Chapter 1: Office talk

London. Home to the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and a special detective team, known as The Interceptors. Saving queen and country infinite times to protect the country we all know and love, getting rid of the bad guys before the Police have anything to do with it. The team in question consist of three people, Jason Clarkson, The Ladies man. Roger St Hammond, the small, yet powerful karate chop expert. And James Steed, The brains of the entire interceptor team. These three drove 3, stylish, yet inexpensive cars. The Jenson Interceptor.....

Chapter 1: Office Talk

Location: The Interceptors Offices, London
Time: 11:32am

There was Silence, usually, at this time in the morning, Jason would be ranting in the garage next door about how his car was better than all of theirs put together, which, for the record, it wasn’t. Roger was late like usual, but he was in the odd situation of him being late for being late to work. Which left James in the unnerving quietness of the office. James loved his work, solving crimes and locking up criminals. He loved all of it. He also loved being in a quiet place, helps him think. Since the break-in, The office had been refurbished. James no longer had the oldest PC in the world, which looked as if it had been used for a coffee coaster instead of an ancient typewriter. The New PC was a Dell Optiplex 380,which had an Intel Pentium processor. it wasn’’t the latest PC on the market, but it was a damn sight-quicker than the old PC.

Eventually, The silence was broken by the inevitable fate of Hammond bursting through the office doors. On arrival to the building, he was a bit confused. He was holding his coat and was wearing his usual red coat and white shirt, along with his finely cut moustache. He wasn’t wearing his glasses as he didn’t need to use them, meaning it was raining outside. Not so good. He asked: “how’d you get in here?”. James gave an unnerving glance. He replied; “The doors locks have been replaced, and i have the new key. Just this office door though, the other door has the old lock still”. Roger nodded, still a bit dazed from all the rain and dazed at what James had said. Eventually he did give an “ok” in a whispery voice, like he was out of breath. “Where’s Jason then?”.

James didn’t reply. Usually this meant that Jason was either dead, not in the building or late, which, besides the third option, he did that reguarly anyways. James was very quiet of the whereabouts of Clarkson, probably because he was ashamed he was even working with him. James wasn’t one to keep things quiet, so it came to Roger as a surprise as to why he was so mute. He usually wants to overload his head with useless facts. After an awkwards few minutes of silence James finally spoke: “How’s Laura then?”. Laura was Roger’s Girlfriend. They’d only just started to go out. Blue eyes, blonde hair and a button nose to top it off, it was Rogers dream girl. well, almost.

Before Roger could speak again, the enraging shout of someone familiar to them. “Jason”. They both nodded in confirmation of what they were hearing. The shouting continued, “OH FOR GODS SAKES, WORK YOU STUPID MACHINE!”. “Definitely Jason”.

The Interceptors offices were about the size of a medium flat, but still very. There was 3 floors, plus the Garage for the interceptors cars. The first floor was the offices itself, which housed the workplace of where James, Jason and Roger worked. Second floor was the boardroom,where the Interceptors did their thinking on who did what in murder’s and whatnot. There were cramped toilets next to them, which hadn’t been cleaned since the janitor got fired almost 3 months ago, and since no-one had taken the job, it looked it was going to stay that way forever.

There was silence. Yet again, Jason had gone quiet. The two men didn’t want to disturb Jason, as his behavour in the garage was hard to judge. Still, they had to enjoy the quiet while they could. which wasn’t long because after Roger sat down and turned his shiny new PC on (which was replaced along with James’s and Jason’s due to their last case), he started to shout again. Jason was one to shout at people and object’s, it was his way of calming himself down. Jason’s boisterousness meant he was the leader of The Interceptor Team, whether the police, James, Roger and all the IT blokes upstairs liked it or not. Jason loved his job, and was always the first to get things through fax machine, e-mail and sometimes even the post. Today was no different. Their case for the day came through on both Fax and e-mail.

The police hated the Interceptors, as they were higher in both ranks and command, so if they wanted to ban BBC news (which they’d done for an entire day to win a bet to see who could find information out WITHOUT using BBC news) they could do so within the hour. Course, the entire police dept. would be wondering why. That’s what made the police jealous of them. The Interceptors walked across London City as if they owned it, which was technically true. But that’s a story for another book.

