Text: one day while rose was in school she got a call. It was the hospital were her grandmal was, she was very sick so she got amitted into the hospital. Well anyways they told her that her grandmal was dieing. No rose screamed she cant be she is all i have, were will i live and then rose hung up the phone. Rose ran out of school not saying a word tears filled her face and sadness took over her bodie. She caught a ride with her friends mom Chelsey Smith. Can you take me to the hospital my grandmals is dieing"sure" said Chelsey. Just as they got there, rose heard them say room 102 were her grandmal was had died. Rose screamed really loud and Celsey grabbed her and gave her a hug its ok i am here for you and always will be its ok shhhhhh.Then they went back to roses grandmals house and got roses stuff. "you can live with me and my family" ok rose said a little happier, thank you so much i would have had to live on the streets starving, cold and dirty. Well your going to be happy ok said chelsey and rose just smiled. They went back to the school to get chelseys daughter Anna, when Anna found out she hugged rose and said we are going to be sisters. Rose just smiled Anna was her best friend she was always there for her. Well days went past and Annas mom died, then her dad, then her, Rose was so devistated, were did they all go she asked, so she was so upset she killed herself, the whole town was sad. They was all close to here, then they all started gettin sick and they all started dieing the end this book is fake dont kill your self over something stupid its just life its not worth it the pain will go away your life will never come back.
Publication Date: 09-29-2011

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to anyone who lost someone close to them.

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