Chapter 1

"Emily! Babe, Wake up." Jacob yelled and the car jerked to a stop," We're here." Jacob, Me, and three other boys, James, Forrest, And Morgan, Were headed to a huge lake just out side of Crystal Falls.
Being out side of Crystal Falls was scary in a way, yeah I've only lives there for a month but the whole pack wasn't with us, but I felt completely safe with Jake, my werewolf boyfriend.
"So why are we here exactly?" I asked Jacob.
"Well, Soon you are going to start the change."
"Yeah, And..."
"The lake right in font of you is a sacred lake, and you have to swim across it."
“Its just the way it is.”
I looked at him curiously, and he looked at me back.
I stripped into my bathing suit and stepped in, it was cold but not unbearable. Jake looked at me and nodded. They were all lined up waiting for me. I walked into the water to my waist and dived in. It felt wonderful, about half way across, the water got really warm and it seemed to be going throw me, like I was part of the water.
It took me about thirty minutes to swim across the lake and when I was done Jacob was standing there smiling, “The deed is done, and here is your bracelet.” He said as he pulled out a blue and gold string bracelet and an inch thick. “Wear it with pride, Em. Each pack has there own, and this one is yours.” Forrest said and tided it around my wrist. I smiled, I didn’t know what to say, but I felt happy and safe. Jake took my hand and said, “Let’s get something to eat.” And we walked back to the car. On our way home we stopped at Denny’s, when we finally got home I went straight to bed.

Chapter 2

When I woke up it was late, maybe around three o’clock, I walked into the bathroom because my head hurt and when I looked in the mirror and I swear my eyes were purple when they’re usually blue, I blink and take a step back and there normal. I shake my head convinced it was just me, and went back to bed. For a while I just laid there unable to fall asleep. I though about my bracelet and the way it felt warm on my wrist and drifted into sleep. I woke up the next morning and went on my morning run with ivy and duke. When I got to the creek, Eric was sitting on a log.
“Hey.” I say.
“What’s up.”
“Nothin much.”
“You look, different.”
“really? How so?”
“I don’t know.” He said and glanced at my wrist. It was silent as he stared at it.
“I have to go.” He said and hurried off.
I stood there confused and flustered. After about five minutes of standing there I turn and start to walk back to the house. When I got there Jacob car was in the driveway, I walked into the house and he was sitting on the couch, he looked kind of mad. “hey can I talk to you upstairs?” he said, jaw set. I didn’t have time to answer before he was urging me to the stairs.
When we got up there and in my room, he closed the door and looked ant me.
“What?” I asked him.
“Morgan saw you at the creek talking to Eric.”
“What did I say about staying away from them!” he started to yell and I flinched.
“Babe… I’m so sorry.” He said and walk toward me and I backed away, I had never seen him like this and I was scared. “Emily, please don’t be afraid of me. I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He sighed and sat down on the bed. I walked over and sat next to him, “Jacob, it’s okay. I’m sorry. I just…” without warning he leaned over and kissed me, I kissed him back more urgent. This time my mouth opened under his and our tongues touch but this time no one pulls away , we play a game of cat and mouse until he lays me down and kisses my neck, we start to breath deeper and he pulls away, when he does I can see his eyes are bright yellow. He gets of the bed and walks over toward the window with his ands balled up in fist. “Jake, are you okay?” I ask.
“Yeah I’m fine.”
I get up and walk over to him , he’s standing by the window now.
“What’s wrong?” I asked as I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his shoulder.
“Huhhh…Wolves Can be dangerous when it comes to their females.” He says as he turns around and kisses me gently. “I don’t want this to end badly.”
“Your scared you’re going to hurt me?”
“I know I will. Your not fully mature.”
“So you think I’m immature?”
“No, Babe not like that, I mean the wolf part of you.” He says with a smile.
“And when will that be?”
“When you make you first transformation to a wolf?”
I didn’t say anything but I looked down. He reached my chin and lifted my head and growled at me playfully, I smiled and growled back. He kissed me again and said, “Want to go hang out at the Pack House?” he said smiling, I nodded and he grabbed my hand and walked me down the stairs. “Mom I’m going to hang out with Jake.” I yelled
“Be back at a decent hour!” she yells back, and we hurried out the door. Again we took his car.