Now where were we?.... oh yes, the Fax and e-mail. The Team, like most things they did, opened their e-mail and read it, while Jason, unusually, didn’t like the e-mail provider as they were STILL in Beta and weren’t coming out of it anytime soon. James and Roger coped with their email service, and just got on. The fax machine whirred and eventually coughed out a sheet of paper, with co-ordinates and instructions for their next case. All three Interceptee’s (means all three men) spoke at the same time “Urgent assisstance needed. Three Casulties in Jenson Interceptors, Your Swindon Division is in Danger. Co-ordinates: 51°33'46.53"N, 1°46'16.68"W. Come Immediately. “Right then chaps”, James said conculsively, “Who’s off to the magic roundabout then?”. Jason then came up the stairs leading to the offices and ran in on James and Roger. “51°33'46.53"N, 1°46'16.68"W, if i’m not mistaken that’s the...”. “Magic roundabout in Swindon we know already. Jason looked angry at Roger. He didn’t like to be interrupted. “But that roun dabout is like spaghetti junction!, there’s no way i’m going there!. why can’t the Swindon interceptors deal with it?”.

The Swindon Interceptors were like the Interceptors in London, but consisted of three different men, whose names were Liam Sterling , Scott Alwright and James Falorve. They Patrolled Swindon on a daily basis and had solved 3 times as many cases that Roger, James and Jason had. They NEVER lost. Which is why they were jealous of them. Still, They had orders and they had to take them, cos even with the highest powers in the force, you still had to do your job somehow.

Chapter 2 Coming Soon!

Chapter 2: Peril Circle

Chapter 2: Peril Circle.

The Interceptors grabbed their overnight gear, as there was a slight chance they were going for a few days. Toothbrush, Pajama's and Mints were all on the Interceptors minds, Except Jason’s. he only took the mints, even though he didn’t get carsick. All three men had a one hour drive to their location of doom which was known as the Magic Roundabout, or Peril Circle as Roger liked to call it. No-one knows why it’s nickname is called the magic roundabout, partly because it reminds everyone of that old cartoon of Zebedee and Doug and whatnot, called (oddly enough) ”The Magic Roundabout”. maybe because the Magic roundabout held the mystical power of making everybody crash, just like spaghetti junction. Now thats a cool name. Spaghetti junction. When several Road-bridges are entwined together to make, if it wasn’t a clue already, a spaghetti type mess. That’s what summed up the magic roundabout for Jason.

Swindon had come to a sudden stand-still, no-one and nothing was moving. Imagine the late-work excuses the boss’s’ll get later. Thankfully, all three men had a pass to skip queues and junction crashes etc. to get to the scene quickly, which comes in handy when you want to do that or you simply want to skip the queue at the nearby McDonalds. Passes do have they’re uses. The three Jenson Interceptors made it to the crash site in just about one piece, except for Jason, which had a minor crash on the way involving a truck, an engine, Jason and a Track. You can use your imagination from then on as to what happens.

The entire roundabout was sealed off, not even half the Police were allowed through. The crash had been that devastating. James Insisted he went in front this time, so Jason wouldn’t go off topic all the time. Strangely, Jason agreed with him. Roger just left them to it as he was too tired to get involved.

Location: The Magic Roundabout, Swindon
Time: 1:45pm
There were some men at the scene already, which was undoubtedly the Swindon Interceptors Division (S.I.D for short), and they were right. Liam, Scott and Jamie had been waiting for them. Liam looked at his watch and pointed it at the interceptors,while tapping his finger on it, gesturing that they were late. James hated being late, but even with their high-priority passes they were still very slow getting there. The Interceptors got out of their cars, shut the doors, put on the iconic sunglasses and walked to the S.I.D Interceptors simultaneously. James, as agreed, was in front of them, then Jason and finally Roger.

Liam was anything but happy to see them. “I’ve been following your work, nice job with the Gold Hijack Investigation. He shook James by the hand, then Jason, and finally Roger. “Scott and Jamie are my colleagues, they’ve only just joined the team”. James was the oldest of the three Interceptors and had been around the longest, so he was wondering where Alberto and Rhys (they were that were replaced by Scott and Liam”) had got to. “You must be Liam, the new boss of S.I.D then?”. Liam nodded, then said; “there are worse things to be my friend”. Roger then interrupted the two men and asked if they could just get on with the task in hand. and what they were looking at was a dead man, which, by the looks of it was wearing a Dark blue battered bowtie, a suit to match it and a suitcase next to him, which was once full of papers and documents. “How about him then, wouldn’t wanna be him would you Liam?”,James said, jokingly. Liam didn’t take jokes too well. he was like the worse boss-from-hell ever. its was partly why Jason didn’t want to come to Swindon, as he’d met Liam before while James was in Africa on Holiday.

