I wake in a cold sweat, I look around the room for what had startled me out of my dreamless slumber and see a shadow slip out of the room. I get up slipping into houseshoes and a robe to cover the french maids outfit my last customer had requested me to wear for our night. I silently exit the room, picking up the gun that is kept in the nightstands back leg, which has been hollowed out for that purpose. As I walk past my fellow prostetutes doors I hear a muffled scream and dash into the room of Shawntel, my closest friend. I see a figure placing a gag over her mouth. I jump onto him and grab him as he is about to hit her in the head with the lamp that sets beside her bed. I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder and just before everything goes black I see Shawntel run out of the room. I black out hopeing she escapes. 

Chapter 1: The Hospital

 I wake up with a crink in my neck. Turning my head, I see Shawntel asleep on the chair by my bed. I take in the smells of anti bacterial spray and starch, rembering the last time I was in the hospital. It had been my first year working for our pimp, Aiden, when I was setting with Shawntel and she told me a guy with blue eyes kept staring at me. Finaly the guy walked over and grabbed me by the waist, hauling me into the hotel room behind me. "I need to fuck you now." he told me stripping us both of our clothes. He slammed into me, making me cry out in pain. "Little bitch, nobody cries when I fuck them." He said pulling a knife out of his pocket and plunged  it into my stomach repeatedly. Shawntel and Aiden ran into the room, pullin him off of me as I lay gasping for air, trying to drown out the pain. I felt Aiden lift me up and into a waiting car outside the door before blacking out. Whe I came to the scen was exactly the same as it is now. "Oh your awake, Shawntel said. "yeah I guess so, what happened." A sad look over came her exotic features. She told me that the same guy who had stabbed me a year ago, had came looking for me and when he found Shawntel, decided to kill her first. "But once again you saved me." she told me in tears. "hey, listen, don't ever get upset because I saved you. I would do it again in a heartbeat." I told her. She rushed over and hugged me, then she began kissing me and I kissed her back loing the feel of her hot, greedy mouth on mine. "Umm.. " I heard a clearing of a throat and Shawntel jumped back adjusting her shirt. "I just need you to fill out some paper work and you can go home." a young platnium blonde nurse with perky breasts and an australian accent said. Desire was clear in her eyes. " Close the door for a second, but you stay in her." I told her. She did as she was told and I motioned her over. As she came over I pulled her to me and kissed her with more passion than she has ever been kissed. "Wow.....that was amazing. I will leave my number with your clothes." She whispered before leaving the room. Checkmate.

Chapter 2: welcome back

I walk up to my room, holding the clothes that Shawntel bought me. Hidden at the bottem of the bag is a street sweeper gun in case somebody tries to attack me. As I step in all th egirls yell" Suprise!!" I jump back in shock. baloons, didlos, streamers and monoply money cover the room. I burst out laughing and then I see him. The guy behind the attacks. He is currently being given a blowjob by Lila the head whore of the group. She makes up to 1 thousand a night and knows how to get around shit. He doesn't see me as I silently start toward him with my hand on the street sweep. "Get out of the room as quuitly as you can because the dude who is behind the attacks is here". I whisper to the group in front of me they look startled and start slowly heading for he door. As I come up behind the guy Lila sees me and her eyes widen in knowing concern. She finishes him of qucickly, take sthe money and scampers away. I raise the street sweeper and point it at the back of his head. He is still in a post orgasmic haze and doesn't realize the room around him is empty. I pull the trigger and he falls foward blood pulling around him. I drop the gun in my bag and meet Aiden outside. He calls his guy and the body is gone within minutes. "So the good payer was him huh. The eyes should have told me." Shawntel whispers behind me. I wirl around to find her staring at the body bag being taken beside us, her face streaked with makeup. I pull her to me and hug her as she cries. We walk up to my room and I start a warm lavender sceneted bath for us. I strip her of her clothes kissing every inch of her as i reveal it. She does the same to me and soon we are in the bath massaging the soap into each others bodies. I run my tonge over the pink rim of her nipple. She moans in pleasue as i bite it, enjoying the tingling in my cunt. We slip out of the bath and fall onto my bed, She puts her face between my legs, suckling on my clit. I turn her so that I can suck hers at the same time and we reach our climax together and fall asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 3: Payback hurts like a bitch.

