Chapter 1

Have there ever been times where you wonder if there are monsters out there, hidden creatures, spirits, ghosts, or even fairies? Mysterious creatures could be hiding behind you in the shadows, watching your every move! Well this is how I feel every day. I feel the heat of another creature’s breathe on my back and makes the hairs on my back stand up. I also have feelings that there is something or someone standing right behind me, or feel someone following me. Sometimes I even feel that my own shadow is my past life watching me. I believe that for the things that happen in life are caused by mystical creatures. I believe that death is caused by talented fairies, even the weather.
My name is Lindsey Barrensesta. I am a young girl. I have long dirty blonde hair. I am rather small and around 5ft 1in, always small forever small. I am 13 years old and seem to be able to have visions of the future and the past. I also seem to understand animals by how they are feeling, if they are sick, and what they seem to be thinking. I live all by myself in the forest, Crystal Forest. The reason why this forest is names Crystal Forest is because in the morning the dew makes the trees sparkle and the rain drops dance on the trees making the illusion of crystals being hung from the trees. Plus during the winter, the snow drapes the trees as if there was a giant white blanket upon them. Then the sun, which is almost always out, touches them with its bright rays and makes the trees sparkle with excitement. I absolutely adore this forest and there is nothing more I would want from it, it has the beauty, the views, the needs to live, and most importantly company.
I have a couple friends in the forest Oreo the rabbit and Fauna the fawn. Oreo always seems to be energetic and, but he always has a big old smile on his face. Oreo is a dwarf rabbit, but he seems to be able to live in the woods perfectly fine. This is kind of surprising, knowing he is so small. I always thought he was the cutest thing, he has black ears, and what looks like black eyeliner around his eyes. I can always count on Oreo for keeping me positive and influenced. Fauna, on the other hand, is always worried. Also her beautiful brown eyes, always popping out, make the illusion that she is frightened. Her face is always very frightened looking. Whenever she hears a sound and freaks out. So sometimes just to be humorous I clap my hands really loud and listen and watch how Fauna freaks out. I find it to be the funniest thing.
Even though I am a young girl, I have not made any human friends. I am known as the “weird girl who lives in the woods”. I ran away from home when I was 7 because I did not like my parents. They would beat me when I predicted something and whenever I tried to talk to them because I was different. They always fought too, and it bothers me watching them fight all the time. I loved my sister though she was so nice and she always supported me, she was older than me though she was 16. I knew I was not related to them I knew that I was different and I wanted to figure out why.
When I walk around town just to see what humans act like, they give me these looks like I am different. Lately I figured out why. It’s my eyes, they are not normal either. They are bright turquoise and almost neon green. But, I remember most of my childhood but, the last thing I remember from it is falling asleep under a tree in a neighborhood. I don’t even know how I ended up in Crystal Forest. I believe that Oreo found me and brought me to the enchanted forest. From them, Fauna and Oreo, I have learned how talk to animals, smile, and be cautious in the world because of them. I always wondered how I even got in this forest in the first place. Where did I come from? And why am I different?

Chapter 2

“Oreo, Fauna where are you guys? Hello?" Then I heard talking. It was the kind of talking as if they were trying to keep a secret.
“Are we ever going to tell her about her mother and her powers” said Oreo.
“Well if we do her mother Lynn will surly go after her and try to kill her.” At that moment I had energy boost. I never knew I had a mother or one that is still alive. I turned around to look at Oreo and Fauna. Their faces were shocked and disappointed that I heard the secret.

“Did you hear everything Lindsey?”
“Yes I did, you mean that I have powers and I also have a mother. Why did you guys keep this a secret?”
“This was the only way to keep you safe.”
“From what, my mother what would she do!”
“Yes we would have to if we teach you how to use your powers our mother will come down to Earth and try to kill you.”
“But why would she do that?”
“Ok let us all take a seat” said Oreo.

Fauna looked very worried as always but I noticed that Oreo had his tail in-between his legs. Now I was starting to get worried about what they were going to tell me. So we walked over to the three stumps near the fire pit. That is where every night we eat and roast marshmallows. Yummy! I realized that the reason I understood animals was because of my magical powers.