There wasn’t much left of the car that had hit him. The car’s, like they said in the letter, were 3 Jenson Interceptors, the new ones too. The drivers in those cars were Jason Clarkson, Roger St. Hammond and James Steed. The badges said so too. 16 Guns were pointed at the Interceptors, and James was a bit confused why. Liam, Scott and Jamie grabbed the handcuffs and put them over Both Jason’s and James wrists. Roger wasn’t giving up though. He had been doing Karate for a while now, and was pretty good at it. He slammed his hands of steel into Scott’s neck, then moved onto Liam’s legs, before finally finishing off by giving a 5 finger twist on James’s back. The Swindon Interceptors were paralysed. “Never try to accuse us of something we havn’t done. Roger chopped James’s and Jason’s handcuffs off and both men made a runner for it in their cars.

But the Interceptors weren't going nowhere. The Police had been paying attention to the men, and they too had made a runner to their cars. The Desperate men were running out of options. Then James had an idea. He lifted his intercom microphone speaker thingy and told the other two Interceptors his idea. Several seconds later, The Three cars reversed, nearly killing a police officer and accelerated into the County Grounds Car Park. Liam, Scott and Jamie got up finding that they’d been handcuffed and guess who had the key.... that’d be Roger then. “GRR! GET THEM NOW! HELICOPTER GO!”. He pointed to the runaway cars and a black helicopter flew over him. The helicopter stopped and dropped a tattered rope ladder. He tried to jump on the ladder, but kept falling over, instead, he got the police to lift him up onto the helicopter.

The helicopter, despite its lengthly stop, had caught up with the interceptors. The roundabout had been cleared of the wreckage, so the cars could move again, and so could the interceptors cars. Swindon was working like clockwork again. The chase was on.
The roads were moving freely now and the interceptors made good use of this fact. The police were too slow to catch the Interceptors, and they were just biting they’re dust before the chase had begun. But there was that helicopter shake off. James, Jason and Roger could hear the blades of the helicopter going ch-ch-ch-ch-ch above as they sliced through the air seamlessly like knife through butter. “not to worry you lads, but he does have guns on those things!”, James pointed out. This made Jason drive like as if The Chinese Stig was chasing him. The men made for the nearest bit of closed road, in order not to injure any people driving.

Back on the helicopter, Liam and the pilot on board could see the cars they were trying to catch. if they could get ahead, then they could stop the cars right in their tracks, quite literally. Liam was still in his handcuffs and was desperately trying to get out of them, which wasn’t easy when your on a helicopter which was swaying about. Thankfully, he had a secret weopen. Concealed in his sleeve was a lockpick. He tried to find where he put it, but it wasn’t there. he then shouted in anger, “ROGERRR!”. He could hear his name below, meaning he’d found out he’s missing his “in-case-of-emergency” lockpick. He then opened up the intercom and spoke to his other two protege's; “Head for the M4, the radio says it’s blocked off thanks to the roundabout!”. Then, above them, cackling laughter could be heard and so could the rat-a-tat of a machine gun. It was Liam.

Several minutes later and the chase was still going. Thank god the cars had 67mpg at full speed, they all thought. The M4 was in sight. It was deserted, like a, well....err desert. James picked up his communicator and shouted “Right boys, we’re gonna jump off the bridge and onto the M4!”.

The bridge they were jumping off was right above the M4 and, like i said, it was closed due to the roundabout being out of bounds. The Bridge was out of bounds too, not because of the roundabout, but because, conveniently for them, the fence they were aiming to bash into was broken. it had a gaping big hole in it. The bullets bounced off the incoming cars and the interceptors cars as it gained the time it lost at the start of the chase. There was no doubt about it that the Helicopter was catching them. The Interceptors bashed through the “no exit” sign they put across the roads and jumped one by one.

The cars may have been brand new, they just hoped the suspension on the car was from a Bugatti Veyron, not a Morris marina. The first car landed, the nose just touching the tarmac of the road before it jolted James’s head on the roof again. The same thing happened top the second car, and the third. An oil tanker covered up the hole in the fence just as Roger left the bridge. The police were stranded. The helicopter was shooting bullets like crazy now, and one of those bullets hit the oil tanker, which made it, somehow, explode. The interceptors heads turned the other way to see the explosion happen.

