Meaning of Life


   We ask many times in our lives

what is the sense of life

being so often lost

in the complexities of life.

   Our lives are as the seasons of nature

transcendence upon transcendence

changes upon changes

wings of time upon wings of time.

   The wheel of life as the wheel of nature

and as the wheel of time

everything is enthralling battle

for the meaning of life.

   One asks where love stands in all of it

is love a champion or a loser ?

When one watches the lovers

kissing gently on the meadows full of lilies

and daisies

or within magnetic, city crowd

one is sure love is though the champion.

   The questions nonetheless are lingering

drinking coffee and thinking

how can I enrich my life

and fulfill it.

   Well, dear ladies and gentlemen

the meaning of life for any individual

is somehow the personal feeling

of the achieved goals.


Guardians of Love


   In the ethereal universes of love

there are special rules

Heart is on the pedestal

everyone’s heart, loving heart.

   We are guardians of love

travelling with the speed of love

across our universes, the universes of love.

   There are no wars

in the universes of love

no greed, no rules of the gun

but love, only love, soul-soaring love.

   We are guardians of love

bathing in the sounds of love

in the symphonic orchestra of starry love.

   Fragrant petals of love

are falling on our entwined bodies

our lips penetrating furthest routes

of our bodily universes.

   We are guardians of Universe

one that is the empire of love

one spreading across our bodies and souls.

   O, never let me out of your gate of love

never stop caressing me with your hands

let your lips stay on me

I want it forevermore !

   We are guardians of love

in the spasms of our orgasms of love

creating new universes, the ones of love.


Symphony of New York


There is a charming goddess in my life, one of
my love
enchanting one of such unearthly, crystalline beauty
that when she walks out with me, with all her

all the birds there are yet left are singing song
of love.

Every time we stroll in enthralling Manhattan
alongside the Hudson river and Atlantic shores
walking in ravishing Central Park or just sitting in
a cafe
there is heard song of love all over New York City.

The symphony of our love, of our two hearts
echoes from a skyscraper to a skyscraper, to all
and the whole New York City becomes a final
one of love and only of love, of our loving hearts
O play the symphony of New York, play to our
turn all New York City into the symphony of love.

O Lord, my Lord, how I am sincere thankful to
You brought such beauty into my life, captivating
the woman I love with all my heart, my passionate
she is my lover, my meaning of life, my very life.

O Lord, my Lord, great are your gifts greater
than life
What would I do without her, my sweetheart
how miserable would be the world without
wonders as her ?!
O sing angels, play the symphony of love !

The symphony of our love, of our two hearts
echoes from a skyscraper to a skyscraper, to all
and the whole New York City becomes a final
one of love and only of love, of our loving hearts
O play the symphony of New York, play to our
turn all New York City into the symphony of love.


O Lord, my Lord

   O Europe, my Europe

you, the old world

the garden of sparkling democracies

of skyrocketing freedoms

I tribute you !

   O America, my America

you, the new world

the fountain of freedoms

radiating to all points of the world

I tribute you as well !

   O World, my World

you, the motherly Earth

still much in thorns of tyrannical rule

and disregard of human rights

I cry for you !

   O Lord, my Lord

you, God of all faiths, for all people

with your umbrella of infinite light

and the melodies of the Heavens

I pray to you, my Lord.

   O Europe, O America

O World, O Almighty Lord

May our lives

shall be ultimate symphony

of music attached to you, my Lord.


Never weather-beaten

   Every time I look deep into your irises

sparklingly diamond alike

with all hues of crystalline greenness

I have impression

I enter the infiniteness of the Universe

becoming a cosmic adventurer

even a guardian of the Universe

with all the beauty of your inner worlds.

   You are my perfection letting me forget

all those metaphysical and existential worries

I would die on the spot in a despair

if I had to accept anything

what is centered on the notion

from ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Who wants to end like this ?!

   By loving you I was baptized into the infinity

one of hearts on fire, of love forever

I shall never forget

neither your craving body nor your as craving


your features mirrored in the flames of

the candle at our home

your silhouette when running away from

tornado’s stormy whirl

your luxuriant looks on the tides of embittered


of you, never fearful goddess of mine.

