My years have past and it has all gone away, my family, my friends, and my life. I wanted to make a new start but i knew i couldn't run from the past. Ever since i was a little girl i always believed in spying. I could never give up leaving but one day when i was completely alone i heard a voice call to me and say "you have a mission, go save the last love of your family". i didn't know what she was talking about until i believed in myself. I tried talking to that person who called me but they said it was a secret. So it all started as a secret girl who became an agent, me. I started packing my gagdets and putting them on my body, because there is something out there and it isn't human. So if i needed to leave all across the world, it would be the thing i needed the most light.
While i was on my way i would stop town by town creeping the people, i didn't know they were scared but i did know that they couldn't see my face. It was good cause one thing my mom taught me was to never share your identity. i thought it was the beginning after i did all of this, but my senses say that it was never the beginning, it was always the end to me.


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