis gathered all of little ones and we went into our Sunday school classroom. This morning she stressed it was going to be short and sweet. There was so much on the agenda for today because its Easter Sunday. All of the little one's understood we did our lesson and headed back to the bench with our parents or guardians.

It was now time for service to begin, the church was full. I looked around and everyone was dressed up real pretty today. Our preacher started talking about Jesus rose on Easter Sunday, that sounded very familiar to my ears. I knew it, it was a line in Charles speech. He went on and on and talked about Jesus and what Easter meant to us all. I was getting sleepy, and my head was nodding. Daddy pulled me closer to him and I laid on his lap and fell right asleep. All of a sudden I heard a loud bang like a drum or something. It was the church choir preparing to sing. It woke up everyone that was trying or going to sleep. We all woke up and I stood to my feet clapping my hands. Sally looked over at me and she did the same. Daddy then grab my hand and we began to walk to the front of the church. He handed me a dollar and told me to pass Charles and Sally one as well. Everyone knew what to do once we get to the front with the money. "Jesus lives for us all." That was song playing as I walked to the front of the church to put my money in the basket. Everything after then seemed to go so fast. The money was collected and they were calling the children up one by one to say our Easter speeches.

"To the birthday girl, Cherry Quack." The church yelled as I walked to the front of the church to say my speech. It wasn't in my speech, but I wanted tell everyone thank you for remembering my birthday. "Thank you, everybody, and God has risen on Easter Sunday, he loves us all big and small. Thank you. Amen." My speech was over and everyone stood to their feets clapping and taking pictures. I was excited and glad that it was over. As I got to the 3rd row, both my parents said I had done a wonderful job. There was four more children left to do speeches and we were done. Albert, Jane, Mary, and Kathy all said their speeches and we were done. Now the pastor told everyone that Mrs. Quack had something new and exciting planned and for everyone to stand and clap. I stood in shock as mommy approach the front of the church. She told everyone about my birthday and to follow her. Daddy leaned to his left and told me to hold Charles hand and for all of us to follow him. We followed daddy through the kitchen, round back into the church back yard.

All the church members was ahead of us, walking fast and some running. Daddy had me, Charles and Sally the last ones heading back. As I step my foot outside the whole church was outside yelling, "Surprise!!!!!" It was all decorated with pink birthday decors and I was amazed. Balloons, easter baskets, a bucket with some apples, and lots of things going on in the back, and I looked over and a table with a huge cake and my name spelled on it. Mommy and everyone said their happy birthdays and told all the children what we were about to do. We were having a easter egg hunt. There was eggs hidden all over the back and we had to find the most at the sound of the horn. Everyone got in line and then the preacher said, "one, two, three." and the horn blew. We ran all over the back yard, I looked and looked and I couldn't find not one easter egg. I was getting upset because everyone had a basket with atleast one egg, and I was the birthday girl and I didn't have not one egg in my basket. "Come on children find those eggs." We heard another voice coming from an adult. I still didn't give up, so I continued to look. I was getting upset so I headed to the front where my mom was at and I ran into Sally. "How many eggs you have Cherry?" Jumping up and down full of excitement. "I have none." "Dont look so sad, where did you look." I told Sally I had looked everywhere and no luck. Sally was starting to get sad because I was sad. "Sit down, sit now." So me and Sally sat and she began to tell me she had 9 eggs and she will share half with me. I was excited so I jumped up off the ground. "Sit and husssshhhh." I sat back down and she poured all of her eggs out of her basket and counted one for me and one for her, one for me and one for her. Then she was all done and said, "count how many you have Cherry." I counted five and told her I had five eggs. "I have 5 too,so I musta' had 10 and not 9." So we counted the eggs again and again. We were right Sally had found 10 eggs and now was sharing half with me. I had 5 and she had 5.