   Love is our torch of happiness, never expiring

love is the candle of flame in our bedroom

love is our amulet we never can lose

never ever, my goddess, my light of

the infiniteness

one that never can get weather-beaten

If only for you I shall never be afraid

to pass away in my old age

for I know we are two halves turned one whole


we are Oneness.

   What do we know about the Heavens ?

What do we know about the Lord ?

The Heavens actually can exist in our parallel


that we enter without knocking at the door

when our souls are freed from our bodies

and surely souls of any living beings

Have thus respect to all living creatures, ladies

and gentlemen

There is more than only the brain in us

something else what connects us to the strings

of the Universe

partially light, partially some sort of magnetism

partially some God’s particle ...

Is it soul ? …

The one that will let us stay together

in our afterlife ?

   Well, our love can never get weather-beaten

Strolling now, hand in hand, in a beautiful park

where squirrels have fun without bothering

with us

When the time shall come to say goodbye

we shall stroll in the bays of paradise,

unconcerned with anything.

   O, my princess, one shining in the rays of

the Sun

and in the moonshine when drinking wine

say, what would I do without you

I think I would be just a stone without you

nothing but stone, no life at all.


Alley of Stars


   In the alley of stars

within the universes of our own

love is the goddess we cheer

all the time from the cradle to death.

   In the alley of stars

there is the symphonic orchestra

bringing to life music of love

out of symphonic rays of love

evolving from the starry fields

of our inner universes.

   Must I be Einstein to prove

that God=love, love=God

that God= majority + minorities

and not only majority ?!

The Lord’s unwritten rule

and His embrace of all minorities

His love and only love.

   No matter what happens

love is the champion

no matter what are the adversities

love beats them all

no matter what are the contradictions

love once again gets the upper hand.

   Love is the tango of lovers

ready to get onto their own alley

the soul-soaring, starry alley of love

Love are the mother’s emotions

when holding just a newborn baby

and father’s overwhelming pride

at having built his own family nest.

   I found you there in your own universe

on its outskirts, in the complete darkness

You were crying, not expecting anyone could

witness it

How you felt embarrassed I guess

when you realized

I witnessed your emotional outpouring

and your tears releasing your own demons.

   Not that you are unhappy

not that you are drowning in your own dramas

no, that bad it is certainly not

Yet from time to time

we all are flooded by seas of emotions

or even oceans of emotions

in our vast universes.

   In the alley of stars

within the universes of our own

there are wonders upon wonders

bathing us all the way

into the starry strings of happiness

and petals of love that never cease to appear

with all their celestial scents

the undying love

in the everlasting life.

   We are dancing together

entwined as much as it only can

embraced by our bodies, our arms

fueled by our fiery hearts

easily crossing from dimensions to dimensions

by our own souls

holding each other by hand.

   In the alley of stars

our own stars

we are dancing throughout our lives

till eternity, our own one

being dedicated

to our amaranthine love.


Deeply in Love

   On the crossroads of supernal universes

where no souls ever sleep

on the shores of the nightly skies

where the brilliant stars ceaselessly are dancing

in the sparkling shadows of New York city lights

where romances are the lovely features

I finally met you, my love

and am not going to lose you

never ever, believe me, my love.

   There were millions of dreams

countless sleepless nights

despairs echoing in the waters of the Atlantic

swearing on all the pharaohs and their pyramids

calling out ghosts of the past, present and future

by trying to cause death of my memories

feeling myself at times being locked in the bottle

I earlier emptied due to my mental drunkenness

How many bottles there were, Heavens only


me being a castaway on stormy waters

too often to remember the agonies of mine.

   The luck wanted you showed up in my life

Aphrodite born from sea waves, sea tides

All my despairs, cries, sufferings

instantly ended up, killing the past echoes

with the locked suitcase thrown overboard

I had you and your splendid, sexy body

your eyes of the skies, your maturated lips

for myself only from then on

with all your endless, Venus alike attributes

causing fires of pleasures and ecstasies

in me, your rebel lover, rebel heart.

   You are now in my arms, a celestial beauty

my charming lady I trust as nobody else

Your beauty are the serenades of the oceans

outstretched wings of the soaring eagles

images of lust in the eyes of jealous guys

You’re my queen, my belle of our love’s ball

I am your lover, rebel lover, deeply in love.