 I wake up to Shawntel putting her face between my legs again and swirling her tongue inside me. I arch me back and cum all over her face. She giggles. "Morning savior." She says getting up to wash her face and get dressed. As she leaves the room I remember the nurse. "Hey how about a threesome with that hot nurse tonight. She nods and leaves the room. I scamper about and find the number where it was promised to be. She answers on the 3rd ring. "This is Anastasia." "Hi this is Lyric from the hopsital, you didn't think I wouldn't call did you?" "Oh Hi!" "So I was wondering, threeway with me and my friend tonight? You in?" "I will be there." We hang up and I pull on a sexy black lace thong and garter set, a lacy bra and a jersy shirt and combat boots. I walk down to breakfast and see Aiden. he gestures for me to meet him in his offic. As I walk in he is setting on his couch. "Noon. You, me , Shawntell. Black room. Be there." I nod and exit. Shawntel meets me in the hall and we nod heading to the costume room. We pull on black leather bras, g-strings, and stilletoe boots. And walk to the room. We are in position when Aiden walks in wearing leather jeams and jordans. He walks toward us, like a tiger stalking his prey. He pulls a whip from behind his at the same time Shawntel and I pull whips. He acts surprised at the fact we have learned his game since he has only punished us twice. He backs away as we come foward. What he didn't know was that we knew that he was behind all the attacks and had simply payed blue eyes to carry them out. "Can't do your own dirty work? Had to get someone killed?" Fear then knowingness shown in his eyes as he realizied we knew the truth. "It was never supposed to go this far. He wasn't supposed to hurt you. just scare you.AHH!" I glanced at Shawntel as she recoiled her whip. We left him crying on the floor. 5 girls were standing outside of the door when we exited and Shawntel flipped them off on our way by. "Fuckin newbies." she growled. I agreed wholeheartedly.

Chapter 4: Nurse please!

 Shawntel and I set waiting for the nurse to come. Funny how I don't know her name but I almost guarentee Shawntel and her both will be screaming mine by the end of the night. The doorbell rings and I answer it quickly pulling her inside and up to my room. Of all the rooms in teh house I prefer mine because it is the biggest and most luxouis. We all enter the room and I ask her what her name is. "Anastasia." She said in a whisper. I slam her onto the bed and behind me Shawntel locks the door. Anastasia whimpers as I slide between her legs.Just as i am pulling her underwear down the door flies open and I hear the cock of a shotgun. "You muthher duckin whore!" I can hear Aiden and I know hes drunk. I shove Shawntel and Annastasia behind me as he fires the gun it hits me in the right breast and I fall onto the blood clutching my chest. I see Shawntel and anastasia scramble out of the windo and see Aidens eyes sober as he falls to the floor realizing what he did. he clutches my hand to his chest adn he calls for help. $ of the other girls rush in.. funy we have a prostitue who is also a doctor. They put me in my bed and dose me up with some drugs to numb me as the remove the bullet and sew my breast back up. I let darkness take me over.

Chapter 5: Seeing the light

 5 weeks later, I was walking into the mall with 2000 dollars in my hands ready to start my life over. As I walk in I see Aiden walking out of the wedding ring store. I stop in my tracks as he looks at me and starts toward me. I franticly glance around looking for a store to hide in. All I could find was the pet store and i dashed in. Aiden ran in after me and in my rush I fell over a squirrels tank and it jumped out attacking Aiden . After he ran back out I bough t the squirrel because I just knew it was destiny. I ran through a list of names in my head and finally decided on Tanjala. I absolutly fell in love with her. She is white with blue eyes and the pet shop owner said that she was a rare breed. I was walking out and i heard a scream. I turned around and saw Aiden holding a gun to Shawntel's head. She was holding a sighn that read. "Lyric, please come back or Aiden will kill me." I run over to them and I grab Aiden's hand twisting it back he drops the gun and I land a hard kick to his manhood. I grab Shawntel and we run out with my new squirell. When we get into a car she looks at me questionangky but I focus on th eroad as I speed out f the lot. I look back and Aiden comes running out of the mall but we are too far for him to know who we are now. I pull into my new apartment and we get out. I set up the squirlls house I bought with it in the living room and me and Shawntel head to the bedroom. When we go in I pull off my shoes and let my hair down. Shawntel does the same and we flop down on the bed to watch "Fifty Shades of Gray." About 20 minutes in into the movie, Shawntel turns and cups my breast and starts softly nibbling on my neck. I turn and face her and slide my hand down to her legs. As I peel off her sweats she starts to cry. i look up at her confusingly. "I don't deserve you." She tells me. I have heard her speeech before so I just nod and continue working her pants and shirt off. As I go down on her shots rain through the window.

