Friday night, at a party. Then I met him. Justin Bieber, the singer. Yeah I know, “OMG!” well at least that’s what you or any other fan person would ever say. I mean it though. I mean I like him though. So you probably want to know how and why. Well, here it goes. Like I said it was Friday night. I was at a party with my best friend Selena Gomez. I was new to the whole famous life and she was a singer just like me except, well she knew what she was in for. She dated Justin before. “So, Selena thinks for inviting me to your party. This is so awesome! I mean I’ve never ever been to a celebrity party!” I said. “I know, I know. Is it to much though? I mean are you ok? Are they being nice to you?” she asked. “Yeah. Everyone is being really nice. Well-” “Well what?” she asked worried. “Let me finish.” I said. “Ok. Fine.” she replied. “Thank you. I was going to say Everyone’s being nice except Justin won’t talk to me. At all.” I told her. She became silent suddenly. “What?” I asked. “He’s probably not talking to you because of me.” “What did you do?” “Well I broke up with him. Ever since then whoever talks to me or hangs out with me he ignores. I’m surprised he actually came.” she explained. “Oh. He looks lonely. Should I go talk to him?” I said. “Yeah. It’s fine. I don’t care, I mean I think Demi just pulled up.” she said happy. “Okay. Bye Sel.” I said hugging her. We both walked opposite ways. Me towards Justin, her toward Demi. “Hi, I’m Adrianna.” I said trying to start a conversation. Trying. No reply. “You know I’m sorry about you and Selena.” I said. “Don’t be.” he replied. Hmm. I didn’t think he would actually reply. He must like me. “Why not?” I asked. “Never mind.” he said. “I’m sorry, if I made you sad or angry or something.” “No, no it’s fine. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything. It’s just I’m not in a good mood considering everyone isn’t talking to me.” he replied. “Look, it’s ok. I mean I’m talking to you.” I said. “Yeah, I guess that’s an upside considering it’s you.” Hitting on me? I like this guy. I smiled. “So what happened anyways?” I asked. “It’s nothing I mean she cheated we broke up and now were here.” he explained. “So she broke up with you?” I asked him. “Yeah.” I walked closer to him and hugged him. Of course he hugged me back. And gave me a kiss! Wow. Did that just happen? I kissed him back. “What is going on here!?” a voice asked. I turned around realizing me and Justin were chest to chest. Awkward. It was Selena, crying. “Selena, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.” I told her. “Yes you did.” she said running in her house. “I” I stopped myself. Great, my only friend hates me now. I stepped away. He grabbed my hand. “I’m sorry.” Justin said. I ran toward Selena who was long gone. Justin let my hand slip away slowly. I ran around Selena’s house until I finally found her. She was sitting in a corner in her bedroom, alone. “How could you do this to me?” she asked. Obviously she knew I saw her. How though? It’s pitch black in here. Who cares? Not me. “Look, Sel I didn’t know that would happen I hugged him he kissed me and I kissed him back. Just a friendly kiss.” I said. “You know I went out with him. I still like him.” she told me. “But you broke up with him, remember.” I reminded her of a couple weeks ago when she said she hated him and never wanted to see him again. “I was probably mad when I said it.” she explained. “Look, you’re my friend, so why the heck would I want to hurt you?” I asked her wondering. “I don’t know.” she answered tears running down her face. “Look, I think you should take a break.” I told her. “With what?” “With your music and your TV show WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE season finale.” Sigh. “I guess so.” “Just take a vacation off from everyone.” I told her. “Ok. I guess your right.” she replied smiling.” I kissed her forehead. “Bye Sel, call me when your ready.” I walked out her room and her house bumping right into, Justin. “Hey. What’s up? Is Selena ok?” He asked. “Hey, yeah she’s ok.” I answered. “I’m sorry. Back there. I shouldn’t have- “I know.” I finished. He came closer and gave me a hug. A long hug. “This is so weird. One minute I’m talking with Selena, then kissing you, now Selena’s inside crying and your hugging me. Still.” I said. He finally let go of me and smiled embarrassed. “I’m sorry it’s just that I am so in love with you.” he said. I gave him a surprising look. “I mean I am so in love with your personality.” he corrected himself. “Nice save.” I replied. “Adrianna, um here’s my number.” he said giving me his number. 