   Promise me, my love

you shall never ever leave me

for if you did it

I would cease to exist

becoming simply nothingness

not even grain of the sand of the time

not even a string of the daily light

not even a hint of the soul, of me

the loving you rebel lover, rebel heart.


Inner Bells of Love

   O goddess, O love, my only love, Zorro’s mask

no more

I tribute you with all my heart, the heart of

a gentleman

No longer games, that stupid games

let flourish our love, without any hesitations

What counts it is you and me, nobody else

may all those jealous guys and witches burn

out !

   O babe, my babe, all my inner bells are ringing

when I see you running to me

O princes, my princess, all my inner bells

are singing

when we both are turning into a living sculpture

of two lovers in their arms, in the wings of love.

   What we are through is not a cupboard love

but a purity of love from our hearts

I am convinced and am ready to swear

we shall always be dropping love bombs on each


to the tunes of our inner bells

never stopping ringing in ourselves.

   Some are lucky at cards, unlucky though

in love

but you and me, my babe, choose only love

our sweet and amaranthine love

never ever ceasing, never really expiring

endlessly burning wild, the torch of love.

   The course of true love never did run smooth

the Shakespearean drama, indeed

Our love is though triumphant, with trumpets

of love

all the way to the high skies

and assisted by our inner bells ringing wild.

   Be bewildered, be amazed a thousand

of times

at the reaches of our inner bells

all the bells of Allan Edgar Poe

plus the amber and diamond bells

the bells of our hearts and our souls

the finely threaded bells of our love.

   Every time I see you running to me with open


I fall head over heels in love

my inner bells ring loud

and are heard among starry paths

I guess the same is happening to you, my babe

for when hanging on my arms

you whisper you are burning wild from your


   There is a say that when the wolf comes in

at the door

love creeps out of the window

but can it ever happen to me and you

when I am your prince and you are my

princess ?!

We are not going to lose any sleep over it

for we know we are invincible lovers.

   And you my dear readers, all of you my


do not worry too much, get instead in action

wear your heart on your sleeve

and let your heart rule your head

Do not let love wait too long for you.

   Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder

your needs for love are as important

just let your inner bells ring

to the chosen one of you, chosen for life

May your inner bells ring and ring, and ring ...


Amulet of Lovers


   I am the butterfly of the meadows

dancing on the dance floor of the Sun

I am the light streaming out of love

and out of our deeply pulsating hearts.

   I am the effervescent hue of colours

from within the dancing rays of the Sun

and from among the dew drops

out of the rainbow after the rain.

   I am the deep howling sound

from wolves attracted to one another

the murmuring leaves deep in the woods

where no heart, no soul was ever.

   I am carefree prattle of birds in savanna

unafraid of giraffes with their long necks

I am the interstellar sounds

in the far ends of the Universe.

   I am the dancing queen among kings

I am the goddess on her throne

for everyone who desires me

I am just love, the amulet of lovers.


Talisman of Love


   You know you’re the wonder of the world

the splash of smiles from the starry rays

the features of your face so beautiful

I am falling in love at once.

   You know when you look at me

I am bathing in symphonic sounds

coming deep into my mind and heart

from all the dimensions of newly discovered


   You know you rock me even with your one


and your sweet movements borrowed from

the stars

Everything of you is a pure perfection

nothing bad to take out or good yet to add.

   You know you’re the melody of melodies

my talisman for life, one of love

What else can I add when the whole world

have already formed library of love about

you ?!

   O my dear, you’re my garden of beauty

my morning full of dance of love’s light

my daylong endless fable, day after day

my nightly adventures across the Universe.

   Nothing else can compare to you, my dear

I am your prince holding onto your amulet

of love

and you are my princess on the dance floor

of the starry fields with music from all the stars

And you know, my love, your amulet of love

is the key to our everlasting love, till eternity.


Alpha & Omega

   There was a time, splendid one

when we were together

for all times to come I guessed

Songs of pharaohs of love

let us fly in the winds.

   There came a shock one day

when I realised

you were away, no longer with me

quite suddenly, like a bubble no more

and only devils burst their sides with laughter.

   What before was life

sparkling with expressions of happiness

all the way to the stars

afterwards was it lying in the grave

while buried alive.

   I became sort of a vampire

in my lonely nights

transforming myself into a werewolf

or a howling wolf subsequently

in the twilight hours.