Now they could give it the beans and go full speed. Forget 70 Miles Per Hour, bring on 185bhp! The Interceptors floored it and was slowly but surely, leaving the helicopter behind. The guns were still going on the helicopter above and the cars were taking lots of hits. The line technique wasn’t working, so they started to do a weaving motion, in an attempt to evade the incoming bullets. This made the helicopter weave too. The guns were still going at full throttle. James could remember watching Torchwood: Miracle Day and remembered the epic helicopter chase they had involving a land-rover and a helicopter. He searched through his glove-box to find the soundtrack for that episode. He put the CD on and the unmistakable sound of Murray gold and Stu Kennedy blasted through the speakers.

The bullets were still firing from the maniacal Liam who seemed to stop at nothing so he could be victorious. Roger found his gun in his glove box, opened the window, and shot blindly at the helicopter. Unfortunately, he only had three magazines with him, containing 30 bullets each. he had a gun which was kind of a cross between a pistol and a machine gun. He continued to fire, and so did the helicopter.

Before long Jason realised what Roger was doing and decided to join in. He put his car onto auto- steer, a little gadget James fitted to all the Interceptors cars, which mimicked the actions of the car in front. within a 500m radius. He set it to follow James’s car and grabbed His machine gun, along with a belt of magazines. The helicopter stopped firing, and turned sideways. Liam had a bazooka on his shoulder, and was aiming at his prey. Roger shut his window and weaved across the road dangerously like a mad man on drugs. Jason opened his door on the interceptor and jumped onto the roof. The bazooka shot its first missile, which narrowly missed Jason and the car. “Damn!, That was my only one too!”. He threw the Bazooka at the Interceptors in a desperate attempt to knock Jason off the roof, and failed to do so.

The helicopter faced the front again to gain back the speed it lost while sideways through the air. Finally, Jason could do some shooting, that is, if the car would let him. “Right, you little liar!, your days are numbered”. He inserted a cartridge from his seemingly endless belt around his shoulder and started to shoot at the helicopter. For a second, Jason nearly lost balance, which caused several bullets to fly past Rogers car. James looked at his mirror, and muttered, “oh what a pillock”. James set the intercom to relay his voice to Jason’s hidden earpiece in his ear. “Clarkson, get off the roof you great big oaf!”. Jason ignored him and continued to shoot at the helicopter.

Jason then suddenly hit the helicopters windscreen. The pilot was holding his eyes in pain, making the helicopter dip downwards. Liam noticed the Pilots pain and shouting and shoved the pilot into the passengers seat. “oh no you don’t”, Jason exclaimed to himself. Instead of aiming at the windshield, he aimed at the rotor. He shot with all of his might at the rotor blades and slowly but surely, the blades started to show signs of holes in them. As Jason planned, the Helicopter began to lose height, and there was nothing Liam could do about it, and he knew it. Soon, the Helicopter crashed into hundreds of pounds worth of tarmac. The Interceptors gave a cheer and got off the motorway as quickly as possible.

Location: Chippenham Motorway Bridge, Outside Chippenham.
Time: 2:15pm
It wasn’t too long until the sound of sirens came into hearing. The three men watched as a fleet of ambulances and police cars made their way to the crash site. The M4 was now open again, but was closed moments later after the crash was found. And standing at the bridge, watching the clean-up operation was The Interceptors, sunglasses and all.

“Right, we need to find a hiding place.... any ideas Clarkson?”. Jason shook his head. Roger shook his head too. “I know a place”, James said confidently”. Roger started to get all excited, and, 45 minutes later, wished he hadn’t, it was a hotel named the Oxford Hotel.

The Oxford hotel was a pretty small hotel, but was very unique, as unlike any other hotel the interceptors have been to, there was a proper cafe inside of the hotel. The Interceptors in their worn-out suits and Ties lay down on each of their beds, hoping that no-one would find them here. Thankfully, down the hall, there was an emergency exit, so if they were caught, they could easily escape. The Men jumped onto their beds as if they were little kids in a bed selling store.

All the Men could do is just wait and hope the police would forget about them, which wasn’t gonna happen any time soon. “we’d better get settled in, we could be here awhile”.

Chapter 3: Forgotten Fujitives

Chapter 3: Forgotten Fugitives


Four Weeks Later....

