Heroes of Tiananmen

   Heroes, you who had given your lives

for China you believed in, your China 

one of justice, dignity, free of misrule

in the embrace of the Heavenly sky

   Heroes, you the students who believed

China can be free, democratic

as elsewhere in the Free World

in the embrace of worldwide liberty

   Heroes, you on the Tiananmen Square

crashed down brutally on the 4th of June

with assault rifles and tanks, lots of blood

and against all human values dear to


   Heroes, unforgettable, forever to last

together with your Goddess of Freedom

which lasted only a few days before

being demolished

Goddess of Freedom, the sister of the

Statue of Liberty !!

   Heroes, you who fought for a new China

despite of some people saying disturbingly

China can never be democratic, no chance

On the contrary, democracy is for all !!

   Heroes, you the scintillating Soul of China 

who believed firmly and determinedly 

no nation can be denied liberty, freedoms

and dignity

Your soul, Soul of China is on the march !!

   Heroes, you the students of Tiananmen


the one of 1989 which moved hearts

of the entire nation, eternal hearts of love

Yes, freedom, love and brotherhood shall

win one day !

   Heroes, you were brutally crashed down 

on one early morning, at a peaceful dawn

with your blood and lives taken away

You're the monument of free China to

come !!

   Heroes, they used tanks and army against you

while you wanted just freedom innocently

and dignity for every single individual

Your cause is not dead, your cause is alive, 

more than ever !!

   Heroes, your '89 Heavenly Democracy


is written down in history of China

Kept in the soul of the nation forever, the Soul

of China

written down in China's chapters as finest ever

   Heroes, you shall be the winner in the end

and the Goddess of Freedom shall return

to her rightful place on the Tiananmen Square

both, under the bright Sun and the shimmering


   Heroes, know it the entire Free World tributes


You're part of the great family of nations

who chose for freedoms, liberty and dignity

You're written down in the annals of the world !!

Goddess of Freedom in all her shine

Goddess of Liberty at Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Tower of Babel

   Enigmatic Tower of Babel,

you, the one which is 

touching the sky.

You're a tribute to Noah's Ark.

and you're the evergreen Tree of Life,

fascinating and whirling,

breathtaking and juicy,

giving life forever

to the tunes of Bolshoi Theatre

and the Broadway Stage,

while a gust of wind

splashes a whirlwind

round the Earth.

   While the music of Beethoven

and Chopin, and Mozart,

engulfs the world

into a philharmony of all,

the divine one, of God.

No place is left behind:

neither New York's Manhattan

nor Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Neither streets of Tehran

nor Brussels, nor Paris.

Neither villages 

in the vicinity of the Tatras

nor the ones in Himalayas.

   Mesmerizing Tower of Babel,

a skyscraper which reaches

beyond the sky, to the heavens!

Tower of glass, silver and gold

fixed with ambers and diamonds

to dazzle the eyes of women,

to muster sparks of desire

inside men

and then the passion of love

in their women, their muses of beauty.

Love of pure light, fire and water

love fulfilled into elixirs of eternity.

The Tower of Babel,

the one of people 

from around the world.

The tower of variety

of languages

as different as people themselves.

   The tower of cultures,

of a tremendous mosaic 

of visions, and ideas, of desires.

The tower of world religions,

ideologies and systems.

The tower which says no 

to any clash of civilizations.

No, no, no! …

But the tower which preaches

principles of liberty,

which like the sunshine

should belong to all of us. 

   The echo spreads further and further,

and flies around the globe,

into every town and village, 

into each house, of the rich and the poor

No wars please, no blood!

Oh no, no no ! …

And the echo goes on and on.

Echo after echo, after echo…

The music is the one

of Les Miserables and of the Cats,

of the Phantom of the Opera…

Dancers dance wildly,

Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov,

Alexander Godunov,

Yekaterina Krysanova,

Pavel Dmitrichenko ...

Rio de Janeiro samba

is in full swing.

   People are dancing, Fátima, Elizabeth,

Mark, Ryan, John, Jahanshah...

Oh yes, the world goes round!

The Tower of Babel,

shiny outside, troubled inside.

The West and the East,

the European Union and China,

Americas, Asia and Africa.

The traumatic events,

the Arab Spring.

The sufferings of Iranian people 

under their ayatollahs.