I got up quickly and grabbed Sally hand and headed to where ma and pa was at. "Ma, Ma, daddy, daddy, guess how many we have?" On my way running up to my mommy I stumbled over something, so I looked down and it was two more eggs, I had finally found something an egg all by myself. So I called Sally to hurry and catch up. She came running as fast as she could, "look, look what I found." I showed her the two eggs, one pink and the other yellow with a blue star. Blue is Sally favorite color so I decided to share mines with her. I handed Sally the yellow one and I kept the pink one. By the time we were done sharing our parents were in front of us. I told my mommy how Sally had shared all of eggs with me and now I was sharing my two with her. They then called everyone to the front to collect a prize for whoever had found the most.

It was 9 of us competing and we all came to the first as my mom and dad and the pastor and his wife count the eggs. They counted each child one by one when they got to me I had 5 + 1 that I found and that made 6, they did the same with Sally and she had 6. We both grabbed hands and started smiling because at this point we had the most eggs. Then Erica she was an 8 yr old girl, we heard them say 6, 7, 8 and 9. Wow she had found 9 eggs she had to be running all around and everywhere. Then Johnathan he had only found 3. So they announced Erica as the winner and crowned her head with an easter basket and wrap a ribbon around her waist with number 1 on it. I was upset, I really thought me and Sally had found the most eggs, but how and when did someone get a chance to beat Sally.

Then they lead everyone to the outside sink and we washed our hands and prepared for some cake and ice-cream as everyone sang happy birthday to me. I was no longer sad, but happy. All the attention was now back on me and I love it. One by one everyone came to the front where I was standing and they handed me a card along with either a gift or money. I was rich, by the time they finish I had collected atleast 7 gifts and $34 and two huge bunnies. I was loving it everything all for me, just because I was 6 yrs old. We heard them telling each child after getting cake and ice cream to procede to the benches and have a seat. I was the birthday girl, so I was served first and it was brought to my table in a crown plate. I sat next to Sally and my brother and three more of our close friends at church. "Did you see my gift, and did you like it?" Jessica screamed to me. I didn't know what Jessica had gotten me, all the gifts that was wrapped stayed wrapped. So she began to tell me she got Candyland. That was my favorite game, and two Sundays ago it was damaged in the rain, and she remembered. I leaned across the table and gave her a big hug. Of course I knew Sally had gotten me the huge bunny and gave $10 in a card. Her family always gave me money every year for my birthday and Christmas.

Cake and Ice cream time was over and we were starting to play dunk the head in the bucket. We were dunking our heads in a bucket and trying to pick up an apple. We had to pick the most in less than a minute. This was my favorite game, I love it. I was first to dunk in the bucket since it was my birthday. I heard the buzz go off and I started dunking my head and opening my mouth. When my minute was up they said I had pulled 4 apples out of the bucket. "Way to go Cherry!" someone from behind yelled. They went to the next child and the next and the next, til every child was done. I heard Mr. Brown start counting all the apples that was in front of each child. "And we have four right here where the birthday girl is at......Cherry....way to go!!!! Everyone screamed and screamed and I was excited I head over by Mr. Brown and got my fake trophy and my ribbon and I was excited I won something all by myself.

My birthday was fun and exciting and I was getting tired. Church was over and all the activities as well. Each parent grabbed their child and we all headed back to the seat and washed our hands. We all met up inside the church where we said our closing prayer and ended the day. I loved our ending day prayer we all held hands and then say Amen. I wanted Sally to spend the night, so I ask mama if Sally could stay my birthday night with me, since there was no school tomorrow. "Cherry you have to ask her parents if she could stay." "Ok, I be right back." I headed over to Sally and asked if she wanted to stay at my house, "yes yes yes, ask my mama." "I am, hold on." "Mrs. Ducky, can Sally come and stay with me tonight please." "Is it ok with your mom?" "Yes my mother told me to come ask your permission." "Yes, but she has to come home and get some clothes." I grabbed Mrs. Ducky by her waste and told her thank you. My mother was approaching and I told her the good news. My parents agreed to follow the Ducky's home and stop and get Sally some clothes. We all hung around church til our parents was ready. "You children can go outside, we all most done in here." "I race you." Charles yelled to me and Sally. We all ran from the front of the church til we got outside and Sally won the race this time. "Hahahaha, you didn't win you cheater." "So what I can beat you." Charles lashed back at me. He was upset because he lost the race. "I race you to the car." "No, mama said stand out front." So we all stood in front of the church saying cheers and playing hand games til our parents were ready.