   My life was living in the darkest ever jungle

of the subtropical rainforest

somehow turned into a Martian landscape

where nothing what green could be seen

nothing but charred trees, dead predators

with only cobras and anacondas

sharing the rule with the demons of the dead


and zigzagging through skeletons

of everything what once was alive.

   By the day I was as much the living dead

one with Jack Daniel’s in my hand

at every hour of the daylight

looking grim, bursting with envy

anytime I saw a beauty with a guy.

   The people who knew me

were whispering among themselves

I am the dead shadow

of once alive man

who used to beam with energy

borrowed from the Sun and the stars.

   The story would end in a tragic way

if not some luck’s fortune one day

I met a beauty so splendid

all my bad memories vanished at once.

   We became lovers ever since

always side by side

Day and night, always in love

with our hearts, pulsating hearts

the stars of our inner universes

belonging to us and only to us.

   The Sun came back to my life

with it all the lights of the world

and all the sounds there can be

the philharmonic display of the rays

in their own symphonic music

jaguars sprinting across savannahs

lions having a break under crowned trees

lovers holding each other in arms

to the tunes of the music of the day and night

ceaseless music of love

the fountain of love and life

Alfa and Omega of the universes

all the inner universes within the Universe.

   O princess, my princess, my love

you’re the one who saved my life

I am your prince from now on

holding onto amulet of love

the one that you are, my princess

Your lips are my talisman and the key

to your inner universes, my goddess, my love.



   Amulet of lovers

is not necessarily what you think

neither a diamond ring on your finger

nor ornamental necklace of jewels on your neck

nor the most expensive watch.

   Amulet of lovers

is your psychic heart

pounding deep to the tunes

of your deepest desires

and to the cosmic rays of energy.

   Amulet of lovers

is the amaranthine unity

between you and God, the Lord, and His design

dancing in all the intensity

of all the universes there are.

   Amulet of lovers

is you and she, your princess

or you and he, your prince

both embraced by the smiles and shines

of your both selves.

   Amulet of lovers

is the complete affection and devotion

on the altar of your both lives

turning into one life of accepted diversity

the mornings with divine scents of coffee

the days of the dance of your kisses

the nights of fulfilled love.

   Amulet of lovers

is you and the one dearest to your heart

the very shine from your heart

equaling the brightest of stars

in your inner Universe

your love as infinite

as anything what is infinite.

   O lovers, the starry lights of our universes

angels of our paradises

how I tribute you, O lovers !

May love sweeps across the world

to all the corners of our Earth

and to the far ends of our universes

You are the guardians of love, O lovers !


Heart on Fire

   Hey lovers, bring toast to our love

for we join the ranks of your army

the army of perpetual, fiery love

and lovers on the dance floor of heart.

   Hey lovers, don’t ever stop loving

even if life seems to be toadfish at times

go on with the rhythms of heart

make it greatest dance and trance music ever.

   Heart on fire, my dear, one of love

on the dance floor of our passions

Heart on fire, my princess, one of love

a shooting star of a rocket of love

all the way to the Universe of love

You’re my goddess, my love, my heart.

   Hey lovers, those who stand in the way

just hold with iron hand, have them on toast

make sure love is the glorious winner

no matter what, the champion, one of heart.

   Hey lovers, make sure your love is fulfilled

all the 360 degrees and beyond if needed

till you can say everything was accomplished

you, the soldiers of love with the task done.

   Heart on fire, my dear, one of love

on the dance floor of our passions

Heart on fire, my princess, one of love

a shooting star of a rocket of love

all the way to the Universe of love

You’re my goddess, my love, my heart.


Love Vibrations

   He was the emperor, beloved by all

she was a woman from a lower caste

so astonishingly beautiful, her beauty shining

far beyond her earthly environments

but wrongly so, she was untouchable, from

a lower caste

They were a would be match made in heaven.

   None of them was allowed even to touch

to even speak with a gentle voice

They were guardians of universe, the lovers

through the starry paths evolving from their


their only love chances and romances

They knew they fell head over heels in love.