One whole month had past since the Interceptors became fugitives. Since then, James had rustled up a really good plan to put into action. They were still in the Oxford Hotel, but all three of them moved hotels around Chippenham regularly to avoid suspicion of where they were staying. Another thing that they did was turned off their phones as the police could track their calls. Roger, Jason and James were sitting down on the middle bed of the apartment, which was in exact alignment with the small HDTV the room had. James had put the news on the TV and was “keeper of the remote control”. For once, Roger and Jason wanted to watch the news to see if they’d forgotten about them, but, to all avail, they hadn’t.

Roger asked, “We’ve been here a month, i think we’re ready to put our plan into action”. Both Jason and James agreed. James turned off the TV and all three men left the hotel. The Three Jenson Interceptors had been painted new colours. instead of white, black and light blue, the were ALL painted black. This was part of James’s plan he aptly named; “Confusion”. The Town of Chippenham had been bombarded with police, meaning they would want to stay AWAY from them. but James wanted to go NEAR them. The men split up to the 3 most police-populated parts of Chippenham. The first location ,Jason had to pass,near the Lysley Arms Pub, The second was at the entrance of the Chippenham motorway, what was James’s destination. And finally, Roger decided to speed past the police station during lunch break, which should cause quite a stir.

Liam had jumped out of the crash before the Helicopter crashed all those weeks ago. And he was more bitter than ever for revenge. Scott and Jamie had gone missing and hadn’t been seen since they were chasing The Interceptors on the motorway. “Right, they are dead those men”, he pondered to himself angrily. He was on his now. Liam had been left by the police weeks ago. they weren’t interested with the interceptors. So far as they were concerned, all he wanted was revenge. The police in Chippenham were from London, as they didn’t give up on them.

The three Jensons parked up at their location, awaiting the off from James. James rang both interceptors on their communicators and told them to go. The men drove off to their positions and, as expected, The police began to give chase.

There was a few shouts from the police when they were chasing them. The three Jenson Interceptors were aiming for police Station, which wasn’t too hard for Roger, but he had to lose the police on his tail before he could get to the front door. Which he did easily. Roger opened the police stations door and, as expected, the whole station was empty. Even the receptionist was gone. This was good news. He opened his pocket and took out a USB stick, and held it in his left hand. He then opened the police door with Liam’s secret Lockpick he’d nicked from their fight, and opened the doors to the reception are, which was behind a glass interior.

The Reception area was actually pretty clean, with no mug or tea stains in sight. He plugged the USB stick into the computer and the PC automatically logged in. The USB stick, among other things, contained an Automatic Login System or A.L.S, which allowed Anyone with the USB stick to be logged in into ANY PC that was running the Windows XP OS, which was about 67% of the UK so it was very high that it was a windows PC.

Roger opened up a file on the USB stick called “Confessions”. He then copied the file onto the computer and waited for their plan to happen. Meanwhile Jason was fending off the Police to buy as much time as possible. This was like Heaven for Jason as he loved car chases. James, on the other hand, tried to stay away from them as much as possible, but it did give them an adrenaline rush. The Police were constantly catching up the interceptors, even though they had all had vauxhall astra’s.

The wait was complete and Roger unmounted the USB stick and shut down the PC, as if it was never touched. All while wearing white wooly gloves. He made suite for the door, which was the worst mistake he could’ve done, as on the other side, was the receptionist. The receptionist was no match for Roger with his karate skills, but Roger stood down to the urge of escaping and gave up trying. The familiar words came from the receptionists was declaring that anything he said would be used in court of law. Jason went past the police station and parked right next to the receptionist, who was taking Hammond out of the building to a police car to be locked up in London.

James then arrived, along with a horde of police cars right behind him,and ran over to Jason. “I did all i could Jason, so let the misery start for us”. The policemen formed a circle around James and Jason, then Roger was pushed in by the Receptionist. The three men got handcuffed and, without anymore words being said, they left Chippenham.

Chapter 4: The Last Stand

Chapter 4: The Last Stand.

Location: Unknown, Interrogation Room.
Time: 3:18pm
Roger, Jason and James were led to an interrogation room in god knows where. The Police had blindfolded the men. This was obviously a top secret location. The men entered the room, and so did Liam, who was leading them in. He was followed by a man in a suit who was carrying a suitcase and a laptop under his arm. He placed the objects on the wooden table in front of them. The handcuffs were removed and Liam began talking.