For more than millennium! 

Nasrin Sotoudeh, 

the Iranian human rights lawyer

and mother of two small children

but still in prison!

What's for ?!

There are also other lawyers,

journalists, writers, ordinary people 

imprisoned despite being 


Oh, World, they are innocent! 

Ahmad Zeidabadi, Saeed Matinpour,

Arash Saghar, Abolfazi Abedini Nasr,

Mohammad Davari, Siamak Ghaderi, 

Kamal Sharifi, Masoud Bastani,

and so many others!

In hundred of thousands!

They just want a free Iran,

just a secular parliamentary democracy.

They want mullahs back in their mosques

and never again in politics.

They want freedom for all,

believers and non-believers. 

For Christians, Bahai's, Jews...

For all !! 

   Millions of Iranians were murdered 

since the emergence of the Islamic Iran. 

   "No more Ayatollah Khamenei,

no more mullahs!" 

There are heard angry shouts.

Yes, they have it enough!

They want freedom

now and only now!

Now, now, now !!

   An Iranian singer sings

with a brilliant voice. 

Oh, Neda, Shahla, Delara, Soraya, 

Innocent, the angels of Iran!

You who died young to be alive forever!

Being sunshine of Iran, and rain, and the


You, the queens of colors and sounds!

Oh yes! You will all be reborn

to witness Persia coming

out of the centuries' chains,

and out of the cracks in the walls of Iran,

via the Heavens Gate! 

And through those killing Sharia stones!

   Oh, Delara, the prisoner of colors!

Oh, Soraya, the angel of freedom!

Oh, Shahla, the muse of love!

Oh, Neda, an innocent victim!

Oh, Nasrin, the lawyer for human rights!

You are all tunes of the philharmonic music!

The Manifesto of Liberation of Women

and the gateway to a new life, wide open!

You are the new Iran, 

sparkling in the rays of stars!

Coming back to what belongs to you!

You, the reborn women of Iran! 

You, the lionesses of Iran !!

   The singer continues singing,

this time even louder,

with a voice which is touching the sky

as much as the Tower of Babel itself: 

Hey, Iranian women!

This is my tribute to you all.

Hey, Iranian women! 

Howling at the sunrise 

and crying at the sunset.

Hey, Iranian women!

You, the roses 

of the Iranian nation!

Hey, Iranian women!

Walking on streets

and paths full of thorns!

Hey, Iranian women!

Walking on floors

of your own houses,

filled with thorns!

Hey, Iranian women!

Crying up into the sky! 

And yet no one hears you!

   Hey, Iranian women!

You will never give up! 

You will change this country!

Hey, Iranian women! 

Your new Iran shows up on the horizon!

a free Iran and forever yours! 

   The singer sings it again,

even louder, divinely!

And then although he stopped

with his singing, 

there is echo and echo, 

and echo after echo...

His song spreads all over the world,

again and again, and again ...

We all know

there is no longer a place

for brutal dictatorships

which want to take away

the best what we can have,

something what is shining

in our minds and our selves,

like a star on a nightly sky,

and like a sun on a bright day,

our freedom!

Liberty !

   Then another Iranian, also a poet, 

begins to recite his poetry

about Sakineh Ashtiani

Everyone already knows 

she was sentenced

to be stoned to death,

like many other women before her. 

To a barbaric stoning, 

with thousands of stones 

until the last breath is gone

and all the stones are

in a colour of blood. 

Luckily, the world public

stood up in her defence 

and still watches over her. 

Thank you, the world! 


she is still imprisoned

and at risk as always

to be stoned to her death,

at the hands of 

medieval, Islamic regime.

The voice of the poet fills the air, 

like a philharmonic music on 

a ship dancing

to the movements

of the wild sea's tides.

   "Oh, Sakineh! You are our light

and we are your light!

Like all the burning candles

over the world!

Like all stars shining

in the universe!

Oh, Sakineh! You are our light

and we are your light!

Despite you lying

in a dark cell in your prison, 

so terribly dark, and cold,

and forever cursed!

But thanks to us

and our words of support for you 

in Facebook, on Twitter

and through our e-mails

you're still alive.

   Oh, Sakineh! You are our light

and we are your light!

You were born a simple woman,

and now you're a goddess, 

a symbol of all those innocent women 

whose lives were ended in prisons.