"Come on kids," mama said as she pointed towards the car for all of us to go get into. Me and Sally skipped to the car singing Old Miss Muffet. "Ok girls lets quiet down some." mommy said. We got in one by one and my dad and mom buckled up our seat belts. On our way to Sally for her clothes. We were tired because before I knew it, I heard mommy calling Sally to get up and go inside. I had to use the bathroom, so I ask my dad if I could go inside. Daddy came on Sally side of the car and let Sally and I out and went to the door and ask Mrs. Ducky if I could use her bathroom. "Why of course darling." So I followed Sally and her parents in and ran to the bathroom. I was done and Sally and her mom was in her room and daddy and her dad was in the kitchen talking. I followed the girls to Sally room. "Wow Sally, your room is pretty." "Thank you, and yours is too." Sally had gotten new wall stickers of little pink and blue puppies. She love puppies so her room was surround in stuff puppies and lots of stickers. Her mom packed her clothes and her boe boe's and told her to run and get her toothbrush. Sally ran to the bathroom and back and grabbed her bag and was ready to head to my house. "Oh, my stuffie." She had forgotten her favorite animal, yes her stuff puppy. She had him since she was 2yrs old her mom said. She slept with him everynight no matter where she stayed. I grabbed her bag and we rushed down the stairs. "Daddy, daddy we ready you ready." "Calm down, and Im talking so what do you say?" "Excuse me daddy, are you ready?" Daddy closed his sentence and we were headed to my house.

Daddy buckled us up again and we now going to my house. Daddy pulled to the back of the house, and I was wondering why, was Grandma here? Mommy woke Charles up and we all got out of the car. I helped Sally with her bags and we were headed to my room to play dollies. Daddy opened the door and it was all my family yelling, "Surprise." Another party I thought, why for me. It was grandma, grandpa, auntie petty and uncle dobsie and my cousins Rob and Rose they were only 2yrs old. I looked next to the table where grandpa was and it was a bag of gifts. "Are those for me, grandpa?" "Yes are you the birthday girl?" I shook my head and grandpa gave me a big hug. I showed everyone Sally and told them she is my best friend in the whole wide world. They all giggled, and I went to hug my little cousins. Mama told us to go upstairs and put the bags down, wash our hands and come back down. We did just as told and raced back down the stairs, and this time I won the race. Ma and the family had made me a big dinner, we had turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese, beef rice a roni, greens, cornbread, stuffing, yams, and potato salad. We all sat at the table and grandma said the grace.

We sat at the table the little one's to one end and the adults to the other. Laughing and talking we were having a great time. This was the best birthday in a long time. I had all my favorite people with me, my best friend, my mom and dad, my brother, aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa and cousins. It couldn't have been any better. We all continued to eat and laugh til we were full. "May I excuse myself mommy?" I held my plate up showing her I was all done. "Yes, if you all are done you can excuse yourself." So the children excuse themselves and we went one by one and washed our hands. I told my mom me and Sally was headed up to my room to play dollies and Charles and the twins was headed in his room. "Anybody wanna race up?" Charles asked. We all was tired so we shook our head letting him know we were not interested in running.

It was now 8:24pm by my bedroom clock and auntie and uncle had decided it was time to go. They called the twins down and me and Charles ran down to say goodnite. "Bye grandma and grandpa, auntie and uncle." They kissed us goodnight and we waved as they left in their car headed home. "Now you all we had a long day, so lets take a nice long bath and prepare for bed." Mommy came up the stairs and ran us some water and one by one we took our bath and headed in our room for bed. Sally was sad, she was looking for her stuff puppy. "I found it, I found it," it was Sally puppy. She grabbed her puppy and kissed him goodnight and mom told us to say our bedtime prayer. We said our prayers with Amen to follow, and she tucked us in and we were off to sleepy land. She walked in Charles room and he was already dozing off, so they said their prayers with an Amen to end the night. Goodnight children mom whispered as she headed to her room for a night of peace.



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