Chapter 3

When we got there, it was quiet. We walked in and all the boys were playing video games and by all the boys I mean, Forrest, Morgan, James, Tommy, Paul, Reed, Ben, and the head of the pack, Bear.
“Hey everyone.” I said and walked over to the little tan couch. I liked it at the safe house, it was a little cabin with five rooms that the pack mostly stayed in, but it had the homie feel to it. “Sup mama.” Tommy said and winked at me. I looked at him and gave him a crooked smile. “Bake off Tommy.” Jacob said and sat next to me. Tommy had a serious thing for me and everyone knew it, it made Jacob really mad. “ Calm down ot stuff it’s a complement.” Tommy said with out looking away from the game. “Don’t start with me, Tommy.”
“Or what?” Tommy said pausing the game and standing up. Jacob and Tommy were exactly the same size and were staring eye to eye.
“Boys take it outside!” Bear said unpausing the game.
Before I could say anything they were walking out the door.
“Back off Tommy!” Jacob yelled.
“Fuck off, Jake.” Tommy pushed him.
Jacob punched him in the face and it was all weird after that.
Hair started to grow and Tommy tackled Jacob. I felt a hand on my shoulder. “ Come on inside.” Bear said and started to pull me in as things started to get nasty. I just sat there on the couch and said nothing. “He’s just protective Em. You know that.” Forrest said sitting next to me, and I was snapped out of my daze. “Yeah, I know.” I said with I sigh.
Bing!… I looked at my phone and it said “one new text message.” I clicked open.
“ Hey Emily, It’s Eric. Sorry for flaking on you this morning. I had something to do, if there’s anything I can do to make it up I will.” I felt a little better and text back,
“you could pick me up at Crystal Falls high.” With in minutes I got the reply. “Be there in five.” I got off the couch and said, “ Forrest tell Jake I went home.” He nodded and said, “Can I give you a ride somewhere?”
“ Yeah the high school.”
“Let’s go.” He got up and walked out the door. The ride to the school was quiet and when we got there Eric was already there, leaning up on a Jeep. “ Thanks.” I told Forrest and hurried over to Eric. “Hey.” He said with a smile. I smiled back, we kinda stood there for about three minutes until he said, “Want a tour of the school?”
“Sure.” I replied as we started to walk.
“So where exactly did you move here from?”
“Really? Is it nice there?”
“ It’s okay, but I grew up here.”
“That’s cool.”
And that what we did all late afternoon, made small talk and warmed up to each other.
Around six he said, “We should probably get you home.” I nodded and we walked back to the car.
When we got to my house he opened my door and said goodbye. He waited for me to get in, and I waved at him when I unlocked the door and walked in. “Mom! I’m home.”
“I’m in the kitchen.” she yelled back and I ran up the stairs, but instead of going to my room I went to Bryan’s room. “Hey Bryan.” I say casually and sit next to him on his bed where he was reading. “Sup, little sis?” he replied putting the book down.
“Okay, You sure.”
“Yeah.” Honestly I didn’t know why I went into his room, maybe it was because I missed him, know that I think about it in the month I’ve lived here we haven’t said more than eight words to each other. I sighed and laid my head on his shoulder. “Thank you.” I said.
“For what?”
“Being my brother even though you knew you weren’t.”
“Emily I am your brother, no matter what.” He said and I drifted into sleep.

Chapter 4

The next morning I woke up in my bed, which didn’t surprise me, whenever I feel asleep in Bryan’s room he would carry me to my room. I got up and decided not to go on my morning run, but Duke and Ivy changed my mind, they were running around they house playing tug-a-war with the leashes. They were so cute seeing them made me want to get another one. I sat there and though and hooked them up and went for my walk. I went a different way this morning and I came at the creek from the opposite direction, and Eric was standing there talking to another guy. “She’s different John, I’ve seen her eyes, they flashed purple.” The other guy, john looked at him suspiciously and said, “ Are you sure?”
“Then convince her to join us.”
“That’s the problem, she quileute and she’s part of the pack.”
I started to back up but accidentally stepped in the stream, and it splashed I turned and ran as fast as I could, the dogs close behind.
I didn’t know why I was scared but I think it was that John guy. The way he carried himself like nothing could hurt him, it was just weird. When I got home I called Jacob.
“ Explain the Grady’s to me now!”
“Don’t play stupid with me.”
“Okay, I’m on my way over.”
I hung up confused and angry.
I paced next to the front door for about ten minutes, and when it opened all hell went lose. “Hey babe.” he says with a smile.
“Don’t hey babe me, start explaining.”
“Okay calm down, Gosh.”
“Gosh? Don’t gosh me. Eric and some guy named John were talking about blah,blah,blah I saw her eyes, blah,blah, she has to join us. What the hell is going on!”
he looked more serious this time. “ The Grady’s are an opposing pack. They came here a few years ago and they refuse to leave.”
“What’s this have to do with me?”
“ Have you ever noticed that sometimes your eyes flash purple?”
“There’s suppose to be a quote “female wolf” that is the strongest female of our kind, if they had you they could take the area over.”
“So is that why you’re with me. So they can’t have me?”
“Of course not! I can’t believe you would even think that. I love you Emily.”
I was shocked, this was the first time he’s told me this. “Jake, I love you too.”
I ran to answer the door. “Eric?”
“Emily let me explain.”
Jacob walked up next me and Eric took a step back.
“Eric, I already know. Please leave. We’ll talk later.”
The air was so think with tension you could cut it with a butter knife.
“Promise.” I closed the door as quick as I could.