Nobody dares to bring a hand on you

as long as we care for you. 

You can be sure 

the angels of spirit 

swirl around you.

Be sure of it !

   Oh, Sakineh! You are our light

and we are your light! 

The present day is hard

but the future must be bright

in your country since ancient Persia,

your Iran!

No! The darkness 

can no longer be the ruler !

And yes, there must be

as many candles lit up

as there are women

in the whole of Iran

and around the world.

Like a statue of a woman!

A statue of a woman,

like an echo, forever!

   Oh, Sakineh! You are our light

and we are your light! 

   My thoughts are like lightning

in the sky,

spread to all the corners of the world.

What about Javid Houtan Kian,

the Sakineh's lawyer

thrown into jail, tortured ?

What about

the many other prisoners 

whose only "fault" was

the desire of freedom?

Must they pay so ruthlessly the price

for their love of their country?

The Shakespearean love, indeed !?

   What is their future?

In prison? For years? 

Or worse, to be hung?

What about victims

elsewhere in the world?

What about the Arab spring?

Is this a Copernican change?

Or just a prologue 

to yet another tyranny?

What about so many

other tyrannies? 

What about Pussy Riots,

the feminist rock group

jailed by a Russian court?

What about Asia Bibi,

a Christian woman in Pakistan

unjustly inprisonned 

for the so called blasphemy ?

What about Saeed Malekpour,

a Canadian behind bars in Iran?

What about Yulia Tymoshenko?

What about Byron Case,

jailed for life in the USA

despite being innocent?

What about Christian Copts

in Egypt,

living in a country

which deprives them of their rights?

What about Jews and Palestinians

in the twilight of treason?

Can't they live together

in their own secular country?

What about Bahai's in Iran

and elswhere?

What about Kurds, 

Tibetians as well?

What about Death Camps

in North Korea?

What about women

in the Middle East,

disregarded their entire lives?

   Oh, the scintilating Tower of Babel,

the one from every corner of Earth

to the heaven's heights.

Full of glass, silver and gold,

so wonderfully fixed with ambers

and the glistening diamonds. 

Sparkling through the mirrors

with the rays of the Sun 

and filled with dreams,

visions, desires, determination...

Overfilled at the same time

by the sea of blood, 

innocent blood down there

in the lands of Cain and Abel.

You, the one as alive

as are people

in every country of this world.

   Please, set fire to the rain

of the tyrannies… 

Don't let people suffer anymore!

And spread the elixir of light,

the light of freedom,

to all the needy

in this troubled world!

   Show us the path

towards liberty!

It's now or never!

Now or never !!

Yes, it's time to implant

sparks of freedom !

Oh, long live liberty!

Long live the Tower of Babel !!

United for Freedom


   Two bearded wizards met accidentally in

a mountain valley

under cloudless Colorado skies hanging

nicely from above

Both men were world recognized sorcerers

of outmost skills

cherished by some people enthusiastically

like megastars

greatly feared by others suspecting them

having links with


for their supernatural powers cos only God

could have them

   Both men were dressed strangely, in quite

long scarlet coats

Mimics on their faces looked uncommon, sort

of gallows humor

It was certain they didn't really like their

unexpected encounter

resembling more a boxing ring of two

heavyweight champions

than just a friendly meeting of two guys with

enormous powers

Neither of them was going to sing the blues.

They never did

   Just within seconds it got extreme tense but

they were masters

used to any swings and roundabouts, to even

swinging doors

Neither of them wished to even look at each

other, out of cockiness

the contenders despising each other for no reason

but their conceit

Both displayed their enchanted wands shining as

brilliantly as the Sun

glowingly erubescent, scintillating, luminescent

like a shooting star 

   Then just a fearful display followed which

looked like some firework

What one of the wizards envisioned became

a reality only to be replaced

by what another one envisioned, a display of

the stars falling down

It was no longer a mountain valley but new

places constantly changing

They seemed to have had some magical sets of

silver bullets

working the patterns of the world onto the right

ways, instantly

   Great weather patterns in all their hues and

hours of the clock

once resembling windy Wellington, turning then

into tropic Bangkok 

but pollution free, then Beijing, the Chinese capital,

also unpolluted

with a perfectly blue sky as if the Chinese

government did its work

concerning the environmental issues, then came

all the other places

of the global village, how much different from

what they are now !!