   Although he was the emperor, almighty it


the immemorial laws of the land were holly

never to be mismanaged in any other way

than as they were supposed to be interpreted

somehow the curse on those left behind

a negation of love with all of one’s heart and


   One day slowly transforming itself into

the night

he ran into human throng, in the guise of

a beggar

what earlier she did, too, waiting now for him

They had to meet, no matter what

their love too strong to deny it

They had had a magic crush on one another.

   He was standing there in the labyrinth of mob

caught by the demons’ chains breaking

his hands

he, the emperor turned thief of morality

with all those enigmas of his own mind

lacerating both, his mind and body

he, who has fallen head over heels in love with


   Then she appeared before him

a beauty he swore he never saw before

Love vibrations made their ways both ways

first from their eye contact

then by falling into each other’s arms

Love vibrations that took their breaths away.

   Ever since then they met only in secrecy

of their secret meetings nobody knew about

he, the emperor, she, the woman from a lower


both the lovers larger than life

The course of true love never did run smooth

but they proved their love was forevermore

’tis better to have loved and lost

than never to have loved at all.

   And so the emperor and the woman from

the lower caste

are finally together in all the shine there, in

the heavens.


Wings of Love

   Wings of love can bring us

onto meadows where butterflies only fly

onto the savannahs where giraffes can be seen

and elephants, lions from time to time

the nature crowned in her perfect beauty.

   Wings of love can bring us

to the most bizarre city lights

Los Angeles with the Hollywood Hills

New York City with its Manhattan

Wellington with Mount Victoria

Berlin and its Brandenburg Gate.

   Wings of love can bring us

to the far galaxies and their stars

unimaginable new worlds

one never ever dreamt about

making of us the star born guardians

with finest wings of boundlessness

flying us to the eternity and beyond.

   I will reveal to you, my babe

I am most happy with you

feeling a prince in the golden carriage

a gentleman in his Lamborghini

a president of the nation

called all the sparks of love.

   Believe me, your presence in my life

is your sweetest gift I can have

one with petals of passions

and all their shades of love

descending upon us

the two eternal lovers

on the wings of love.

   May the wings of love, my Lord

wings of tolerance, wings of freedoms

wings of human rights

of individual souls

whatever other wings of goodwill

embrace us all, my Lord.

   Wings, wings, wings, wings of love

dancing wings, flying wings

playing wings, singing wings

wings of love embracing us

caressing and healing us
     with all the elixirs there can be

Wings, wings, wings, wings of love.


Conquerors of Hearts

   Princess, we are conquerors of hearts, of your


loving you with all passion there is in our hearts

Babe, we are your sublime lovers

swirling in the vortex of your love

till you are done with a thousand of ecstasy


   We are crescending to the core of your love

with all the expertise of love there is

No one is so good as we are in conquering


precisely the modus operandi of what we are for

we, the supreme conquerors of longing hearts.

   No matter how far you are, O princess

no matter what are the obstacles

we do find you and love you

with a cosmic intensity, one of pure sex

we, the conquerors of love, your love, O babe.

   The song is only one when we are with you

   - ‘ conquer my heart ‘ - you sing it out

conquer my heart is your body’s song too

exposing all its beauties, all its lines

The song of love leading us to the final climax.

   We are the conquerors of hearts, O goddess

and you are the one begging to conquer your


Goddess or not, princess or not, whoever

you are the woman we wish to love

we, the conquerors of hearts, of your heart.

   Our love endeavors are endless, a holly task

chagrin is alien to us, as any problems

What matters is the crescendo of your


one with your final climax, your ecstatic yell

of bliss

for we are conquerors of hearts, of your heart.

   Wow, we are the lovers, gentlemen of pure


bringing happiness to every athirst lady

One call and we are coming, your sweet


better than all dreams taken together

we, the conquerors of hearts, of your heart,

O lady !



   Golden hair, golden dress

golden body on the catwalk

She, the goddess of hearts

goddess of joy and dance

under the starry skies.

   How much joyous time

we have been together

endless moments of love

tender kisses on the dance floor

sweet whispers in our ears.

   She was always there

when I needed her

in the bright, airy mornings

symphonic middays

garden smelling evenings.

   We danced till late hours

on the terrace of our home

Petals of roses were swirling

in the air around us

falling then lovely on the floor.

   On midnight hours

she, my goddess

took me by hand

and brought to our bed

wings of lovemaking were next.

   When finally there was time

to let ourselves go

into sleep full of dreams

I looked at her, my goddess

quite a long time yet.

