Lost Roses

"Pick a color." Chan said.
Chan sticks his arm out of his silk gee and points to a garden of roses.
"The blue is where my heart beats." Abraham said.
"Let me have your sword." Chan replies.
Abraham takes his sword out of his back holster. The dawn rides up the blade.
Chan spins and slices a blue rose. Blue pedal dust swirls in the air.
"You have chosen. Now defend yourself." Chan said.
A stone tiger head with diamond eyes opens its mouth. A warrior with a blue robe runs out of the tiger's mouth.
Chan throws the sword to Abraham.
Abraham throws a steel throwing star at the blue warrior. The steel sticks into the tiger statue.
The blue warrior kicks at Abraham. Abraham circles back into the roses.
Chan looks up to the horizon.
Abraham slices into the wind. The blue warrior blocks it with his samauri sword.
"To enter the tiger head you must take my blade." Blue warrior said.
The blue warrior jump kicks Abraham. Abraham drops the sword and falls back into the roses.
"The isles of destiny reach deep within the roots of lost souls." Chan said.
Steam comes off of tombstones.
The ground shakes as the blue warrior runs at Abraham. Abraham stares at the spikes on the blue warriors mask.
Abraham digs deep into the rose garden and pulls out gold nunchucks.
The blue warrior's blade crashes onto Abraham's nunchucks. Gold dust comes off the element nunchucks.
Abraham rolls as the blue warrior stomps the ground. Abraham rises and twirls the gold nunchucks in the roaring wind of the tiger statue.
Abraham hits the blue warriors's mask off of his face.
A smokey ghost head of an ancient warrior glows on the beach.
Abraham turns back to the waves. Chan is gone. Abraham runs and hits the ghost warrior with the gold nunchucks.
The ghost warrior drops his samauri sword.
Abraham jump sidekicks the ghost warrior into a tombstone.
Abraham stands over the ghost warrior. The ghost warrior breathes out a last stream of blue smoke.
Abraham drops the gold nunchucks into the sand. He picks up the ghost's sword and mask.
Abraham runs to the tiger statue and sticks the samauri sword into the stone.
The mouth of the tiger statue roars open. Rain drops trickle in the darkness.
Abraham puts on the mask and enters the mouth of the tiger.


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Publication Date: 10-20-2012

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