“This is Detective Inspector Liam Sterling, interviewing the murder suspects names Roger St. Hammond, Jason Clarkson and James Steed. The witnesses in the room are names in the list along with this tape. Right, you three, you are being tried for the murder of The Interceptors, who are the Real Men, you are fake”. He pointed at the men. The men just stared into space and, through their sunglasses, Liam, could see they were angry. He moved on. “Right then, if you do not speak then you will be charged for murder of The Interceptors Detective group”. James then put his hands on the table and pushed his head in near Liams. “Is that the best you could do?, Murder! i’ve seen more complex plans at work Liam”. He then stood up. The police who were standing around the room didn’t react. James started to pace up and down. “you see, we’re not murderers but we’re very good actors Bitter Liam!”.
“what?, whaddayamean actors?”, he said, slightly confused.
“You see, the police round here knew you, very well in fact”.
“So, your trying to accuse us of something we hav’nt done”.
“Prove it!”.
“Alright i will, Roger, if you could take over”.
“Yes, i will”.
“You were known in the Police force as “Bitter Liam”, The police officer who always got his man anyway possible”.
“That’s my job isn’t it? solving crimes?”.
“Yes, that is your job, but you don’t solve crimes like the old bill usually do, you use....different techniques”.
“Shoot me in the knee, i’m different!”.
“But you couldn’t resist trying to blame the UK’s greatest Detective force for murder, cause you knew how we operated, as you were an Interceptor for the S.I.D Force”.
“Police, arrest him!”.
But the police didn’t move not one inch.
Roger explained; “they wont listen to you as your the criminal here, not us. So, we needed you to play ball with us, you HATED us, so when we set up the perfect murder with us 3 in our cars, which were Londons greatest actors with face-masks glued to their face along with a fake moustache”.
“wha- this is absoloute nonsense!”.
“Except it isn’t is it Liam?. Remember Scott and Jamie, your wingmen?. They were helping us all along. the moles inside S.I.D. They hated you as much as any other policeman on the force”.
The door unlocked and in came Scott and Liam, who came in just in time.
“If you could Roger, we’ll explain the rest”.
Roger sat down and, like James did, the two men paced across the room.
“you needed to be stopped, badly”, Scott said.
“You needed to earn some hard time in prison for all the corruption you’ve done. we had EVERY officer in the UK on your side until this moment, the day you fall”, Jamie added.
“Scott and Jamie were right”, said Jason.
He continued, “you needed to be taught a lesson. We sent a fax and an e-mail to Scott and he Sent them back to all three of us at the offices. Jamie explained that a fax got through from us and you went down to the Magic Roundabout to find us dead. When we arrived, your first thought that we were fakes, but you didn’t know how. it’s why we kept our sunglasses on, so we didn’t show you our full identity”.
Roger then spoke to Liam and said, “And if all went pear-shaped, we had a USB stick on me that had our confessions on it...well sort of!”.
The Man in the suit opened up his laptop and on it was the folder, which had 1 file in it. a movie file. He opened it and Liam saw CCTV footage of him abusing the system of the police force rules.
“You see, we are good. WE are never defeated. Tou were Never defeated as you tried to frame people for a crime they didn’t commit but lock those people up as they WERE criminals. Soon as they are out of prison they are allowed to go free, meaning no eyes from the police for 24 hours!”.

Liam was gobsmacked. He was absolutely speechless about what he’d just heard.
“And that’s what we’ve done. we gave you the run round of making you convince that WE were dead and the fakes, that’s us right here, not the actors, and we made you accuse us of murder and then gave you the run round of you trying to arrest us for the murder AND for corruption to the police force. That whole month wasn’t us trying to figure out a plan, it was us IN a plan. all we needed was to have enough time to get a few things like new phones and a USB stick”.
Roger added, “plus some new Sunglasses too”.
Jason nodded at Roger and continued, “and sunglasses too, now arrest that man!”.
The policeman came to the furious Liam and handcuffed him. He was taken out of the room and into the nearby cell. He shouted, “YOU CANNOT DO THIS, I’M ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW!”.

“Right then chaps, i think a pint is in order for what we’ve been through”. They agreed.


Text: James East
Images: BBC Top Gear James East
Editing/Proofreading: James East
Translation: Dribbleondo
Publication Date: 02-16-2012

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In Memory Of Elizabeth Sladen (1946-2011) and Nicholas Courtney (1929-2011)

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