The following "circle" is important for the targeted development of the research question.



The topic or the formulation of the topic is the determining guideline, everything that follows depends on it: the problem definition, without which no investigation would be necessary; the objective for solving the problem posed; it is followed by the research question in order to shape the path to achieving the goal and to be answered at the end of the whole.

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In this way, the procedure and choice of methodology can also be defined. One produces results, so to speak, which in turn are measured by the extent to which they have made the topic or the formulation of the topic "true".

We also discussed which structural elements an investigation requires, in a webinar on the development of a research question. This was about how one could also prepare oneself for a written exam if there are tasks that concern the sketching of a research project. See the cutout here:




Six topic suggestions from different courses of study are now to serve as examples for actually experiencing the above circle in motion. They were introduced and discussed by the author in one of his webinars. This is followed by an example from an exam, combined with suggestions for optimization.

May the following considerations and tips help you to plan a coherent scientific procedure for your own project!


Berlin, August 2018


Prof. Dr. Martin Gertler


Example 1: Secure Password Transmission in a Network


This practical example has been found in the field of business informatics.

The problem definition could be expressed as follows: "How can you send someone his new password in a secure way?" This refers to cases where someone has lost or failed to renew their network access password in time so that access is currently no longer possible, but the problem also applies if someone has joined the organization.

In fact, this topic comes from a large municipal administration, the town hall of a metropolis, whose administration extends over many buildings and districts and functional areas.

Now one does not know in this context which transmission technique would work - and one must also take the own structures of his organization into account.

Previously it had been done in such a way that the office colleague was contacted within the intranet – and this person then passed on the access code to the person concerned.

But such a thing is increasingly problematic: not always a second person sits in the same room, furthermore there are people working alone, some are working in the home office. You need a new solution for that.

The objective of the investigation will therefore be "to find a solution that corresponds to relevant safety


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