Chapter One

James Paterson a NYPD officer rubs a badge and places it on the dashboard of his car. James Knocks on a door.  Megan a black haired beauty in her early forties with wet hair opens the door and asks, "Where is Andrew?" Megan looks into James eyes. "Where is Andy?" James stares deep into her eyes. "It got heavy today." "Oh no." Megan cries on James chest. James, "We were outnumbered." Andrew's son looks up at James. Megan, "I want to see him."  "Not tonight. I am going to send a patrol car over. I will call you. I have to go." James' taillights drive off.

James looks at a picture of Andrew "Red diamonds and sunsets." James puts on a hat. He opens the car door and puts a glock in his back waistband. Two kids ride bikes past James. A drug dealer stands in front of a apartment.  "What do you need?" James kicks the drug dealer through the doorway. James walks though the doorway and uppercuts a second drug dealer.  A third drug dealer throws a punch.  James bends down and punches the drug dealer's stomach with a vertical fist. James spin kicks the drug dealer. Nunchucks fall off the drug dealer. James picks up the nunchucks.


Text: Daniel Blum
Publication Date: 03-05-2014

All Rights Reserved

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