“Ok we will tell the whole story.”
“There was a time when your father had to pick a wife for himself in order to rule Sarafia. Sarafia is the land of fairies. Your dad was a fantastic ruler and was brave and also honest. He was the most powerful person or living thing in the universe. Your father William named Sarafia after your real mother Sara. Your mother died of a serious injury from a duel between her and some other fairy. Nobody was able to figure out who killed your mother, but when they do find out they will immediately kill that fairy. Your father was very depressed and he definitely couldn’t raise all his children. So because he was so busy being ruler of Sarafia he had to remarry.
Then when he married your step-mother, Lynn.
"She decided she was going to kill him and become queen then become the most powerful living thing in the universe. She tried to kill you too but you were to strong. So she decided to send you to Earth where no one in the world believed in fairies or monsters. So she thought that you would be like them and try not to mess with her. You have 5 other sisters. They were all sent to earth too, but they were too weak and their powers got taken away and you are the only person in the world who can give them back. You have the power of time and animals. You can stop time, rewind, and fast forward and even delete. You can change into animals too. We will talk about the rest tomorrow. So go get your sleep.”
“Ok sweet dreams. Love you.”

I laid awake that night in confusion. Just the thought of actually having real siblings and a mother! Well it seemed like my step-mother wasn't exacaly the nicest person around. I had powers? That seemed to me to be a little shocking because I have never figured that out by myself. I'll find someone to teach me or even Oreo or Fauna to. I am really determined to find this step-mother of mine and show her that I know whats going on and give her revenge for all the things she has done to my real family. That should be easy to defeat her knowing that I am indestructable against her. I even have 5 other sisters that can help. I think I should go find them and give them back their powers. Then we can set off on our journy to help save Sarafia and destroy the one who has caused our family and people harm. Together we will be unstoppable!

Chapter 3

“Ah!” “Help Lynn is coming to get me.” I was running through the forest when all of a sudden tall, beautiful, red haired women came out of nowhere and stopped me.
“What are you doing here trying to interfere with me rain over Sarafia?” Then I started to run again. My heart was banging against my ribs because I was that nervous. I didn’t know what to do I have never learned how to use my powers.
“You can run but not hide from me Lindsey!” I had to think of a plan a way to hide from her. So I ran out of the forest and then right outside the forest there was just a plain. Over just across the plain was a cave. I remember that when Oreo and Fauna where cold in the winter they would go over there in a little tunnel in the cave. I think that would be a good place to hide. Then I heard an evil laugh
“Aha!” I turned around and I didn’t see Lynn anywhere! Then I started to walk backwards to watch myself and then I tripped on two medium shaped figures. I got up and looked down there was the bodies of my two dearest friends Oreo and Fauna. The tears were starting to take over my body, I couldn’t breathe and I was shaking like a cell phone on vibrate. I started to cry and cry and cry. Now I don’t care if Lynn gets me and kills me because my best friends ever were just killed because of me. I kneeled down and put my head down on Fauna and put my hand on Oreo. And I sat there and cried. Then I started screaming.
“Oreo, Fauna!” Then I heard my name being called and it sounded just like Oreo.
“Lindsey! Lindsey wake up! I opened my eyes and I saw Oreo sitting on my chest. What a relief that was to know that whole thing was a dream.
“Lindsey what happened?”
“I had a bad dream,” I said in a shakytone
“What was it about Lindsey? Why were you screaming?” Then I saw Fauna running over toward me looking all so nervous as usual. I looked up at both of them thinking about how much I would miss them if the dream was real.
“Lindsey?” questioned Fauna
“Oh sorry you guys.”
“What happened in the dream?”
“Well I don’t really remember the whole entire dream, but I can try to tell you what I remember. Well the first thing I remember was that I was running away from somebody. She was tall, beautiful, and had hair the color of a fire in the middle of December.
“Lindsey did we tell you what Lynn looks like?”
“No I don’t recall.”
“Ok well Lynn is tall, and has red hair and was very beautiful.” Oreo said with fear written all over his face.
“But how would I know what she would look like. The only time I saw her was when I was a baby. But, I have all my life been able to predict the future.”
I stood there in shock if I knew what she looked like without ever seeing her when I was older that means that she really is coming here and whatever happened in the dream will happen. I didn’t want to tell Oreo and Fauna about me finding them dead in the plain. But, I have to find a place to hide and I have to learn about my powers and fast.


Publication Date: 10-01-2010

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