   The places changed, always shiny, effervescent,

on lands and seas

The Amazon rainforest in its intact state, pristine,

nature's symphony

biodiversity as it used to be hundreds years ago,

at its finest

Black people of Africa living in harmonious

societies, undisturbed

and all other people as well across the globe

sharing love and peace

no power struggle, no wars, no ruthless rule of

foreign powers

   What was most enigmatic in this encounter of

two brilliant wizards

the worlds they encountered were definitely

different than so far

emanating with soulfulness, bright winds of

change, healing everything

worlds in which men appreciated men, women

were equal, children happy

where nothing was more important than wellbeing

of every human being

The encounter looked like cello wars long ago in

a far away galaxy, indeed

   The wounded were healed in magical ways,

healthy again

the needed were assisted, the poor supported, all

treated brotherly

Every single place on the planet Earth was equally

cared for

There was a growing, mesmerizing evidence these

two enigmatic wizards

didn't play a game of the devil against God but

an angelic one

proving which one of them brought more goodness

upon the world

   The enchanted wands of the wizards were still

set in work

miracles happening after miracles, all the ways to

the heavenly skies

Planet Earth recovering fast, getting her energy and

vitality back

and then first signs of full recovery were appearing,


Our beloved planet was becoming back a healthy

one, staggeringly

free people, harmonious nature and biodiversity,

all flourishing

   The two bearded wizards finally stopped their

supernatural magics

They looked with admiration at each other, laughed


   ' Yes, my dear friend, I think we're built of the

same precious stone

doing everything we can do to change this world

for a better one '

the first magician said and extended his hand to

his new friend

   ' Yes, my dear friend, from now on we're together

in all this enterprise

more powerful than ever, united. ' - The other

magician answered courtly


   There were two young men with hangover 

sitting in a Greenwich Cafe of New York City

at the very heart of the Village, the artists' haven

They looked moodily as if caught by a storm

mysterious one, with dancing ghostly demons

Their faces expressed tints of deep-seated sorrow

   ' I know it quite good you cry deep within


unable to solve your problem, Romeo alike

I also know she was your muse, a goddess of


and it makes me feeling so much sorrowful for


I really share your suffering, my dear friend '

said one of them to another one, visibly shaken

   His friend looked up with dampened eyes

   ' She was my only beauty, my love greater

than life

with so many brilliantly sparkling tints 

on the heavenly canvas filled with stars

She was my beloved angel looking after me

my sweet protector, my sense of life, my only


   She was a swan with wings spread wide 

with nothing to hide and everything to show

a swan on the canvas of the sky above

reflected in the waters of a quiet lake

one performing a shining serenade of love

with a carousel of many hues and shades

   She was my everlasting support, my arm

a gentle pillar and though all powerful one

like all the pillars of the Acropolis of Athens

supposed to stay eternally, withstanding time

as part of me, she, my heavenly angel of love

Yet she's gone, no chance to have her back '

   ' Don't cry, my dear friend ', the other man


   ' I'm your pillar now, your best and caring


for as long as you need it, my dearest friend '

He took him in his very arms and held him so

for long minutes, stroking him gently on his arm

while strangers in the cafe looked curiously at



New York, New York


 Majestic New York, you, the Tower of Babel 

New York, New York, you, the Spectacle of Life

New York, New York, you, the Symphony of


New York, New York, my only City, my love

New York, New York, the City we all love

New York, New York, you, the jewel of all jewels

New York, New York, you, the everlasting Spring

New York, New York, majestic New York 

    Look at Manhattan, the Center of the Universe

fabulous beyond anything to say, breathtaking 

Look at Times Square, the World's Crossroads 

the hub of the Broadway theatre district

Look at the skyscrapers reaching heavens 

at the financial center in the Wall Street

the spectacular New York's Stock Exchange

at Manhattan's Chinatown, at the subway

at the Freedom Tower, the pearl of pearls

express your utmost wonder, delight yourself

See New Yorkers hurrying to their jobs

cheerful, optimistic, exuberant, self-confident

See a handsome man walking down the street

see a beautiful woman in red sitting on a bench

a shiny pearl among the busy human traffic

See him approaching her and gently kissing her

see them dancing their tango, the tango of love

among the yellow cabs and Manhattan limousines 

    Look at Central Park, the New York's lungs

and the godlike splendor of the nature there

emanating from all corners and at all seasons

in the very heart of marvelous New York City

Look at those millions of people, proud Americans

descendants from all corners of the globe

doing their best to be part of the American Dream

Oh, God bless America, God bless the whole

world !!