259-8604. I will never forget these numbers. Ever. Play it cool Adrianna. “Whatever. Bye.” I finally took the paper. Then ran to my limo. “Are you ok Miss Adrianna?” My chauffer asked. “I’m okay.” “Why are you crying?” she asked. “It’s nothing.” I told her. “Come on, you can tell your chauffer.” she said smiling. I laughed. Drying off my tears, I smiled. “Now, tell me.” she said. “Ok, Selena and I were talking about Justin.” “Justin who? Justin Bieber?” she asked wide eyed. “Yeah. I said he looked lonely and I said is it ok if I went over and talked to him, she said ok so I went over and started talking.” I explained. “Whats so sad about that?” she asked confused. “Amy, in the middle of talking I gave him a hug and he kissed me so I kissed him back. It felt so wrong. But so right, until Selena came out and started crying.” I explained her. “Fine. Don’t tell me.” Amy said sarcastically. “I’m not kidding. That’s what happened.” “If your not telling the truth it’s going to cost you my home-made Double-Doucious carmel crème sundae.” Amy said winking at me and pulling out of Selena’s driveway. “I’m telling the truth.” I admitted. “Ok, well then did he give you his number or did you give him yours?” she asked. “He gave me his. 259-8604.” I said flashing a smile. She gave me a smile through the mirror as we went down the interstate. I took out my cell phone and typed in 259-8604. “Hello?” he asked. “Hey, um can you talk?” I asked him. “Anything for you.” Justin answered. “So, is Selena ok?” I asked. “Well, if you consider me saying hey and her throwing punch on me then yeah she’s perfectly fine.” he explained laughing. I laughed with him. “Have you seen what she posted on Twitter yet?” Justin asked. “No. One sec let me check.” I said. I unzipped my purse and took out my black and white striped IPOD touch and slid to Twitter. “I don’t see anything.” I told him. “Scroll to Top News.” I scrolled to Top News and there it was @SelenaGomez “Hey guys, guess what! @AdriannaStorm is such a trader! She kissed my Ex-boyfriend right in front of me that little brat!” “Oh my god! I did not she walked to us and saw us kiss. It was a mistake though. It shouldn’t have happened.” I said crying again. He sighed. I shouldn’t have said anything! Now he must hate me. “It’s my fault.” he admitted. “No, don’t say that.” I replied. “Wrong place, wrong time.” he said. “Yeah, totally.” I agreed. Why did we kiss?” I asked him. “I don’t know. I just wanted to.” he said. “Are we um.. You know.” I said awkwardly. “Dating? Well, only if you want to.” he said. “Only if we can go to one date, that doesn’t involve you getting punch all over yourself by your ex.” I said giggling. “Sounds good. I’ll meet you in Chili’s in half an hour.” he told me. “Ok see ya later.” I hung up a couple seconds later. “Roof?”
asked Amy. I nodded. She opened up the sun roof and I literally jumped up and screamed “I have a date with Justin Bieber! Woo!” then I sat down and kicked my feet and smiled all the way to my house. We texted the whole time too. I sent- Hey J then he sent back- Hey I miss you already. So I sent- Aw miss you 2 meet you in 10 minutes. I closed my phone and changed into my black mini skirt, blue jeans under it, a red holster top, and red high heels. I put my hair up in a ponytail and grabbed my car keys to leave. Before I left I fed my dog, Alex and walked out. I opened my garage and picked out my black Ferrari with a white stripe going down it. I hopped in and drove to Chili’s. Oh, great only 5 minutes left. I texted him that I would be a little late maybe. He sent back- Ok, me too. About three minutes later I made it with two minutes to spare. Yes! I’m so lucky. I thought. I got out my car and grabbed my purse. I walked inside and asked if Justin had arrived yet. “No, I’m sorry.” he replied. I turned around and ran straight into…..Justin! “Sorry, I was late. Paparazzi, found out about the date.” he explained. “It’s ok. It’s not like you forgot or you were an hour late.” I told him. “I guess. You know, Adrianna, you see the good in everyone.” he replied. I blushed. Oh great, Adrianna, don’t blow it, no pathetic smiles. We got a table in the back where we could have our date alone. Without people staring, everyone at our feet, and camera’s flashing. Ok, mostly at Justin’s feet. “So, on a kissing level, how good am I?” he asked. Hmm. No one has ever asked that question after kissing. “A 8 ½.” I said uncomfortably. “Well, practice makes perfect.” he said kissing my cheek. “Okay, a nine.” I said. He turned on his IPHONE and put on a slow song with no words. “Would you like to dance, Miss Adrianna?” he asked. I took his hand. After five minutes of dancing he sat me down on a stool. “Ready?” he asked. I nodded. He took out a microphone. Oh, what’s that for?! I thought. I smiled though. He took a deep breath. Then sang. “When I look at you, I see someone I want to be with everyday and night. I want to be with you in your dreams. Do you think, oh, do you think that I’m the guy of your dreams?” he asked giving me a microphone. Oh, freaking god. I can’t do this. I can’t sing in front of him. Come on, you CAN do this. “Every night and day I think of you. I know I don’t want to let you go free. Cause’ I see you and her everyday and If I let you go, she will take you from me.” I finished. “Don’t worry she cant take me away, girl you know I’m gonna stay….with you.” he sang finishing another line. “Baby, I don’t know for sure, I’ve seen y’all around town together so long, your relationships so strong, baby can you just tell me.” I sang back. “How am I supposed to, I don’t want to embarrass myself or you. But I would do anything for you. Oh, all I want to say is, I love you.” he sang finishing off the song. “When did you make that song up, and about how many times have you used it on a girl?” I asked smiling. “One, I made them up when I saw you tonight. Two, I’ve never used them on a girl. Ever.” he replied. “Well then, now I feel special.” I said giggling. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I said smiling, with wide eyes. “Um, eating?” he asked. “No! I meant you and me. We can record that song.” I said. “That’s an awesome idea! Wow Adrianna I never really thought of that! We should get going then.” he replied. “Wait, hold on cowboy, our food?” I said pointing to the waitress walking to our table. “Oh, yeah I’m like starving! I cant wait to order.” He said rubbing his stomach. The waitress stopped before coming to our table and started talking to a waiter. Then instead the waiter came over. “Hello, my names Nick, tonight I will be your waiter.” he said looking at me. Oh my god, it cant be! That’s my ex-boyfriend, Nick, not Nick the waiter, Nick the ex-boyfriend! Oh, what do I do? Ok Adrianna just ignore him. “What would you like to drink, miss?” he asked. “I’ll have root-beer.” I said quickly. “And you sir?” he asked looking at Justin. “Wait, you’re Justin Bieber!” he stuttered. “Yeah, anyway I’d like a-” “Dude, your awesome, I love all your music. It’s just awesome, your awesome, this is awesome! Who is this? It doesn’t look like Selena? Are you Selena? Did you do something to your hair? You look hotter. Are you sin-” “Shut up! I’m not Selena and can you just take our order!” I screamed at Nick. Gulp. “I’m, um, uh, sorry miss, Sir what did you want?” he said backing away. Justin smiled, took my hand and put it on the table for all to see. “I wanted a Dr. Pepper.” he replied. “Ok, I will be right back with your drinks.” he said. I unhooked my hand and got out of the booth. Then I took Nick’s hand and whispered in his ear, “Oh, and never want you call me hot or hotter again.” then I kissed his cheek. “I’m very sorry, Adrianna.” he said laughing. “It’s not a joke.” I said pushing him away. “I think it is.” he said pulling me toward him. “Let go of me!” I yelled. “Fine.” he said throwing me on the ground. “Ow!” I cried landing face-first. This is why I left him. Ignorance, at seventeen he drinks, getting drunk and staying like that. “Hey, stop it! Now!” Justin screamed jumping out of the booth. By now, two employees have stopped around the corner next to the kitchen spying on us. I looked around crying and sobbing my eyes out. Then my eyes lay on my hands. They were bloody. But there was no cut. Then I wiped my face, and saw that when I hit the ground my nose must’ve cut, because it was bleeding out a great deal of blood. Justin looked at my face, how it was bleeding, how I was crying and right then, right there, he punched Nick in the face leaving him on the floor, knocked out. The manager came and gave us our drinks and meals free. Justin took me to the hospital and they said nothing bad happened. I just needed to let it heal and I shouldn’t touch it. The doctor gave me medicine that healed my nose and black-eye over night. That night I spent over at Justin’s after I got pajamas and clothes for the next morning. He was afraid Nick would come to my house. I met Justin’s mom, Pattie who visited us then left, saying she would see us tomorrow maybe. Justin and I watched the movie “Scary Movie *8*” then we went to bed. I slept in the guest room and Justin slept in his room. The next morning I called my agent after taking a shower and getting dressed, brushing my hair and teeth then made pancakes for breakfast. My manager Jason Derulo said Justin and I should make the song because it would be our big break as singers. Then I explained to him the paparazzi photos of my face covered in blood. He was worried but said I could take the day off and meet him that night in the studio with Justin to record the song. He said the less reporters the better. I packed my clothes and brush up after eating and getting off the phone then left leaving a note for Justin: “Hey, had a great time last night, sorry about Nick, and my drama networkL but you were wonderful thanx for being there for me and helping me out LUV, Adrianna.” I hope he isn’t mad at me for leaving him this morning. But I need to meet up with Demi now. I left, walking to the HOLLYWOOD CAFÉ .


Publication Date: 06-08-2011

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