Pineapples- Poetry

PIneapples a delicacy

The juiciness of something noone can explain

The sweetness of something noone can explain

The greenness of the top, the royal crown, the crown of green nature

Pineapples, the most mysterious fruits of time

Are they fruits

or are they spies?

Hiding in the depths of time

Like bumblebees buzzing through and out our lives

Pineapples, what a mystery yet to be solved

A mystery so deep even holmes wouldnt be able to explain

what if the fruits, the delicacies see it all?

Pineapples- Short story

 There once was a pineapple who was at the store.

Noone wanted to be picked

He wondered why

Then he asked a customer, since he thought being picked was the greatest thing in the world,

"CAn you take me with you?"
The customer said sure

At home......

The customer took a knife


Took his crown off


Took his skin off


And ate him up


These are our cannibalistc thoughts towards pineapples


The end

 these are all my ideas i can't think of anything else with pineapples byebye

hope you read this


Publication Date: 10-19-2015

All Rights Reserved

HI PLEASE if you want please give feedback I want you to know what I think pineapples feel like lol hope you enjoy my short story if you want me to write another thing tell me and ll think of something lol Pineapples is a thing that came from one of my friends. Thank you very much! Hello and bye bye my friends I bet I will love all your books since I enjoy all books. LOL DONT DO NON FICTION

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