See happy and carefree kids in Central Park

playing with the plentiful rays from the Sun

and with palette of many shadows from Earth

in the full blown triumphant Summer around

and magnificent scents generated by the trees

What a splendid playground, a symphony it is

a heavenly music to the tunes of the Sun's harp

and yes, the Sun's trumpet, Sun's violin

the Sun's saxophone, all the divine Sun's tools

and of course, the Earth's piano as well

a music larger than life, at kids' hands

    Majestic New York, you, the Tower of Babel 

New York, New York, you, the Spectacle of Life

New York, New York, you, the Symphony of Love 

New York, New York, my only City, my love

New York, New York, the City we all love

New York, New York, you, the jewel of all jewels

New York, New York, you, the Summer's sunshine

New York, New York, majestic New York 

    See the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan

picturesque Queens and Staten Island

the jewels of America, of the world as much

See the Hudson River 

emptying into Upper New York Bay

Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees

the Bronx Zoo, the world's largest metropolitan


the John F. Kennedy International Airport

Thousand and one wonders, indeed

Once New Amsterdam, turned New York City

shining like the Sun on a brightest day

and like shimmering stars at quiet nights

like the exctasy of men and women in love

a pearl in the crown of America, indeed

kept safely in the claws of the American hawk

Look at all those busy people of New York yet


making their dreams come true 

Oh, New Yorkers, New Yorkers

you're the vanguard of the world !

You're shooting for the stars !!

    New York City, you're our Ode to Life

you're our everlasting Bell of Life

our Dreamland which came true

our Highway to Heavens, a reborn Soul

our Happy End at our final Crossroads

the brilliant diamond, amber and emerald

You're mesmerizingly All American 

a hauntingly fabulous Mirror of the World 

and the shining Jewel of the Free World

Oh, New York, the true Tower of Babel 

my love, our love, forevermore !!

Let's finally look at the Statue of Liberty 

whoever you are

She's our Light as much as New York is

reminding us every single moment of our lives

freedom is what counts 

and what is worth to strive for

The Statue of Liberty 

standing there triumphantly

at the gate to everlasting New York City

    Majestic New York, you, the Tower of Babel 

New York, New York, you, the Spectacle of Life

New York, New York, you, the Symphony of


New York, New York, my only City, my love

New York, New York, the City we all love

New York, New York, you, the jewel of all jewels

New York, New York, the Fall's and Winter's


New York, New York, majestic New York

Twilight or not

   Twilight of my being

twilight of my life

twilight of my heart

twilight of my soul

twilight of my mind

twilight of everything I am

   And how not to shiver

how not to fall down

into an abyss

of the Titans

to destroy oneself

and get in peace

with the twilights 

I am dealing with

   But why not 

the other way round ?

Goodness of my being

sunshine of my life

strong, pulsating heartbeat

my soul an elixir of life

my mind demanding

wanting more and more

me going for it all


till I am sure I have done

everything I wanted

till with my last breath 

I am at peace 

with myself

and the world

   I search to the core

of my mind and my soul

I look at this world

at people around

and I discover

the starship of it all

freedom, of course

freedom of the individual

and liberty of us all

   I look through 

a window of a plane

flying high at night

there are stars 

shining and shimmering

far there away above me

but also far there under me

on the continents

the plane is just passing

and I discover yet again

we, people, are also stars

on our Earth

in our Milky Way galaxy

and the whole Universe

   We are part 

of the God's design

part of the many dimensions

the known ones

and the unknown ones

God's Touch

   It's like a dance with wolves

like a vicious circle

round us and deep inside us

to the core of one's mind 

and the deepness of one's soul

   We never know

who we are

or better say

sometimes we know



Publisher: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG

Text: Thaddeus Hutyra
Images: Thaddeus Hutyra
Editing/Proofreading: Thaddeus Hutyra
Publication Date: 06-05-2014
ISBN: 978-3-7368-1806-4

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