   Never was my fascination away

never my trust in her gone

She was the goddess on the catwalk

of our own life

she, my wife, my rebel heart.



   What is most important in life

say it to me, babe, don’t shy away with it

Flames of love ?

Mountains of money ?

Buying time and everything else ?

Idyllic, angelic life on the bosom of nature

far away from the noises of civilisation

that is polluting our very lives and Earth ?

   What would I do without you, my babe

without your flames of love

engulfing me

with the wings of angel

your wings, my goddess ?

   What would I do, my love

without having money, be happy as Larry

without having a decent job

one mirroring my qualifications ?

For I know you would not accept a man

without a diploma, without a job

without any life chances and expectancies

one falling down to the bottom of the ladder.

   If I asked you to go with me

to places where no human soul ever was

not even howling wolfs

no demons, no phantoms

not even Internet

would you go there, my babe ?

Would you share such destiny with me, my

love ?

   We would witness all the marvels of nature

the pure one, my dear sweetheart

the beauty of the environment

majestic mountains reaching Heavens

skyrocketing hawks and eagles

birds singing us at all moments of our life

time not existing, everlasting

for we would last forever.

   Symphony of the nature

but also harsh life

Would you accept it, my darling?

How many times

I asked the same question to myself

and my answer was

   ‘ yes, I would do it, for our love. ‘

   The flames of love would be our home

your silky skin my endless desire

you yourself my bottomless elixir

tasting better than Californian wines

Lovers would we be

till the last days and the last breaths

sending us then to eternity.

   Life is complex, my dear

love perhaps even more

although I am of opinion

nothing is more complex than life.

   To those lost in complexities of life

my advice is make sure

you have got your diploma

the foundation of you

rocking you further in your life and love



Femme Fatale

   You are my starship, I am your warrior

You are my shimmering star

I am your lover at your feet

You are my everlasting Spring

I am your babe to play with

till the very morning hours.

   Dance, dance my dear babe

dance till we have it enough

Fill me with your love, my babe

more sweet than bees honey

Dance, dance my dear babe

to the tunes of House and Techno

You’re my femme fatale, I’m your man.

   You are my model on a catwalk

I am your loving designer

You are my seductive vamp

in mysterious twilight shadows

I am your blood thirsty vampire

innocent, in my dreams only.

   Dance, dance my dear babe

dance till we have it enough

Fill me with your love, my babe

more sweet than bees honey

Dance, dance my dear babe

to the tunes of House and Techno

You’re my femme fatale, I’m your man.

   You are my cosmic outer world

which I try to get to via the Black Hole

I am only your Milky Way Galaxy

longing to you feverishly, my femme fatale

Your charms and allure ensnare me

the moonshine at a midnight hour.

   Dance, dance my dear babe

dance till we have it enough

Fill me with your love, my babe

more sweet than bees honey

Dance, dance my dear babe

to the tunes of House and Techno

You’re my femme fatale, I’m your man.


Champions of Love

   Champions, O champions, magic champions

of love

sweet champions of love, the rebel lovers, rebel


may your love is being driven till eternity, and

even longer

never ever really enough for we all wish to be

champions of love !

   Love at dawn is magic, so much the breakfast

of champions

as fiery love at the dusk’s supper of champions

further holding onto the moonlight of the night

Whatever demons there are they are on the lose

and the lovers are free to engage in the full love.

   Who does not want to be a champion, one of


with hearts and everything else on wings of love

Love is the eagle flying high in the skies

and champions of love are skyrocketing even


   Every champion knows there is an ace in

the hole, hidden in him

making him invincible if he is determined

His opponents fear him for he knows how to

beat them

their Achilles’ heels matter of fact fully revealed

to him.

   True lovers are champions of love their whole


through thick and thin as the proverbs tell it

Never star-crossed lovers but the true lovers

champions of love, its defenders, masters of


   Let’s walk on lovers’ lane, one of the starry


among the displays of the nature’s best

Whether on the meadows, with butterflies

around you

or in a big town with sparkling city lights

your love is always a dance among the cosmic


   Love is the honey sweeping through

the lovers’ bodies

drinking each other’s nectars undiscovered so far

he, deep in her, wanting deeper and deeper,

and deeper

and she pushing him into the spasms of the

love’s black hole.

