Monster part 2

i lost love its sad 2 say i think about it each and every day i wonder why all i do is cry i tell you im fine but i cant hide it or try 2 denie it this pain i feel is so unreal i cant runaway even though.....even though idk what 2 say youve hurt meh so badly im beaten & bruised my heart is in pieces my life in shreads how do i recover when im already dead? i cant go on when idk where 2 start look at whats left of my poor broken heart. how do you feel knowing youve put meh through this pain? do you even remember my name? its harrd 3 4get when i feel this way i told myself id never get this way but i cant control what happens 2 meh vecause i gave myself 2 you all of meh i devoted2 you myself you were my everything almost perfect but you denied the monster inside i knew who you were but i got blinded and lost my way you guided meh 2 a cold dark place told meh it was ohhkayy that youd always stay you took what you wanted but i didnt care it didnt matter as long as you were there i let down every guard burned every bridge i lost every breath i got lost inside of yu i drowned in your lies & 4 gort all of my fears you were my number 1 the only thing that kept meh here you were my all & all but left meh here 2 fall....


Publication Date: 03-14-2012

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