Chapter 6:Can things get anyworse

 I shove her to the floor and run towards the window pushing the shelf in front of it. I cant believe Aiden has found me again. I pull Shawntel into the living romm and move the rug, pulling up the hatch in the floor. We run down it, moving the stuff back to hide it. We run along the corrider and i grab her ass. I know we are safe so i open teh wall dorr and we go inside. I have a romantic room in here and I shove her down on the bed. I bury my face in her pusssy and lap up her juices.. "Mind if I join." I look around started and see a young girl tyed to the wall. i untie he and she joins us grabbing my hip and bring me down one=to her waiting mouth. I moan as her tongue  finds my hole and she fucks it with her tongue. I cum and I sink into a dark slumber after we all finish off. I wake up in a pile of legs, breasts, and sleeping girls. Last night comes back to me and I shoot up and grab the mysterious girl. We run into the hall "Where the Fuck did you come from?" I ask her. "Your landlord has dark secrets and I am his best kept one. When I lived in this house he showed me the hatch and that was his demise. One day he started beating me and I ran into the room here. He chained me up and left. I figured he would sell the house to another beautiful girl, hoping to makje her his new slave. Too bad you already have a pimp huh." she tells me shaking her head. My head spins and I stumble back. "Do you think Rhage will take Aiden on to have me?" I ask her thinking of my barbaric landlord. I shiver and she grabs me into a hug"Oh, honey don't worry I have met you pimp before and i promise if they go head on head Rhage will lose." I blackout t the thought of being returned to Aiden.

Chapter 7: Losing Shawntell

As I am sinking in the thought I hear Shawntel scream from inside. My and the girl run into the room to see Aiden and a gaping hole in the tunnell. "Miss me.. I thought so, here is what I am going to do , I am now goingt to punish you for you littl estunts." He pulls he trigger and Shawntel slumps over, eyes glazed as death takes her. "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I scream and rush him, taking the guna and shoot him in the side. I was aiming for the head but I am shaking so bad my aim is off. He clutches his side and the girl helps m eget Shawntel's body and we run out and she pushes a button in the pannel that I did not know was there. We quickly step into what appears to be an elevator. The doors close and we descend. I am still shaking and I vov revenge, knowing Aiden will survive the shot. A plan forms in my head and I start to laugh. The girl looks at me. "Aiden told me the combination to his safehouse. He will have forotten because e ws high when he told me but I bet that os where he will go. If we get their first I will kill him.... what is your name anyway." "Annastasia..and I'm game." we exit into some sort of hallway and we come into a clearing. I pull her into the direction of the safe house. I hear Aiden's car coming so we hurry and we get inside locking the lock agin and I grab a gun and Annastasia grabs a knife we wait in a bedroom that has my pictures all over the walls. I push the betrayel back and focus on the sound of Aiden's voice. "That bitch I wil find her and kilkl her slowly." He comes toward the bedroom and we get into attack position as the knob turns. As Aiden walks in Annastaia sinks the knife into his back and I blow his brain out of his head with a single shot. His body thumps to the ground and me and Annastasia run knowing that his men will eb here soon. We got back to the clearing and walk into the hallway of tress and vines. Fully concealed we embrace and I kiss her vicously. I shove her back and she moans as I take her nipple in my mouth throught her flimsy lace bra. Sh earches and I go down licking her clit and pushing fingers into her. She quickly comes and turns to eat me I come as quickly.


 Me and Annastaia now live in our own house and we enjoy each other to the fullest. I feel her breath and cry out and she sinks her teeth into my collarbone, instintly wet. I Lean back and pull her nipple into my mouth as she sucks my neck. Iturn around and pull her into my lap... My fingers enter her and she spirals. This life is good.


Publication Date: 10-30-2015

All Rights Reserved

This book is dedicated to my best friends Tanjala, Jasmine, Abby , presli, and Odalyse. Love yall all!

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