Chapter 5

The last few days were really awkward with Jacob. We didn’t really talk but on Wednesday I deiced to go to the pack house. “Hey peoples.” I said like it was a said like it was a normal day and they all replied with a hey. “Where’s Jake?”
Morgan looks at me and says, “Out back, he should be right past the forest line.” I walk out the back door and across the yard. When I crossed the forest line all I saw was a huge wolf. I recognized it and knew it was Jake. His head turned slowly and he looked at me. I walked closer, he backed away and gave a small growl. I walked closer to him and he growled louder. “ It’s okay Jake.” I said petted his face and he nibbled my fingers. I smiled at him and he turned and ran away. I waited there for about five minutes and he walked out wearing a pear of black sweats. “Hey.” He said and hugged me. “What’s up.”
“I’ve missed you.”
“I’m Sorry I haven’t been around lately.”
“I’m just happy you’re here now.”
Me hugged me again and when we pulled away there was a terrible sharp pain in my back and I collapsed. “Emily what’s wrong.” He said as the pain ripped throws my body and I screamed. “ Babe, look at me. It’s okay. Look at me.” my eyes started to daze and the last thing I remembered was Bear running out of the house.
My eyes slowly opened, my head throbbed. I looked around, I was in Jacob’s room. I could tell by the picture of him and me on his nightstand and right next to it was a picture of Billy and his mom. I look away and tried to stand up, I did but I had to use the wall for support, I walked down the hall and looked at the clock 4:20am. I walked into the living room and bear, Jacob, Morgan, and Forrest we sitting on the couch. Jacob looked scared and worried. He buried his face in his hands and sighed. I walked over to him and sat down on the floor by his feet. I don’t think he realized it was me until he moved his head and looked at me. He caressed my face and said, “How you feeling?” he picked me up and set me down on his lap, I tucked my head under his chin and sighed, “Like crap.” He giggled a little bit, “You’re starting your transformation.” I looked at him and the other boys got up and left mumbling to one another. I got off his lap and sat next to him.
“You don’t sound too thrilled about that.”
“Emily…It’s dangerous.”
“I can handle myself.”
“I know, but what about the other pack we’ll fight with.” His voice started to rises.
“What happened to strongest “female wolf”?”
“You maybe be the strongest female but not the strongest male.” He’s yelled at me so loud my ear drums rang. I looked at him realizing how real this was and tears came to my eyes. “Let’s not fight, please.” I said and took his hand. “I’m sorry Em, I just worry about you.” I looked at our hands, his were so much bigger thank mine, is his hand they looked so delegate and fragile. With his other hand he lifted my chin and kissed me gently, “ I love you.” He said and looked into my eyes and I kissed him, when I pulled away I bit his lip. He smiled and kissed me again rougher. He pulls away suddenly and sighs. “I’m sorry.” He chuckled and said, “It’s not your fault, and we’re just drawn to each other.” He smiled and kissed my cheek. I got up his close behind and we walked to his room. He laid down and I pulled out my phone. “ Don’t worry your mom know you’re here and she’s okay with It.” I smiled and laid my head on his chest. We laid there until about six then my mom called.
“Hello, Mom?”
“Hey Emily. Jacob called and said you were going to stay there for a little while, when are you coming to come get some close?”
“ I’ll be there in like a hour.”
She hung up, she never said bye. “Jacob how long exactly an I staying?”
“Two, Three weeks at the most.”
“But what about my dogs and Anna, Bryan, I don’t know and school starts in a month.”
He sat up on the bed and grabbed me by my waist, “ Babe, Duke and Ivy can stay here, Anna and Bryan are big kids and, Calm down.” I sighed and sat down next to him. “want to take me home so I can get some close?” I asked he smiled and stood up. We walked out side and it was raining Jacob took off his jacket and gave it to me. he drove me home and we both ran in to get out of the rain. When we walk throw the front door Duke and Ivy basically attacked us. “Down!” I yell and the instantly obey. “Give me a minute.” He nodded and I ran upstairs. Anna was awake watching T.V. “Hey Em…Where you going?”
“I’m staying at Jake’s for a little while.” I answer as I pack my bag. When I’m done, I started to walk out but I hear Anna chuckle,” What?” I said. “You look funny in that jacket.” I turned and looked in the mirror. Jacobs letterman’s football jacket looked big and over sized on me. I smiled at myself in the mirror, then turned and walk out when I got to the door I turned to Anna, “Bye Anna, love you.”
“Love you, too.” She replied with a smile. I walked down the stairs where my mom and Jake were talking. “Hey, Mom.” I said.
“Hey Honey, come here I have a surprise.”
I followed her into the kitchen and there was a bouncing Irish wolfhound puppy in a cage. “Oh mom, she so pretty.”
“He is so handsome.” I smiled at her and opened the cage and he came running into my arms. “Thank you, so much.”
“What’s his name?” she asks. “ I think im going to name him Shamis.”
I smiled at here one more time and she made breakfast, around noon we went back to the Pack house. When I walked into the house with the dogs the boys went crazy and so did the dogs. They jumped on the couch and licked them the boys loved it, Bear walks into the room and says, “So Em are you ready to start you training?”


Publication Date: 07-16-2010

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