The Bully...

There was once a little boy,

A not so nice bloke,

he would take away your toy,

sometimes he would poke,

He would kick, he would flick,

He would pinch, he would punch,

He would stab you with a stick,

And pick on you at lunch.

But as the years went on,

it got much, much worse.

For him feelings were gone,

it was like a curse.


And there was also a little girl,

who was as bright as a pearl,

loved going to school,

but hated the pain,

she was suffering for sure,

A punch, a kick and then a blood stain.

Only that was what she hated,

When she got back home she saw her mum had waited.

' I'm fine ' she would lie. Then cry.

Her mother was always in a worry.

The girl would pack her bags and be off in a hurry.

Her reply would be ' I'm fine '

Before her final breath and whine…


She tied the rope around her neck and to the ceiling,

Hoping that she wouldn't be dreading the feeling...

She stood on the stool,

And waited until it fell down,

The bully - what a fool!

A soul was taken, the whole town knew.


He Was only a BULLY.

That's what EVERYONE would say.

Afraid to get stabbed in the belly.

And one thing that a bully does is shout every day.

Remember to STAND UP TO THEM.

Because being afraid will not help.


Scream, howl and yelp.


If you've felt the pain,

then I know what you've been through,

don't try to cut through a vein,

i'm not trying to scare you.

Many people have self harmed,

many people have died,

it's all because not enough people were alarmed,

or way too much have lied.


Tell somebody about your feeling,

Or the trouble's you meet,

make sure you're not concealing,

if you are getting beat,

it's not always physically,

but verbally too,

do not suffer from their stupidity,

anyway, why should you?



Thank you for reading,

God bless you as well,

I hope you enjoyed it,

Scream, howl and yell! 




Publication Date: 06-01-2016

All Rights Reserved

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