Chapter 1

The beatyness of Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico has lots of beatyness.There is one important thing of Puerto Rico is the race which is Taino. Tainoi a race of people.These people were called borinken.Their culture was rulled by nature.It was place that was almost completely a rainforest from shore to shore.It is a place filled with yagumos,alelis,ceibas,orchids,mushrooms,100 species of palm trees,bamboo,elephant earleaves of the yautia,giant sea turtles,iguanas and cotoras.There were also manatees in the sea and they weren't that pretty.Mamey,giant ferms,and guava trees are also found there.Each evening borinkenwas cooled by th breezes of the carribean sea and serenaded by songs of coqui frogs.This was our island del incanto during the region of the brave taino people.


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