   Nothing is really comparable to the true love

nothing can beat that continuous music of love

when lovers whisper sweet nothings in ear

feeling as if they were the champions of love,

and they are !

   No man can really serve two masters,

whatever masters

don’t waist then time between love and hate,

and jealousy

choose for the true love, become a champion

of love

You will be awarded in the end, fulfilling your


for you will be your own master, the lover at

your best.

   O lovers, my dear lovers, don’t waist your


run outside, turn your dreams into the reality

change your inner darknesses into

effervescent light

let your inner demons go, become champions

of love !

   Champions, O champions, magic champions

of love

sweet champions of love, the rebel lovers,

rebel hearts

may your love is being driven till eternity, and

even longer

never ever really enough for we all wish to be

champions of love !


Defenders of Love

   We are defenders of love, with magics of love

whisperers on behalf of our dreamy hearts

making sure no harm is being done

to all lovers faithful to to the true love.

   Ghosts of Adolf Hitler go to Hell

there is no place on Earth for you

No place at all except in the deepest Hell

where no soul ever is saved, never ever.

   Ghost of whatever demons there were

deep in history of humanity

and in our own past, not always proud

go away, O demons, never come back !

   We are defenders of love

of men and women tenderly loving

never letting passions go

and on the contrary, making use of them.

   Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, you are soon

in the same place as all other servants of the


Lucifer will deal with you, sure of it !

There must be though eternal punishment

for those perpetrating evil.

   Why all those vicious ideologies

nazism, communism, Islamism ?

Don’t they know the simple truth

freedoms and respect of minorities

are the God’s design ?!

   We are defenders of love

on all fields of love there are

Never shall we stop in our striking back

angels are behind us, the defenders of love !

   Believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen

God’s true design is one of acceptance of


for He created them all

alongside of those who form majority.

   Wrong are thus all those who hijack their


and enforce the rules

free of any minorities

God is though= majority + minorities, amen.

   We are the defenders of love

for all those in need of love

We, the champions of love

we, the guardians of love !


Soldiers of Love

   In the many universes of love

deep in our hearts and beyond

there are soldiers of love

guarding us, the lovers

Love is blind, love begets love

and this is what is beautiful about love.

   No matter what happens

soldiers of love are there

No matter how far, even at furthest places

soldiers of love are coming on time

our defenders, our champions

soldiers of love, our angels.

   Amulets of love that every lover owns

are being closely guarded

and treasured by soldiers of love

the soldiers of fortune, the one of love

Love can not be just once in a blue moon

love can always, love must always.

   Dreams and passions

breathed out by lovers

the communication of their love

is expressed by soldiers of fiery heart

busy in our networks of love

making sure everything is fine.

   Our love is a special orchestra

out of the rays of the Sun and the stars

sounding with various tones, the tones of love

deep inside our inner universes

where the starships of love fly

among waterfalls of sounds of love.

   Our love is our soulful internet of love

stimuli of love fast running across our universes

with the speed of love

getting to the addressee with a thunder, one of


Interconnections of love

are densest ever.

   Our love are not only our inner universes

our love are also our external universes

mingling of universes with universes

in the labyrinths of lovers

whether walking in the Hyde Park of London

or any other lovable place in the world.

   Sweet is love, amaranthine love

among lovers dancing on the meadows

and cosmic starry paths at the same time

guarded by the soldiers of love

Love, the goddess and the servant

for all the lovers, bathing in love.

   O soldiers, formidable soldiers of love

you simply, the purity of love

caring for us

making of us eternal lovers

feeling safe and confident

we are tributing you, O soldiers of love !

   May the orchestra of love, symphonic one

in all the universes of love

plays the music of love

greater than life


the music of love till eternity !


Souls and Bells

   Souls are bathing in the Lord’s Light

among bees on the flowered meadows

where serenity is the serenade

undisturbed by the noises of the civilisation

   Souls are gracing in the Lord’s Charm

in the New York’s skies

where all the bells are soul-soaring

reminding us we belong to the Lord

   Souls are perpetual travellers



Publisher: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG

Text: Tadeusz Hutyra
Publication Date: 08-08-2015
ISBN: 978-3-7396-0890-7

All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to my girlfriend, my friends and all my readers.

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