Impeccable Timing

Hearts that meet and find the hidden secrets
that bridge the gap that once separated us.

Ready for the love you give to me.
You hold me close as if you haven’t seen me in years.

Take me in your hand.

It feels so good to be near you
-to feel you
-to kiss you
-to breathe you

You make me exhale the happiness that once captured my own existence.
I want to share the way I feel and express the feelings that once lay hidden in my heart.

I am ready—for you.

As One..

I await the moment when we are as one.

I will not allow you to become victim to the factors
that cause you to question your life.

I will not allow you to surrender to the negativity
of your surroundings that cause you to become
depressed over what might be.

I will not allow you to be overcome with the guilt
that causes others to triumph.

I will allow you to be whole free and experience me.

A Sonnet for You
-The Love of My Life

Tell me: What you want how you feel where you want to be…
Show me: How you love when you express how you truly feel for me.
Listen: When I call your name feel your skin, and whisper my thoughts to you.
Relax: As I hold you close, touch you softly and breathe your essence so true.
Enjoy: The way you touch my smooth brown glistening skin that seems to melt with every stroke you give.
Realize: How your body responds to the gently touching as our bodies melt as one to live.
Gain: Peace of mind as you close your eyes and truly embrace the moments of love between us.
Smile: As you give to me your every essence of love-make me feel the fullness of your passion-nothing separates us.
Breathe: A sigh of relief when you have touched a part of me that only you can explore.
Understand: I am where I want to be, I am yours, and I will love you ever more.

Soft Winds

Soft winds blow through the trees,
gently caressing each leaf.

The seconds tick away slowly,
as if time could stand still.

The morning dew glistens on each rose petal like diamonds tossed underneath my feet.

With each passing moment in your arms,
I see the smallest of things that make me realize just how special life can be.

My Desire

Strong and straight forward.

Soft and gentle.

Warm and compassionate.

Thoughtful and kindhearted.

Smiles and funny faces.

Touches and caresses.

Kisses and hugs.

Squeezing and laughter.

Tears and fears.

Sighs of relief.

Moments of thought.

Hopes and dreams.

Memories of the past-Plans for the future.

Peace of Mind

I think of you all the time.

Many times I get lost in my search
for closure on my life trials.

I lose focus on what really matters in life.

You have been there every step of the way
to see me through my toughest trials.

Always being there to hold my hand,
Help me stand even when I couldn’t go on.

Being forever my friend
soul mate.
You give me peace of mind.

I Can or Can I?

I can hear your heart,
your every breath,
your voice,
your laugh,
your hurt and pain.

How can I begin to create the life you want,
you deserve,
you desire

How can I give you everything you want?
Can I ever fill your every desire?
Is it fruitless to even try?

Am I a fool for wanting more and more
but yet acknowledge my fear?

Loneliness is the biggest obstacle-
I must face alone.

Even though I am surrounded by others-
I am still alone.

Until I saw You

I never knew what I missed …
Until I saw you.
I told you over and over again-
How I feel – never wanting anything more
When I saw you.
I know I longed to be near you
But how much I never knew-
Until I saw you.

From Our Point of View

Others don't understand…
I see the picture.
This is what we saw,
what we shared.
We can share pictures-
But we see them
through our eyes.
When we touch lives
they are not there
but they see.
I wish they could see
the love we share.
And know what we know.

It’s real-
not imagined
-Not a dream
But reality…from our Point of View


See You Later

Up at the crack of dawn,
As I give a subtle yawn
Thoughts if
Clouds float through my mind.

Quiet moments and smiles
Will take me miles and miles.
As you and I both know,
Love continues to grow.

Laughter from children as they pass by
Soft words just to say "hi".
Breezes that take your breath away
Seem to rule the day.

As we lay gently on the morning dew,
You know this is what we do.
Always at the drop of a dime,
Simple, yet well spent time

Breath shallow, I can't speak
But only peek,
Of the one so near.
It is you my dear.

Look up at the brightest star
As my travel takes me far.
Half past the hour of eight
Please don't be late.

See what I see,
When you are not here with me.
Blow me a simple heartfelt kiss
That I already truly miss.
Nothing touches me greater,
Always know~ I will see you later.


I have been preparing all my life to meet you again.

We will finish what we started so long ago.

We are reliving our memories.

When I am with you,
I remember…
What I miss about life.

Picking up where we left off so long ago,

We have always had--forever.



Publication Date: 06-24-2009

All Rights Reserved

Preface As you begin to explore the words, thoughts, ideals, and expressions of these personal thoughts, may you have a renewed vision of the daily struggles that we must all face. This is a requirement for every living creature to endure. But remember, Everything happens for a reason. Even though the reason is not easily found at first, you must search for it in order to gain insight. New beginnings are the cornerstone of a successful life. …M

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